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00:21 <* tarpit> pulls up a chair and pours a cup of coffee. Wondering how I might speed up the boot process.
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00:25 <* tarpit> pours kvda a cup of coffee.
00:25 <kvda> why thank you
00:26 <tarpit> I am new to Alpine, so can't help much more than a cup of joe. :}
00:28 <TemptorSent> tarpit: What part of the boot-process is taking too long currently?
00:29 <tarpit> It is very fast. Just want to trim off a few seconds if I can. Maybe remove the countdown?
00:31 <TemptorSent> tarpit: Take a look at the current initramfs-init script in /usr/share/mkinitfs -- that's responsible for what happens between the kernel booting and the handoff to openrc.
00:31 <ericnoan> A question about packages: Does Alpine have a community package repository, kind of like AUR, but for Alpine?
00:31 <Nilium> Like the /community one or something hosted separately?
00:32 <TemptorSent> ericnoan: There is the community repo in alpine, just uncomment it in /etc/apk/repoositories.
00:32 <ericnoan> TemptorSent: thanks
00:33 <TemptorSent> tarpit: I'm actively working on rebuilding the image builder and boot process, so input gladly welcome.
00:33 <TemptorSent> ericnoan: No problem.
00:35 <tarpit> TemptorSent Thanks. :)
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08:20 <scv> so, why is postgres and squid in /etc/group by default?
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09:00 <_ikke_> scv: What I heard last probably because that's what someone had in their passwd
09:00 <_ikke_> /group
09:04 <fsociety[00]dat> hi, I want to give a try alpine on vbox but I can't install network. Any help?
09:05 <scv> probably a good idea to remove them from the base install
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09:16 <fsociety[00]dat> ok, fixed
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09:29 <fsociety[00]dat> for daily use; is it enough to do "useradd -m -G wheel alpineuser" ?
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11:30 <user__> just a short question: how do i install a package from the install boot media after the installation? as i only can access the internet through wifi and i have seen the 2 required packages on the boot media. my pentium 2 will thank you ;)
11:32 <avih> user__: iirc it should either just work or maybe you need to uncommend a cdrom (or some such) entry at /etc/apk/repositories
11:32 <avih> uncomment*
11:33 <avih> "just work" means running e.g. apk add openssh
11:34 <user__> ok thanks
11:34 <user__> btw this project is awesome. keep it on ;)
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15:11 <TemptorSent> scv: Yeah, I was investigating the init passwd/group files -- Some of the users/groups are in fact required to boot otherwise device creation fails.
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18:28 <scv> TemptorSent: neither squid nor postgres have anything to do with devices.
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18:41 <user__> avih: got it installed. runs very good on this old rig. i am just reconfiguring the mirrors as the file was empty after an install without internet. just extracted the tar file with the mirrors and running setup-apkrepos
18:43 <user__> hm, now i am getting this error for all repos: ERROR: http://dl-2.alpinelinux.org/alpine/: No such file or directory
18:44 <avih> user__: i haven't set up local repos or mirrors... so no experience with that.
18:45 <user__> i already commented out the local ones and readded the internet mirrors, as i have a connection now
18:46 <scv> TemptorSent: they should be added by their respective packages, likely they were present when somebody was building the base image or package with passwd/group
18:46 <TemptorSent> scv: No, those accounts do not - but several you wouldn't expect do popup.
18:46 <scv> the others are all fine
18:46 <scv> those are the only two i'm complaining about
18:47 <scv> mainly because postgres has /bin/sh as its shell, its login is disabled in shadow but that's still mildly concerning
18:47 <TemptorSent> scv: We really should make a cohesive list of system users.
18:47 <TemptorSent> scv: Yeah, all users should be defaulted to /bin/false
18:47 <scv> well, postgres you need to drop to the user to manage by default
18:47 <scv> so it'd be OK if you installed postgres
18:48 <scv> but it doesn't need to be in the base system :p
18:48 <scv> unexpected users with shells are no bueno
18:48 <TemptorSent> scv: Right, but it shouldn't be enabled until pg is installed.
