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07:54 <ncopa> morning
07:54 <ncopa> i think i have found a bug in th setup-keymap
07:54 <ncopa> after system install, the keymap is not kept
08:00 <ncopa> ok i know why
08:04 <_ikke_> ncopa: I tried to install grub yesterday, but I ran into some issues where it failed to detect a grub drive: http://tpaste.us/ELx6
08:04 <_ikke_> ncopa: clandmeter did not have any issues, but it might be because I used multiple partitions where he only used a single one
08:04 <clandmeter> I have a notebook beside me to test
08:04 <clandmeter> because it seemed to give some issues with vmware
08:05 <clandmeter> i will give that another try
08:05 <ncopa> ok
08:05 <clandmeter> btw, it would be nice if we could add support for alpine in https://netboot.xyz
08:06 <ncopa> yes, indeed
08:06 <clandmeter> Shiz, if you feel bored ;-)
08:07 <clandmeter> not sure how much we need to change to add proper ipxe support.
08:10 <* clandmeter> wonders why we dont have curl in the extended release.
08:11 <ncopa> we probably should yes
08:22 <clandmeter> If i want to connected to an open wifi network, i need to create my own script to start it at boot?
08:25 <jirutka> hi
08:26 <jirutka> how can anyone get up so early? *tired*
08:26 <_ikke_> jirutka: By not going to bed so late? :P
08:30 <tru_tru> hi is apkbuild-pypi deprecated? I could find apkbuild-cpan but not apkbuild-pypi
08:33 <clandmeter> jirutka, i know the feeling
08:33 <clandmeter> 3am to sleep, 7am awake...
08:39 <jirutka> tru_tru: not sure if deprecated, but surely outdated
08:39 <jirutka> tru_tru: it’s better to follow https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/APKBUILD_examples:Python for now
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08:52 <clandmeter> wtf, so i need to partition my disk some special way to make for the grub mbr?
08:53 <clandmeter> make space...
08:56 <tru_tru> jirutka: thx
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09:01 <_ikke_> clandmeter: iirc, normal partitioning should already by enough
09:01 <_ikke_> mbr
09:01 <clandmeter> doesnt seem like it
09:01 <clandmeter> atleast not the messages im getting from grub
09:01 <_ikke_> what message are you getting?
09:02 <_ikke_> It of course does need enough space for the initial bootloader
09:02 <_ikke_> 63 records apparently
09:02 <_ikke_> stage 1.5
09:03 <_ikke_> Might be that the fdisk shipped with alpine has a different behaviour
09:03 <clandmeter> grub Embedding is not possible
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09:05 <clandmeter> going to try with more space at the beginning (if thats the real issue)
09:06 <_ikke_> 63 sectords at least
09:06 <_ikke_> sectors
09:07 <_ikke_> According to a ticket, at least 1M
09:08 <_ikke_> But that's when you have RAID / LVM apparently
09:17 <clandmeter> http://tpaste.us/aQ8M
09:17 <clandmeter> this is what im getting
09:18 <clandmeter> lol
09:18 <clandmeter> im stupid
09:20 <clandmeter> w00t
09:20 <algitbot> clandmeter: congrats!
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09:31 <clandmeter> ncopa, seems grub works fine in bios mode
09:31 <ncopa> good
09:34 <jirutka> btw, IIRC setup-* does not support installation without partitions… this is useful for VMs, it’s quite non-sense to create partitions on virtual disks
09:36 <ncopa> how do you install the boot loader without partitions?
09:40 <jirutka> exactly the same way as with partitions?
09:40 <jirutka> boot loader don’t care about partitions ;)
09:41 <jirutka> https://gist.github.com/jirutka/990d25662e729669b3ce
09:41 <jirutka> eh, this part https://gist.github.com/jirutka/990d25662e729669b3ce#d-install-syslinux-bootloader
09:42 <jirutka> eh, this is something different
09:42 <jirutka> this is for partitions setup
09:43 <jirutka> but really there’s no difference for installing bootloader
10:20 <_ikke_> clandmeter: So how did you partition it, I'm still getting the same grub error
10:20 <_ikke_> clandmeter: do you use a chroot?
