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00:11 <Shiz> aight
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03:38 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Linux]: IPv6 addresses on VLAN interfaces: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9018
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06:25 <tya99> i wasn't sure if i should up the priority of bug #9018 - to me IPv6 address assignment on VLAN interfaces being broken seems fairly critical
06:25 <algitbot> Bug #9018: IPv6 addresses on VLAN interfaces - Alpine Linux - Alpine Linux Development: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9018
06:26 <tya99> particularly for a distribution which is often used on routers
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06:32 <tya99> the other thing we seem to have quite an old version of ifupdown https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/main/armhf/ifupdown
06:32 <tya99> https://salsa.debian.org/debian/ifupdown/blob/master/debian/changelog
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09:29 <mps> ncopa: btw, did you looked at the pkcs12 bug, https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/8991
09:31 <mps> IMO, it would be serious bug to release 3.8 if such important (security related) command does not work
09:34 <mps> do the Alpine uses portable version of the libressl, I'm ready to look at source to find what could be a problem with pkcs12
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09:38 <zava> heyhey
09:49 <ncopa> mps: i didnt look at it yet
09:50 <mps> I'm looking at the source but don't understand it's cli parameters parsing.
09:52 <mps> huh, I will try to find bug. Are there libressl IRC channel, maybe I should ask there
10:08 <zava> the mountainpeople still sleep
10:20 <clandmeter> mps, i just tried but i can read p12 fine.
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10:24 <mps> clandmeter: what is your hversion of the libressl. mine is libressl-2.7.4
10:30 <clandmeter> mps, shouldnt you use an applet like -info?
10:30 <mps> I can read with p12 (pkcs12) with stable version (AL 3.7) libressl-2.6.4-r2, but not on edge
10:31 <clandmeter> http://tpaste.us/8xq8
10:32 <mps> clandmeter: I know, but what version do you use
10:32 <clandmeter> edge
10:32 <mps> libressl-2.7.4 ?
10:33 <clandmeter> LibreSSL 2.7.4
10:35 <mps> huh, strange. Same pkcs12 file can be read with stable (3.7, libressl-2.6.4) but the same file can't read with libressl-2.7.4 on edge
10:40 <clandmeter> mps, i used the one provided by https://itv.mit-xperts.com/clientssl/issue/dload/index.php?id=1571753451
10:40 <mps> ncopa: clandmeter: looks like it started to work, for totally inapprehensible reason for me.
10:41 <mps> there must be ghosts in my computer
10:41 <mps> or the shell is problematic, I will investigate what was the culprit
10:42 <mps> maybe some NLS character, but not sure
10:44 <mps> but, it works. I will close the bug report. Sorry for wasting yours time
11:27 <ncopa> np
11:31 Topic for
11:46 <mps> ncopa: clandmeter: found a reason for pkcs12 behaviour, somehow I entered '–' (226 decimal) for -in parameter instead of '-' (45 decimal).
11:46 <clandmeter> ncopa, what are the changes?
11:46 <clandmeter> mps, ah, nice you foudn the issue.
11:47 <mps> yes, invalid - character
11:47 <azarus> ncopa: new bluez 5.50 depends on ell (https://01.org/ell), should I send an aport to add it to main/ ?
11:48 <mps> it could be that I 'copy/pasted' it from somewhere and countinued using it from shell history
11:49 <mps> looks like I cannot close bug report, probably because I'm not developer?
11:53 <mps> someone who is allowed, please close https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/8991
11:55 <clandmeter> closed 4 minutes ago...
12:17 <ncopa> clandmeter: the changes in rc5 is linux-firmware
12:17 <ncopa> you can apk add linux-firmware-something
12:17 <ncopa> and save space
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13:44 <azarus> ncopa: nice!
13:45 <azarus> been waiting for this :D
13:53 <tmh1999> Hi, would you mind explaining a little bit about new linux-firmware change? Removing linux-vanilla and adding it again will still pull all linux-firmware-*
13:54 <azarus> tmh1999: try adding linux-firmware-none first
13:55 <tmh1999> if that's the case, scripts where adding linux-vanilla and bootloader will still pull in linux-firmware-* by default ?
13:55 <tmh1999> and we may need to add linux-firmware-none along with linux-vanilla
13:55 <azarus> yes, and I think that is a sane default
13:55 <tmh1999> ncopa, do you want this ? ^
13:55 <azarus> people usually don't know which firmware they need
13:55 <tmh1999> thanks azarus
13:56 <azarus> tmh1999: did it work? nice
13:56 <azarus> i actually haven't tried it myself ;P
13:56 <tmh1999> lol I trusted you, trying ...