18:48 <avih> huh, i get some problems after the openrc update on edge. for tab completion on bash (for a dir name) i'm getting "-bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: Read-only file system" and also some errors during boot
18:48 <scv> shouldn't be present period until it is
18:49 <TemptorSent> scv: It would be very helpful to have a list of service users and the uids so we can actually expect sane things when moving a data fs from one install to another.
18:49 <scv> yeah
18:49 <scv> that would be convenient
18:49 <scv> i wonder if there's any consistency across distros
18:49 <scv> unlikely
18:49 <scv> avih: sounds like your root fs didn't get remounted RW?
18:49 <TemptorSent> scv: Not particularly any more -- it used to be pretty consistent back in the OLD days.
18:50 <avih> actually, not sure those are errors. possibly just quite more verbose that it was
18:50 <avih> (boot)
18:50 <scv> the fact that everybody is departed from the old days is the main reason why i'm here :>
18:50 <avih> scv: yes, sounds like it, and it started after i updated openrc
18:50 <scv> avih: any way you could pastebin those messages?
18:50 <scv> maybe a clue in there
18:50 <TemptorSent> scv: But having a consistent UID mapping would be a very good thing for consistency.
18:51 <avih> not sure, virtualbox terminal doesn't allow copy-paste i think. are they anywhere at /var/log?
18:51 <avih> (i can still ssh to the machine and copy logs, but which ones should i copy?)
18:51 <TemptorSent> scv: A master-password/group file containing all the known users installed by packages and their UIDs.
18:52 <scv> avih: well, it's unlikely they're written out if your fs is ro
18:52 <avih> :/
18:52 <scv> maybe a screenshot if you can still scroll up to that point?
18:52 <avih> maybe they're writable as root? sec
18:52 <scv> shift-pgup should do it but it has limited buffer
18:52 <avih> nope
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18:54 <TemptorSent> scv: What we want to avoid is situations where one system has user postgres as uid 85 and another has apache at the same uid
18:54 <scv> of course
18:54 <scv> no other distro does that
18:54 <scv> typically uids <500 are reserved for such purposes
18:54 <TemptorSent> scv: Right, but I'm not aware of a mapping for that allocation on alpine, are you?
18:55 <avih> scv: first issue at the boot log on screen seems to be: "[green *] Configuring kernel parameters ..." and next line "[yellow *] / is not writable"
18:55 <scv> hm
18:55 <scv> TemptorSent: presumably every existing added user is already assigned a UID, but i'm not 100% sure
18:56 <avih> i think i configured openrc to write a log, but i don't recall where it is, and tab completion doesn't work due to readonly fs..
18:57 <TemptorSent> scv: Okay, I'd love to know where the map is if so! But it might be sane to just populate all of the known accounts in passwd/group, with them set deactivated until the package is installed.
18:58 <avih> the disk is not full either.
18:58 <TemptorSent> scv: It would prevent users from fubaring their systems by adding system users and would make tar files with UIDs resolvable consistently, regardless of what's installed.
18:59 <scv> avih: read only might occur if the kernel command line has 'ro' and it wasn't remounted rw or if you had an error on the disk on boot
18:59 <scv> being full wouldn't trigger read only
18:59 <scv> avih: first place i'd check would be the kernel command line
18:59 <scv> should be near the top of dmesg
19:00 <avih> scv: is there a missing comma here?! Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinuz-grsec root=UUID=85ae6191-c977-4cbc-958f-fb4cd951de8cmodules=sd-mod,usb-storage,ext4 quiet initrd=initramfs-grsec
19:01 <TemptorSent> avih: a missing space before modules at least.
19:01 <scv> yep
19:01 <avih> right. missing something.
19:01 <avih> so how does that happen?
19:02 <scv> a bug perhaps :p
19:02 <avih> cannot be!
19:02 <scv> those entries come from /etc/update-extlinux.conf usually
19:02 <avih> this seems to be the update http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/commit/?id=75beafaab9382148ffdd85d7c1444775b29b44d7
19:03 <scv> what flags do you have in your fstab?
19:03 <avih> is Sören Tempel here? he pushed it recently
19:03 <avih> scv: how do i check that?
