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06:57 <azarus> hrm -- I'd like to upgrade community/minetest to fix some crashes in it, but I still have a cleanup patch pending :/
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07:36 <PureTryOut[m]> hmm, so I'd like to add Qt bindings to gpgme. However, gpgme is a package in main, where as the new qt5-qtbase-dev dependency is in community. how would I resolve this, if at all?
07:37 <_ikke_> move gpgme to community/
07:37 <_ikke_> ?
07:38 <PureTryOut[m]> would that be accepted that easily though?
07:38 <_ikke_> I don't know, but moving to community should be easier than the other way around
07:39 <_ikke_> The problem is other things depending on it
07:39 <_ikke_> required by (19)
07:40 <PureTryOut[m]> yteah
07:41 <PureTryOut[m]> yeah of which at least 3 are in main as well
07:42 <clandmeter> morning
07:42 <clandmeter> ncopa, why did you add add all those features to netboot?
07:44 <PureTryOut[m]> I guess I could move those 3 to community as well, but I don't think that will be well received
07:44 <PureTryOut[m]> I could make a new package entirely for it
07:44 <clandmeter> ncopa, and we are missing aarch64 in netboot arch?
07:48 <ncopa> initfs_features="ata base bootchart squashfs ext2 ext3 ext4 mmc network scsi usb virtio"
07:48 <ncopa> those features?
07:49 <ncopa> i copied from standard profile, removed those i though was absoulutely unneccesary
07:49 <ncopa> bootchart could probably be dropped too
07:49 <clandmeter> why do you need disk support?
07:50 <ncopa> ata, base, ext*, mmc, scsi may be needed if you have an apkovl in local media (but no kernel)
07:50 <clandmeter> i wonder if thats really used a lot.
07:50 <ncopa> so you can have local config while you update kernel via netboot
07:50 <ncopa> probably not
07:50 <clandmeter> but you increase fetch time of initramfs
07:50 <ncopa> but that was what i was thinking of when adding it
07:51 <ncopa> the usb was added so you can have usb keyboard
07:51 <ncopa> virtio may include ethernet driver?
07:51 <clandmeter> yes we need virtio
07:51 <ncopa> what do you suggest we use instead as features?
07:51 <clandmeter> im not really sure.
07:51 <clandmeter> if there is a use case for usb disk, ok lets keep it.
07:52 <clandmeter> i wonder how much the size will differ.
07:52 <ncopa> im thinking that we can remove it til someone asks for it
07:52 <clandmeter> maybe we should change our ext driver.
07:52 <clandmeter> wasnt there a catch all ext driver?
07:52 <azarus> ext4
07:52 <ncopa> ext4 is enough?
07:52 <azarus> it supports ext2,3,4 filesystems
07:52 <azarus> yes
07:53 <ncopa> ok
07:53 <clandmeter> i think its an option in kernel
07:53 <ncopa> that we can fix
07:53 <* azarus> peeks at the kernel config
07:53 <ncopa> i suggest we remove it all
07:53 <ncopa> and add when first person ask for it
07:53 <clandmeter> im not sure what the downsides will be.
07:54 <clandmeter> ncopa, right. that sounds good.
07:54 <ncopa> you cannot have apkovl config stored locally
07:54 <ncopa> thats the downside
07:54 <ncopa> but if nobody uses it, then no problem
07:54 <azarus> thr ext4 kernel driver always understands ext2 and ext4 filesystems, that option clandmeter is talking about is using the ext4 driver as default
07:54 <clandmeter> i mean regarding ext driver.
07:54 <azarus> ext2 and ext3*
07:54 <ncopa> ok
07:54 <clandmeter> if we change it, it it would break anything.
07:54 <ncopa> lets remove ext2 and ext3 then
07:55 <ncopa> i dont think it will
07:55 <clandmeter> maybe we have some part where we select a specific module by file?
07:55 <clandmeter> probably need to check features.
07:56 <ncopa> we should probably also fix the description for the netboot image
07:56 <ncopa> what about usb keyboard?
07:56 <ncopa> do we need that for netboot?
