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03:55 <rob_debian> Hi all
03:56 <rob_debian> This is my first time here, and I'd like to have some details about Alpine Linux
04:19 <nmeum> did you already check the website? https://alpinelinux.org/about/ is there anything specific you would like to know?
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04:34 <rob_debian> hi nmeum, thanks for attention. In fact, I tried to check about this distro at distrowatch
04:35 <rob_debian> now, I'm going to have a check throughout this linke you've passed me. Really thank you !
04:35 <rob_debian> basically I'd like to know if alpine is based on debian or red hat or any other well known linux distro
04:36 <skarnet> no, it's not. Alpine is its own thing.
04:37 <rob_debian> fine, skarnet. Can I use it both in servers and desktop ?
04:37 <skarnet> Yes, you can.
04:38 <skarnet> I'm not sure exactly what desktops are supported on Alpine, though. I know about xfce; not sure about others.
04:38 <rob_debian> ok, please, where does this Linux distro project comes from ? USA ?
04:38 <skarnet> no, it's mostly EU-based.
04:38 <rob_debian> Where does it come from ?
04:38 <rob_debian> you mean Europe ?
04:38 <skarnet> from people's heads? :)
04:39 <skarnet> yes, Europe.
04:39 <rob_debian> oh, people from Europe... very far away from here....
04:39 <skarnet> The project lead is from Norway, for instance, and there are a lot of EU contributors. A few from the USA as well.
04:39 <rob_debian> Norway ? My God....
04:40 <rob_debian> very Beautiful Land !
04:40 <rob_debian> ok, I intend to use it with kernel linux 4.16,0
04:40 <rob_debian> with btrfs
04:41 <rob_debian> one more question, if possible, please: is that possible using mate de in alpine ?
04:42 <skarnet> using what?
04:42 <TBB> it's in the repos
04:43 <skarnet> oh, a desktop environment
04:45 <_ikke_> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/community/x86_64/mate-desktop
04:56 <rob_debian> ok skarnet, thanks ! Thanks too, TBB and _ikke_ ! I'll check it, for mate-desktop is my preference for de
05:09 <rob_debian> bye all, and thanks for attention !
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05:58 <clandmeter> tmh1999, did you try ssh_key?
05:58 <tmh1999> yes
05:59 <clandmeter> solo?
05:59 <clandmeter> or did you add more boot opts?
05:59 <tmh1999> here is what I use : http://tpaste.us/Q4gz
06:00 <clandmeter> ok
06:00 <clandmeter> it doesnt work without ip and repo
06:00 <tmh1999> ip and repo are a must for netboot I guess
06:01 <clandmeter> yes but ssh_key can also be nice for non netboot
06:01 <tmh1999> I see. Not sure how to append kernel cmdline with iso boot ?
06:01 <clandmeter> i guess if we request network related functions from cmdline we should default to dhcp
06:02 <clandmeter> you can boot from usb
06:02 <clandmeter> who uses cdrom anyway :)
06:03 <clandmeter> for instance headless installs its nice to have.
06:04 <clandmeter> i guess we could init network when ssh_key is found.
06:05 <tmh1999> hum. let me think.
06:06 <tmh1999> house mates decide to move furnitures in 2 am...
06:07 <tmh1999> that's many logic to check
06:07 <tmh1999> say, I only add ssh_key but no ip, it should default to ip=dhcp
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06:08 <tmh1999> if ssh_key and ip=, then configure_ip() .
06:08 <clandmeter> we alraedy default to dhcp
06:08 <clandmeter> i think adding configure_ip to the current check would be enough.
06:09 <tmh1999> okay sounds like a plan
06:09 <clandmeter> ncopa never said anyting regarding the default http repo patch
06:09 <clandmeter> i dont think i can spend much time on it today.
06:10 <clandmeter> so im going to close my irc window :)
06:10 <clandmeter> ttyl
06:10 <tmh1999> you mean hard code alpine_repo ?
06:10 <tmh1999> okay :)
06:10 <clandmeter> yes have a default so you dont have to append it to cmdline
06:10 <tmh1999> my guess ncopa will make release today.
06:11 <clandmeter> probably
06:11 <clandmeter> we will see.
06:11 <tmh1999> I once proposed hard code alpine_repo in init before, but it was not so nice. maybe you can make it fit in better.
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06:31 <nmeum> do we want to upgrade ffmpeg to 4.X before 3.8 is released? The latest ffmpeg release fixes various integer overflows <https://git.ffmpeg.org/gitweb/ffmpeg.git/blob/refs/heads/release/4.0:/Changelog> and since 4.X introduces an soname bump upgrading to it before 3.8 is released might make it easier to backport fixes in the future
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10:55 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Linux]: Package Request: Gerbera UPnP media server: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9024
11:01 <andypost[m]> nmeum there's some changes in ffmpeg that needs review https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4079
11:02 <andypost[m]> main question is libressl & non-free stuff
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15:15 <HRio> 502 Bad Gateway on https://git.alpinelinux.org/ ...
15:15 <clandmeter> Yes we are working on it
15:15 <HRio> clandmeter: K, good.
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17:25 <mickibm> Hrio: hi
17:28 <mickibm> im available here if you wanna discuss the http ssh_key PR
17:55 <tmh1999> HRio: ^
18:05 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Linux]: Alpine Linux - openjdk8-8.171.11-r0 causes segfault during jvm instantiation: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9025
18:19 <HRio> mickibm: tmh1999 sorry AFK
18:21 <HRio> mickibm: if only one key, can it not be provided directly with the KOPT or do you run in to problems with maximum cmdline size?