19:03 <avih> less /etc/fstab ?
19:03 <scv> cat /etc/fstab
19:03 <scv> they're the 4th column
19:04 <avih> both / and /boot are rw
19:04 <scv> funky
19:04 <scv> well
19:04 <scv> as root you can do mount -o remount,rw /
19:04 <scv> to work around that for now
19:05 <scv> but as for the root cause i'm not quite sure, it may be related to that patch
19:05 <avih> e.g. "... / ext4 rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 0"
19:05 <scv> yep looks normal
19:06 <TemptorSent> Did you try with the space in the command line? It would both fubar the root UUID and the modules loaded for detection.
19:06 <avih> TemptorSent: how do i test that?
19:06 <scv> presumably if root wasn't specified right it wouldn't have mounted at all
19:06 <scv> avih: is it really present without a space in dmesg?
19:06 <avih> yes
19:06 <scv> hrm
19:06 <scv> i'd expect that to completely break boot tbh.
19:06 <TemptorSent> Yeah, try editing your kerenel command line.
19:07 <TemptorSent> nlplug-findfs may be partially salvaging it.
19:07 <avih> i don't disagree. it's too weird to work in any meaningful way (read only included)
19:07 <avih> TemptorSent: how do i edit the kerne; command line?
19:07 <avih> l
19:07 <TemptorSent> It's POSSIBLE that it parses the UUID okay given a fixed length, and the modules are failing to load.
19:07 <avih> this is a hdd install
19:08 <avih> (inside vbox)
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19:08 <TemptorSent> avih : if you can edit the syslinux/extlinux conf file in /boot/syslinux, that's the best bet.
19:09 <TemptorSent> Otherwise, type it at the boot prompt -- hold down <space> while booting to trip it.
19:09 <scv> /boot/syslinux.conf
19:09 <avih> hmm.. /boot might be writable
19:09 <scv> line should be like
19:09 <scv> APPEND root=UUID=fa1d21a0-08df-48bb-95cd-62929828e771 modules=sd-mod,usb-storage,ext4 quiet
19:09 <TemptorSent> ..with your UUID :)
19:10 <scv> yeah
19:10 <scv> :p
19:10 <avih> sec; i don't have tab completion! :)
19:11 <TemptorSent> *lol* At least you're not retyping URLs to a differnt machine to use a browser!
19:11 <avih> well.. no missing space there... https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8982560
19:12 <avih> this doesn't seem right though. my timeout is not 30s. it's 3 i think
19:12 <scv> i don't suspect that to be the issue. nothing with that would trigger read only
19:12 <scv> avih: as root, run: mount -o remount,rw /
19:12 <scv> should fix your tab completion and whatnot
19:13 <scv> then you may be able to get a full dmesg/messages log pastebin'd for us to see
19:13 <avih> indeed. that worked.
19:13 <avih> but now what?
19:13 <scv> let's see the contents of /var/log/messages
19:13 <scv> and /var/log/dmesg
19:13 <avih> i could already do that before. recall, i can ssh into it with a normal terminal
19:15 <avih> scv: dmesg https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8982561
19:16 <avih> (this is without any vbox guest additions or modules)
19:16 <avih> huh.. is this right? "Booting paravirtualized kernel on KVM"
19:17 <avih> wait a sec. the space is there now. wtf
19:17 <avih> weird. so that was a red herring
19:17 <TemptorSent> *cues twilight zone theme music
19:19 <avih> i don't get where all the KVM related messages come from. i'm not using kvm afaik.
19:19 <avih> this is plain alpine hdd install on vbox. the extended image.
19:21 <scv> it just means it's accelerated
19:22 <scv> i don't see anything out of the ordinary there, anything boot-time in messages?
19:23 <avih> oh, you mean vt-x/vt-d on vbox?
19:23 <avih> scv: the first non green message is the one i told you earlier. after configuring kernel params, i got warning that / is not writable
19:24 <scv> well, at this point i suspect its that openrc patch as well
19:24 <scv> perhaps you can try rolling openrc back to an earlier revision and see if that works
19:24 <scv> maybe install the apk from 3.5
19:25 <avih> you mean apk add openrc@main or so?
