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04:54 <tbortels_> anyone know if there is a log archive of this channel?
05:03 <_ikke_> tbortels_: I believe there is a log bot present here
05:04 <_ikke_> tbortels_: Here you go: http://irclogger.com/.alpine-linux/2017-02-17
05:06 <tbortels_> awesome, tyvm!
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08:55 <sirnaysayer> so is Xorg broken? it doesnt seem to load any of the video modules
08:56 <sirnaysayer> this is in virtualbox
09:05 <pavlix> sirnaysayer: that doesn't sound like enough information unless there's some know issue
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09:06 <pavlix> sirnaysayer: I can just say that I recently installed Alpine on a physical machine and started Xorg+XFCE successfully but that won't probably help you much.
09:08 <sirnaysayer> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28725/Xorg.0.log
09:09 <sirnaysayer> Xorg -configure just fails
09:09 <sirnaysayer> somehow it doesnt find the required symbols in the modules?
09:17 <yGweSm1OzVHe> i'm reading this on xorg
09:17 <yGweSm1OzVHe> xorg is not borken here
09:18 <sirnaysayer> huh this happens on a clean 3.5.1 install with only setup-xorg-base ran on it
09:18 <yGweSm1OzVHe> you have your udev correct?
09:18 <sirnaysayer> yep
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09:20 <yGweSm1OzVHe> you have missing symbols
09:21 <sirnaysayer> thats what the log says lol
09:21 <yGweSm1OzVHe> maybe you look into that
09:23 <sirnaysayer> you´re a beacon of wisdom
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09:27 <yGweSm1OzVHe> you're not very nice
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09:46 <de_worde> sirnaysayer: It does not accuire the video drivers automatically, you need one of the xf86-video-* packages for virtualbox
09:46 <de_worde> s/accuire/acquire/
09:46 <sirnaysayer> i installed the one recommended on the wiki
09:46 <sirnaysayer> and vesa works with virtualbox as well
09:47 <de_worde> sirnaysayer: And you get no displays found?
09:47 <sirnaysayer> the modules cannot even load
09:47 <sirnaysayer> Im just trying to generate a config file at this point
09:47 <sirnaysayer> ive tried with non-edge and edge packages
09:49 <de_worde> sirnaysayer: Have you checked this? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VirtualBox#Guest_freezes_after_starting_Xorg
09:49 <sirnaysayer> ive tried with and without virtualbox guest additions
09:50 <sirnaysayer> it doesn´t freeze, the xorg configuration fails with no configurable devices due to not being able to load modules
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09:52 <de_worde> sirnaysayer: I've had it working before, and I regularly use archlinux wiki when I cannot find something on alpine, I can give it a go
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09:54 <sirnaysayer> this is a clean install of 3.5.1 in virtualbox, reboot, login as root and run setup-xorg-base, reboot again and run Xorg -configure. It fails always.
09:55 <sirnaysayer> this should be enough to generate a config file according to the wiki
09:56 <yGweSm1OzVHe> have you tried googling the missing symbols? i did. and i found answers, i hope you can construct the google queries i did so you can fix this yourself
09:56 <yGweSm1OzVHe> but since you are too cynical this is all i will help you
09:56 <sirnaysayer> yGweSm1OzVHe, your help isnt very helpful so I´m good thanks
09:58 <sirnaysayer> https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/3691 this bug is 2 years old and IRC is my last resort always.
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10:13 <de_worde_> sirnaysayer: Have you tried the 20-modules.conf here: https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi#X11_Setup
10:13 <de_worde_> I wrote the original to that, I never use Xorg -Configure
10:14 <de_worde_> So for vesa you may need to add the module to that list if it still gets no displays doing xinit
10:31 <de_worde_> Well, installing alpine using train wifi does not seem to work... or its something else
10:32 <de_worde_> Sure if it was https there would not be interference, are any of them https?
10:33 <de_worde_> Repositories I mean
10:41 <ScrumpyJack> morning. It's Friday! Yay!
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11:45 <clandmeter> sirnaysayer, yGweSm1OzVHe xorg configure doesnt work on musl because of http://wiki.musl-libc.org/wiki/Functional_differences_from_glibc#Lazy_bindings
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13:02 <de_worde> clandmeter: But why does xorg configure need symbols? If it is crashing that is a sperate issue than a problem debugging it due to lazy binding
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13:13 <de_worde> The xorg config looks like it just brute force tries the different modules, error is probably something to do with this? https://github.com/wereHamster/xorg-server/blob/server-side-xcb/config/config.c#L82
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14:20 <TBB> I've run into a strange little problem. Using a self-generated APKINDEX I get error messages stating some packages in the index can't be found. The packages, the specific versions in the index, are in the repository.
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16:04 <xmj> moin
16:04 <xmj> Which of the downloads do I want, to run it in a Xen environment?
16:05 <xmj> Virtual, or Xen? Asked differently, is that Xen image for running a dom0 or domU?
16:17 <xmj> I picked the Virtual cd image, booted in xen, hit up setup-alpine, but then when asked to enter the APK cache directory, both 'none' and /var/cache/apk' (default path) get me nowhere
16:17 <xmj> what am I missing?
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16:23 <pickfire> xmj: IIRC, the xen image is in dom0 and doesn't boot for me.
16:23 <xmj> Right, running a dom0 on a xenserver would be, er, futile.
16:24 <pickfire> I had installed the normal image and add xen but I found qemu kvm handy sometimes.
16:24 <pickfire> xmj: I just wanted to learn more about xen but everyone is getting to kvm and now the wiki isn't that updated.
16:25 <xmj> Right... so about that APK cache directory fail. ;-)
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17:37 <systmkor_> ncopa: http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/fosdem/2017/K.4.601/building_a_distro_with_musl_libc.mp4 listening to your talk ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
17:48 <triple> Any ideas on how to get raid support (i.e. using the logical volume created, not mdadm) working with 'Dynamic Smart Array B140i' on latest stable? cciss and hpsa modules seem like dead ends. (HP ProLiant DL20 Gen9)
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17:55 <BlessJah> is there instruction how can one install alpine on beaglebone black device?
17:58 <systmkor_> BlessJah: There isn't a How To Guide on the Wiki but you can reference the RPi guide and get something working
17:59 <systmkor_> BlessJah: I have a beaglebone black that I've been meaning to mess around with, so I could try and give it a shot in two weeks
18:01 <systmkor_> BlessJah: also check out scripts sub-directory http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/ I believe it has some existing tooling on bootstrapping Alpine Linux to other hardware
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22:21 <c00kiemon5ter> hey all
22:21 <c00kiemon5ter> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Create_Alpine_Linux_PV_DomU
22:21 <c00kiemon5ter> This wiki page contains an error ^
22:22 <c00kiemon5ter> The green "Download now" box reports a php failure to read a file
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