18:25 <tmh1999> I don't understand the "check that the ssh_key file is only 1 line" part. I think the proposal of ssh_key_plain or ssh_key_http or http_enabled is pretty good.
18:25 <tmh1999> mickibm ^
18:27 <mickibm> ill try using the cmdline arg with a single key now
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18:29 <mickibm> tmh1999: the idea being that only one key exists in the public file. if you cannot ssh in due to MITM there will be a host key verifcation error
18:30 <tmh1999> mkickibm: how about this: http://tpaste.us/jDB5
18:30 <tmh1999> mickibm: type sorry
18:32 <mickibm> i think the ssh_key_http arg would be best because it will still keep it secure. is that a patch for using the public key right in the cmdline?
18:32 <mickibm> ..keep it secure and still be flexible to allow http
18:33 <tmh1999> yes, it uses https/ftps by default, but if ssh_key_plain is detected, it uses http/ftp
18:33 <tmh1999> updated, a little simpler: http://tpaste.us/De5a
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18:40 <mickibm> tmh1999: i think that looks ok, with a patch here https://github.com/alpinelinux/mkinitfs/blob/master/initramfs-init.in for $KOPT_ssh_key_plain and it would like like 'ip=dhcp ssh_key_plain=http://mykey
18:40 <mickibm> look like*
18:40 <mickibm> HRio: any thoughts?
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18:45 <tmh1999> http://tpaste.us/7NJO
18:47 <tmh1999> I paste in that pr
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18:50 <mickibm> tmh1999: thank you!
18:51 <tmh1999> +1
18:51 <tmh1999> you need to create another pr to http://github.com/alpinelinux/mkinitfs/ though
18:53 <mickibm> sure thing
18:57 <PureTryOut[m]> clandmeter: could you send me your aarch64 image for the RPi3?
18:57 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m]: you can try the latest on mirror
18:57 <clandmeter> latest 3.8 rc
18:58 <tmh1999> clandmeter: do you agree with ssh_key_plain ?
18:59 <PureTryOut[m]> clandmeter: oh, but don't the "regular" Alpine RPi installs use that diskless setup? and where would I find that mirror?
18:59 <clandmeter> dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org
18:59 <PureTryOut[m]> (found the mirror btw)
18:59 <clandmeter> yes it runs from memory
19:01 <PureTryOut[m]> ok well I won't keep using it then, but I guess it's fine for testing 😛 so just extract it to a fat32 filesystem?
19:02 <clandmeter> yes
19:06 <PureTryOut[m]> does it have sshd enabled btw (before initial setup)?
19:06 <clandmeter> no
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19:10 <PureTryOut[m]> ok so replugging my keyboard and monitor it is...
19:14 <PureTryOut[m]> well I get no monitor output
19:14 <PureTryOut[m]> I'm not sure if it actually booted
19:15 <clandmeter> which tarball did you try?
19:15 <PureTryOut[m]> ah shit I forgot to mark the partition as bootable, hold on
19:15 <clandmeter> im not sure thats needed
19:17 <PureTryOut[m]> well, that didn't make a difference
19:17 <PureTryOut[m]> I used https://dl-4.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.8/releases/aarch64/alpine-rpi-3.8.0_rc6-aarch64.tar.gz
19:18 <clandmeter> rpi3?
19:19 <PureTryOut[m]> yes, the non + one
19:19 <clandmeter> same as mine which boots fine.
19:19 <PureTryOut[m]> it booted our aarch64 pmOS image fine before
19:19 <clandmeter> you have all the files in the root of sd?
19:19 <clandmeter> and you are sure its fat32?
19:20 <PureTryOut[m]> yeah, just extracted the image normally
19:20 <PureTryOut[m]> yes I'm sure, `mkfs.fat -F32 /dev/mmcblk0`
19:21 <clandmeter> then idk
19:21 <clandmeter> should work
19:25 <mickibm> tmh1999: https://github.com/alpinelinux/mkinitfs/pull/29
19:26 <PureTryOut[m]> recreated the image, again no luck
19:27 <PureTryOut[m]> but I can boot a pmOS image using the Alpine testing repos though. maybe you can help me out with the networking issue there?
19:29 <clandmeter> not sure how i would be helpful
19:31 <PureTryOut[m]> oh well too bad. why did you want me to boot the 3.8 image then?
19:32 <clandmeter> because i know i dont have network issues.
19:32 <PureTryOut[m]> ah yeah ok. too bad it won't boot 😞
19:34 <clandmeter> sorry :|
19:35 <tmh1999> I have some free time to offer to help but I don't have a rpi. Will get one soon...
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20:03 <algitbot> Issue (new): [Alpine Linux]: unbound 1.7.x fails to query a local nsd after some time: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/9026
20:07 <mickibm> fixed my commits, thanks: https://github.com/alpinelinux/mkinitfs/pull/30
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20:35 <rcampo> 1
20:37 <rcampo> hi, trying to mount vfat with fmask=0027 but it will not change from 0022. fstab: /dev/sda1 /media/sda1 vfat ro,relatime,fmask=0027,dmask=0022,errors=remount-ro 0 0 does not work either.
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