19:25 <avih> sorry. that would still be edge. not sure how to add from 3.5
19:26 <avih> i guess i could remove the edge repos and try to reinstall openrc. however, i think i'll wait a bit and see if a fix arrives first.
19:29 <avih> scv: any chance that because readonly, this dmesg is from the previous boot?
19:29 <avih> (i.e. the one after which i updated openrc)
19:29 <scv> probably
19:29 <scv> now that i think about it
19:29 <scv> i should go get some coffee. :)
19:29 <avih> sounds reasonable :)
19:32 <avih> TemptorSent: would it be terrible if i tried to write some small file to /boot to check if it's writable?
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19:50 <TemptorSent> avih : Nope, no problem at all.
19:52 <avih> TemptorSent: k, i'll keep that in mind. for now though, i'm not sure how to proceed diagnostics, since it could be the case that i have no valid logs at all due to this readonly mount..
19:52 <TemptorSent> avih: Boot with 'noquiet' and 'debug' on the cmdline
19:52 <avih> TemptorSent: so just remove the "quiet" and add "debug"?
19:53 <avih> i'm basically replacing (the existing) quiet with debug
19:54 <avih> huh, it seems the scrollback is limited.
19:54 <avih> and i can scroll back (on screen) only so far, but it's still far from the begining of the log
19:57 <TemptorSent> avih: I've got to run, but look into setting up the serial console, it makes debugging boot much easier. I'll be back in a few hrs.
19:57 <avih> ok, these are the last two messages before the colorful openrc log starts:
19:58 <avih> EXT4-fs (sda3): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities
19:58 <avih> EXT4-fs (sda3): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
19:58 <avih> ok.
20:00 <TemptorSent> Looks like your fstab/mount options don't agree with your actual fs. Make sure everything says ext4 if you're using ext4, including the kernel module, fstab, and any other mounts.
20:01 <avih> and then some successful (green) openrc log lines, and then (green) "configuring kernel parameters" and then warning (yellow) "/ is not writable"
20:01 <TemptorSent> I'll have to look at it further when I get back.
20:01 <avih> TemptorSent: i haven't touched any of those, and this system has booted happily dozens of times.
20:02 <avih> thx. ping me when you're back. if i'm online, i'll be available to debug further. thanks.
20:02 <TemptorSent> avih: Then I suspect a module somewhere isn't loading... it shouldn't break randomly, but then again -- it's on a computer... random behaviour expected at random :)_
20:03 <avih> it wasn't random. it started after openrc updated
20:03 <avih> this http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/commit/?id=75beafaab9382148ffdd85d7c1444775b29b44d7
20:04 <avih> seems like a lot of patches were removed
20:04 <avih> or at least a lot of *.initd files were removed
20:04 <avih> but also patches.
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20:05 <cdnlnxnb> awesome, lots of ppl here, this is promising.\
20:06 <femme> lots of lurkers ;)
20:06 <cdnlnxnb> lol
20:08 <cdnlnxnb> i know there are guides and such for setting up alpine as a router. No problem so far. Except adding my shiny new asus usb wireless ac stick....
20:08 <cdnlnxnb> want to use it as my makeshift ap point
20:08 <cdnlnxnb> am kinda noob at this, only 5 years in or so...
20:10 <cdnlnxnb> is this a matter of adding asus' linux repositories?
20:12 <avih> oh, i read it incorrectly. all the same files are still there, only 3 were modified (the ABUILD and two patches), but the short hashes were removed and only the sha512 were kept. so another red herring (wrt removals)
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20:14 <avih> i'm suspecting the changes at 0002-force-root-be-rw-before-localmount.patch but i don't know enough to evaluate them
20:14 <bulld00zer> G'day, anything similar to preseed/kickstart in Alpine? Looking to automate a installation.. Any hints welcome :)
20:17 <cdnlnxnb> ?
20:20 <darkfader> bulld00zer: nope
20:20 <darkfader> but try to play with lbu and custom overlays if you have a day or two to spare
20:20 <darkfader> since it enables some things you might want
20:21 <cdnlnxnb> darkfader that is intended for me?
