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03:21 <TemptorSent> kaniini: Is there anything currently in the apk database structure that can not be represented properly as a DAG (optionally with codepedencies)
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03:23 <TemptorSent> i.e. valid circular deps at the same level of requirement, etc.
03:24 <TemptorSent> install-dep, runtime-dep, feature-dep, doc-dep, etc.
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07:27 <ncopa> hi
07:27 <ncopa> whats up with dl-cdn?
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07:45 <clandmeter> seems very unstable lately
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08:10 <ncopa> yes
08:11 <ncopa> last week it was dl-4 who broke
08:11 <ncopa> now its fastly
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09:01 <clandmeter> Shiz, how did the release notes go?
09:01 <Shiz> nobody seemed to have any more comments since the last revision
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09:02 <^7heo> where are the release notes?
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09:08 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/MGY0YTIxYz
09:09 <^7heo> thanks Shiz !
09:09 <Shiz> julia is to be added to this once i fix the package
09:09 <fcolista> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/How_to_make_a_custom_ISO_image_with_mkimage
09:09 <fcolista> first draft created..
09:10 <fcolista> clandmeter, ncopa ^
09:10 <^7heo> I guess the new mkinitfs will make it in 3.6.1 then
09:10 <^7heo> I didn't yet find the time to test it =/
09:10 <clandmeter> fcolista \o/
09:10 <algitbot> \o/
09:11 <ncopa> fcolista nice! thanks!
09:12 <fcolista> some points a missing, like the kernel_flavors or the imports of other profiles
09:12 <fcolista> *are
09:12 <fcolista> But at least it's a stard
09:12 <fcolista> *start
09:12 <clandmeter> fcolista, unionfs != overlayfs
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09:14 <fcolista> kernel_cmdline="unionfs_size=512M console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200"
09:14 <fcolista> is that part wrong clandmeter? ^
09:14 <clandmeter> no its not
09:14 <fcolista> ah
09:14 <fcolista> sorry
09:14 <fcolista> This is an example used to have ZFS module, overlayfs (which allows to have /lib/modules in
09:14 <fcolista> this part
09:15 <clandmeter> right
09:15 <fcolista> yes I wrote unionfs
09:15 <^7heo> Shiz: from the packages I could check, I don't think anything's missing there.
09:15 <clandmeter> its not your faulth, its a bit confusing
09:15 <leo-unglaub> morning!
09:15 <clandmeter> initframfs had unionfs support before
09:15 <^7heo> moin leo-unglaub
09:16 <clandmeter> but somebody modificed the code to use overlayfs instead (which was upstreamed)
09:17 <fcolista> umh that was done for ISO creation iirc
09:17 <clandmeter> they kept unionfs_size for backwards compatibility i presume.
09:18 <fcolista> I've a vague remember that overlayfs was introduced in order to get an iso >> dd to usb an make it work
09:18 <fcolista> or something like that
09:19 <fcolista> anyway would be cool having a webif in our website that allows to create a custom iso
09:19 <fcolista> :D
09:20 <* fcolista> has always bad ideas :P
09:20 <^7heo> but sometimes they turn out to be quite successful
09:20 <ncopa> hi leo-unglaub how are you doin
09:21 <clandmeter> i dont think overlayfs has anything to do with hybrid iso's
09:21 <leo-unglaub> ncopa: i am doing great. having a lot of fun with people infected with wannacry coming to me complaining *g*
09:21 <ncopa> Shiz i didnt merge your kbd work, did i?
09:22 <ncopa> leo-unglaub ha :)
09:22 <clandmeter> fcolista, you are free to design such iso generation web application :)
09:22 <clandmeter> but i think there are currently bigger fish to catch :)
09:22 <leo-unglaub> i also did a lot of work / testing with alpine linux in the new openbsd virtual machine implementation
09:22 <leo-unglaub> alpine linux is currently the only linux working in there
09:22 <ncopa> oh cool, i read about it
09:22 <fcolista> leo-unglaub, cool
09:22 <ncopa> but never actually tried it
09:23 <ncopa> im actually pretty excited about that openbsd+alpine thing
09:23 <Shiz> ncopa: don't think you did
09:23 <leo-unglaub> yeah, me to!
