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06:23 <mepholic> simple tiling window managers are where it's at
06:23 <mepholic> imo
06:23 <mepholic> floating windows are such a pain in the ass
06:30 <azarus> agreed
06:30 <azarus> I used to be a i3 user, but I've switched to dwm for good half a year ago or so
06:32 <awilfox> < lame plasma 5 user
06:33 <awilfox> hilariously, I was in to tiling when I was a Mac user... there was this tool called Divvy that turned OS X's Aqua into a tiling wm
06:33 <awilfox> when I went back to "real" unix, I gave up on tiling and went back to floating
06:33 <azarus> oh yup, was too, long time ago, but it practically fried my laptop 100% of the time I was using it (plasma 5, that is)
06:57 <clandmeter> anybody has an rpi1,2,3?
06:57 <clandmeter> please test current v3.8.0_rc3
06:58 <clandmeter> ncopa, there should also be an aarch64 build now.
07:02 <ncopa> clandmeter: there were a bunch of rpi efforts from pmOS ppl which i missed
07:03 <clandmeter> Yes there were some prs
07:03 <clandmeter> Not sure it were so many
07:03 <ncopa> http://lists.alpinelinux.org/alpine-devel/6194.html
07:03 <clandmeter> There is also a aarch64 kernel build
07:03 <awilfox> I have a rpi1 with an alpine chroot laying around somewhere but I wasn't having issues (it was using 4.14 anyway)
07:03 <ncopa> i saw
07:04 <clandmeter> Maybe we should add it to the script
07:04 <ncopa> aha
07:04 <ncopa> the release script
07:04 <clandmeter> Didn't have time yesterday
07:04 <clandmeter> Sorry
07:04 <ncopa> i forgot it
07:05 <ncopa> awilfox: we updated to rpi 4.14 kernel yesterday. can you help us test it?
07:05 <awilfox> can try to tomorrow, if I can find the silly custom power lead... it doesn't like running off usb port
07:06 <clandmeter> Rpi3 supports netboot
07:06 <awilfox> I only have a rpi1
07:06 <ncopa> clandmeter: it looks like the netboot symlink didnt get rsynced
07:08 <clandmeter> synced?
07:08 <clandmeter> i dont see it on master.
07:09 <ncopa> exactly
07:11 <ncopa> it was never copied to dl-master. i dont know why
07:12 <ncopa> we also have another challenge with the release iso
07:12 <ncopa> how the packages to be included are calculated
07:12 <ncopa> does not take install_if into account
07:13 <ncopa> which means that *-openrc are not included on the iso
07:13 <clandmeter> hmm that sounds tricky
07:13 <ncopa> yes
07:13 <ncopa> i havent checked but i assume it also excludes ssl_client for same reason
07:14 <clandmeter> ssl_client is only included in netboot?
07:14 <clandmeter> in initramfs
07:14 <ncopa> netboot does not ship any *.apk
07:14 <clandmeter> i know, its a diff question.
07:15 <clandmeter> i wonder if we should just have it in initramfs per default.
07:15 <ncopa> yes: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/mkinitfs/commit/?id=33865428099cf29934d02342f008e440b69b74c2
07:16 <clandmeter> you currently calculate iso deps with some script?
07:16 <ncopa> yes
07:17 <ncopa> $(apk fetch --root "$APKROOT" --simulate --recursive $apks | sort | checksum)
07:17 <clandmeter> 10k to always have https support in initramfs would be a no brainer for me.
07:17 <ncopa> sorry
07:18 <ncopa> apk fetch --root "$APKROOT" --link --recursive --output "$_archdir" $apks
07:18 <clandmeter> so apk doesnt remember whats fetched?
07:19 <ncopa> it does not need to
07:19 <ncopa> it clears the tmpdir when its doen
07:19 <ncopa> done*
07:19 <clandmeter> i mean it needs to know whats installed to trigger install_if
07:19 <clandmeter> apk fetch does not have that logic.
07:20 <ncopa> apk fetch --recursive does not take install_if into account. correct
07:20 <clandmeter> what if you do a install dry run and get a list?
07:20 <ncopa> which we then feed to apk fetch?
