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00:02 <Shiz> kaniini: fwiw im working on fwd-patching 4.1.20
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00:14 <jirutka> Shiz: how does it look with rust tests?
00:15 <jirutka> ha, i finally get these f*cking php tests working!
00:19 <Shiz> jirutka: test result: FAILED. 2238 passed; 369 failed; 20 ignored; 0 measured
00:19 <Shiz> thanks for reminding me
00:19 <jirutka> Shiz: does not look good :/
00:20 <jirutka> Shiz: and these are not all tests, b/c it halts suite after first error
00:20 <Shiz> most failures seem to be related to fatal runtime error: failed to initiate panic, error 5
00:20 <jirutka> weird, we have fixed panic…
00:22 <jirutka> i’d be good to run at least some high-level tests
00:22 <jirutka> we can ignore unit tests and so
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01:26 <pickfire> TemptorSent: I have never seen iterm2 color scheme.
01:36 <Shiz> compiling...
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02:52 <Shiz> after some more fixes, 4.1.39 done
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04:25 <Shiz> can i hand-off a file for someone to upload on dev.a.o for APKBUILD usage?
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06:18 <clandmeter> Shiz, still need it?
06:18 <Shiz> yea
06:49 <TemptorSent> Now that I have a phoneline and network again, just pushed changes to my work that includes updated dep resolver...
06:55 <TemptorSent> Do we have any COM32 *libraries* that don't fit the glob 'lib*.c32'?
06:58 <Shiz> the .c32 files in /boot aren't com32
06:58 <TemptorSent> Really? That's what they apper to be referred to by Syslinux?
06:59 <Shiz> yeah, just by tradition
06:59 <Shiz> they're regular ELF shared objects
06:59 <Shiz> (32-bit, but still)
06:59 <Shiz> they were COM32 objects in the DOSLinux days
06:59 <TemptorSent> Brilliant -- the error message is actually THAT wrong? 'Failed to load COM32 file menu.c32' -- brilliant!
07:00 <TemptorSent> Okay, what should they be called? (My net crapped out just after last time I asked and has been out all day)
07:01 <TemptorSent> Should they just be 'libc32:'?
07:01 <Shiz> https://github.com/geneC/syslinux/blob/master/mk/elf.mk#L108
07:02 <Shiz> :P
07:02 <Shiz> so: is fine imo
07:02 <Shiz> if you're looking for why it's called com32, a bit of legacy: http://www.syslinux.org/doc/comboot.txt
07:02 <Shiz> (that doesnt apply anymore)
07:03 <TemptorSent> Yeah, I remember using it back in the old days and booting from dos :)
07:04 <TemptorSent> I'm trying to keep things semantically separated as much as possible so we can determine not just the file format, but the semantic type.
07:06 <TemptorSent> Executables I have tagged with 'script:' for those with a shebang, and 'bin:' for anything that objdump recognizes that isn't a lib.
07:09 <TemptorSent> The corner case there is non-executable binaries -- do we need to worry about deps there?
07:10 <TemptorSent> Hmm, also scripts lacking shebangs aren't handled at the moment, but I suppose could be by a check for known extensions.
07:12 <TemptorSent> Do compiled perl/python libs have any odd extensions to consider? go? etc?
07:16 <pickfire> ncopa: Can you please allow me to take maintainership of testing/s-nail?
07:17 <pickfire> I don't like the way currently it is built, no IMAP and SSL built in T_T
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07:18 <kaniini> hi
07:19 <TemptorSent> hi kaniini
07:19 <pickfire> kaniini: hi
07:29 <TemptorSent> kaniini: How's the heater installation going?
07:40 <clandmeter> pickfire, its in testing right? if so you can just send pr/patch and claim it.
07:51 <pickfire> clandmeter: I was the one who sent the patch at first but then someone else modified it and put to master.
07:51 <clandmeter> master?
07:51 <pickfire> I think it is my fault for sending too many packages at once.
07:51 <pickfire> clandmeter: testing.
07:51 <pickfire> I meant the master branch.
07:51 <clandmeter> thats fine
07:52 <clandmeter> just make your changes and send a new pr/patch
07:52 <pickfire> I can just claim it and modify the packages?
07:52 <clandmeter> yes
07:52 <pickfire> Nice!
07:52 <clandmeter> and if it works correctly we can move it to community
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08:00 <TemptorSent> Grr... Back, anyway - hi kaniini, how's the new server coming?
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13:37 <rfs613> Regarding https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6635 there has been an upstream commit: https://github.com/openbsd/src/commit/edb2eeb7da8494998d0073f8aaeb8478cee5e00b
13:39 <rfs613> how to test this and/or get it included in Alpine?
13:42 <skarnet> this is entirely wrong
13:43 <skarnet> the blocking behaviour is the very POINT of getrandom()
13:43 <skarnet> without it, getrandom() is useless, because /dev/urandom accomplishes the same thing
13:44 <skarnet> the long delay is unavoidable if you want a cryptographically secure system
13:45 <skarnet> it's a feature, and the correct way to reduce the delay is to have more entropy sources in the machine
13:45 <_ikke_> https://www.2uo.de/myths-about-urandom/
13:45 <skarnet> I know that page, and this has nothing to do with what I'm talking about
13:47 <skarnet> getrandom() is basically /dev/urandom *except that* it blocks as long as the entropy pool hasn't been initialized
13:47 <skarnet> i.e. it will block for some time at boot time, and then will never block again
13:47 <rfs613> where "some time" appears to be infinite on my machine...
