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00:00 <jirutka> i am dead, must go sleep; gn
00:02 <Shiz> nn!
00:03 <jirutka> nn? not now? XD
00:03 <Shiz> night night
00:03 <Shiz> :p
00:04 <jirutka> ’kay :)
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00:14 <Shiz> >>>> llvm4-static*: Package size: 1.7 GB
00:14 <Shiz> something is going awfully wrong here
00:15 <Shiz> don't merge that PR yet kaniini :P
00:25 <Shiz> this is bizarre
01:01 <Shiz> https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/7332
01:01 <Shiz> found issue and filed PR
01:01 <Shiz> filed issue*
01:01 <Shiz> rebased the PR to not include a -dbg subpackage naymore
01:19 <Shiz> https://wiki.freebsd.org/GPLinBase
01:19 <Shiz> interesting
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02:34 <kaniini> i have mixed feelings on that
02:35 <kaniini> on one hand, encouraging use of free software is good. on the other hand, clang is just as free as gcc and likely to improve beyond gcc
02:35 <kaniini> and then personally i'm not a huge fan of GPL for core system utilities
02:41 <Shiz> i am likely to think clang is the way forward as far as at least development effort goes
02:41 <Shiz> apple and google pump a lot of effort into clang
02:42 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/MTI2NTA3Mm
02:43 <Shiz> ^ btw, I think this is how to bootstrap an llvm based system i think
03:06 <Shiz> kaniini: you here?
03:06 <Shiz> i seem to be having some issues running bootstrap stuff
03:08 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/YzAwNGY1Mm
03:08 <kaniini> i think you have to run it as root
03:08 <kaniini> i forget
03:08 <kaniini> looks permissions related :)
03:09 <Shiz> but abuild will refuse to run as root
03:09 <Shiz> :P
03:09 <kaniini> idk
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04:01 <skarnet> The s6- and s6-rc- packages, present in Alpine-3.6.0, exhibit random failures that I cannot reproduce when I build the software by hand.
04:02 <skarnet> One of these failures is a SIGILL, which is a very bad sign.
04:03 <skarnet> I've spent too much time tonight trying to isolate the bug, and I need to sleep.
04:03 <skarnet> but my source definitely looks clean, and SIGILL is a smoking gun pointing at the Alpine binaries.
04:04 <skarnet> There's probably something rotten in the way the s6 and s6-rc packages have been built. If the builders or the toolchain are bad, there may be other impacted packages.
04:05 <skarnet> So, I'm just leaving this here for your morning enjoyment. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's an emergency investigation to undertake here.
04:06 <skarnet> Have a nice day.
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09:11 <tmh1999> Shiz : scripts/bootstrap.sh detects directories by using PWD. you need to cd into scripts dir and run : ./bootstrap.sh
09:20 <xentec> Shiz: I look forward to your work. having a single compiler for cross-compilation is a dream coming true.
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10:25 <skarnet> Sorry for not making a more precise bug-report earlier.
10:26 <skarnet> The arch I experienced the bug on is x86_64. More precisely, this happens on a Virtualbox VM running a pristine alpine-3.6.0 iso, with rootfs = initramfs.
10:29 <fcolista> umh..interesting
10:32 <skarnet> if it were me, I'd give a long hard look at the 3.6.0 toolchain and the build options
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12:45 <Shiz> skarnet: thanks for reporting, this seems problematic
13:10 <fcolista> i've an issue with a bootable usb
13:10 <fcolista> alpine 3.6
13:10 <fcolista> /media/usb is mounted RO, and this is the standard
13:11 <fcolista> an apk upgrade that should write in the /media/usb/cache segfaults because it's RO
13:11 <fcolista> also an apk update returns erroe
13:11 <fcolista> also an apk update returns error
13:11 <fcolista> i need to mount -o remount,rw /media/usb and then apk update works fine
13:11 <fcolista> it's only me?