10:24 <clandmeter> _ikke_, i used the partition instead of the device with grub-install :|
10:24 <clandmeter> no wonder it had no space for the bootloader :)
10:25 <_ikke_> right
10:25 <clandmeter> so i think just a regular one partition setup with ext4 should work
10:25 <clandmeter> mount it
10:25 <clandmeter> install alpine-base kernel and grub
10:26 <clandmeter> with apk add....
10:26 <clandmeter> mount bind proc and dev
10:26 <clandmeter> chroot and grub-install /dev/sda1
10:26 <clandmeter> err
10:26 <clandmeter> chroot and grub-install /dev/sda
10:26 <clandmeter> :)
10:26 <clandmeter> old habits..
10:37 <_ikke_> clandmeter: ugh, even with a single ext4 partition, I still get the same error under qemu
10:42 <clandmeter> _ikke_, can you do a strace on grub-install.
10:42 <_ikke_> yes
10:44 <_ikke_> interesting: open /dev/sda1 operation not permitted
10:44 <_ikke_> is that a grsec thing?
10:45 <clandmeter> check dmesg
10:45 <clandmeter> and yes thatrs highly possible
10:45 <clandmeter> you are restricted in a chroot with grsec
10:45 <_ikke_> right
10:46 <_ikke_> use of CAP_SYS_RAWIO denied
10:46 <clandmeter> you can relax it
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10:46 <clandmeter> http://tpaste.us/qMqK
10:50 <_ikke_> clandmeter: w00t, that did it!
10:50 <algitbot> _ikke_: congrats!
10:50 <_ikke_> lol
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11:19 <jirutka> clandmeter: one partition setup doesn’t make much sense, just omit partitions… or grub is so stupid that it needs partitions to work?
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12:46 <ncopa> jirutka: so there are 440 unused bytes at the beginning of ext4 filesystem?
12:46 <ncopa> where there is room for gptmbr.bin
12:47 <jirutka> ncopa: yes
12:47 <ncopa> is that the same for xfs and others?
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12:48 <jirutka> I’m not sure, I do this only with ext4
12:48 <ncopa> but the grpmbr.bin is needed?
12:48 <ncopa> gptmbr.bin
12:49 <jirutka> no, it works with legacy too
12:50 <jirutka> hm…
12:50 <ncopa> i mean, you need some mbr.bin
12:51 <jirutka> tbh I’m not sure now XD give me a sec
12:53 <jirutka> . /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin
12:54 <ncopa> does FAT also have space for the mbr.bin?
12:54 <jirutka> but… this is for msdos-like partition table… and there’s no partition table… I use this for years, I know that it works, but now I wonder *how* it actually can work
12:54 <ncopa> that is what i wonder too :)
12:54 <ncopa> how does it actually work
12:54 <ncopa> with partitions
12:54 <jirutka> FAT? I don’t use archaic filesystems
12:55 <ncopa> bios will load boot disk first sector
12:55 <ncopa> where the mbr.bin code is
12:55 <ncopa> the mbr.bin will look up the partition table and find the partition which is marked as "bootable"
12:55 <ncopa> and pass over execution to there
12:56 <_ikke_> but what if there is no partition table
12:56 <ncopa> that was my question
12:56 <ncopa> apparently it will work without parition table
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12:57 <_ikke_> And how does it know where to look for files? normally it looks just in the root, but in this case it will probably have to look in /boot
12:57 <ncopa> EFI requires gpt
12:57 <ncopa> to be able to read files it needs to understand filesystem
12:58 <ncopa> syslinux understands fat, ext4, xfs, btrfs
12:58 <ncopa> grub understands more
12:58 <_ikke_> right, but it also need to know where to look, right?
