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00:24 luxio joined
00:25 <luxio> I'm thinking of migrating from Gentoo to Alpine. Is it possible to search the package repositories online?
00:25 <luxio> I want to make sure I'll be able to install everything I need.
00:26 <tmh1999> luxio : http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/
00:26 <tmh1999> luxio : $ sudo apk search 'package-name'
00:26 <luxio> I haven't installed yet
00:29 <dalias> http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree
00:29 <dalias> there's also a web ui but i prefer just reading the git repo
00:34 <tmh1999> dalias : can I ask you a quick question ? not really related to alpine/musl.
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00:35 <tmh1999> dalias : https://github.com/ocsigen/ocaml-eliom/blob/master/asmrun/signals_osdep.h#L300. context->sregs is in kernel code. So basically I need to # include <asm/sigcontext.h> in that #elif
00:35 <tmh1999> is it normal ?
00:37 <tmh1999> kernel implementation of struct context->sregs : https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/arch/s390/include/uapi/asm/sigcontext.h#L79
00:38 <tmh1999> by normal I mean #include asm/ header
00:41 <dalias> just a sec
00:41 <tmh1999> Sure :)
00:43 <dalias> that would be one way but it's likely to clash
00:43 <dalias> the better thing to do would be to fix it to use the ucontext version of the structure from signal.h
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00:46 <tmh1999> dalias : perfect ! That's exactly I wanted to do :)
00:46 <tmh1999> dalias : thank you ! I am working on that one :)
00:47 <tmh1999> so the ocaml code could do #include <sys/ucontext.h> :)
00:47 <dalias> it's just <signal.h>
00:47 <tmh1999> oh cool
00:47 <tmh1999> :)
00:48 <dalias> but sys/ucontext.h should work to get it too iirc
00:48 <dalias> odd that i don't remember hitting this; must be relatively new
00:48 <tmh1999> in sys/ucontext.h we have signal.h
00:48 <dalias> ocaml worked even on utterly ancient pre-release musl-predecessor over a decade ago
00:48 <dalias> with no changes
00:49 <dalias> oh maybe it's not ocaml itself but some package
00:50 <tmh1999> well this context->sregs in this ocaml code only apply for s390x. lookup 'sregs' in the whole ocaml code you will see
00:50 <dalias> yeah but it seems to be using the old sigcontext stuff for most archs
00:54 <tmh1999> dalias : hum, some arch in that ocaml header uses #include <sys/ucontext.h>
00:54 <tmh1999> https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/blob/trunk/asmrun/signals_osdep.h
00:56 <tmh1999> but before that I will try figure out how to put sregs and signal.h into a good mix
00:56 <tmh1999> :)
00:56 <tmh1999> probably need to ask koorogi to do as I am not very good with kernel code ... even musl
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01:18 <tmh1999> dalias : do you have any example on how to use kernel struct in our musl header ?
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01:26 <tmh1999> ah looks like there are some struct used in kernel code, but only are defined in libc
01:46 <tmh1999> dalias : looks the glibc does include <asm/sigcontext.h> https://github.com/bminor/glibc/blob/master/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/bits/sigcontext.h
01:52 <dalias> yes. that's glibc and not relevant
01:53 <tmh1999> I see
01:53 <dalias> there's no need to be looking at any kernel code here
01:53 <dalias> this is purely a matter of the arch's layout of the ucontext/mcontext used to represent the interrupted process state at the time of a signal
01:54 <dalias> the kernel headers define one representation of that
01:54 <dalias> the libc headers define another representation of the same thing
01:54 <dalias> in userspace programs the latter is the one you should be using
01:54 <tmh1999> wow
01:55 <tmh1999> I see
01:55 <tmh1999> I will try
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02:20 <luxio-m> I just installed Alpine and can't get WiFi to work. udhcpd shows a message at boot, trying 5 times to get a lease and failing.
02:21 <luxio-m> WiFi worked on the install USB drive.
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02:43 <tmh1999> dalias : looks like koorogi merged few structs, so the layout might be different from the kernel, but still works. Thus I think I should just patch ocaml to work with musl's layout.
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07:55 <terra> hi guys, is there any solution for packages being cached during "abuild -r" ? Everytime I attempt to build packages, they're fethed from remote repositories.
07:55 <terra> *fetched
07:56 <fabled> mkdir /etc/apk/cache
07:56 <terra> is that so?