07:57 <clandmeter> i dont think so
07:57 <clandmeter> we have modloop fetched
07:57 <clandmeter> only in rescue mode
07:57 <ncopa> it would be to debug initramfs
07:57 <clandmeter> lets just add it.
07:57 <clandmeter> we should have a working env when using kernel+initramfs
08:00 <azarus> From ext4.wiki.kernel.org: "Note: The ext3 driver will be removed from the kernel in 4.3. The ext4 driver will mount ext3 volumes while maintaining ext3 disk format compatibility." ?
08:00 <azarus> Why isn't it gone already then? :P
08:13 <ncopa> it is gone
08:13 <ncopa> the ext3 is an alias
08:13 <ncopa> but can ext4 mount ext2?
08:17 <clandmeter> CONFIG_EXT4_USE_FOR_EXT2
08:18 <azarus> ncopa: yes
08:18 <azarus> "Note: The ext3 driver will be removed from the kernel in 4.3. The ext4 driver will mount ext3 volumes while maintaining ext3 disk format compatibility."
08:18 <azarus> "both ext3 (and ext2, in kernels 2.6.28 and later)"*
08:19 <clandmeter> its already removed
08:19 <azarus> cool
08:19 <clandmeter> This config option is here only for backward compatibility.
08:33 <clandmeter> ncopa, please dont forget to add aarch64 to netboot.
09:01 <ncopa> http://tpaste.us/kWo7
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09:25 <ncopa> anything else we nee to get in for the rc2?
09:26 <PureTryOut[m]> the readline package can't be installed due to a bad signature. for me locally the fix was just bumping `$pkgrel` by one, is that the proper fix?
09:28 <PureTryOut[m]> readline is in main btw, might be worth fixing before 3.8
09:38 <ncopa> is that v3.8 package?
09:38 <ncopa> which arch?
09:39 <PureTryOut[m]> amd64
09:41 <_ikke_> PureTryOut[m]: did it get reverted?
09:41 <_ikke_> that's the usual problem that causes this
09:41 <ncopa> does not look like it
09:41 <ncopa> how can i reproduce?
09:42 <ncopa> installs just fine for me
09:42 <ncopa> _ikke_: no, it was not reverted
09:43 <_ikke_> ok
09:44 <PureTryOut[m]> hmm ok I'll try again, maybe it's fixed already?
09:44 <ncopa> maybe you had local network problem?
09:46 <PureTryOut[m]> oh yeah it seems to have resolved itselve since yesterday. never mind then, ignore it 😉
09:46 <PureTryOut[m]> no everything else installed correctly
10:05 <mps> few days ago I wrote in the #alpine-linux that openssl pkcs12 from libressl ave bug, it doesn't read pkcs12 file
10:06 <mps> it should be fixed for 3.8 release
10:07 <mps> also, binutils-dev doesn't install /usr/lib/libiberty.a file
10:08 <mps> imho, that also should be fixed before release
10:09 <ncopa> mps: do you have it on bugs.a.o?
10:10 <mps> ncopa: no, should I fill one? I didn't because have no clear idea how to describe these bugs, but I could try if you think it would help
10:11 <ncopa> things that are written in irc can easily be forgotten
10:11 <mps> I know, but also thing in bugs.a.o tends to be ignored or forgotten ;)
10:12 <ncopa> sometimes i remember "there was something about blabla"
10:12 <ncopa> then i dont go search irc logs
10:12 <ncopa> but i do search PRs anb bugs
10:12 <ncopa> re openssl pkcs12
10:12 <ncopa> i currently only that something is broke
10:13 <ncopa> but i have no clue what
10:13 <ncopa> or how to reproduce it
10:13 <ncopa> or where to start look for a fix
10:13 <ncopa> so
10:13 <mps> no problem, I will fill bug reports later today when I come to my work machine
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10:13 <ncopa> thanks
10:14 <mps> and, is it ok to post bug reports url here?
10:22 <clandmeter> it should actually do that, i have no idea why it has stopped doing it.