12:58 <_ikke_> if you have a dedicated partition, the files live just in the root
12:58 <jirutka> you’ve really put a bug in my head (not sure if this is translatable…), I use it for more than 5 years, one co-worker thought me that, but I’ve never questioned how it can actually work
12:58 <ncopa> :)
12:58 <_ikke_> haha
12:59 <_ikke_> perhaps there is some logic in grub to handle this sitation
12:59 <jirutka> syslinux
12:59 <ncopa> or syslinux
12:59 <_ikke_> rite
12:59 <jirutka> I’ve never tried that with grub
13:00 <jirutka> (I use only syslinux everywhere for more than 5 years)
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13:01 <jirutka> the problem with partitions is that it makes extending the disk harder… w/o partition, you need to just extend size of the virtual disk and then extend FS, that’s all
13:02 <jirutka> so this is all what i need for automated growing of FS in VMs https://github.com/jirutka/one-context/blob/master/scripts/grow-fs
13:02 <_ikke_> right
13:02 <_ikke_> We use LVM mostly for that reason
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13:14 <jirutka> it seems that error rate of my English is directly proportional to my fatigue (I’ve read once more time what I wrote this afternoon) :/
13:16 <_ikke_> jirutka: That doesn't seem that strange to me
13:16 <_ikke_> less sleep -> decreased focus -> more errors
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13:27 <fcolista> ncopa, for a single security patch, should I move the subproject from security to alpine linux?
13:27 <fcolista> I can't see this in https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/7308
13:27 <ncopa> when closed yes
13:28 <fcolista> Properties I can see are "tracker/status/priority/assigned to/version/activity/% completed"
13:29 <fcolista> cannot see how to change the subproject
13:29 <ncopa> you select "Project"
13:29 <ncopa> the first dropdown box
13:30 <fcolista> maybe is a permission issue...I don't have that box
13:33 <ncopa> just mark it as resolved and progress 100% then
13:35 <fcolista> ncopa: http://i.imgur.com/8K4OZQP.png
13:35 <ncopa> try that "description" "edit"
13:36 <fcolista> it opens a form with this:
13:36 <fcolista> http://i.imgur.com/8K4OZQP.png
13:36 <fcolista> ops
13:36 <fcolista> PCManFM 1.2.5 insecurely uses /tmp for a socket file, allowing a local user to cause a denial of service (application unavailability).
13:36 <fcolista> h3. References:
13:36 <fcolista> https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-8934
13:36 <fcolista> h3. Patch:
13:36 <fcolista> https://git.lxde.org/gitweb/?p=lxde/pcmanfm.git;a=commitdiff;h=bc8c3d871e9ecc67c47ff002b68cf049793faf08
13:37 <fcolista> no box for changing project
13:37 <fcolista> But i remember that i could do that
13:37 <fcolista> mah
13:38 <ncopa> sounds like permission problem or similar
13:39 <ncopa> alpine-xen works
13:39 <ncopa> and dom-u works
13:40 <ncopa> did aonybody test the other iso images?
13:40 <jirutka> not yet, but I’m gonna soon
13:41 <ncopa> ok
13:41 <ncopa> i tested sys install with lvm root
13:41 <ncopa> worked
13:41 <ncopa> im testing the alpine-virt image now
13:41 <ncopa> in vmware
13:42 <ncopa> there is an issue with xen and keymaps
13:43 <ncopa> apparently openrc detect the rc_sys as XENU
13:43 <ncopa> instead of XEN0
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13:43 <ncopa> i think it happens because the /prox/xen is not set up at the time openrc starts
13:44 <ncopa> oh, what do we do with busybox udhcpc
13:44 <ncopa> they direct the info to stderr
13:45 <clandmeter> fcolista, can you check your permissions now?
13:45 <fcolista> clandmeter, thx
13:45 <ncopa> http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/busybox/2017-May/085458.html
13:46 <fcolista> not I see "project" dropbox menu
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13:48 <fcolista> ncopa, clandmeter : what's the criteria on security ticket assignments?
13:48 <fcolista> maitnainers tooks care as first?
13:49 <clandmeter> i think if you feel comfortable to do it, just do it.
13:49 <ncopa> yeah
13:50 <fcolista> ok
13:50 <clandmeter> ncopa, will we have virt without grsec?
13:51 <ncopa> not for 3.6
13:51 <ncopa> setup-xorg-base works with vmware
13:51 <clandmeter> is there a fix for grsec on hyperv?
13:52 <ncopa> i don tknow
13:53 <^7heo> yeah
13:53 <^7heo> don't use hyperv.
13:53 <^7heo> Fixed.
13:53 <* ^7heo> hides
13:54 <ncopa> as long i can remember hyperv has be problemtic
13:54 <ncopa> i think grsec has worked once in a while
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13:55 <^7heo> I do not see the appeal of hyperv personally; but that would rather be a subject for -offtopic.
