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00:30 <^7heo> Not if you get some refugee one in the US
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01:41 <Shiz> LLVM cross-compiled!
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02:13 <skarnet> where did you get the child blood?
02:25 <Shiz> it was on discount
04:14 <trfl> I've noticed on one of my laptops that xfce4-terminal seems to have a memory leak. Over time, and regardless of whether the terminal is idle or not, the memory usage gradually increases infinitely. Any idea how this could be debugged?
04:15 <trfl> additionally, if the terminals are launched with --disable-server, the total memory leaked is the same as if all the terminals shared the same process, however then memory is not freed until all terminals have exited
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05:28 <kaniini> trfl: it is possible. do you observe it also with gnome-terminal?
05:29 <trfl> I'll install it and leave it open, but it'll take 4-6 hours until we know :>
05:30 <trfl> on second thought, alpine doesn't have gnome-terminal... :p
05:33 <trfl> installed urxvt and mate-terminal, I'll leave those open for a while!
05:34 <trfl> looks like it only affects xfce4-terminal, judging by all the other terminals sitting at 0% cpu load however xfce4-terminal is idling at 17%
05:37 <kaniini> cpu usage may not mean anythin
05:37 <kaniini> g
05:49 <Shiz> woot
05:49 <algitbot> Shiz: congrats!
05:49 <Shiz> thanks algitbot
05:51 <Shiz> anyway
05:51 <Shiz> we have an alpine clang+compiler-rt+libc++ bootstrap
05:51 <Shiz> cc kaniini
05:51 <Shiz> :P
05:53 <kaniini> sick
05:53 <kaniini> now rebuild the entire distro and lets see how broken it is ;)
05:53 <Shiz> to be honest, the most problematic packages were... the LLVM ones
05:53 <Shiz> a few outliers aside, everything went smoothly once i figured out how to bootstrap/fix those
05:54 <Shiz> (said outliers being like... go :P)
07:00 <tmh1999> I am booting alpine in a using qemu/kvm. rc-service start networking throws me * Starting networking ...awk: out of memory * ERROR: networking failed to start . What should it be the cause ?
07:00 <tmh1999> kvm option is -m 2048 which is sufficient memory I guess
07:12 <trfl> regarding my xfce4-terminal memory leak, looks like that's the only affected terminal. There's heavy communication between the terminal process and another process called gmain on file descriptor 3 (a unix socket), about 200 KB/s of binary data, in case that might help track it down
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08:54 <clandmeter> Shiz, excuse my ignorance, what are you trying to achieve and what are the benefits regarding your work with llvm?
08:55 <clandmeter> Going to the beach now so will read your reply later.
09:31 <^7heo> clandmeter: not depending on gcc.
09:32 <^7heo> basically the same benefits as those listed under "using musl" in ncopa's FOSDEM presentation
09:33 <^7heo> (correcting code, improving portability, etc)
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22:25 <kaniini> clandmeter: eventually we want to compile all packages with Control Flow Integrity support (which is kind of like the grsecurity RAP stuff except for userspace)
22:25 <kaniini> clandmeter: CFI is in clang, not in gcc, so we need to evaluate using clang as system compiler to achieve that goal