10:24 <mps> clandmeter: yes, I remember algitboot messages but looks like it stoped to work
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10:35 <awilfox> freetype has CVE as of last month, appears to be unmitigated in edge https://sourceforge.net/projects/freetype/files/freetype2/2.9.1/ http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2018-6942
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10:47 <ncopa> awilfox: good catch. we shoudl fix this before v3.8
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11:03 <nmeum> a PR fixing this was opened a month ago https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4243
11:04 <nmeum> we could just go ahead and merge it. except for the fact that it includes a few stylistic changes it looks good to me
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11:38 <ncopa> the removal of freetype-config looks scary
11:38 <ncopa> not a good idea to do that with a security fix
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11:39 <nmeum> yeah, indeed
11:40 <nmeum> I am considering to just cherry-pick the commit fixing the CVE from the freetype repository
11:43 <nmeum> https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/freetype/freetype2.git/commit/?id=29c759284e305ec428703c9a5831d0b1fc3497ef
11:44 <nmeum> though it seems that they fixed a few other bugs in the 2.9.1 release as well but these weren't assigned a cve number so they are probably not as critical
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11:50 <nmeum> ncopa: http://tpaste.us/O4jZ are you ok with using this patch instead of the PR for now?
11:50 <nmeum> oops. I actually made a mistake
11:53 <nmeum> accidentally generated a git-format patch for the wrong commit. This should be the proper fix: http://tpaste.us/w7O9
11:57 <nmeum> I will go get some lunch, unless they are any objection when I return I will just assume lazy consent and commits this as is
12:05 <ncopa> i think we can upgrade and may be do some random tests and see if something breaks
12:05 <ncopa> i assume most things will work
12:08 <clandmeter> ncopa, i guess 3.8 is close?
12:09 <clandmeter> ill add it to pkgs already
12:09 <ncopa> yes 3.8 is close
12:09 <ncopa> i am hoping to get rc2 out today
12:09 <clandmeter> im sure i will forget if i dont do it now.
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12:23 <ncopa> whats the status of rpi kernel?
12:23 <ncopa> maybe we just push it and hope it works?
12:27 <clandmeter> idk, i tried it and it didnt.
12:27 <clandmeter> i think the release script also need modification
12:27 <clandmeter> for the bootloader.
12:28 <clandmeter> not sure if anybody wants to debug the kernel. i can provide it.
12:41 <nmeum> ncopa: is there any reason against just pushing the CVE fix for now instead of doing the upgrade? we could just do the freetype upgrade as soon as 3.8 is released
12:42 <ncopa> will make it more difficult to upgrade to a future 2.9.2 security upgrade
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12:46 <andypost> any idea why s390 package was not updatedhttps://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/testing/s390x/php7-protobuf
12:47 <andypost> but logs shows 3 days ago it was build fine http://build.alpinelinux.org/buildlogs/build-edge-s390x/testing/php7-protobuf/
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12:57 <ncopa> s390x builder didnt complete the edge/testing repo
13:12 <tmh1999> yeah I ignored testing for now ... sorry
13:14 <tmh1999> <ncopa> anything else we nee to get in for the rc2?
13:14 <tmh1999> https://github.com/alpinelinux/alpine-conf/pull/16
13:14 <tmh1999> https://github.com/alpinelinux/alpine-conf/pull/14
13:15 <tmh1999> ncopa: you approved 16 already
13:33 <tmh1999> *14
13:41 <ncopa> [ -n "$KOPT_ssh_key" ] && need sshd
13:41 <ncopa> [ -n "$KOPT_ssh_pass" ] && use sshd
13:41 <ncopa> tmh1999: the firstboot script. why is there difference on ssh_key and ssh_pass?
13:42 <tmh1999> because 'need sshd' on ssh_pass will have cyclic deps
13:42 <tmh1999> when you restarting
13:42 <tmh1999> restarting firstboot
13:44 <tmh1999> no. I rephrase. when inside firstboot, and you start/restart sshd, which you currently need it, it will have cyclic deps.
13:49 <ncopa> starting services from an init.d script is a bad idea i think
13:52 <clandmeter> this was also my concern
13:52 <clandmeter> but at the time i didnt know any other solution.