09:24 <Shiz> i heard alpine is the only supported linux distro for obsd virt
09:24 <Shiz> ;)
09:24 <leo-unglaub> alpine is handled by openbsd developers as the only usable linux distribution *g*
09:24 <ncopa> when i started with alpine, i had this goal, that if openbsd ppl would use linux they should use alpine :)
09:24 <^7heo> leo-unglaub: which it is.
09:24 <^7heo> ncopa: that's why you have all of us around now
09:24 <leo-unglaub> well, alpine and some parts of void linux yes
09:24 <^7heo> ncopa: for the better of the worse.
09:25 <ncopa> :)
09:26 <ncopa> ok, re upcoiming release
09:26 <ncopa> i have a few things i think needs to be done
09:27 <ncopa> - merge shiz's kbd work
09:27 <Shiz> @ncopa │ when i started with alpine, i had this goal, that if openbsd ppl would use linux they should use alpine :)
09:27 <Shiz> I talked to peter hessler at FOSDEM
09:27 <Shiz> he named alpine as the 'least bad linux distro'
09:27 <Shiz> :p
09:28 <^7heo> that's also the 'least bad linux distro' IMHO
09:28 <ncopa> - tag and update alpine-conf, abuild? mkinitfs, anything else?
09:29 <^7heo> ncopa: mkinitfs should be tested
09:29 <ncopa> i have a pending commit to setup-xorg-base
09:29 <^7heo> I have something started to do this
09:29 <^7heo> but I didn't finish
09:29 <ncopa> ^7heo thats why i want tag a mkinitfs-rc1 something
09:29 <ncopa> oh, lddtree too probably
09:29 <ncopa> then
09:29 <^7heo> ncopa: you mean, you want mkinitfs-rc1 in the release?
09:30 <ncopa> a prerelease of new mkinitfs yes
09:30 <^7heo> in the release?
09:30 <ncopa> or at least see at which state mkinitfs git master is
09:30 <ncopa> for alpine 3.6.0_rc1
09:30 <ncopa> which mush go out today
09:30 <ncopa> then
09:31 <ncopa> for scripts/mkimg.*.sh
09:31 <ncopa> the profiles
09:31 <Shiz> ncopa: i'm going to try to get libc++ stuff done then today
09:31 <ncopa> we should include the longer description for each profile there
09:31 <Shiz> i would like it to be in community considering all full tests pass :)
09:31 <Shiz> or most
09:32 <ncopa> as long as it does not stall the arm builder right beore i tag...
09:32 <Shiz> tests have laready been disabled on armhf
09:32 <Shiz> (as have they for llvm, it turns out)
09:32 <Shiz> for the same reason
09:33 <ncopa> then we need make the alpine-mksite script use the long description from scripts/mkimg.*.sh instead of embedding those in the lua scripts
09:35 <ncopa> we should also refactor the way the downloads page is generated
09:35 <ncopa> :q
09:36 <Shiz> ENOTVIM
09:36 <ncopa> someone want to help me look at the bugs.alpinelinux.org, filter on "Resolved"
09:36 <ncopa> and close everything that can be closed
09:37 <^7heo> do you people here know coccinelle?
09:37 <ncopa> that is verify the issue is resolved. that nobody claims its still an issue
09:37 <^7heo> ( http://coccinelle.lip6.fr/ )
09:38 <ncopa> for example: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/5241
09:38 <ncopa> there is a commit fixing the issue, and nobody has claimed it is still aproblem. it can be closed
09:38 <ncopa> also sec issues with [3.0] or [3.1] marked as resolved can be closed
09:39 <ncopa> since 3.0 and 3.1 is no longer supported
09:39 <ncopa> keep [3.2] and newer open
09:40 <ncopa> anybody can help with that?