07:56 <fabled> or make it a symlink to the place where you want to cache them
07:56 <fabled> or run setup-apkcache
07:58 <terra> what about -> ln -s /var/cache/apk /etc/apk/cache ?
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08:02 <terra> fabled: whatever.. i see that packages being stored anyway. thanks.
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08:15 <ScrumpyJack> morning
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09:02 <greguu> please please armv5tel support please
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09:11 <ScrumpyJack> greguu: is that the old strongARM series?
09:11 <ScrumpyJack> from the 90s?
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09:16 <greguu> ScrumpyJack: No way, not that old. These ARM5 devices are for example Intel Xscale PXA series and other Marvel chipsets from 2002-2006. Some Watchguard Firewalls XTM22 etc are also ARM5v
09:16 <Alex_______> Are there any best practices regarding OSS compliance (especially when using packages with weak or strong copyleft licenses such as GPL or LGPL) when using alpine linux inside Docker Containers?
09:17 <greguu> ScrumpyJack: I would like to install it on the Sharp Zaurus C3100 / Cxxxx series
09:19 <greguu> ScrumpyJack: Currently I maintain a ArchLinuxARM port/kernel for the Zaurus C3x00 but it gets a bit heavy. Musl and OpenRC would be welcome
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10:29 <IcePic> hi people, quick question. I installed alpine using ISO to a harddrive, as a "sys" install, moved the hd image to kvm (from VBox) and booted it, and it boots fine, but when I start up, my root fs is mounted RO, even though fstab says rw,(relatime,data=ord..)
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10:29 <IcePic> is this expected?
10:31 <asldfkjaepoif> hi, (creating uefi boot usb) https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Create_UEFI_boot_USB (loader/loader.conf part). Does the loader/loader.conf part (e.g. mkdir -p loader/entries) suggest it should be done from /mnt? (/mnt/loader/entries) or where to put the loader dir on the usb?
10:31 <IcePic> /boot has the same flags, but is writeable, so its not that the underlying stuff is RO or anything, and I can of course remount it, but the udhcpd cant update resolv.conf at boot and gets interactive to ask what to do.
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11:45 <asldfkjaepoif> somebody keen to help with uefi/efi boot?
11:46 <asldfkjaepoif> it seems to boot fine on uefi device, but windows 10 based one with efi usb boot option does not recognize the usb stick as bootable or usable device at all
11:47 <asldfkjaepoif> yet there are videos of people booting other distributions fine (mint ..), could it be the grub as bootloader used by others or the location of .efi files?
11:49 <asldfkjaepoif> what could I be doing wrong?
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11:56 <asldfkjaepoif> oh, I see it's probably 32 bit.
11:57 <asldfkjaepoif> fuuu
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12:17 <asldfkjaepoif> is it possible to create usb of alpine with efi ia32 booting?
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13:18 <newbz> alpine linux has the package tomcat-native; which version of tomcat is this built out of?
13:19 <newbz> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/v3.5/community/x86_64/tomcat-native the link to the package
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13:21 <xificurC> when running `gcc -static my.c` I get a binary that is statically linked with musl libc, correct?
13:22 sparklyballs joined
13:25 <xificurC> I want to create a docker image that can build musl statically linked binaries, I'm just not sure if I've done it right :) I expect that alpine builds with musl by default?
13:31 <odc> of course @ xificurC
13:32 <odc> just use the official alpine docker image, and install the build-base package
13:32 <xificurC> odc: I found gcc and musl-dev to be the minimal to build
13:32 blueness joined
13:33 <odc> yes
13:33 <odc> and make
13:33 <yGweSm1OzVHe> newbz if you look in aports in the apkbuild file you'll find: pkgver=1.2.10
13:33 <xificurC> odc: but build-base probably makes sense. Thank you
13:33 <xificurC> and yes I'm using the official docker image
13:33 <odc> cool
13:34 <yGweSm1OzVHe> newbz: also you can find an intriguing todo: TODO: Patch for LibreSSL and enable SSL support.
13:34 atmoz joined
13:34 <yGweSm1OzVHe> newbz: but it seems the same info is also on the webpage you linked, sans the todo
13:42 <ScrumpyJack> i've finally removed all services from my kimsufi host and it's ready for Alpine Linux. anyone have notes on bootstrapping remotely beyond what's on the wiki?