13:53 <tmh1999> but is there any other way ?
13:53 <clandmeter> dont use password :)
13:53 <ncopa> there is always other ways :)
13:53 <clandmeter> ncopa, thats why we have you.
13:53 <ncopa> so
13:53 <ncopa> lol
13:53 <tmh1999> I'm listening :P
13:54 <ncopa> so the reason for the firstboot script in the firstplace was to add support to fetch ssh keys from https
13:54 <ncopa> because then you could have busybox wget with https support
13:55 <ncopa> and we didnt want add openssl binary to initramfs
13:55 <ncopa> right?
13:55 <clandmeter> my idea was to keep as much logic out of initramfs if possible.
13:56 <tmh1999> right. also wget is actually added during/inside initramfs-init.
13:56 <clandmeter> if it happens after init, keep it out.
13:56 <clandmeter> but that was my logic :)
13:56 <ncopa> but we cannot remove all logic from initramfs
13:56 <clandmeter> thats not what i said.
13:56 <ncopa> we still need to parse cmdline to figure out if we should install openssh
13:57 <ncopa> we could at the same time make sure that sshd service starts
13:57 <clandmeter> we dont need wget in initramfs afaik.
13:57 <clandmeter> only when we fetch ovl
13:58 <ncopa> right, we dont need wget to make sure openssh is installed
13:58 <ncopa> and make sure it starts
13:58 <clandmeter> if we fetch things after init we need it on newroot
13:59 <ncopa> this is to fix the problem with starting sshd from firstboot script
13:59 <clandmeter> starting is not the issue
14:00 <clandmeter> start it with modified config
14:00 <ncopa> aha
14:00 <clandmeter> thats why i suggested to modify sshd initd.
14:00 <ncopa> to allow root login with password
14:00 <clandmeter> exactly
14:00 <tmh1999> :D
14:01 <clandmeter> and it needs to be disabled again after reboot.
14:01 <clandmeter> for sane reasons.
14:01 <tmh1999> right
14:01 <ncopa> yeah...
14:01 <ncopa> hum
14:01 <ncopa> password is causing problems on many levels here
14:02 <clandmeter> if we can skip password login, life would be easier and more safe :)
14:03 <ncopa> i was initially thinking of moving the logic back to initramfs
14:03 <ncopa> but it does not solve the problem with removing the password login
14:03 <ncopa> and
14:04 <ncopa> are we sure we want remove the password login after first boot?
14:04 <ncopa> what happens if sysadmin forgets to add the ssh key before reboot?
14:04 <clandmeter> he netboots again :)
14:05 <ncopa> i would like to drop support for passwords
14:05 <ncopa> that would make things alot simpler
14:05 <ncopa> tmh1999: would that be an acceptable solution?
14:06 <clandmeter> i tried to talk tmh1999 out of it.
14:06 <clandmeter> i was not successful :)
14:06 <tmh1999> ncopa: afaik other s390x installer do have password in their installer.
14:06 <tmh1999> but if it's a strong no then I'm with you
14:06 <tmh1999> *other distros
14:07 <clandmeter> if other distros are the reason, i would suggest to drop it.
14:07 <ncopa> the thing is that ed25519 pubkeys are short enough to substitute password
14:07 <tmh1999> yeah all I'm trying to do is to match what other distros do in terms of capabilities
14:07 <tmh1999> yeah I will mention that in the wiki page then
14:08 <clandmeter> ncopa, that reminds me. you nack my fallback to https repo if no apk repo is found.
14:09 <ncopa> url?
14:09 <clandmeter> check history 4 weeks ago :|
14:09 <tmh1999> :P
14:09 <ncopa> ha :)
14:09 <clandmeter> i dont remember when it was
14:09 <clandmeter> i think it was per pm
14:10 <clandmeter> i need history search in this irc client.
14:10 <ncopa> tmh1999: i think the other option would be to enable ssh_pass from initramfs and simply not change config back
14:10 <clandmeter> maybe i have it in my local repo
14:10 <ncopa> which is strongly not recommended
14:10 <ncopa> and sysadmins will forget to change it back manually
14:11 <tmh1999> ncopa: okay. ssh_pass is not welcomed in initramfs nor firstboot then we drop it then.
