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01:09 <tmh1999> re s390x iso image : https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4551. gtg.
01:11 <tmh1999> this iso should work for KVM.
01:11 <tmh1999> and KVM only.
01:15 <tmh1999> I think I kind of finish my TODO for s390x for 3.8. Next thing is fixing testing packages.
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09:29 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Security]: redis: Multiples vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-11218, CVE-2018-11219): https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9020
09:30 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Security]: [3.7] redis: Multiples vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-11218, CVE-2018-11219): https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9021
09:30 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Security]: [3.6] redis: Multiples vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-11218, CVE-2018-11219): https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9022
09:31 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Security]: [3.5] redis: Multiples vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-11218, CVE-2018-11219): https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9023
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10:03 <nmeum> is it really intended that algibot discloses these security issues?
10:06 <clandmeter> hmm
10:06 <clandmeter> i can check if we can remove security
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10:26 <clandmeter> ncopa, i think i have an issue.
10:26 <clandmeter> update-kernel does magic to stip firmware.
10:27 <clandmeter> strip
10:27 <clandmeter> looks like it only installs firmware when it finds references in modules.
10:28 <ncopa> yes, that is so we dont pull in unused firmware
10:28 <clandmeter> but some fw also need nvram from txt.
10:29 <clandmeter> i just spend one hour to find out why im missing so many things in my modlop.
10:30 <ncopa> i suppose we need an option for update-kernel to include all firmware then
10:31 <ncopa> or are there some way to detect which fw need nvram from txt?
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10:37 <clandmeter> for rpi it has the same name.
10:37 <clandmeter> so that could be simple
10:38 <ncopa> brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.bin
10:38 <ncopa> brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.txt
10:38 <clandmeter> yep
10:39 <clandmeter> i can add a fix to update-kernel to include the txt if it exists.
10:39 <ncopa> what about TDA7706_OM_v3.0.2_boot.txt and ar3k/30101coex/RamPatch.txt
10:39 <ncopa> how do we detect if those are needed
10:40 <clandmeter> btw, i added the bluetooth fw also to linux fw, but then i found out we also ship a seperate bt fw pkg.
10:40 <clandmeter> and ofc its not included with update-kernel
10:40 <clandmeter> if we use tmpfs boot, we cant include more fw because of modloop
10:41 <clandmeter> or we need to copy it to sd.
10:41 <ncopa> the fw needs to be inclued in the modloop
10:41 <clandmeter> i dont think we do that for bluetooth.
10:42 <ncopa> can we include the bluetooth firwmare with the linux-firmware package?
10:42 <clandmeter> i think if we detect a module that needs fw, and we have the fw, and we have the txt also, we could include the txt?
10:42 <ncopa> that seems to apply for brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.bin only
10:42 <ncopa> but i think that is what we want to do
10:42 <clandmeter> there are 2
10:42 <clandmeter> rpi has 2 wifi fw's
10:43 <clandmeter> i already included the bt fw in linux-firmware
10:43 <clandmeter> the are on the top in the filelist.
10:43 <ncopa> find /lib/modules -type f -name "*.ko" | xargs modinfo -F firmware | sort -u | while read f; do if [ -e /lib/firmware/${f%.*}.txt ]; then echo $f; fi; done
11:00 <mps> ncopa: that is for all installed modules?
11:02 <mps> what about to check needed firmware only for loaded modules
11:03 <ncopa> that is the next step
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11:04 <mps> I tried: lsmod | awk -e '{ print $1}' | xargs modinfo -F firmware
11:05 <mps> it shows which firmware are needed for loaded modules on my box
11:19 <ncopa> and there you have the lkey how to do the proper apk add linux-firmware-<something>
11:20 <clandmeter> ncopa, i can do this http://tpaste.us/ML75
11:20 <clandmeter> but that still does not include bt fw.
11:22 <ncopa> use ${FW%.*}.txt
11:23 <ncopa> so it oes not look for the non-existing brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.bin.txt
11:24 <clandmeter> ah yes you are right
11:24 <clandmeter> /o\
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12:20 <clandmeter> ncopa, do you know why we ship an ovl file called dhcp with rpi releaseS?
12:21 <clandmeter> it sets interface to dhcp, but it doesnt start at boot. is that a feature?
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12:26 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], i tried ethernet and i can get full 11MB/s and still get around 10ms ping times to
12:27 <ncopa> clandmeter: i dont know
12:27 <clandmeter> fabled, any idea what the ovl is for?