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14:51 <TBB> I imagine you've got the linux-fu to pull it off without wiki too. I had no idea of the wiki page when I did that to my old Gentoo remote host...
15:01 <ScrumpyJack> right, ready to reboot
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15:08 <TBB> good luck!
15:12 <ScrumpyJack> i'm just worried my apkovl doesn't get overlayed
15:16 <^7heo> ScrumpyJack: any idea how the apkovl file gets found at boot?
15:19 <ScrumpyJack> the init script
15:19 <ScrumpyJack> lemme check
15:20 <^7heo> that would be ace
15:20 <^7heo> yesterday I was searching for it
15:20 <^7heo> but I was too busy
15:20 <^7heo> so I didn't actually bother to find it ;P
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15:54 <ScrumpyJack> it seems like you can pass it as a kernel option (and ends up in /proc/cmdline) or the script reads it from /tmp/apkovls
15:54 <ScrumpyJack> it's pretty dense
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16:29 <saidso> hi there, my alpine vm is stuck while starting busybox crond for few minutes and then continues booting. I have no custom cron jobs. How can I debug what is going wrong?
16:35 sharks__ joined
16:36 <ScrumpyJack> saidso: are you sure it's crond and not chrony?
16:37 <sharks__> Hello! I’m playing around a bit trying to get alpine up and running on Digital Ocean. It sort of works, I can ssh in to the box - but when I reboot it, I’m unable to connect to it before I run `service networking restart`. Then I can connect again. Any clue where to start here?
16:38 <saidso> ScrumpyJack: Let me check again..
16:44 blueness joined
16:48 <saidso> ScrumpyJack: I removed chronyd from default runlevel. So now I am sure it is stuck on starting crond
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16:51 <ScrumpyJack> not sure what's going on there. you could try installing fcron (as i don't think we have vixie cron packaged)
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16:58 <saidso> ScrumpyJack: Just from curiosity I disabled also chronyd and the boot process looks the same so it is hanging somewhere else. My first idea is that there is not enouhg entropy in the vm so it si stuck at "Initializing random number generator"
16:59 nanohest joined
16:59 <sharks__> looks like eth0 has no inet addr after boot, and only gets one after i do `service networking restart`. weird
17:03 <saidso> ScrumpyJack: cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail on the hosts shows there is plenty...
17:07 <TBB> sharks__: I've installed dhclient into my Alpine systems, it seems to do a better job than BusyBox udhcpc
17:08 <sharks__> TBB: I think I’ll try that. thanks!
17:08 <TBB> I imagine udhcpc can be configured somehow to wait a while longer, too, but I didn't bother to find out...
17:12 <saidso> So after a little bit more investigation it seems that my vm is idling on boot because of sshd, any idea what to look for? Boot is stuck for about 2 minutes
17:13 <TBB> do you by any chance have urandom added to your services?
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17:17 <saidso> TBB: if that question was for me.. I do not have urandom in any runlevel
17:18 <saidso> I have no idea why sshd is stuck, replacing it with dropbear I have super fast boot now... That is though not fixing my issue ..
17:19 <sharks__> TBB: i added `-f` to `ifup` and `ifdown` in the startup script and it fixed it
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17:30 <BitL0G1c> saidso - there is a trick you can use in /etc/init.d/urandom to add entropy - I needed it for openvswitch
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17:32 <BitL0G1c> saidso - see => https://hastebin.com/uwowijuqah.rb
17:34 <BitL0G1c> if you are in kvm entropy can also be fixed properly by the host with http://wiki.qemu-project.org/Features/VirtIORNG
17:35 <BitL0G1c> tinyssh is also a good small ssh server - I use instead of dropbear as it has ed25519 ciphers
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18:14 <saidso> BitL0G1c: Thanks for the links, I will have a look
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18:46 <terra> guys, anyone able to play urban-terror on Alpine ?
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19:27 <kaniini> terra: i had it packaged at one time, and it did used to work. but i haven't played it in many years.
19:29 <TBB> I am completely corrupted by my work. I notice there's a woman sitting a couple of benches away in this bus running Wireshark from the command line on her Linux laptop
19:29 <TBB> would I even notice otherwise...
19:31 <Death_Syn> she's watching your chats :P
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19:56 <TemptorSent> TBB: Did you troll her by floating some entertaining packets?