13:58 <ncopa> hyper-v has been problematic as far i can remember
13:58 <ncopa> i remember i ran alpine-vserver in hyper-v for a while
14:03 <Shiz> afternoon
14:03 <Shiz> ncopa: what was the issue in setup-keymap?
14:04 <ncopa> the init.d script says keyword -xenu
14:04 <ncopa> so the service does not start in xenU
14:04 <ncopa> but openrc thinks dom0 is xenU
14:04 <Shiz> ah yes
14:04 <ncopa> so it does not start on dom0
14:04 <Shiz> i actually ran into this before with someone
14:05 <ncopa> the workaroudn is to set rc_sys="xen0" in /etc/rc.conf
14:09 <mitchty> jirutka: curious why this was removed https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/commit/?id=f267ad1d8d993fc0ad5e97a85413064231ae1286 as you need a way to bootstrap ghc on new platforms otherwise ghc can't build itself
14:09 <jirutka> mitchty: ’cause fabled told me that ghc-bootstrap is not used and will not be used anymore
14:11 <mitchty> jirutka: ok, though I'd expect you'd want to ensure you can demonstrate the port moving from glibc->alpine linux is still possible to do similar to the debian rebootstrap project, but if not it simplifies my work
14:13 <jirutka> mitchty: it also simplified review a lot, I’ve reviewed and improved ghc already some time ago, but ghc-bootstrap was… quite big issue
14:14 <Shiz> btw did we move cabal to community yet?
14:14 <mitchty> Shiz: i've got some fixes for it i'm testing quick
14:14 <Shiz> right
14:15 <Shiz> btw ncopa jirutka this is somewhat relevant: https://txt.shiz.me/YjVhZjI4ZW
14:15 <Shiz> mismatches between busybox applet locations and the ones in packages
14:15 <mitchty> basically amounts to changing the cabal dependencies to stuff that won't change old-time.cabal::https://hackage.haskell.org/package/old-time-
14:15 <Shiz> meaning that if the package ones gets installed the busybox ones may still exist and be invoked depending on path order
14:16 <jirutka> …/node_modules/which/bin/which is probably irrelevant
14:17 <Shiz> yes
14:17 <Shiz> and the lzma one too
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15:46 <mitchty> did apk change recently, its taking a lot longer to install ghc than in the past, on the order of half an hour so far, its doing a ton of fchown/statat calls to apk-new files and then looks to be opening them
15:59 <jirutka> Very interesting story about ugliness of GNU c++ lib https://www.zerotier.com/blog/2017-05-05-theleak.shtml /cc Shiz
16:01 <mitchty> weird, tried again and it installed straight away
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16:47 <^7heo> that's weird
16:47 <^7heo> I boot alpine on my new laptop
16:47 <^7heo> I login in the install system
16:47 <^7heo> no keyboard responds anymore.
16:48 <^7heo> but I can still type "root"
16:49 <_ikke_> You mean you don't get output anymore?
16:50 <^7heo> well, it's different symptoms now
16:50 <^7heo> the first time, everything worked perfectly
16:50 <^7heo> until I logged in
16:50 <^7heo> then the output froze
16:50 <_ikke_> modprobe fbcon?
16:50 <^7heo> but the capslock led wasn't reactive either
16:51 <^7heo> also it's not a matter of login
16:51 <^7heo> it's a matter of time
16:51 <^7heo> after some time, the output does not respond anymore.
16:51 <^7heo> and it does it at random times
16:51 <^7heo> so I think it's a faulty firmware load.
16:53 <^7heo> also it only happens when the laptop is docked
16:55 <^7heo> yeah, inserting the laptop in the dock is freezing the laptop.
16:56 <scadu> when the check() is running? I wanted to run simple test (printing program version :F), but binary is available in $pkgdir, which apparently is created after check() XD
16:56 <scadu> or there's something wrong with me :
16:57 <ncopa> ^7heo: sounds like kernel issue
16:57 <^7heo> ncopa: not a module?
16:57 <ncopa> scadu: check runs after build before $pkgdir is created (before make install)
17:01 <_ikke_> ncopa: still issues geting xorg to work?