14:11 <ncopa> so if we support ssh_pass it will be not recommended
14:11 <ncopa> so i think its better to not add the not recommended option in the first place
14:11 <ncopa> and try make it as easy as possible to do it right
14:12 <tmh1999> I don't have a religion on this, just want to find a way that work out for both Alpine and s390x people.
14:12 <tmh1999> okay
14:12 <ncopa> who knows, maybe s390x people will appreciate that we support ssh keys while other distros doesnt
14:13 <tmh1999> I will mention the ed25519 keys are short enough
14:13 <tmh1999> yeah hopefully :D
14:13 <ncopa> if lack of ssh_pass will be a problem, we can add it later
14:13 <tmh1999> agreed
14:14 <ncopa> the second issue was fetch key from https
14:14 <ncopa> with the fixed busybox wget, adding https support is not that big deal in initramfs
14:14 <ncopa> just add ssl_client
14:14 <ncopa> which is relatively small
14:15 <ncopa> so its not unreasonable to add https support to initramfs
14:15 <ncopa> but i think we can do even better
14:15 <clandmeter> ncopa, http://tpaste.us/nqlM
14:16 <clandmeter> if we skip the password setup, i think the firstboot is pretty ok.
14:17 <ncopa> what if we check if ssh_key is an url and if it is not, then create /sysroot/root/.ssh/authorized_keys
14:17 <ncopa> eg if you have the key pasted there
14:17 <ncopa> then from sshd init.d service it self we can again parse cmdline and check ssh_key
14:18 <ncopa> if it is https:// the wget it from there
14:18 <clandmeter> from sshd init?
14:18 <ncopa> if it https:// and /root/.ssh/authrized_keys not already exist
14:18 <ncopa> yes
14:18 <clandmeter> i liked ther idea of firstboot. its more clear imho.
14:19 <clandmeter> but im not against sshd init.
14:20 <tmh1999> it's already done in firstboot
14:20 <tmh1999> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/openrc/firstboot.initd#n34
14:21 <ncopa> heh
14:21 <ncopa> another interesting side-effect
14:21 <ncopa> side-effect with parsing ssh_key and fetch from sshd init.d script
14:22 <ncopa> is that if you set up lxc host with boot option ssh_key=...
14:22 <ncopa> then will the lxc-create -t alpine ... && lxc-start -n ....
14:22 <ncopa> also fetch the ssh key from the lxc host
14:23 <ncopa> i dont know if that is wanted
14:23 <ncopa> but thats an interesting side effect
14:23 <clandmeter> heh
14:23 <mitchty> ncopa: thanks for merging ghc/cabal updates, I'll update ghc to 8.4.3 later
14:23 <ncopa> mitchy: i think i already upgraded it
14:23 <ncopa> at the same time
14:24 <ncopa> to save compile time at the builder
14:25 <mitchty> ah ok, any chance you could snag idris too? https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4469 it only failed due to ghc 8.0.2 being in travis at the time
14:27 <clandmeter> ncopa, if we remove password login we should probably also remove insecure url support in firstboot key fetching.
14:29 <ncopa> yes, only support https
14:29 <ncopa> mitchy: it fails: http://tpaste.us/8xaR
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14:34 <tmh1999> to sum up, 1. drop ssh_pass in firstboot and initramfs-init 2. drop http/ftp fetching
14:34 <tmh1999> we still need to remove firstboot in setup-disk.in though. that'd be 3.
14:35 <clandmeter> whats wrong to remove firstboot in setup-disk?
14:36 <tmh1999> idk ncopa is still thinking about it. https://github.com/alpinelinux/alpine-conf/pull/16
14:37 <mitchty> ncopa: gah, i hate restrictive base library bounds
14:39 <ncopa> clandmeter: not every setup uses setup-disk?
14:39 <mitchty> ncopa: back it out if you like, I'll find the --constraints necessary to force it to build sanely
14:39 <ncopa> mitchy: great. thanks!
