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02:41 <thetrav> so I'm playing with rsyslog and elasticsearch. http://alpine-devel.alpinelinux.narkive.com/b6Hfu6Nu/re-alpine-add-eleasticsearch-subpackage-to-rsyslog looks like a long time ago someone supplied a patch to http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/rsyslog/APKBUILD to enable it... Anyone know how I would go about getting that finished?
02:43 <thetrav> it looks like it would be something like 8 additional lines following the pattern for all the other sub-packages
02:52 <tmh1999> thetrav : you can check the log for the patch ? http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/log/main/rsyslog/APKBUILD
02:53 <thetrav> can't actually see that it's ever been applied. In fact, the archive i linked to doesn't appear to have a copy of it.
02:56 <thetrav> is there a way for me to write it myself and submit it as a pull request?
02:56 <thetrav> I'm happy to do the reading and leg-work if you just want to link me to a "do it like this" document?
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03:01 <tmh1999> thetrav : what is the patch is about ?
03:01 <tmh1999> I am just an user though
03:02 <thetrav> rsyslog has output modules. One of them allows for it to output directly to an elasticsearch endpoint. enabling it requires a so file to be copied and a --enable-elasticsearch when compiling
03:02 <thetrav> the existing APKBUILD already does the same thing for mysql, postgres, redis etc
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03:08 <chancez> .buffer close
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03:13 <thetrav> chancez ?
03:15 <madsa> first time installing alpine in vmware workstation and it's failing to boot, anyone have experience with that?
03:19 <thetrav> nope, but failing how?
03:20 <madsa> I tried both the virt and standard versions of the x64 iso, for the virt iso boot hangs at the initial prompt, and with the standard version it fails with the message "Mounting boot media failed" and drops me to a prompt.
03:21 <madsa> typing exit from the prompt twice crashes the kernel
03:39 <madsa> well, digging through the init shell script in the initramfs image now, hopefully that has some clues as to what's going on here
03:50 <madsa> it's timing out in the call to nlplug-findfs which is causing the error
03:50 <madsa> using "grsec debug_init" is very helpful
03:51 <thetrav> yeah sorry, I'm not going to be any help with that one
03:51 <thetrav> my experience is limited to docker containers
03:52 <madsa> ah, that's okay, thanks for giving it a shot anyway
03:52 <madsa> my guess at this point is that it doesn't have the right driver
03:55 <TBB> incomplete initramfs
03:55 <TBB> I just woke up to say that
03:57 <madsa> how's it incomplete? the iso I'm using is good
03:58 <TBB> or, alternatively, incorrect boot loader configuration. check what root= points to in it and that /etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf has the features enabled you need for booting
03:58 <madsa> alright, I'll try that
03:59 <TBB> I'd be more thorough with my reply but if I stay at the computer for two or three more minutes I won't be able to fall asleep again...
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05:04 <suboptimal90> Hi guys, I have just installed alpine linux on a VM and gotten xfce4 working, but I'm having some real trouble installing firefox-esr. Every time i `apk add firefox-esr` it complains that firefox-esr is missing, "required by world[firefox-esr]. I was able to install vim, what am I missing here? Other browsers like chromium arent installing either and I can't find anything online
05:37 <_ikke_> suboptimal90: You probably need to add the community repository
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09:16 <TBB> aw, no hot rumours to read this morning
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09:25 <^7heo> TBB: I heard that RMS and Pottering were planning to have a baby together.
09:25 <TBB> sounds like the rest of Pottering's plans
09:26 <^7heo> Also sounds like RMS's only chance for fatherhood
09:26 <* ^7heo> hides
09:30 <newbz> RMS wont be a good father
09:30 <jvoisin> he's not even a good person
09:31 <^7heo> tgat is not the point
09:31 <^7heo> that*
09:31 <newbz> not capable for an open source discussion, his mindset is encaged in a damn narrow view
09:32 <^7heo> I honestly don't think poettering's fatherhood would be a delight either.
09:32 <^7heo> but it's also beside the point
09:33 <^7heo> the point was to give TBB some hot rumors, as requested
09:34 <newbz> well he got what he requested. lets move on
09:36 <newbz> i dont like RMS
09:36 <^7heo> not a lot of people do
09:36 <newbz> i thought hes a god to the open source community
09:37 <^7heo> TBB: sorry you got only one meh rumor, I seem to be the only one willing to answer your call. ;)
09:37 <^7heo> newbz: you have to filter the noise before you go crazy...