17:02 <scadu> ncopa: hm, I run make with DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install in package(). will look into this, thanks
17:03 <^7heo> ncopa: when I insert it in the dock, there's not even network left there.
17:03 <^7heo> no matter what plug I plug it into (dock or laptop)
17:08 <ncopa> _ikke_: i have given up sort of
17:09 <jirutka> ncopa: I’m still thinking about running check after package phase
17:11 <jirutka> ncopa: for two reasons: to avoid unintended changes in generated binaries by bad build systems; and to make testing some software easier or even actually possible (files layout)
17:12 <^7heo> ncopa: also, I tried a `tail -f /var/log/dmesg` via ssh
17:12 <^7heo> ncopa: inserted the laptop in the doc
17:12 <^7heo> ncopa: no additional line printed...
17:12 <^7heo> so either the laptop freezes before it writes to /var/log/dmesg or the connection drops before.
17:13 <ncopa> it happens when modules are loaded?
17:13 <ncopa> google your hardware and linux
17:13 <ncopa> might be you can add a kernel module option to the module triggering it
17:13 <^7heo> when I boot on the dock, it happens randomly after some time
17:14 <^7heo> sometimes I get the login prompt, sometimes not.
17:15 <scadu> jirutka: would be cool in case like mine :P
17:16 <jirutka> ncopa: and I’m afraid that now it’s the last time we can change w/o bigger problems…
17:16 <ncopa> ok, i think i have everything needed for rc2
17:17 <ncopa> i think changing it will cause major problems already
17:17 <scadu> :c
17:17 <ncopa> you will need take very care when backporting secfixes
17:18 <ncopa> i think doing secfixes already will be a pain due to all the removals of || return 1
17:19 <ncopa> if any of those are cherry-picked by mistake to older stable branches, then we risk silent breakages
17:21 <ncopa> anything else needs fixing before rc3?
17:21 <ncopa> i havent gotten much feedback on the rc1 and rc2
17:21 <jirutka> dunno yet
17:24 Topic for
17:24 <ncopa> if i dont get any feedback on rc3 then i'll tag 3.6.0 tomrrow
17:24 <ncopa> so last chance to fix issues
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17:26 <jirutka> tomorrow?!
17:26 <jirutka> give us some time pls :)
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17:31 <_ikke_> I'll try rc3
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17:33 <scadu> https://github.com/weechat/weechat/blob/master/tools/build-test.sh that's what weechat provides. it's triggered by ENABLE_TESTS=ON flag during build. what should I do in this case? not sure if running this in check() has sense
17:39 <_ikke_> 5So it has no make test?
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18:05 <scadu> _ikke_: nope
18:07 <scadu> quite ugly: http://tpaste.us/K6Ko
18:07 <scadu> skrzyp: ^ weechat 1.8
18:07 <jirutka> scadu: what is `sed -i '/pkg_search_module/s/ruby-2.2 …` ? o.O
18:10 <scadu> jirutka: I could adjust the current patch if you would like this way: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/blob/master/main/weechat/ruby2.4.patch
18:11 <jirutka> huh, I don’t remember that I wrote this patch… actually don’t remember that I’ve touched weechat at all
18:11 <scadu> jirutka: :p
18:11 <jirutka> anyway, patch file is imo better for this
18:11 <scadu> noted
18:12 <jirutka> if upstream does not randomly move these lines in every realease… :P
18:12 <scadu> jirutka: it fails on 1.8
18:13 <scadu> that's why I did this ugly sed, but…
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18:14 <clandmeter> \o/
18:14 <algitbot> \o/
18:15 <scadu> jirutka: aw yis, it was merged already XD
18:15 <scadu> jirutka: https://github.com/weechat/weechat/commit/8e160c31fe7926b25190b7a3d62bb16877cbf416
18:16 <scadu> I need a cup of coffee :x
18:16 <jirutka> I’m currently drinking one :P
18:17 <scadu> h5
18:18 <ncopa> leitao: does NVME kernel module make sense on ppc64le?
18:18 <ncopa> are there any nvme hardware for ppc64le?