07:20 <ncopa> yes
07:21 <ncopa> but its hackish
07:21 <clandmeter> it is
07:21 <clandmeter> should be fixed in apk i guess.
07:21 <ncopa> well
07:21 <ncopa> i think current behavior makes sense sort of
07:21 <ncopa> install_if takes into account if something already is installed
07:22 <ncopa> apk fetch does not care about what is installed
07:22 <clandmeter> from user perspective is somewhat broken as it doesnt do whats expected.
07:22 <ncopa> yes
07:23 <ncopa> i suspect apk needs a refactor to do it thought
07:23 <ncopa> so we may need to go for the hackish solution for now
07:26 <awilfox> https://code.foxkit.us/adelie/image/blob/master/adelie-build-cd#L213
07:26 <awilfox> that is exactly what we do :)
07:29 <ncopa> awilfox: so you install all the packages into squashroot
07:30 <ncopa> clandmeter: i guess a --print-names option for apk add
07:30 <ncopa> apk add --root $emptydir --simulate --quiet --print-names $apks | xargs apk fetch ...
07:32 <clandmeter> sounds good. i think we can use print-names in more applets so its easier to script.
07:34 <ncopa> hum
07:34 <ncopa> looksl ike apk fetch should be able to handle install_if
07:35 <ncopa> it goes via resolver
07:36 <clandmeter> ollieparanoid[m], ping
08:04 <clandmeter> ncopa, so its a kind of bug or still a feature?
08:04 <ncopa> im investigating it
08:05 <ncopa> $ ./src/apk fetch --simulate --recursive apk-tools busybox 2>&1| tpaste
08:05 <ncopa> http://tpaste.us/YvkQ
08:05 <ncopa> it looks like it is considering ssl_client
08:07 <ncopa> cleaner output, without the local versions of the packages http://tpaste.us/5Y8j
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08:32 <clandmeter> ncopa, ?
08:32 <clandmeter> is that the correct paste?
08:34 <ncopa> the last paste yes
08:34 <ncopa> it shows that solver considers ssl_client
08:34 <ncopa> but i dont know why it does not include it in the fetch
08:56 <ncopa> i know why it doesnt include it now
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10:53 <ncopa> i have a fix for apk fetch
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12:13 <ncopa> i'd like to push openjdk7 fix, but im afraid it will block the builders for a rc4
12:26 <ncopa> i pushed openjdk7 so i guess the armhf builder will be busy til tomorrow now
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17:30 <strfry> are there any ideas or tricks to deal with the huge dependencies to linux-firmware from the kernel packages?
17:30 <strfry> i'm trying to make a minimized raspberrypi image, and i currently build a slightly modified linux-rpi package with no dependency to linux-firmware
17:31 <strfry> but that breaks with every new kernel releases packaged
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19:05 <ncopa> strfry: do you know which firwmare is needed for rpi?
19:06 <ncopa> can impossible need all of it
19:06 <strfry> ncopa: most ones doesn't make much sense, like -amdgpu ;)
19:07 <strfry> parts of linux-firmware-brcm are required for wifi on rpi3
19:07 <strfry> didn't stumble over anything else yet
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20:01 <strfry> ncopa: actually, the wifi firmware is pulled in explicitly by the linux-firmware APKBUILD, outside of the prepared firmware tarball
20:02 <strfry> so it might actually make more sense to make a single package for that, and make linux-rpi not depend on linux-firmware...
20:05 <strfry> that would at least alleviate the problem on the rpi. while on other systems, drawing in hundreds of MB in firmware is still a nuisance, IMHO ;)
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21:18 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Test]: testing mqtt2: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9013
21:20 <_ikke_> hey, that has been a while
21:21 <clandmeter> yes the msg.a.o host was set incorrectly on bugs.
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23:47 <marketzero> @kaniini @mepholic: you guys were right, I was one step away. Thank you
23:47 <mepholic> i helped with something!?
23:48 <marketzero> oh yeah, I manually moved the binaries over and it worked!
23:48 <marketzero> +1 , I really appreciate the help
23:50 <marketzero> You helped get xf86-video-armada working on Alpine Linux. Thank you so much. This will go upstream very soon.
23:50 <marketzero> for armhf
23:50 <mepholic> oh neat, good work marketzero :)
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