20:21 <darkfader> cdnlnxnb: no
20:21 <cdnlnxnb> thnks
20:22 <bulld00zer> darkfader: figured as much, lbu and overlays it is :) thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
20:34 <cdnlnxnb> alternately, i could return it to the store and get something you all reccomend
20:41 <avih> TemptorSent: so it seems i fixed it, but i'm not sure what the implications are. this is the patch which was used with the previous openrc version http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/openrc/0002-force-root-be-rw-before-localmount.patch?id=e65aa032e89545870845918ca05d4943e0ec10f0 and with the openrc update, the patch was updated too to look like this http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/openrc/0002-force-root-be-rw-before-
20:41 <avih> localmount.patch?id=75beafaab9382148ffdd85d7c1444775b29b44d7
20:43 <avih> clearly the openrc code has changed (i haven't looked at it though), as it seems the new openrc code has "root" at the "use" and "after" lines, which the new patch removes. so now there's no "root" at all in either need/use/after lines. my change was from "need fsck" to "need fsck root". making it similar to the output of applying the previous patch to the previous openrc version. and this seems to work.
20:44 <avih> however, as i noted, i don't know what the implications are.
20:45 <avih> (i edited /etc/init.d/localmount directly with the additional "root")
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20:47 <avih> (i also tried to just disable/revert what the new patch does as if it didn't exist, i.e. restore "root" to the use+after lines, but it didn't fix the issue. so i ended up with the new patch applied - without any "root", and then added root to the "need" line - which seems to work)
20:58 <cdnlnxnb> hrm.... feels like I am gonna learn a heck of a lot about archlinux today....
20:59 <cdnlnxnb> that is some kind of dark ritual right? install a wireless adapter into whatever flavour of linux you are chasing that day?
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21:04 <cdnlnxnb> arch has a really good wiki, can I basically follow the directions there?
21:05 <_ikke_> Don't think arch instructions are going to work for alpine
21:13 <cdnlnxnb> though this was based on arch?
21:13 <_ikke_> nope, not at all
21:13 <cdnlnxnb> oh, my bad
21:14 <_ikke_> The only resemblance is that they have the same way to build packages
21:14 <cdnlnxnb> ok, so adding my wifi adapter is done by adding it as a package and then configuring it right?
21:15 <TBB> wifi support usually comes from the kernel
21:16 <cdnlnxnb> for a specific chipset, if I recall... going back to my original issue.... should i just return this and get something easier to work with?
21:16 <TBB> and the dark ritual is mostly about promising to sacrifice a goat to the dark lord before picking up a wifi adapter in the shop
21:18 <cdnlnxnb> any specific model i could use with usb and it would probably show up on boot?
21:19 <TBB> plug it in, see what lsusb or dmesg tells you to get the vendorID:productID pair and then do some google-fu to find what kernel module supports it
21:21 <cdnlnxnb> (sweats) sure...... slowly but surely getting there. I promised i would never get into programming... compiling kernels doesn't count does it?
21:21 <cdnlnxnb> seriously though, will do
21:21 <cdnlnxnb> thanks
21:22 <TBB> no, but fortunately, you most probably won't have to compile the kernel
21:24 <cdnlnxnb> as an aside.... i am also 2/3rds the way through rebuilding my dirtbike engine for the first time.... equally dauntiung
21:24 <cdnlnxnb> will be back for more advice i am sure. thanks!
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22:00 <avih> TemptorSent: scv: i filed https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/7042 . Thanks for the help.
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23:46 <shad0> hello... anyone mind helping me sort out my understanding of the docs?
23:46 <shad0> (regarding run from ram / usb mode)
23:48 <shad0> it sounds like if I want a run from ram system, I boot an iso, via either usb or cd, run setup-bootable pointed at the usb device I want to boot off of, and then on that usb device, tweak the lbu and other settings I want persisted ... is that about right?
23:49 <shad0> (and no, I don't intend to boot from the same USB device that I'll run setup-bootable pointed towards)
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23:53 <shad0> or is there some tar or similar compressed file/image that the tmpfs gets extracted/uncompressed from?