13:12 <fcolista> it happens with other USB thumbs drive of course
13:21 <fabled> fcolista, https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/commit/?id=a4ec74c3e8c1734a64736d2fcab63d83ac51fd82
13:21 <fabled> i thought it made before 3.6.0 tag, but apparently did not
13:22 <fabled> ncopa, ^
13:22 <fcolista> we need to backport it
13:24 <fabled> yes
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18:20 <kaniini> most people don't seem to knwo that "apk fix" without arguments syncs system state to the declared state
18:21 <kaniini> maybe we should add "apk sync"
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19:18 <_ikke_> hai
19:18 <_ikke_> congratz with the 3.6 release (I was absent the last 2 days)
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20:05 <Shiz> ive reached a milestong in clang bootstrapping: musl
20:12 <jirutka> kaniini: what do you mean by “syncs system state to the declared state”?
20:31 <kaniini> jirutka: /etc/apk/world
20:31 <jirutka> aha
20:31 <jirutka> that’s like on Gentoo
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21:30 <kaniini> jirutka: you can copy an /etc/apk directory to another host and then run `apk fix` and it will install all the same packages as what is on the other machine
21:30 <kaniini> jirutka: my point is that this behaviour is overlooked frequently, so making an explicit `apk sync` would be nice :)
21:31 <jirutka> or maybe just adding this info into --help ;)
21:31 <jirutka> apk sync is imo quite misleading
21:31 <kaniini> well, apk fix seems unnatural for the functionality
21:31 <jirutka> I think that apk fix is a bit better name then apk sync
21:32 <jirutka> I’d expect this from fix more than from sync
21:32 <kaniini> true
21:32 <kaniini> i don't know
21:32 <jirutka> maybe it’s just because I’m former Gentoo user, but I’d think apk sync is like apk update…
21:32 <jirutka> b/c emerge --sync
21:33 <Shiz> same :P
21:35 <kaniini> yes, that is legitimate
21:35 <kaniini> to consider
21:35 <kaniini> because we do use openrc
21:35 <kaniini> so it feels kind of gentooish
21:41 <Shiz> i like fix because like add/remove, it's straight to the point
21:41 <Shiz> sorry, add/del
21:41 <Shiz> ;p
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21:53 <consus> Err
21:53 <consus> Guys
21:53 <Shiz> hi
21:53 <consus> I have /etc/passwd.apk-new and /etc/fstab-new files
21:53 <consus> Something tells me that at least these two should be ignored by update scripts
21:53 <consus> Or I am missing something
21:54 <Shiz> why should they be ignored?
21:54 <Shiz> your old files aren't being overwritten :P
21:54 <consus> Well yes
21:54 <consus> But what's the point in creating new ones
21:54 <consus> Well of course I've edited my passwd file
21:54 <consus> That's what it's for
21:56 <Shiz> there's more in there than just your own users
21:56 <consus> Fair enough
21:56 <consus> Btw
21:56 <Shiz> .apk-new files aren't created when you just edit the file
21:56 <Shiz> they are created when both you and a package updated the file
21:56 <Shiz> (afaik)
21:56 <Shiz> so it may add new system users
21:57 <consus> Well that's what I want to clarify
21:57 <consus> I have /etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf
21:57 <consus> Which I did not touch
21:57 <consus> But I got a shiny new apk-new file for it
21:58 <Shiz> i'm not sure to be honest
21:58 <consus> Ok
22:00 <Shiz> kaniini likely knows better
22:02 <consus> hm
22:02 <consus> update-extlinux.conf has apk-new
22:02 <consus> Strange
22:03 <consus> I did not touch these files
22:03 <consus> Perhaps alpine-setup
22:04 <consus> -root=UUID=d6cf93bb-bc48-4b2f-9fc5-6ae9c86077cc
22:04 <consus> +root=
22:04 <consus> Yeah
22:04 <consus> Seems likely
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