14:39 <clandmeter> but it only affects setup-disk users?
14:40 <clandmeter> setup-alpine will install current system to disk including the firstboot runlevel.
14:40 <ncopa> and diskless users?
14:41 <ncopa> will still run firstboot right?
14:41 <ncopa> lbu commit and reboot
14:41 <ncopa> and it will run again?
14:41 <clandmeter> depends on boot ops
14:41 <clandmeter> maybe also add it to initd yes
14:42 <ncopa> i think its better to do it from firstboot itself
14:42 <ncopa> only remove it if it was actually run
14:42 <clandmeter> firstboot knows which disk you install?
14:43 <ncopa> no, thats the point. it does not need to
14:43 <clandmeter> ah you mean remove before stup-disk
14:43 <ncopa> yes
14:43 <clandmeter> i was thinking of initd stop
14:43 <clandmeter> :)
14:43 <ncopa> first thing firstboot does is remove it from runlevels
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14:44 <clandmeter> +1
14:44 <ncopa> or at end of doing its job successfully if that is what we want
14:44 <ncopa> then setup-disk does not need to care bout firstboot
14:44 <ncopa> and if we remove or rename it we dont need search for a bunch of other scripts and adjust
14:44 <ncopa> and make sure version nhumbers matches etc
14:45 <tmh1999> yeah that's what I mentioned. don't know if you like it though.
14:48 <tmh1999> I mean, mentioned in github conversation.
14:48 <ncopa> do we do anything with ssh_key in initramfs now?
14:49 <ncopa> i think we do
14:49 <ncopa> i think we should make sshd start from initramfs if ssh_key is set
14:49 <ncopa> and remove the depend in firstboot
14:50 <ncopa> something like this: http://tpaste.us/rZpE
14:51 <ncopa> tmh1999: i prefer rm /etc/runlevels/*/firstboot over rc-status del ...
14:51 <tmh1999> noted
14:51 <ncopa> incase firstboot starts from other runlevel
14:51 <ncopa> then we dont need change 2 plaes
14:51 <ncopa> places
14:52 <tmh1999> +1
14:52 <tmh1999> while/if you move the starting of sshd to initramfs, please also drop ssh_pass too, in 1 commit.
14:55 <clandmeter> isnt SVCNAME depricated?
14:55 <mitchty> doh, ghc-boot-th from 8.4.2 got in the cabal.config,
14:55 <mitchty> so should be pretty easy to get idris up with 8.4.3
14:56 <ncopa> clandmeter: probably, but you get the point
14:59 <ncopa> i suppose we also remove the need_wget logic?
15:00 <clandmeter> is ssl_helper a seperate pkg?
15:00 <ncopa> yes
15:01 <clandmeter> you pull it how?
15:01 <ncopa> install_if
15:01 <ncopa> if libssl is installed and busybox
15:01 <ncopa> apk depends on libssl
15:01 <ncopa> so ssl_client should be almost always installed
15:01 <clandmeter> ok then remove it.
15:02 <clandmeter> but if you want to fetch ovl you need it in initramfs.
15:02 <clandmeter> maybe add it as a feature.
15:02 <ncopa> hum
15:05 <ncopa> we could add it to the network feature
15:05 <clandmeter> it will make network bigger and most dont need it.
15:05 <clandmeter> err initramfs bigger.
15:05 <ncopa> its 10k
15:06 <clandmeter> ah apk alraedy needs ssl
15:06 <clandmeter> ok just add it
15:09 <ncopa> http://tpaste.us/6Ddz
15:09 <ncopa> i'll test that it does not break the other stuff in a bit
15:15 <tmh1999> im testing
15:16 <tmh1999> also backport from alpine-conf: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4061
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16:27 <mickibm> hi alpine-dev, has anyone PXE booted alpine? curious what your kernel boot args were
16:29 <tmh1999> mickibm: alpine_repo=, ssh_key=, ip= and modloop=
16:29 <tmh1999> check out http://boot.alpinelinux.org/
16:30 <mickibm> thank you, no ppc64le on that page :)
16:30 <tmh1999> leitao and rdutra may answer your questions related to ppc64le
16:31 <strfry> is there a particular reason why there isn't a armhf kernel/initramfs on boot.alpinelinux.org?
