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00:35 <awilfox> fabled: kaniini: is there a planned release date for apk-tools 2.7.2 or 2.8 or whatever master will become? would love to get my paws on a release that has `manifest` in it
00:36 <kaniini> no
00:36 <kaniini> it will probably be late june
00:37 <awilfox> ah, okay. I will just build from master then
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02:01 <awilfox> heads up: the clone links in alpine cgit point to http instead of https which makes copy/paste more difficult (or potentially insecure if you don't notice)
02:03 <awilfox> or maybe that is on purpose, because cloning with https is timing out..
02:08 <awilfox> hm, maybe it was just temporary issue; works now
02:22 <Shiz> https is mildly redundant with git
02:22 <Shiz> the commit hash verifies the entire repo history
02:22 <Shiz> :P
02:25 <awilfox> Shiz: sure, but someone can dns poison + mitm and give someone a completely different repo
02:26 <awilfox> Shiz: and afaik, commits are not gpg signed in alpine, so there is no guarantee that the Author: line is accurate (and anyone can use --author on git commit
02:26 <awilfox> )
02:51 <Shiz> LLVM-alpine round two: now including lld
02:51 <Shiz> result: bad
02:51 <Shiz> pkgconf was the first thing that failed
02:51 <Shiz> :P
02:52 <* Shiz> pokes kaniini
02:58 <TemptorSent> jirutka: In addition to the apk naming, we also need to version the filenames for the kernel artifacts inside the apks, such as vmlinuz -> vmlinuz-4.9.27-1-hardened, same for System map, etc.
02:59 <TemptorSent> jirutka: To make everything clean, there is also some support work needed in handling the bootloader config.
03:15 <Shiz> okay fixed it
03:15 <Shiz> needed to apply two patches to lld to fix libtool stupidity
03:46 <kaniini> Shiz: probably not a pkgconf bug :P
03:55 <Shiz> nope
03:55 <Shiz> kaniini: libtool bug instead
03:55 <Shiz> as expected
03:56 <Shiz> if it doesn't see GNU ld or elf in --help, it will refuse to link dynamic libraries
03:56 <Shiz> and the build will randomly fail because libpkgconf.so doesn't exist
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03:56 <kaniini> yes, that would be a problem :)
04:18 <awilfox> I really hope the patch is adding 'elf' and not '(like GNU ld)'
04:46 <Shiz> awilfox: both
04:46 <Shiz> sadly
04:46 <Shiz> # ld.lld --version
04:46 <Shiz> LLD 4.0.0 (compatible with GNU linkers)
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04:56 <Shiz> anyway
04:56 <Shiz> the link with ld.lld is progressing
04:57 <Shiz> i'm also building elftoolchain on the side to see if it can help us
04:57 <Shiz> :P
04:57 <kaniini> that may be desirable to certain alpine derivatives
04:57 <kaniini> :)
04:58 <Shiz> ERROR: elftoolchain-0.7.1-r0: trying to overwrite usr/bin/size owned by binutils-2.28-r2.
04:58 <Shiz> hehehe
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05:01 <Shiz> apparently elftoolchain has an ld now
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05:10 <Shiz> elftoolchain compiled
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06:40 <awilfox> http://wiki.adelielinux.org/wiki/APK_internals does anyone want to review this? I'm trying to document the structure for reasons
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07:42 <pickfire> Looks like alpine linux 3.6.0 is broken on raspberry pi
08:14 <clandmeter> Pickfire, no boot I guess?
08:15 <_ikke_> clandmeter: he left
08:15 <clandmeter> Ok
08:15 <clandmeter> Thx
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08:30 <fabled> clandmeter, working on rpi kernel now, waiting to build
08:30 <fabled> seems the rpi2 kernel config was accidentally broken on 4.4->4.9 upgrade process
08:39 <* awilfox> waves
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09:13 <clandmeter> fabled, what is/was wrong?
09:18 <przemoc> awilfox: if by index char you mean how it is stored in db, then replaces -> r, replaces_priority -> q
09:21 <clandmeter> awilfox, I read it a bit and I don't see any mention of the apkindex? Probably intentional.
09:22 <clandmeter> Provides can also include pkgconf entries.