09:53 <clandmeter> sorry, not me today
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11:03 <mih> Hello ,I want to push my work on pypy, where can I create a PR? On github or on you repo ?
11:08 <ashb> PRs to the the aports repo on github are accepted, yes
11:14 <AlexIncogito> ^7heo: Have you used it ?
11:19 <^7heo> AlexIncogito: nope, just read the description.
11:19 <^7heo> AlexIncogito: but I'm interested in any testimony about it ;)
11:26 <AlexIncogito> How does most people setup their Alpine server ? Permanent install on HDD or new deployment upon each restart ?
11:27 <AlexIncogito> I can see a great benefit to the later solution, to mitigate eventual attackers from putting a permanent foothold on the machine: that is, have a new deployment install from a read-only config loaded at boot time, and another mounted disk for datas
11:34 <tmh1999_> ncopa : I am looking at b.a.o. I will collect a list of those as you mentioned.
11:35 <algitbot> https://bugs.alpinelinux.org
11:35 <ncopa> tmh1999_ thank you
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11:57 <mih> ashb: thanks! managed to create a PR in https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1540
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12:19 <ncopa> i am slightly annoyed of udhcpc
12:20 <ncopa> it prints out info on the ip address it got on stderr
12:20 <ncopa> which means we cannot redirect the noise without losing potensial error messages
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12:58 <_ikke_> habitat test suite takes ages (even just the unit tests)
13:07 <ncopa> sounds fun :)
13:08 <_ikke_> right
13:08 <_ikke_> wonder whether we want to enable that for each package build
13:13 <xentec> If you're still fixing things, there is one bug that prevents cross-compilation of gcc and I have a patch for it https://gist.github.com/xentec/81856fc05d32bbaa8f8c7df9d3a0c672
13:26 <tmh1999> ncopa : so far http://ix.io/ufG
13:26 <tmh1999> looks like you also did close some
13:27 <ncopa> xentec: bugs.alpinelinux.org if you are afraid that we will forget
13:39 <przemoc> ncopa: I may be able to squeeze some time in the late evening (or night) today or tomorrow, not sur, so I think I could help you a bit with some issues (unless you'll manage to go through them before, of course)
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13:42 <przemoc> but I'm afraid I may do some irrelevant stuff along the way, like (re)categorizing and renaming, because I always prefer to have clear view (as clear as possible w/o unbearable effort that is) before I start doing main thing
13:45 <przemoc> wow, there are almost 1000 open issues
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14:09 <ncopa> php has some really weird errors sometimes
14:09 <ncopa> https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/7159
14:14 <ncopa> this is somewhat important: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6705
14:15 <ncopa> if there are no dhcp server, then will you never get login prompt
14:15 <ncopa> im open to suggestions how to fix it
14:15 <ncopa> do we patch busybox to add -b option?
14:17 <Shiz> from that patch it doesnt seem like it needs a patch?
14:17 <Shiz> just -b set by default
14:17 <ncopa> where do we set it?
14:17 <ncopa> in /etc/network/interfacs?
14:17 <ncopa> in the setup script?
14:18 <ncopa> i also wonder what to do with the redirection
14:18 <Shiz> in the initramfs and the /etc/network/interfaes setup-networking creates
14:18 <ncopa> so udhcp does not print ip addr info when prompting for root password
14:18 <ncopa> thats an option yes
14:19 <ncopa> im not sure i like it
14:19 <Shiz> well it blocks boot otherwise, which is somewhat of a problem
14:19 <Shiz> :P
14:19 <ncopa> yes that problem needs to be solved
14:19 <ncopa> but im not sure i like add option in interfaces
14:19 <ncopa> because you can apk add dhcpcd
14:20 <ncopa> and busybox will pick it up
14:20 <ncopa> eg replace udhcpcd
14:20 <Shiz> yeah but then it'll just ignore udhcpc_opts anyway right
14:20 <ncopa> then you end up with irelevant option in your interfaces
14:20 <ncopa> yes
14:20 <ncopa> it will probably ignore it
14:20 <ncopa> if we are ok with that, then i'll fix it that way
14:20 <xentec> ncopa: (gcc issue) I'd rather create a PR: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1544
14:21 <xentec> waiting for travis now
14:21 <ncopa> xentec: thanks!