13:47 <skarnet> and the initialization of the entropy pool is *necessary*
13:48 <skarnet> then your machine doesn't have an entropy generator
13:48 <skarnet> and that's what should be fixed
13:48 <skarnet> if it's a VM, plug the entropy to the host's entropy - ISTR there's an option in the kernel to do that
13:48 <rfs613> quite possible... but it's headless, on a pretty quiet local network, only handles SMTP and SSH, so not mucht traffic... where will entropy come from?
13:49 <skarnet> that's a good question
13:49 <skarnet> I don't have a good answer to that, but if you pull random data before the pool has been initialized, you'll get predictable seeds
13:50 <skarnet> which is the case with /dev/urandom and exactly what getrandom() is supposed to fix
13:50 <skarnet> you'd think OpenBSD, with their obsession with security, would understand that, but since it's Linux, they won't even put in the effort
13:51 <skarnet> so basically what their patch is doing is demoting getrandom() to /dev/urandom
13:51 <rfs613> hmm, well, the current behaviour (ssh never comes up after reboot) means that I don't reboot... and consequently I don't apply security updates. That's not great either...
13:52 <skarnet> I have no good answer, but I know that OpenBSD's "fix" is not a fix, it's a regression
13:53 <rfs613> how about keeping random seed across reboots? would that help?
13:53 <skarnet> certainly
13:54 <skarnet> I'm not sure to what extent (dunno if writing enough data to /dev/urandom can fill up the entropy pool entirely, or if it's still waiting for data from other sources)
13:54 <skarnet> but it can't hurt
13:55 <rfs613> I seem to recall doing this a decade ago (on Red Hat linux, before Fedora/Core) but have forgotten the details entirely.
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13:58 <skarnet> g2g now, but Alpine should already have a mechanism to do that - if it's not the case, it's time to add one.
13:59 <_ikke_> http://www.issihosts.com/haveged/ ?
14:00 <rfs613> there are some others like that btw:
14:00 <rfs613> https://www.kernel.org/doc/ols/2014/ols2014-mueller.pdf
14:00 <rfs613> https://www.kernel.org/doc/ols/2014/ols2014-harris.pdf
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14:06 <^7heo> omg... https://www.enlightenment.org/docs-efl-start#Dependencies
14:07 <^7heo> 45 deps...
14:08 <^7heo> 43 even.
14:09 <^7heo> including bullet, vlc, openssl...
14:10 <^7heo> for those who don't know, enlightenment is a window manager, and bullet a physics engine.
14:10 <^7heo> (for games)
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14:11 <^7heo> Wtf really.
14:11 <^7heo> Now I understand why enlightenment isn't in the repos.
14:15 <lucybun> enlightenment has a ui framework and apps as well afaik
14:16 <^7heo> yeah
14:16 <^7heo> it's gigantic.
14:16 <^7heo> last time I checked it out was in 2004 or so
14:17 <^7heo> maybe 2005
14:17 <^7heo> it wasn't that bloated at the time.
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16:59 <Mr_H> Hello all. What is the chance of getting a package change done before the new release? I'm refering to issue #6964 (https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6964) where the extended DAV module is needed for full WebDAV support in nginx
16:59 <algitbot> Bug #6964: Fix WebDAV funcrionality for nginx package - Alpine Linux - Alpine Linux Development: http://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6964
17:19 <Kruge> I don't mean to keep pestering about this issue, but is anyone considering implementing this? It would be tremendously useful for me: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/5011
17:19 <Kruge> (Make GCC able to compile exe binaries)
17:21 <Shiz> https://up.shiz.me/MTllNmZi.png
17:21 <Shiz> thanks, scaleway....
17:21 <_ikke_> Shiz: ?
17:22 <Shiz> i requested a reboot 37 mins ago because the server wasn't responding to anything
17:22 <Shiz> it sitll hasn't happened
17:22 <kaniini> the ponies got out of the stable again
17:22 <kaniini> they are having to wrangle them back up
17:22 <kaniini> ha ha get it
17:22 <kaniini> because their IP transit business is poney telecom
17:25 <scadu> XDD
17:25 <Shiz> Kruge: doens't winegcc work?
17:28 <Kruge> Shiz: I've not had any success, but I'm largely flailing around. If fcolista hasn't managed to get it to compile, I'm fairly sure I won't be able to
17:29 <kaniini> Kruge: immediately we're mainly trying to get 3.6 out the door, but it does seem like a worthwhile feature
17:30 <Shiz> i wonder if something like crossdev for alpine would be a more useful general solution
17:31 <Kruge> kaniini: I'd make my life significantly better, and I'm sure my company would happily sponsor this feature if that was of any use
17:31 <kaniini> Shiz: killer idea: cross-compilation to midipix from alpine ;)
17:31 <Shiz> :p
17:31 <Kruge> But I understand what you mean about 3.6
17:31 <* Shiz> starts a crossdev version for alpine and calls it crossdress
17:31 <kaniini> Kruge: mentioning that on the bug item might be helpful
17:33 <Shiz> kaniini: just realised that this may even be handy in bootstrapping alpine...
