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14:03 <clandmeter> kunkku, what is the private directory useful for in awall?
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15:32 <kunkku> clandmeter: it is for building modular policies
15:32 <clandmeter> kunkku hi
15:32 <kunkku> the private policies are not shown in the UI but may be imported by other policies
15:33 <clandmeter> ok
15:33 <clandmeter> did something change with importing?
15:33 <kunkku> not recently
15:33 <clandmeter> i think i had some old policies around
15:34 <clandmeter> which were including base policies, but it seems to work fine now without importing them.
15:36 <clandmeter> kunkku, if i define variables in an optional policy, they are automatically included in other optional policies?
15:37 <kunkku> yes, variables are global
15:37 <kunkku> if defined in multiple policies, the one processed later takes precedence
15:38 <ncopa> hi kunkku
15:38 <ncopa> what do you think about optional yaml support to awall
15:38 <ncopa> something like this: http://tpaste.us/1vBE
15:38 <kunkku> ncopa: why not.. Just haven't had time to work on that
15:39 <kunkku> clandmeter: in which directory is your base policy stored?
15:40 <clandmeter> currently all my policies are in optional
15:40 <Shiz> eww yaml :(
15:40 <kunkku> clandmeter: the base policy should not be imported automatically unless enabled by 'awall enable' or imported by another policy
15:46 <clandmeter> ok
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15:57 <ncopa> Shiz yaml is nicer than json for hand written definitions
15:57 <Shiz> yes but so is toml
15:57 <Shiz> and yaml is a bug bulky gross insecure format :(
15:58 <ncopa> my impression of toml was that its not that nice for nested structures?
16:00 <Shiz> i liked it
16:00 <Shiz> :p
16:00 <Shiz> being able to do [mystruct.somesubthing.hello] is nice
16:00 <ncopa> oh we even have lua-toml
16:07 <Shiz> https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0518/#other-file-formats
16:07 <Shiz> seems like python adopted toml for some project metadat aformat too :P
16:08 <kunkku> clandmeter: so the correct use of 'private' would be to put the base policy there and import from optional policies (assuming the base policy is not supposed to be used standalone)
16:09 <Shiz> ncopa: btw, the remailer infra is up ;p
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16:15 <ncopa> Shiz nice!
16:15 <ncopa> re toml
16:16 <ncopa> this is the json variant: http://tpaste.us/pQ6n
16:16 <ncopa> translated to toml:
16:16 <ncopa> http://tpaste.us/Wamx
16:17 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/MjlkN2Q3YT
16:17 <Shiz> or like that, yeah :)
16:18 <ncopa> looks like the import and description got wrong with toml.encode
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16:29 <ncopa> ok i think we do toml instead of yaml
16:29 <ncopa> we could possibly support all 3 too
16:30 <Shiz> mm, i don't think there's anything toml can't do that yaml can
16:30 <Shiz> and i really wouldn't want to encourage yaml :P
16:30 <Shiz> brb
16:35 <jirutka> ncopa: TOML supports nested structures; just it’s not so nice and readable as YAML, but that’s subjective
16:35 <jirutka> ncopa: also YAML anchors may be very useful for firewall rules
16:36 <ncopa> yes
16:36 <ncopa> we currently dont support them in json
16:36 <ncopa> so we have sort of a workaround
16:36 <ncopa> i was checking if you can do anchors in toml but apparently you cannot
16:37 <ncopa> and yes i had the impression that yaml was nice and readable
16:37 <jirutka> I’m quite sure that JSON is the most stupid choice for hand-written config you can do…
16:37 <ncopa> which is why i wanted to add support for yaml
16:37 <ncopa> or toml
16:37 <jirutka> you don’t need to add any special support for anchors into YAML, it just supports it natively, no hacks needed ;)
16:37 <ncopa> i know
16:38 <jirutka> I’m fan of adding support both for YAML and TOML
16:39 <jirutka> I agree with Shiz about YAML, but still I prefer it often… some sane and secure subset of YAML would be great though
16:39 <ncopa> i dont think we want any machine written yaml
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16:39 <ncopa> or read yaml from untrusted source
16:39 <ncopa> we probably want json for that
16:39 <ncopa> eg if we do web interface
16:39 <jirutka> it’s about principle, YAML is anything but simple or lightweight…
16:40 <ncopa> *nod*
16:40 <ncopa> which is why i think it sould be optional
16:40 <ncopa> not hard dependency
16:40 <jirutka> but as I said, I’d personally prefer YAML anyway :P
16:40 <jirutka> yep
16:41 <jirutka> and ofc we have lua-toml, I added it some time ago as preparation for scripts around Cargo :P ;)
16:41 <ncopa> lua5.3-toml-1.0-r4 installed size:
16:41 <ncopa> 36864
16:41 <ncopa> lua5.3-lyaml-6.1-r1 installed size:
16:41 <ncopa> 94208
16:41 <ncopa> and lyaml also depends on the c lib
16:42 <ncopa> yaml-0.1.7-r0 installed size:
16:42 <ncopa> 122880
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21:31 <chatter29> hey guys
21:31 <chatter29> allah is doing
21:31 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
21:31 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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21:35 <Shiz> can we ban chatter29 here too
21:36 <ncopa> how do i ban someone not joined?
21:37 <Shiz> /mode #alpine-devel +b chatter29!*@gateway/* should work
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21:48 <consus> wow
21:49 <consus> this is really the first time I see this kind of person on IRC
21:50 <_ikke_> consus: seriously?
21:50 <consus> yep
21:51 <consus> no religious fanatics upon now
21:51 <_ikke_> This is the short version
21:51 <consus> *until
21:55 <Shiz> they've been spamming freenode for a while
21:55 <Shiz> supposedly it's not someone actually religious, but just wanting to annoy people
21:55 <Shiz> but that's just what i heard somewhere
22:09 <ncopa> how can i ban someone not on the channel?
22:10 <ncopa> (Disconnected by services)
22:10 <ncopa> its probably a bot
22:11 <_ikke_> 23:37:04 Shiz │ /mode #alpine-devel +b chatter29!*@gateway/* should work
22:11 <ncopa> i got disconnected sorry
22:11 <ncopa> didnt see that the question got though
22:11 <_ikke_> np, that's why I copy it
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22:14 <Shiz> :)
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23:55 <tmh1999> main/py-larch : arch="noarch" I thought noarch means don't build, in contrast to all, which builds on all arch ?
23:55 <tmh1999> apparently community/obnam depends on py-larch and py-larch is not built
23:57 <tmh1999> should we change py-larch to arch="all" ?
23:59 <Shiz> noarch means arch-independent
23:59 <Shiz> it definitely should not be changed to all