14:21 <Shiz> i dont think its a problem but i welcome other opinions :p
14:22 <xentec> ok travis failed, because gcc-gnat is not installed...
14:22 <xentec> gonna test local then
14:23 <mih> Hi,I have recently managed to create a PR in https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1540 . The build time of my package exceeds 2 hours on a standard computer and the Travis test fails because it runs for less time than my build time.Is my PR going to be ignored because of that?
14:25 <Shiz> no, it just means that's someone is going to have to test it manually
14:25 <Shiz> may lead to delays
14:25 <Shiz> more importantly, we're in the middle of releasing 3.6 so we kind of *are* ignoring new package aports right now :P
14:25 <Shiz> passing travis or not
14:25 <Shiz> unless they're really important
14:26 <mih> It is a build for PyPy
14:26 <mih> I think is quite important
14:27 <Shiz> I'll at least review it for you
14:29 <mih> That would be nice, thank you!
14:35 <Shiz> done, at least as best as I could without having direct access to build logs
14:39 <Shiz> let me know if anything needs clarification or if you disagree :p
14:45 <ncopa> i tagged 3.6.0_rc1
14:46 <Shiz> woo
14:46 <Shiz> waiting for the ML post ;)
14:47 <tmh1999> \o/
14:47 <algitbot> \o/
14:50 <xentec> and new /topic :D
14:51 Topic for
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14:54 <xentec> gcc finally compiled: no errors. could someone pull https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1544 ?
15:04 <clandmeter> \o/
15:04 <algitbot> \o/
15:16 <ncopa> rnalrd: what was the reason for moving multipath-tools to community?
15:16 <ncopa> xen image needs it
15:17 <ncopa> and everything in releases needs to be in main
15:17 <ncopa> so i wonder if we exclude multipath-tools from xen image or if we move it back to main
15:19 <ncopa> ok its time for way to late lunch
15:19 <ncopa> better eat before i get grumpy
15:20 <^7heo> we should all have tshirts with that.
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17:06 <Shiz> ncopa: rc1 feedback re:udchpc_opts:
17:06 <Shiz> ed │ it's suddenly very aggressive in getting a link on eth0
17:06 <Shiz> ed │ stuck during booting trying to get a dhcp lease
17:06 <Shiz> i think it's a good idea to enable
17:06 <Shiz> -b
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23:12 <Shiz> https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1548
23:12 <Shiz> why do we have dpkg in main, lol
23:16 <Shiz> jirutka: ping
23:16 <jirutka> pong
23:16 <Shiz> i upgraded julia :)
23:16 <jirutka> WAT?! why it is in main?
23:16 <jirutka> imo it’s legacy from times when community didn’t exist
23:16 <Shiz> julia is on the latest version and built against llvm 3.9 now
23:16 <jirutka> imo should be moved to community
23:16 <Shiz> in my local tree
23:16 <jirutka> oh great!
23:16 <Shiz> and it works
23:17 <jirutka> you rocks!
23:17 <Shiz> :p
23:17 <Shiz> i'll push a pr in a bit
23:17 <Shiz> imo we can move it to community then if it works
23:17 <jirutka> but ncopa already tagged rc1, not sure if he will allow to move it to community
23:17 <Shiz> right
23:17 <jirutka> we must ask
23:17 <Shiz> hence 'imo' :P
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