17:33 <Shiz> hmmmmmmmm
17:33 <kaniini> not really helpful there -- we want to use the bootstrap.sh so that we bootstrap using official APKBUILDs
17:33 <Mr_H> kaniini: How is the pipeline for adding features to packages? In my case issue #6964
17:34 <algitbot> Bug #6964: Fix WebDAV funcrionality for nginx package - Alpine Linux - Alpine Linux Development: http://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6964
17:34 <kaniini> Mr_H: frozen
17:34 <Shiz> kaniini: well, this system would integrate with abuild
17:34 <Shiz> :)
17:34 <kaniini> Shiz: i mean that we want the cross compiler to have the same patches that we normally apply
17:34 <Shiz> yeah
17:34 <Shiz> still doesn't change anything ;P
17:35 <Mr_H> kaniini: How quick may such package appear in the repo after being changed?
17:36 <Shiz> if you're using edge, almost immediately
17:36 <Mr_H> I'm using the alpine docker image, I think thats based on stable?
17:37 <Shiz> you can change it to be based on edge
17:37 <Shiz> FROM alpine:edge
17:37 <Shiz> instead of :latest
17:47 <jirutka> Mr_H: okay, I’ll try to add this module to nginx pkg, if it works with 1.12
17:48 <Mr_H> jirutka: Thank you very much! :)
17:48 <Mr_H> and thanks Shiz for the edge tip :)
17:52 <Mr_H> jirutka: is there any thing I can do to help? I'm very new to Alpine Linux, but love the mindset
17:52 <jirutka> Mr_H: just reminding it to me :)
17:54 <Mr_H> jirutka: Hehe, I'll remind the hell out of you if you're not more specific on when you think you're able to do it :'D
17:58 <Mr_H> Is there any good articles on how to build packages? If I want to try modifying an APKBUILD file and test changes myself?
18:00 <Shiz> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Setting_up_the_build_environment_on_HDD
18:00 <Shiz> :)
18:01 <Shiz> actually, https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Include:Setup_your_system_and_account_for_building_packages
18:01 <Shiz> more accurate for an existing environment
18:01 <Mr_H> thank you Shiz!
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19:24 <Shiz> scaleway box still down lol
19:25 <_ikke_> ugh
19:25 <_ikke_> annoying
19:30 <scadu> do we still use scaleway for build servers?
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20:10 <Shiz> scadu: we moved i think
20:34 <trfl> before I create a bug for it, is it intended behavior to create a 512kB sda2 (swap) if performing an installation with SWAP_SIZE=0? I would have expected sda2 to become the sysroot in that scenario...
20:34 <trfl> fwiw this "fix" results in a working system with just sda1 and sda2: https://pastebin.com/V3APdVEk
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20:59 <jirutka> it seems that floats in php are seriously fucked up… many test fails b/c of different precision
20:59 <jirutka> but not surprised…
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23:30 <kaniini> TemptorSent: to answer your question, i am awaiting HDDs
23:40 <TemptorSent> kaniini: Ahh, gotcha - what's installed storage capacity going to be?
23:41 <kaniini> 8x2tb raidz1
23:42 <kaniini> probably
23:43 <TemptorSent> kaniini: At that point, why not raidz2 and eliminate the chance of failure during rebuild wiping out the array?
23:44 <TemptorSent> That's a fair chunk of data to regenerate...
23:44 <kaniini> i might
23:44 <kaniini> TemptorSent: i am also awaiting enough of a fuck to drag it upstairs to where the other gear is
23:45 <kaniini> the machine weighs 100 lbs
23:45 <TemptorSent> kaniini: That's what the red-light district is for? ;)
23:45 <TemptorSent> Yeah, that's a chunk of iron!
23:45 <Shiz> kaniini: can i give you a file to throw on distfiles?
23:45 <kaniini> Shiz: i'm not 100% sure how to do that these days :/
23:46 <Shiz> lol rip
23:46 <clandmeter> im still here :)
23:46 <clandmeter> dont tell anybody though
23:46 <kaniini> guys
23:46 <kaniini> clandmeter is here
23:46 <Shiz> oh
23:46 <Shiz> heyo
23:46 <Shiz> in that case: https://up.shiz.me/priv/linux-4.1.y-rpi-20170501.patch
23:46 <Shiz> :)
23:47 <clandmeter> pls check
23:48 <Shiz> yup its there
23:48 <Shiz> thanks
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23:51 <Shiz> kaniini: can you check if my kernel upgrade patch for 3.3 makes sense?
23:51 <Shiz> not sure if i covered all bases
23:52 <Shiz> http://immunity.shiz.me/0001-main-linux-upgrade-to-4.1.39-and-fix-CVE-2016-10229.patch
23:55 <Shiz> oh i need to bump the versions in testing/ too
23:56 <Shiz> there, patch updated