18:18 <leitao> ncopa, yes, we ship them
18:19 <leitao> even nvme over fabrics
18:19 <ncopa> nice
18:19 <ncopa> very nice
18:19 <leitao> what they used to all nvmf
18:19 <ncopa> i'll enable the kernel drivers for that then
18:19 <* leitao> loves nvme
18:20 <ncopa> there were some kernelconfig tweaks needed
18:20 <ncopa> there was no vfat support for example
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18:21 <ncopa> i also enabled configfs_fs
18:21 <ncopa> so you can modprobe configs
18:21 <ncopa> and see the running kernel's config
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18:25 <scadu> jirutka: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1562 :)
18:36 <ncopa> leitao: im pushing this: http://tpaste.us/je5v
18:37 <skrzyp> scadu: co mnir kłamiesz, jeszcze nie ma w repo
18:37 <skrzyp> :/
18:38 <* clandmeter> slaps skrzyp with a russian antonov
18:38 <^7heo> huhu
18:38 <^7heo> that's polish :D
18:39 <clandmeter> an antonov is russian :p
18:39 <^7heo> not that; what they were speaking.
18:39 <leitao> ncopa, Ok. I do not see any issue with that
18:39 <ncopa> leitao: its closer to x86_64 config
18:39 <leitao> ncopa, and it seems to make sense also
18:40 <clandmeter> i know, i didnt say it was russian, it was sarcasm about a different language.
18:40 <skrzyp> clandmeter: can't you see dofference between orc runes and latin alphabet?
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18:42 <clandmeter> I had 3 glasses of wine at dinner jsut now, all polish looks like russian now.
18:43 <skrzyp> same with chinese?
18:44 <clandmeter> yes, it looks just like taiwanese
18:46 <clandmeter> 3.6 is getting close
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18:47 <clandmeter> so 4.0 is getting close
18:48 <clandmeter> are we also skipping 4.0? :)
18:48 <scadu> wut XD
18:49 <scadu> clandmeter: yes, 25.0 is comming
18:53 <jirutka> lol
18:57 <scadu> skrzyp: przepraszam Cię skrzypku. nie bądź zły, może krecik zmerguje i będzie w 3.6 :c
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19:01 <skrzyp> jirutka: krtecek, would you like to update weechat to 1.8? it was released last weekend
19:04 <clandmeter> it has linker issues
19:06 <clandmeter> hmm
19:09 <* clandmeter> removes his hands from weechat
19:11 <skrzyp> clandmeter: what haopened?
19:11 <scadu> skrzyp: https://travis-ci.org/alpinelinux/aports/builds/235337697#L461 and so on
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21:20 <mitchty> Shiz: ok fixed https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1553 with more stable dependencies
21:22 <trfl> clandmeter, any chance the data files used to build the db of pkgs.alpinelinux.org could be made public for rsync or similar? would be convenient to have an offline index for when you don't have internet access or the site is slow/down
21:23 <clandmeter> did you check the footer?
21:24 <trfl> alright, I'll open a ticket :)
21:24 <clandmeter> a ticket?
21:24 <clandmeter> you want the data files to build the db
21:25 <clandmeter> not sure what datafiles are in your view
21:25 <_ikke_> https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports-turbo/blob/master/README.md
21:25 <clandmeter> the db is generated from apk files
21:26 <clandmeter> so you need to have them local to do that.
21:26 <trfl> yeah, I figured it would be something like that :p but was also hoping it would have some sort of intermediate stage where the file listing from the apk files were serialized to some object storage that could be used for other usecases
21:27 <trfl> becoming a full alpine mirror just to search packages feels a bit overkill hehe
21:27 <clandmeter> data is stored in sqlite
21:27 <clandmeter> and its rather large
21:28 <clandmeter> because filelist is large per branch/repo/arch
21:28 <trfl> I wonder how debian and yum does it, with apt-cache and yum provides respectively
21:29 <jirutka> hm, this reminds me yet another thing I wanted to do…
21:29 <clandmeter> when i have more time i will add a small function to add /json to uri's so you can get json from pkgs
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21:31 <clandmeter> trfl, pkgs has been slow or down for you recently?
21:31 <trfl> definitely doesn't happen a lot, but right now it was
21:31 <jirutka> clandmeter: yeah, that’s almost exactly what I wanted to do ;)
21:32 <trfl> more often I find myself in situations where I don't have an internet connection and want to figure out which package to install, but those times I do have a full mirror available...