16:31 <tmh1999> because core dev doesn't have time nor hardware to test. you're welcome to contribute.
16:34 <strfry> besides there being no pxe-like binary, it would stillbe handy to me, to have a virtio_net enabled initramfs for armhf accessible somewhere public
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16:36 <strfry> how can i contribute in this direction? i've manually built a initrd with network enabled, and can confirm that it works with qemu-system-armhf
16:36 <ncopa> mickibm: i am working on netboot releases for v3.8. i can add ppc64le if you want
16:36 <ncopa> mickibm: would be great if you can help us test on ppc64le
16:37 <mickibm> no problem
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16:39 <mickibm> please add ppc64le, i can talk with leitao too... http://openpower.ic.unicamp.br/minicloud/
16:39 <mickibm> ^public ppc64le boxes
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16:46 <ncopa> strfry: should be easy to add armhf support too. will do so
16:46 <ncopa> for rc2
16:48 <mickibm> would you like me to create a tracker bug for pxe support in ppc64le on bugs.alpinelinux?
16:51 <mickibm> @ncopa: a feature request rather?
16:55 <ncopa> should not be necessary, but maybe ping me in a hour to check that i havent forgotten
16:55 <mickibm> will do, thnx
16:57 <ncopa> i just did the commit so it will not be forgotten
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16:59 <strfry> ncopa: thanks, that would be cool :)
16:59 <ncopa> rdutra: i think py-setuptools-git is broken due to no git config is set on builders
17:00 <ncopa> it might be that you can set EMAIL env var
17:00 <ncopa> a8e435bd8c2800971f8b46a530b006ca2e2c2cf8
17:01 <ncopa> http://dup.pw/aports/a8e435bd8c2800971f8b46a530b006ca2e2c2cf8
17:01 <ncopa> oh he is not here
17:11 <ncopa> hum
17:12 <ncopa> ssh_key only works with netboot atm
17:13 <ncopa> because it does not start network
17:13 <ncopa> i wonder if we should set up dhcp by default too
17:14 <ncopa> then you can add ssh_key=https://github.com/ncopa.keys as boot option and will be all good to go
17:14 <ncopa> * Starting firstboot ...
17:14 <ncopa> * Fetching ssh keys
17:14 <ncopa> wget: bad address 'github.com'
17:14 <ncopa> chmod: /root/.ssh/authorized_keys: No such file or directory [ !! ]
17:14 <ncopa> * ERROR: firstboot failed to start
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17:17 <clandmeter> welcome to the matrix.
17:22 <mickibm> it would be nice if ppc64le was on http://boot.alpinelinux.org/images/edge/ ... would it be possible for someone to loop mount an iso soon? or just what until 3.8?
17:23 <ncopa> mickibm: boot.alpinelinux.org is a parallel effort. we are working on merging it with the release process
17:23 <mickibm> sweet- thatd be awesome. thank you
17:28 <mickibm> heyyy thanks for looking at that PR in mkinitfs :)
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17:42 <tmh1999> ncopa: beside netboot, what is the use of ssh_key for ?
17:42 <tmh1999> setup dhcp by default is kind of strong assumption
17:43 <tmh1999> I mean, when you add ssh_key, you should also net/network
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17:54 <mitchty> ncopa fixed the idris shenanigans sorry for the failure
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18:25 <ncopa> tmh1999: the idea was: boot standard alpine, add ssh_key=https:// and at the end of the boot you have ssh and netowrk running
18:26 <ncopa> sshd will start but network is not configured
18:26 <ncopa> and net work cannot be configured in initramfs unless all the network drivers are there
18:26 <ncopa> which takes alot of space
18:27 <ncopa> so for now ssh_key only works with netboot
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19:29 <mps> ncopa: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/8991 as promised today
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19:36 <mps> ncopa: another one: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/8992
19:36 <ncopa> ah! great! I had already forgot about it. thanks!