12:37 <PureTryOut[m]> clandmeter: ok then wtf is wrong with my RPi lol. it seems literally no one can reproduce it, but I'm having it consistently and reinstalls do not work
12:47 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], if you want i can share you my aarch64 build.
12:47 <clandmeter> not sure it makes any difference.
12:47 <clandmeter> maybe your cables are switch is not 100%
12:48 <clandmeter> or*
12:54 <clandmeter> ncopa, http://tpaste.us/05pE this works but maybe we should have a more general approach for bt fw?
13:04 <ncopa> mayve check if brcm was pulled in, and if it was, add the bt firmware?
13:06 <ncopa> whats wrong with the armhf rpi kernel build?
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13:13 <clandmeter> ncopa, i dont know, its not very verbose about it. can it be the addition i made for dtb files?
13:14 <PureTryOut[m]> sure, you'd have to tell me how to install it though (I'm guessing just write the image to sd card?) as normally I do it via our pmbootstrap tool
13:14 <PureTryOut[m]> but tonight, I don't ave time for it right now
13:14 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], just copy it to your sd (the contents)
13:15 <clandmeter> thats it.
13:15 <clandmeter> and make sure your partition is fat
13:34 <PureTryOut[m]> does it need to be partitioned in a particular way?
13:41 <clandmeter> nope
13:41 <clandmeter> i think first partition needs fat and thats it.
13:48 <PureTryOut[m]> oh do I just need one big fat partition (I seem to be behind in chat again)?
13:49 <clandmeter> yes if you want to run from ram completely
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14:10 <clandmeter> ncopa, what do you mean check if brcm is pulled in?
14:18 <ncopa> clanbdmeter: i mean, the loop above will pull in the needed firmware and copy it to $MODLOOP dir
14:19 <ncopa> check in $MODLOOP dir if brcm was copied, and if it was, then also copy the bt firmware
14:19 <ncopa> do that instead of check if kernel is rpi
14:25 <ncopa> +
14:25 <ncopa> + [ "$CARCH" = "aarch64" ] && mv "$INSTALL_DTBS_PATH"/broadcom/*.dtb \
14:25 <ncopa> + "$INSTALL_DTBS_PATH" && rmdir "$INSTALL_DTBS_PATH"/broadcom
14:25 <ncopa> }
14:25 <ncopa>
14:25 <ncopa> clandmeter: i think if $CARCH is not aarch64, the function will return false
14:26 <clandmeter> i pushed a fix
14:26 <ncopa> correct fix.
14:26 <ncopa> thanks
14:26 <clandmeter> :)
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14:39 <clandmeter> ncopa, http://tpaste.us/aMyZ
14:40 <clandmeter> or better http://tpaste.us/qoea
14:44 <tmh1999> beside rpi, anything else we need to fix for 3.8 ?
14:44 <ncopa> clandmeter: yes, looks good
14:44 <ncopa> then it will work even if we rename linux-rpi to something else
14:45 <ncopa> or if some other kernel also includes brcm driver and firmware
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14:46 <mps> few weeks ago, azarus noticed problem with mdocml man pages. If he is here he could better explain problem.
14:47 <mps> I think it should be resolved, but I'm not sure if it is blocker for release
14:48 <mps> azarus: ^
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15:25 <ncopa> tmh1999: i think we only need to write release notes
15:25 <tmh1999> :)
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15:43 <tmh1999> http://tpaste.us/xeqD
15:43 <tmh1999> ncopa: I must miss something
15:43 <tmh1999> checking irc log
15:46 <clandmeter> i guess we dont need to mention infra changes?
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16:11 <nmeum> tmh1999: we could expand the "significant upgrades" section a bit. maybe mention ruby 2.5.1? jirutka might have some further suggestions…
16:12 <tmh1999> +1
16:19 <azarus> mps: yup
16:20 <azarus> with modcml-apropos (or other mandoc packages), when one issues "man printf" it displays printf(1p), not printf(1)
16:21 <azarus> also, I got blender to build again
16:22 <azarus> I'll send that patch
16:22 <azarus> please review?
16:22 <azarus> was disabled due to build errors
16:24 <azarus> i only tested on x86_64. could people please test on i386, and maybe ppc64le? had build errors there before
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16:28 <azarus> i'll only reenable it on x86_64 for now, since I dunno if it builds anywhere elese
16:28 <azarus> else*
16:29 <azarus> https://patchwork.alpinelinux.org/patch/4013/
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16:36 <mps> azarus: thanks for memo
16:45 <tmh1999> http://tpaste.us/yk6g
16:53 <azarus> \o/
16:53 <algitbot> \o/
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17:02 <HRio> hi, regarding release notes, should we mention something about grsec/PaX being dropped?