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20:10 <saidso> TBB: she was for sure just building some dissector not sniffing around ;)
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20:35 <luxio> How do I install KDE Plasma on Alpine?
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20:50 <luxio> Is dl-cdn still down?
20:52 <_ikke_> luxio: Not down for me
20:52 <_ikke_> http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.5/main/x86_64/ works for me
20:54 <luxio> _ikke_: I'm getting some errors saying "unsatisfiable constraints" when using apk, not sure what could be causing the problem. I searched on Google and it said something about dl-* being down.
20:54 <_ikke_> Well, what is the case is that there were some rsync issues, so not all packages might be available yet
20:55 <luxio> Is there a way to fix this?
20:55 <_ikke_> Try to use https://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/
20:57 <luxio> _ikke_: yeah still getting errors
20:58 <_ikke_> What errors are you getting?
20:59 <luxio> ERROR: unsatisfiable contraints:
20:59 <luxio> alpine-desktop (missing):[...]
21:01 <_ikke_> Did you add the community repo?
21:01 <luxio> No, I thought only main was needed?
21:01 <_ikke_> nope
21:01 <_ikke_> alpine-desktop lives in community
21:01 <_ikke_> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=alpine-desktop&branch=&repo=&arch=&maintainer=
21:01 <luxio> oh, huh
21:02 <_ikke_> note that community is relatively new
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21:04 parazyd joined
21:05 <^7heo> yeah, some packages are only 5 years old.
21:06 <^7heo> so you won't find the source code for the BSD 4.4 in there.
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21:07 <avih> luxio: the name "community" is a code name for 6 months support, vs 2 years of "main". but otherwise they both live in the same git repo.
21:08 <avih> (and download mirrors)
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21:09 <^7heo> ahah we have a package in community that is almost 7 years old.
21:10 <^7heo> more than one actually...
21:10 <^7heo> oh wait I'm just getting partial results
21:10 <^7heo> damn, sorry, will need more checks
21:10 <avih> ^7heo: you mean that there exist newer stable packages but those at community are not updated?
21:10 <luxio> what wm/de should I use?
21:11 <luxio> I want something lightweight that looks good
21:11 <avih> xfce works well in alpine. others might too.
21:11 <^7heo> avih: nah old stuff that was mostly untouched without upstream.
21:11 <^7heo> but I need to re-check
21:11 <^7heo> my logic is flawed
21:11 <^7heo> I matched packages that were MOSTLY untouched since a long time
21:11 <^7heo> not packages that were COMPLETELY untouched since a long time
21:11 <avih> it's still possible that there aren't newer upstream versions..
21:12 <^7heo> and since you can keep a package up to date with only abump, by changing a single line...
21:12 <^7heo> yeah that too.
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21:35 <luxio> I've installed xf86-video-nouveau, but xfce is stuck at 1280x1024?
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21:36 <luxio> brb I'll try rebooting
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21:38 <luxio> Yeah, not going past 1280x1024
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21:42 <TheXzoron> I'm trying to use certbot but it just hangs on saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log of which the contes are not very meaningful it seems https://dpaste.de/Exrc
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23:09 <BitL0G1c> TheXzoron - certbot certonly --agree-tos --text --email $email --webroot -w $webroot -d $domain -d www.$domain
23:09 <BitL0G1c> been using it for 4-5 months
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23:25 <terra> UrbanTerror binary seems that only need one symbol to run on musl.. Can you check out please guys? http://pastebin.com/aX4kwzn6
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23:37 <luxio> I can't get sound to work
23:37 <luxio> I have alsa-utils installed and selected the correct sound card
23:37 <BitL0G1c> terra - /usr/include/stdlib.h:double strtod (const char *__restrict, char **__restrict);
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23:40 <terra> BitL0G1c: If you intend to recompile it, I have to notice that UrbanTerror is a blob.
23:45 <BitL0G1c> it needs to be patched to work with musl - ____STRTOF_INTERNAL is a glibc macro
23:53 <avih> luxio: you need to add your user to the audio group
23:54 <avih> you can alsoo add the alsa service to save/restore mixer settings between reboots
23:57 luxio joined
23:57 <luxio> avih: Thanks, that worked
23:57 <avih> yw
23:57 <luxio> still trying to figure out how to get xfce to 1920x1080 if anyone has an idea of how to fix that
23:58 <avih> no experience with display hw drivers, sorry