21:32 <clandmeter> im pretty close to it, so cant really judge :)
21:32 <Shiz> trfl: i don't think apt-cache has a file listing
21:32 <Shiz> apt-file does though, which is a separate tool
21:32 <jirutka> clandmeter literally sits next to the server running pkgs.a.o :P
21:33 <clandmeter> trfl, you can add repo's to you repo file and pull the index
21:33 <clandmeter> then you can search also offline
21:33 <clandmeter> except filelist wont work untill you install the pkg.
21:33 <clandmeter> or use pkgs
21:33 <jirutka> heh, you’re telling that like it’s just a little detail ;)
21:34 <jirutka> you usually don’t need to search files then you already have them installed
21:35 <clandmeter> Shiz, did you see my comment about ipxe?
21:38 <clandmeter> jirutka, im going on a holiday this week, so you will have 2 weeks to come up with an patch for json output else ill beat you to it ;-)
21:38 <jirutka> clandmeter: this sounds like an ultimatum…
21:39 <Shiz> nyet, didn't
21:39 <jirutka> ?
21:40 <Shiz> talking to clandmeter
21:40 <clandmeter> Shiz, https://netboot.xyz/
21:40 <clandmeter> would be nice to have support for it.
21:40 <Shiz> sounds like all it needs is an initramfs with the modloop embedded
21:40 <Shiz> :P
21:41 <clandmeter> or fetch it modloop from initramfs?
21:41 <Shiz> oh, you can just dump an iso into it
21:41 <clandmeter> -it
21:41 <Shiz> lol
21:41 <Shiz> https://github.com/antonym/netboot.xyz/blob/master/src/blackarch.ipxe
21:41 <Shiz> super easu
21:49 <clandmeter> Shiz. i think modloop already has http/ftp support. so we should only need to build a netboot release with network drivers in initramfs and store it on the mirror
21:51 <clandmeter> going to bed. gnite.
21:52 <Shiz> clandmeter: i dont think we need to do anything even
21:52 <Shiz> we can just feed it the iso
21:52 <Shiz> :P
22:09 <^7heo> when I start firefox 52, I get SSL_SendAdditionalKeyShares: symbol not found
22:09 <^7heo> any idea what I'm missing?
22:09 <^7heo> an SSL dep I suppose?
22:11 <^7heo> ncopa: any idea?
22:12 <^7heo> kaniini: same question
22:12 <kaniini> NSS
22:12 <^7heo> thing is
22:13 <^7heo> nss is installed.
22:13 <^7heo> apk version nss
22:13 <^7heo> Installed: Available:
22:13 <^7heo> nss-3.27.2-r1 = 3.27.2-r1
22:13 <kaniini> firefox may need rebuild
22:13 <^7heo> nah
22:13 <^7heo> I got it
22:13 <^7heo> 3.27 is not the right version.
22:14 <^7heo> It's not trivial for most users tho
22:14 <^7heo> you gotta use libnss from edge
22:15 <Shiz> firefox was rebuilt super recently
22:16 <Shiz> ^7heo: 3.5 or edge?
22:16 <Shiz> cc trfl
22:16 <trfl> ay
22:16 <trfl> sure i can do a rebuild, but maybe not tonight :p
22:17 <Shiz> no, i'm just wondering if you know anything about this
22:17 <Shiz> since i don't think we bumped nss since your firefox version bump PR
22:17 <trfl> nah we didn't, but https still worked fwiw
22:18 <Shiz> oh, i think theo is on 3.5
22:19 <^7heo> Shiz: 3.5 but let's be honest, there's no firefox in 3.5
22:19 <^7heo> so edge... ;D
22:19 <Shiz> doesnt 3.5 have firefox-esr?
22:19 <^7heo> I didn't find it
22:19 <Shiz> it does
22:19 <^7heo> but again I was searching for firefox
22:19 <Shiz> http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/v3.5/community/x86_64/firefox-esr
22:19 <^7heo> so there might be that.