13:56 <azarus> hehehe
13:56 <tmh1999> okay that seems working o/
14:03 <mps> problem could be net/wifi card firmware, other could be added if the machine boot and have network
14:05 <mps> so, it would be wise to have some spare medium (usbdisk, sdcard …) with firmware file (possibly all) to copy to /lib/firmware
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14:37 <clandmeter> ncopa, can you check if this is ok? http://tpaste.us/VR61
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14:53 <ncopa> is the second hunk necessary?
14:53 <ncopa> i dont think you can have different descriptions for differente arches
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14:54 <clandmeter> i dunnop
14:54 <clandmeter> i only generated the aarch64 rpi profile image.
14:55 <clandmeter> thats why i send you the patch, the scripts are bit difficult to read.
14:56 <clandmeter> i wonder what to do with rpi kernel firmwares.
14:57 <clandmeter> we currently depend on kernel.org firmware brcm but thats not enough.
15:01 <tmh1999> ncopa: on the other topic, I managed to create the iso image for s390x, but it's kind of ugly... Will submit a pr later today.
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15:20 <tmh1999> clandmeter: I'm facing : ERROR: DHCP requested but not present in initrd when using ip=dhcp for kernel parm. It seems relate to busybox-initscripts. What should I do ?
15:20 <tmh1999> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/mkinitfs/tree/initramfs-init.in#n204
15:21 <tmh1999> missing 'net' in initramfs ?
15:22 <tmh1999> 'nework'
15:22 <tmh1999> 'network'
15:23 <tmh1999> yes, bingo. PEBKAC.
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15:41 <* clandmeter> slaps tmh1999 with a keyboard
15:41 <tmh1999> :P
15:41 <clandmeter> next time its the chair ;-)
15:42 <_ikke_> lol
15:42 <tmh1999> I might just take your chair, needing one atm haha
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15:54 <azarus> why is /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7265-13.ucode in linux-firmware-other and not in linux-firmware-iwlwifi?
15:57 <clandmeter> ncopa, i have this change for linux firmware: http://tpaste.us/m5kJ
15:58 <azarus> clandmeter: could you rebase that?
15:59 <azarus> check: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/commit/?id=98758e675c63be3cc2c1a6fb010118c8a2b4a9a0
16:34 <mickibm> @ncopa: debug_init is not working on power8 or P9 machines. i have still not successfully netbooted a alpine kernel on ppc64le and without debug_init, totally "blind"
16:36 <mickibm> gonna ping breno
16:40 <tmh1999> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/mkinitfs/tree/initramfs-init.in#n277
16:42 <tmh1999> back in the day I didn't know it, I put set -x in initramfs-init, rebuild mkinitfs.apk myself and install it, so I can see initramfs log ...
16:43 <tmh1999> *didn't know debug_init
16:46 <mickibm> thank you - i havent built an apk yet but looks like today might be the day. now what if i extracted initramfs - put in an init with set -x and then cpio'd it back up?
16:46 <mickibm> does it have to be in the mkinitfs.apk?
16:48 <tmh1999> mickibm : https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/mkinitfs/tree/mkinitfs.in#n152
16:48 <tmh1999> so this comes from me (aka hacky), extract your initramfs, edit your init, and use above link to cpio'd it back
16:50 <tmh1999> I'd recommend you check why debug_init (console output from KVM?) is not working rather than doing this
16:51 <mickibm> cpio command is similar to mine: find . | cpio -H newrc -o | gzip -9 > $PXE_DIR/pxe-initramfs
16:52 <mickibm> since its on power, booting via Petitboot on remote bare metal machine... really not sure how to debug this
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17:37 <mickibm> this is as far as I get netbooting ppc64le (since debug_init has other issues): https://gist.github.com/jpadams/0291c3bd1d52bb15548bfe830884577f
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18:56 <tmh1999> ncopa, clandmeter: re create bootable iso image for s930x : http://tpaste.us/9KV6. How do you think ?
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19:50 <clandmeter> ncopa:firstboot will have issues when device does not have an rtc.
19:51 <clandmeter> i guess it needs to depend on ntpd and wait for it to get current time.
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20:48 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Linux]: firstboot cannot fetch keys if date is not set: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9019
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