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18:01 <PureTryOut[m]> oooh congratz on the release guys!
18:02 <_ikke_> PureTryOut[m]: ?
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18:20 <clandmeter> _ikke_, ?
18:20 <ncopa> HRio: yes we should mention pax/gresc. good point
18:20 Topic for
18:21 <clandmeter> New rc release ;)
18:21 <ncopa> i did rc6 so we can test the latest rpi firmware changes
18:21 <clandmeter> I forgot my rpi
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18:24 <ncopa> tmh1999: great! thanks!
18:25 <ncopa> i added a line about end of support for grescurity: http://tpaste.us/YvPw
18:25 <ncopa> unofficial* grsec
18:26 <clandmeter> rpi are 2 diff things
18:26 <clandmeter> aarch64 can also be regular rpi3 and even some rpi2
18:26 <ncopa> azarus: testing repos will have to wait til after release
18:42 <azarus> ncopa: OK, no problem
18:53 <mickibm> so rc6 is using same 4.14.50 kernel as rc5?
18:53 <mickibm> or did my upgrade not work
18:56 <clandmeter> yes
18:58 <mickibm> thanks
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19:29 <tmh1999> yes clandmeter please rewrite the rpi3, aarch64 thing. I was not so sure.
19:51 <tmh1999> ncopa: rc6 images for ppc64le + s390x may need your touch to be online
19:53 <clandmeter> tmh1999, http://tpaste.us/5YqM
19:53 <tmh1999> beautiful
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21:02 <nmeum> tmh1999: you could also add vim 8.1.XXX to the significant package updates section, the previous release shipped vim 8.0.XXX maybe also R 3.5?
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21:30 <tmh1999> nmeum: you could add it and post it here and everyone can see. I'm not specifically in charge of it so latest version will probably be picked up :D
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22:12 <mickibm> is ssh_key supported in 3.8 as a kernel boot arg? we can only ssh in when the ssh key is in the apkovl
22:15 <mickibm> i see it in init, in my_opts it has ssh_key but does it actually use the key anywhere?
22:19 <mickibm> sorry, myopts
22:31 <mickibm> seems like firstboot is not getting the kernel options so we are forced to stick the priv key into the apkovl
22:32 <tmh1999> mickibm: so I use it to netboot s390x : http://tpaste.us/v785. vmlinuz-vanilla and initramfs-vanilla are downloaded from rc5, same like modloop url.
22:33 <tmh1999> I don't use apkovl.
22:33 <tmh1999> *don't have to
22:33 <tmh1999> the purpose of ssh_key is to eliminate the use of apkovl for ssh keys.
22:33 <tmh1999> which is considered more flexible.
22:33 <tmh1999> imho
22:35 <mickibm> absolutely agree. here is our boot args: https://gist.github.com/mtarsel/b4166dfcce07df2dc92f4e591ec4c42a
22:37 <mickibm> we are using a python server as the webserver and not even seeing the request made to get the ssh key. seems to me that firstboot is not starting
22:37 <mickibm> is ppc64le vmlinux not shipping firstboot somehow?
22:38 <tmh1999> does ppc64le support download kernel and initrd from remote ? That seems cool. ssh_key only accepts https and ftps. ftp and http are not accepted.
22:38 <mickibm> ahhh, ok. we are using http and yes ppc64le def supports netboot
22:38 <tmh1999> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/openrc/firstboot.initd#n24
22:39 <mickibm> soo why? its a public key
22:41 <tmh1999> probably because of mitm ?
22:42 <tmh1999> not supporting http/ftp might be a little trouble for local installation, I agree.
22:43 <tmh1999> if you or your users poke the core team enough, maybe it can be changed :D
22:49 <mickibm> but like, this just changed recently...? thank you very much
22:49 <mickibm> ...trying to git blame but console is being crappy
22:50 <tmh1999> yes, 7 days ago : https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/log/main/openrc/firstboot.initd.
22:50 <mickibm> maaannnn
22:50 <tmh1999> :D
22:50 <mickibm> -__-
22:50 <tmh1999> desperate time, desperate measure.
22:51 <tmh1999> well I developed a habit to monitor git log at git.a.o, and #alpine-commits ...
22:52 <mickibm> sweet, that will be helpful. thank you :)
22:52 <tmh1999> +1
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