19:37 <mps> I'm new algitbot ;)
19:39 <mps> if I know how to change subpackage in APKBUILD I would try to fix that bug in binutils-dev but looking to the subpackage section I didn't managed to understand it
19:40 <ncopa> i think i broke binutils
19:41 <ncopa> http://dup.pw/aports/b870dd8c4e66b1bb39542a6c6fd2c8e85f5101fe
19:42 <mps> I see line 'rm -f "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/libiberty.a' in APKBUILD. Is that the problem
19:49 <mps> looks like not, tried to rebuild binutils with this line removed but libiberty.a is not put in pkg/binutils-dev/usr/lib/
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20:52 <ncopa> rc1 is out
20:52 <ncopa> rc2 is out
20:53 Topic for
20:53 Topic for
20:54 <ncopa> netboot images are built for all arches
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21:44 <clandmeter> ncopa: nice
21:44 <clandmeter> i wonder how i could select the latest stable netboot images?
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22:29 <tmh1999> aww sorry my ISP was out of services. testing the new rc2 now.
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22:54 <tmh1999> \o/ everything working perfect
22:54 <algitbot> \o/
22:56 <market_zero> Hey ncopa I am trying to enable armada support for arm. I built libdrm with a few tweaks and it packaged fine. However, when I go to build mesa the binaries build, but for some reason the .so files are not wrapping up into a apk.
22:58 <market_zero> once I get this going I'll push this up into the alpine aports repos.
22:59 <mksully221> When installing alpine in a kvm guest on ppc64le the grub.cfg is incorrect after install and the subsequent reboot will fail. The grub.cfg created during install has a boot stanza which contains "/boot/vmlinuz". However the linux-vanilla apk that is
22:59 <mksully221> installed creates /boot/vmlinuz-vanilla. The mismatch appears to be in the alpine-conf-3.8.0_rc1 setup-disk.in script. That script on line 309 contains:
22:59 <mksully221> # setup GRUB config
22:59 <mksully221> local kernel
22:59 <mksully221> case $KERNEL_FLAVOR in
22:59 <mksully221> vanilla) kernel=vmlinuz ;;
22:59 <mksully221> *) kernel=vmlinuz-$KERNEL_FLAVOR ;;
22:59 <mksully221> esac
22:59 <mksully221> Since the linux-vanilla apk really installs /boot/vmlinuz-vanilla shouldn't this just instead be:
22:59 <mksully221> # setup GRUB config
22:59 <mksully221> local kernel=vmlinuz-$KERNEL_FLAVOR
23:06 <market_zero> does anyone know why a abuild -r would make the binaries but not package?
23:12 <tmh1999> mksully221: it happens on x86_64 too. it seems the kernel check was not updated. please send a patch.
23:12 <tmh1999> market_zero: how do you mean by make the binaries but not the package ?
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23:19 <market_zero> top_level/pkg/{.control.mesa-dev,mesa,mesa-dev,mesa-dri-ati} has been created but no *.apk
23:21 <market_zero> have*
23:22 <market_zero> Another note: I built libdrm package with etnaviv and then installed it on my local machine since mesa depends on it.
23:23 <tmh1999> seems like the build failed
23:24 <tmh1999> prob during/after package() in APKBUILD
23:29 <zNVxxliww5gP> market_zero: and where did you look for the *.apk package? did you look under ~/packages ?
23:30 <market_zero> correction: all the .so's are within the /pkg/{mesa,mesa-dev,mesa-dir-ati}/usr/lib/... and so on. So I have a bunch of compiled shared objects but no apk. Another thing I noticed after running `abuild clean` `abuild cleanoldpkg` abuild cleancache` make still enters directories saying there is nothing to be done, meaning it has already created the objects from a previous build
23:30 <market_zero> yes I looked in ~/packages nothing
23:31 <zNVxxliww5gP> abuild -r should delete the pkg/ dir after creating the package, so it looks something failed
23:32 <market_zero> I piped everything to a log file looking for the error messages that are defined in the `/usr/bin/abuild` script, still no error reported
23:34 <market_zero> according to the wiki the `clean_up()` function happens last in abuild but I am not sure where to look for this error.
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