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01:24 <doppler> hi, I'm trying to install alpine on a linux softraid (md). I booted the live media, set up the array manually as md0, and created a partition table on it. /sbin/setup-disk doesn't detect it though. is there something I'm not doing correctly?
01:24 <doppler> let me know what information I can provide
01:27 <doppler> I've been reading the wiki page of course, although it appears to be geared toward setting up a non-sys array on an existing system
01:28 <doppler> is there something special I need to do when setting it up as the sys disk from live media?
01:31 <tru_tru> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Setting_up_disks_manually ?
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01:33 <doppler> oh, great :)
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01:50 <doppler> wow, super simple. cheers!
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06:17 <pickfire> I am packaging googler, it's a python3 script. I have a way to reduce the script size by ~25%, just remove the comments and strip the empty lines, should I do it?
06:17 <pickfire> It's a command line application not used by other apps.
06:19 <pickfire> 81970 -> 62677
06:19 <pickfire> I didn't remove those multi-line comment with """
06:23 <avih> pickfire: unless it's a common practice to strip comments from packages which are mostly scripts - which i think is not the case, i'd leave it as is. also easier to figure out what changed when a new version comes in, if relevant (e.g. if there are some alpine-specific patches).
06:24 <pickfire> Oh, okay.
06:24 <pickfire> avih: By the way, when will the libintl thing be fixed? It's causing a lot of trouble in a few packages that I wanted to create.
06:25 <pickfire> fcitx, ledger, cryptsetup (upgrade)
06:26 <avih> no clue. also re stripping comments, i just peeked at pip and hg (mercurial) - as installed by apk, and the comments are not stripped.
06:27 <pickfire> 298 wget -q -s "$uri" || return 1
06:27 <pickfire> I see a but in abuild
06:27 <pickfire> bug*
06:28 <pickfire> wget have -s?
06:55 <TemptorSent> Good evening -- for anyone interested I just pushed the lated revision of my rewrite of mkimage to github. See https://github.com/TemptorSent/aports/tree/mkimage-refactor-scripts/scripts/mkimage
06:55 <TemptorSent> Now supports generating ssh keys and autostart features/overlays!
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12:21 <HisShadow> Hello. Do I need modloop if all modules are loaded with initramfs? What is this modloop anyway?
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15:08 <darkfader> i found something with my mystery nic
15:09 <darkfader> Analyze this lineMar 1 00:07:26 kernel: [31587660.148505] netxen_nic 0000:01:00.0: 128MB memory map
15:09 <darkfader> Analyze this lineMar 1 00:07:26 kernel: [31587660.150998] netxen_nic 0000:01:00.0: unified image: product validation failed
15:09 <darkfader> Analyze this lineMar 1 00:07:26 kernel: [31587660.156371] netxen_nic 0000:01:00.0: Direct firmware load for nxromimg.bin failed with error -2
15:09 <darkfader> seems ... it ...
15:09 <darkfader> just needs a pci id hack somewhere in the driver and then the OSS driver can fix the shitty fw too
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18:36 <transhuman> Hi! trying to install lizardfs...my master server is on centos the rest of the chunk, cgi, etc are on alpine linux vm's spread out over multiple hosts. Is there any directions for compiling lizardfs on alpine-linux or packages for it? I don't seem to find them searching online at the repository search engine...thanks in advanc
18:36 <transhuman> s/advanc/advance
18:47 <Shiz> doesn't look like Alpine packages it right now
18:47 <Shiz> the best shot at trying to compile it for Alpine is just... compiling it :)
18:48 <Shiz> if you run into any difficulties, we can try to help you (or the kind people at #musl depending on the issue)
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19:15 <rollniak> Hello everyone :P
19:15 <Shiz> hola
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20:14 <transhuman> ok Shiz, thanks for confirming...unfortunately the amount of directions with lizardfs is small
20:14 <transhuman> I guess we will see
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21:08 <transhuman_> hi trying to compile lizardfs getting error CMake Error at .../FindPackageHanldeStandarArgs.cmake could NOT find FUSE missing FUSE_LIBRARY FUSE_INCLUDE_DIR
21:08 <transhuman_> anyone able to help...thanks in advance
21:14 <Shiz> seems like you want to install fuse-dev
21:14 <Shiz> as it implies
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21:15 <transhuman_> tried that must be a path problem then
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21:50 <ex-parrot> is it just me or is there no "download this package" button on the pkgs.alpinelinux.org site?
21:50 <ex-parrot> (yes I realise normally people wouldn't need to do this, but I wanted to look at an alpine package but from a non-alpine system)
21:55 <Shiz> yeah, there isnt
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21:56 <Shiz> shouldn't be hard to add, but i can't do it
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21:58 <ex-parrot> ok then
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23:18 <magnusgraviti> Does Wiki has an article on how to create custom vmlinuz and initrd with alpine linux?
23:26 <TBB> you can find how the kernel is made in aports, and for initrd you mostly want to look at /etc/mkinitfs/features.d/ (if I remember the path correctly)
23:26 <TBB> in other words, I can't remember if there's a wiki page for that; probably yes
23:35 <magnusgraviti> Thank you TBB, I will look there
23:45 <magnusgraviti> TBB I need to take alpine linux and create custom vmlinuz/initrd where alpine will be launched with one additional service. Where should I look?
23:47 <TBB> you could add the files required to your own feature file and start the service in a customized early init script
23:48 <magnusgraviti> you that mkinitfs script?
23:48 <TBB> you can find the original init script in /usr/share/mkinitfs/, so you could add the startup there and then tell mkinitfs to include your own init instead of the stock one
23:48 <magnusgraviti> *mean
23:48 <magnusgraviti> so I will have to take alpine vmlinuz as it is but use my custom initrd generated by mkinitfs, correct?
23:48 <TBB> for what you described you want to do, basically, yes
23:49 <magnusgraviti> thank you!
23:49 <TBB> naturally if you want your kernel to be different, nothing stops you from doing that either
23:54 <magnusgraviti> I think I am fine with alpine kernel as it is. I just need few things to be installed and launched
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