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09:57 <ncopa> clandmeter: re netboot images. do you think it makes sense to ship a alpine-netboot.tar.gz tarball with /boot/* or simply have a directory releases/x86_64/netboot-$version/ with the unpacked content (vmlinuz-vanilla, initramfs-vanilla, modloop-vanilla)
09:57 <clandmeter> ncopa, we need direct access to kernel and initramfs
09:57 <clandmeter> a tarball makes no sense except for local install.
09:59 <ncopa> my point is: do you want use the dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.8/releases/x86_64/netboot-3.8.0/vmlinuz-vanilla directly or will you copy it to boot.alpinelinux.org/something ?
09:59 <clandmeter> ah like that.
09:59 <clandmeter> now you are making sense :)
09:59 <clandmeter> hmm
10:02 <clandmeter> can we include signatures on the mirror?
10:03 <clandmeter> i guess it means you need the CA on the builders.
10:03 <clandmeter> or add some logic to do it centralized.
10:04 <clandmeter> or just separate the boot scripts and signatures.
10:45 <ncopa> signatures of what?
10:45 <ncopa> its trivial to sign a tarball
10:45 <_ikke_> the boot images
10:45 <_ikke_> netboot has its own pki
10:45 <ncopa> oh, ok
10:46 <ncopa> where and how are the boot images signed? do we also sign the modloop and verify the signature of that?
11:17 <clandmeter> ncopa, check the netboot repo
11:20 <clandmeter> not sure why netboot repo is hidden on git.a.o.
11:20 <clandmeter> it shows on gh
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11:25 <_ikke_> Might be missing some kind of export attribute
11:25 <clandmeter> yes, but it was working before.
11:25 <clandmeter> not sure what changed.
11:28 <clandmeter> ncopa, only the kernel and initramfs are signed.
11:28 <clandmeter> i dont think we can verify it from ipxe.
11:29 <clandmeter> we could however do it from modloop initd.
11:29 <clandmeter> im open for suggestions.
11:30 <ncopa> im trying to figure out how to do the s390x wihtout duplicate the ipxe work
11:31 <ncopa> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/S390x#KVM
11:31 <ncopa> there is a modloop=http://....
11:31 <ncopa> the modloop needs to correspond with the running kernel
11:32 <ncopa> so user needs to fetch kernel and then point to a remote modloop
11:34 <ncopa> the https://github.com/alpinelinux/alpine-netboot/blob/master/mknetboot.sh script will put the modloop on boot.a.o
11:34 <ncopa> i wonder if we should do the same with the s390x
11:36 <ncopa> alternatively, i make a tarball from alpine relaese scripts and boot.a.o fetches those releases, and extrat them there
11:37 <ncopa> we can try that with rc2
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12:39 <clandmeter> ncopa, i think it would be nice if netboot can profit from using cdn.
12:40 <clandmeter> it also means that we stop shipping the latest kernel with netboot.
12:40 <clandmeter> its probably not a big issue.
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12:47 <ncopa> the only problem with cdn is that it does not get fetched over https
12:47 <ncopa> and we dont sign modloop
12:48 <ncopa> I don't expect much traffic from netboot downloads
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13:09 <PureTryOut[m]> could someone merge/review https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4083? it's been open for quite a while now
13:12 <_ikke_> focus is mostly on releasing 3.8
13:12 <rnalrd> it's in testing so I just pushed it, editing commit msg
13:13 <_ikke_> rnalrd: nice
13:13 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], what do you mean you cannot see it on pkgs.?
13:14 <clandmeter> testing is not available in stable branches, if thats what you mean.
13:16 <PureTryOut[m]> clandmeter: huh? are you talking to the wrong person?
13:17 <clandmeter> i dont think it niet
13:17 <_ikke_> clandmeter: combining dutch and english? :D
13:17 <clandmeter> :p
13:17 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], read your own pr msg.
13:18 <_ikke_> "however they are not listed as such on https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org. Bug?"
13:19 <PureTryOut[m]> Ik denk toch echt van wel haha 😉
13:19 <PureTryOut[m]> What PR? 😆
13:20 <_ikke_> The one you just referred to
13:20 <clandmeter> do you have a split personality?
13:20 <PureTryOut[m]> oh
13:20 <clandmeter> :p
13:20 <_ikke_> https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4083?#issue-183240365
13:21 <PureTryOut[m]> well this package does not list all build requirements https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/testing/s390x/snapcast
13:21 <PureTryOut[m]> however, both snapcast (the package that doesn't list all it's build requirements) and the actual build requirements themselves are in testing
13:22 <PureTryOut[m]> listed as in the webpage doesn't show them
13:23 <PureTryOut[m]> sorry I'm working on multiple things at once right now, I tend to lose track a bit when doing so haha
13:27 <PureTryOut[m]> but yeah seems like a bug in the webinterface
13:41 <PureTryOut[m]> so what do you guys think about this? https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4440#issuecomment-395771782
13:41 <PureTryOut[m]> can it be merged like that? I don't think mopidy will ever be part of any base installation, so it should be fine
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13:50 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], it works just fine if you know how to use it.
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13:57 <PureTryOut[m]> sorry, I'm again not entirely sure what you're talking about now
13:57 <clandmeter> 15:27 <PureTryOut[m]> but yeah seems like a bug in the webinterface
14:01 <PureTryOut[m]> is it right though? if you go to the popl package, it also doesn't show it's used by snapcast
14:01 <PureTryOut[m]> or is the web interface literally just talking about runtime dependencies?
14:01 <_ikke_> yes
14:02 <_ikke_> build dependencies are not listed
14:04 <PureTryOut[m]> ok, confusing 😆 then it's fine
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19:20 <radhus_> ncopa: I've tested xen boot in virtualbox and run setup-bootable on single disk, reboot, checked xen working
19:20 <radhus_> ncopa: works fine with EFI but ISO doesn't boot on BIOS VM, fix verified on my end: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4481
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20:28 <azarus> https://patchwork.alpinelinux.org/patch/3999/ would be nice to merge, removes a no longer needed patch
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20:41 <ncopa> radhus_: great! thanks!
20:57 <ncopa> radhus_: im gonnapoush it with a trivial commit message change
21:00 <radhus_> ncopa: ah, thanks, forgot the prefix :)
21:11 <ncopa> thank you very much for testing and providing a fix
21:14 <radhus_> np. I want to automate this test suite. lets see how much spare time I have during the summer :D
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21:35 <tmh1999> ncopa: looks like you add netboot profile ! do you want me to update current pr to switch to netboot instead of standard ?
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21:49 <tmh1999> how do you hook create_image_netboot() so it can be run ?
21:59 <tmh1999> wow
21:59 <tmh1999> that's cool !
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22:57 <tmh1999> ncopa: adding 2 modules for s390x on scripts/mkimg.netboot: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4482.
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