22:19 <Shiz> the package is also called firefox-esr in edge though
22:19 <^7heo> right
22:19 <Shiz> :P
22:19 <^7heo> nah
22:19 <^7heo> firefox-52.0.2-r0
22:19 <Shiz> but yeah you know the drill with mixing stable and edge
22:20 <^7heo> yeah...
22:20 <^7heo> it's just not straighforward for lusers
22:20 <^7heo> but since we have -esr, no worries
22:20 <Shiz> ah edge also carries normal firefox
22:20 <Shiz> ... which needs an upgrade
22:20 <* Shiz> pokes trfl
22:20 <Shiz> :p
22:20 <^7heo> yeah well, for now, it'll work.
22:20 <^7heo> it's a temp setup for a candidate so...
22:20 <^7heo> I'll just keep it like it is for now
22:21 <^7heo> and when we hire a dude
22:21 <^7heo> that'll be my laptop
22:21 <^7heo> so...
22:23 <trfl> oh dear, yep it's in testing
22:23 <trfl> I only looked in community :x
22:25 <^7heo> :D
22:25 <^7heo> happens.
22:25 <^7heo> that's why we test stuff.
22:28 <Shiz> well, this one is on your own anyway
22:28 <Shiz> dont mix edge and stable
22:28 <Shiz> :P
22:30 <trfl> oh hey, latest firefox requires the rust compiler to build
22:30 <trfl> nice timing Shiz!
22:30 <^7heo> Shiz: well, I didn't know firefox was in stable.
22:30 <Shiz> its not
22:30 <Shiz> but testing is edge
22:30 <Shiz> and you said you ran 3.5
22:30 <Shiz> ;p
22:31 <^7heo> yeah.
22:31 <^7heo> Shiz: also; it's not like alpine is super mature; it's very nicely done deep in the system; but packages aren't exactly bulletproof
22:31 <^7heo> we need better QA
22:31 <^7heo> we don't even have actual systematic testing
22:31 <Shiz> ^7heo: that's why we're adding check()
22:31 <Shiz> and soname rebuilds
22:31 <Shiz> :)
22:31 <^7heo> yeah
22:31 <^7heo> it's getting better
22:31 <^7heo> I know; it's really cool
22:31 <^7heo> but don't blame me for using "what works" ™
22:31 <^7heo> It's been that way for years.
22:32 <Shiz> hey, i've got more leeway to complain to a fellow dev :p
22:32 <_ikke_> ncopa: just installed a new vm with qemu + and setup-xorg-base, lxdm, xfce4 and it worked right awat
22:33 <^7heo> Shiz: myeaah
22:33 <^7heo> Shiz: whatever, I'll beer you, and let's drop it.
22:33 <^7heo> oh wait, you don't beer, do you?
22:33 <Shiz> i was just kidding anyway
22:33 <Shiz> i very much do beer
22:33 <Shiz> i don't do coffee though
22:36 <jirutka> wait, why is Firefox still in testing?
22:36 <jirutka> aha, we have firefox-esr in community, okay
22:37 <trfl> latest version of firefox is gonna be a bit more tricky to build than esr, I'll give it a shot tomorrow if nobody beats me to it
22:47 <Shiz> \o
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23:15 <mitchty> jirutka: have a few changes for idris that I ran into building on arm, though i found it on x86_64 as well, i'll validate them a bit more tonight but looks like a new version of the text library caused some shenanigans with the prepare stuff
23:16 <mitchty> and if anyone could check that this move of cabal from testing to community is kosher that would help, have to keep ghc+cabal together generally https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1553
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23:24 <jirutka> mitchty: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1553#discussion_r118129596
23:25 <jirutka> mitchty: how exactly would it solve the problem – building them in single abuild?
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23:42 <TemptorSent> kaniini - just curious, have you pushed the apk manifest code anywhere yet?
23:43 <kaniini> yeah apk-tools.git
23:45 <TemptorSent> Cool, thank you - I'll start playing with it :)
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23:53 <kaniini> it's not ready for what you want yet.
23:55 <TemptorSent> Not *quite*, but getting much closer! Can pkg->version be accessed in a simple manner, or do I need to create a buffer and copy it from the blob like the csum_buf?
23:56 <TemptorSent> (type=apk_blob_t)
23:58 <TemptorSent> What are the semantics for BLOB_PRINTF? I'm not groking it right off.