09:38 <^7heo> newbz: any community is people too.
09:39 <^7heo> newbz: and as everybody in our crowd knows: people, we've met enough of them. What a bunch of bastards.
09:39 <newbz> ye. its just he seems like a self loving prick relaxing on a ruleset he once made and code other people wrote based on that ruleset.
09:39 <newbz> like a politician
09:42 <^7heo> well
09:42 <^7heo> developers ARE politicians
09:42 <^7heo> think about it
09:43 <newbz> im just delusioned, because he could have prevent so much if he actually could code shit
09:43 <newbz> because hes mainly right
09:43 <^7heo> we write texts decribing how individuals should behave
09:43 <^7heo> and those individuls just happen to be machines
09:44 <newbz> given enough distance everything looks the same
09:44 <^7heo> that's what she said.
09:44 <newbz> sweet kek
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10:01 <TBB> ^7heo: it's allright, I appreciate your effort :D
10:02 <TBB> and now I should get back to debugging hplip... I've been banging my head against that wall for two days now
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10:03 <^7heo> TBB: good headbabnging
10:03 <^7heo> banging
10:05 <TBB> thanks, I'm pretty sure I get to enjoy it :/
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11:12 <TBB> okay
11:12 <TBB> seems HP has possibly broken something; 3.6.11 suffers from that illegal opcode problem I've been babbling about, but 3.6.3 does not
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11:46 <TBB> I'll have a closer look at the differences, and maybe, just maybe, if i get the latest version to work I'll actually submit it
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13:24 <TBB> hm. added printer, tested, works. removed and re-added, and the illegal opcode problem returned
13:27 <fabled> TBB, illegal opcode can happen if 1) the code is compiled againt newer cpu arch then you are executing, or 2) there's a bug and fortify catches the buffer overrun, it'll trigger invalid opcode exception to abort
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13:27 <fabled> if earlier version used to work, it sounds like #2, and is an upstream bug
13:28 <TBB> yup, that's what it probably is
13:31 <TBB> my last lines above were the results of testing the older version, so the bug has been there for a longer time, it just seemed to meet its trigger condition less often in the old version
13:39 <TBB> found an interesting article stating compiler optimisation level can cause this problem with fortify... let's see
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14:14 <TBB> ...naw
14:14 <TBB> upstream here we come
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14:39 <TBB> meanwhile, cat file.pdf > /dev/usb/lp0 ... just works :D
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14:53 <danci1973> Hmm... Should upgrade from 3.2.3 to current release work hassle-free?
14:56 <^7heo> danci1973: try and tell us :D
14:56 <^7heo> (but let's go for... yeah, why not)
15:00 <danci1973> Ok, will give it a go...
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15:42 <prions> is there any way to configure decrypting a system over ssh like i can do on arch? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Specialties#Remote_unlocking_.28hooks:_netconf.2C_dropbear.2C_tinyssh.2C_ppp.29
15:42 <prions> i'm not sure whether syslinux has the same capacity for network/ssh hooks on boot
15:43 <prions> i assume it's possible but i wouldn't know how to begin making it work
15:47 <prions> gentoo wiki doesn't seem to have anything either
15:47 <prions> i'll look at this later, bbl
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15:56 <yGweSm1OzVHe> why don't u just replace syslinux with whatever arch is using in that setup?
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15:58 <tech2_> Hi all, is --virtual still a thing? I tried to use it recently but then when I went to delete my virtual package it got rid of lots of stuff (python2, python3 etc.) which I _hadn't_ added to my --virtual=.build-dependencies
15:59 <Xe> tech2_: what are the virtual deps?
15:59 <tech2_> Xe: boost-dev build-base git graphicsmagick-dev libffi-dev openssl-dev python3-dev
15:59 <Xe> do you have the full command you used to create the virtual with?
16:00 <Xe> (and the output of it if possible)
16:02 <tech2_> Xe: http://dpaste.com/19GG046 (output)
16:02 <tech2_> Xe: apk add --update --no-cache --virtual=.build-dependencies boost-dev build-base git graphicsmagick-dev libffi-dev openssl-dev python3-dev && apk del .build-dependencies
16:02 <Xe> aight
16:03 <Xe> lemme set up an edge container and confirm that behavior
16:03 <Xe> sec
16:03 <tech2_> thank you
16:04 <Xe> it's running tech2_
16:04 <tech2_> cool, shouldn't take long (I hope) :)
16:05 <Xe> yeah
16:05 <Xe> the big slowdown is the rotational drives of my server
16:06 <tech2_> Xe: No pressure. Worst case I just go back to removing things the old fashioned way.
16:07 <Xe> yeah
16:07 <Xe> also, something you might want to look into that has made my alpine experience better
16:07 <Xe> https://github.com/erikh/box
16:08 <Xe> it allows me to go from this: https://github.com/Xe/dockerfiles/blob/master/lang/go/Dockerfile to this: https://github.com/Xe/dockerfiles/blob/master/lang/go-mini/box.rb
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16:09 <tech2_> Xe: Sadly not really an option for me, we're quite strongly tied to docker-compose as part of the build tool-chain, but thanks :) Maybe I'll get to use it outside of work.
16:09 <kaniini> tech2_: it will remove dependencies of the dependencies you installed
16:09 <tech2_> kaniini: well, yes, but only if they're orphaned I'd hope?
16:10 <kaniini> tech2_: if they are only being added by that .build-dependencies virtual, then they would be orphaned
16:10 <Xe> tech2_: ah, shame D:
16:11 <tech2_> kaniini: Some of the packages are installed prior to me installing the build deps (python2, python3, binutils...), why are they being removed?
16:11 <kaniini> in your output, they are not
16:11 <kaniini> there are 53 build dependencies being installed, and 53 being removed
16:11 <kaniini> and they are the same
16:12 <kaniini> for example, nginx is not being removed, nor is boost-python3 :)
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16:15 <tech2_> kaniini: so I may have been reliant on side-effects of leftovers in the past?
16:15 <kaniini> yes, i would say so
16:18 <tech2_> Thanks, will try again with some more specific selections.
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16:38 <tech2_> kaniini: thanks for the nudge, that seems to have fixed things
16:40 <tech2_> I'm quite surprised that boost-python3 doesn't have python3 as a dep?
16:41 <kaniini> could be broken
16:41 <kaniini> try it and see :p
16:42 <tech2_> kaniini: as per above "for example, nginx is not being removed, nor is boost-python3" - but python3 was removed for some reason.
16:42 <kaniini> python3 was installed too
16:42 <kaniini> your point? :p
16:43 <kaniini> (as a build dep)
16:44 <tech2_> kaniini: python3 should (imho, of course) have been installed as a dep of boost-python3, and therefore not removed when the build dependencies were.
16:45 <kaniini> that is a defect of the boost-python3 package then
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16:57 <Xe> tech2_: tbh i personally use two virtuals when i have to docker-compile things
16:57 <Xe> one for run, one for build
16:57 <Xe> kinda like how abuild works
16:58 <Xe> also i've been moving to making APKBUILD files for things instead of just containers
16:58 <Xe> kaniini: is there /etc/apk/repositories.d?
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17:07 <kaniini> Xe: yes
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17:10 <tech2_> Xe: apkbuild?
17:11 <Xe> tech2_: basically making stuff into packages instead of one-off in dockerfiles
17:11 <Xe> about half of it is so i could reuse things like that
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18:57 <xentec> ncopa: why does ncurses-terminfo-base exist, if every terminal pkg (tmux,st,etc.) requires ncurses-terminfo with all ancient terminal profiles. shouldn't -terminfo be a complement for -terminfo-base?
19:06 <ericnoan> Package build logs are 404 on the pkgs.alpinelinux.org web site
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21:19 <HazWard> I have a chroot set up with /dev binded using mount --bind and when I try to output sound using "cat /dev/urandom | aplay" it says that the resources are busy. Outside the chroot everyting works but inside it doesn't
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21:37 <TBB> you need to liberate the chroots from the slavemaster that is grsec!
21:41 <TBB> wield your -w longsword of sysctl and cut their chains!
21:41 <TBB> (no seriously, that's how you do it, I'm just trying to make it less dull than it is)
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