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00:00 <terra> avih: what xrandr says? is 1920x1080 listed? "*" indicates current resolution.
00:01 <avih> terra: my install is in vbox and i typically use forwarded x with it, so i don't mind much about xserver in alpine
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00:02 <terra> oh, that was for @luxio
00:03 <avih> yes :)
00:03 <terra> luxio: what xrandr says? is 1920x1080 listed? "*" indicates current resolution.
00:04 <terra> :) in case of he/she didn't noticed
00:06 <luxio> terra: xrandr: not found
00:06 <terra> apk add xrandr
00:07 <luxio> "Can't open display"
00:08 <terra> aren't you on desktop or X not running?
00:08 <luxio> Xfce is running terra
00:08 <luxio> oh, oops
00:08 <luxio> ran that as rot
00:08 <terra> ok, give that command as normal user
00:08 <luxio> Screen 0: minimum 640 x 480, current 1280 x 1024, maximum 1280 x 1024
00:08 <luxio> default connected 1280x1024+0+0 0mm x 0mm
00:11 <terra> go to pastebin.com and paste the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log
00:12 <terra> and share the link with us
00:12 <terra> If your monitor supports 1920x1080, it shoul have detected by EDID
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00:24 <luxio> terra: http://termbin.com/vx1n
00:28 <avih> #3: hsize: 1920 vsize 1080 refresh: 60 vid: 49361
00:30 <terra> luxio: apk add xf86-video-nouveau xf86-video-modesetting
00:30 <terra> then restart X
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00:36 <luxio> I'm still not getting 1920x1080
00:36 <terra> :\
00:39 <terra> have you /etc/X11/xorg.conf ? or you running X without it?
00:39 <luxio> terra: that is not a file on my system
00:43 <terra> luxio: try this: xrandr --output HDMI --mode 1920x1080 ; sleep 30 ; xrandr --auto
00:43 <terra> it should return in 30secs if something goes wrong
00:44 <luxio> terra: I don't use HDMI
00:44 <luxio> I use VGA
00:44 <terra> luxio: try this: xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1920x1080 ; sleep 30 ; xrandr --auto
00:44 <luxio> terra: warning: output VGA1 not found; ignoring
00:45 <terra> then pastebin "xrandr" command output
00:45 <luxio> http://termbin.com/6zx6
00:50 <terra> luxio: what about removing fbdev video? apk del xf86-video-fbdev
00:51 <terra> then restart X of course.
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00:52 <luxio> nope
00:53 <terra> oh sorry, you should: apk del xf86-video-vesa
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00:55 <luxio> nope
00:56 <terra> if fails again I'll need pastebin of /var/log/Xorg.0.log and "lspci -k"
00:56 <terra> it is getting interesting
00:57 <luxio> to restart X I'm doing "rc-service lxdm stop"
00:57 <luxio> and then starting it again
00:57 <luxio> should I not be doing that?
00:57 <terra> it is ok
00:57 <luxio> http://termbin.com/5abg
00:57 <luxio> http://termbin.com/966y
01:04 <terra> luxio: rc-update add hwdrivers boot
01:04 <terra> rc-service restart hwdrivers
01:04 <terra> then restart X
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01:06 <luxio> nope
01:07 <terra> nouveau module must be listed when "lsmod" command given
01:07 <terra> nouveau module is not loaded according to lspci -k output
01:08 <terra> if not loaded, it must be inconflict with dome other kms module
01:08 <terra> *some
01:09 <terra> if you add hwdrivers service on boot runlevel, the module must have loaded properly on next reboot
01:09 <terra> i mean "rc-update add hwdrivers boot" with no errors
01:12 <luxio> should I reboot then?
01:12 <terra> lsmod|grep nouveau ?
01:12 <luxio> http://termbin.com/f8cz
01:12 <luxio> terra:
01:14 <terra> apk add xf86-video-intel
01:14 <terra> then reboot
01:14 <terra> lets see
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01:18 <luxio> still nop
01:20 <terra> did you install intel driver? apk add xf86-video-inte
01:20 <terra> l
01:20 <luxio> terra: yes
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01:22 <fugitive> Hiya guys. Any rummours when 'sys' install will be fully supported for Rasp ?
01:27 <terra> luxio: have you onboard intel graphics?
01:28 <luxio> I use a Nvidia GTX 750ti
01:28 <terra> your situatin is same with this guy: https://forum.alpinelinux.org/comment/849#comment-849
01:28 <luxio> but yes I also have onboard support
01:29 <terra> I couldn't see your intel card on "lspci -k" output. Did you disable it?
01:30 <luxio> terra: http://termbin.com/1wli
01:30 <luxio> oh
01:30 <luxio> terra: I didn't deliberately disable it, no
01:30 <luxio> brb trying solution
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01:31 <luxio> yeah, still not working
01:33 <terra> as expected because nouveau module is not loaded according to your last pastebin
01:34 <terra> echo nouveau >> /etc/modules
01:35 <terra> then reboot
01:35 <terra> also have nvidi+intel but no problem with drivers
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01:37 <luxio> still not working :/
01:37 <terra> lsmod -k and /var/log/Xorg.0.log please :)
01:38 <terra> lspci -k
01:38 <terra> sorry
01:38 <terra> not lsmod
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01:46 <luxio> http://termbin.com/e0q4
01:46 <luxio> http://termbin.com/cf2y
01:46 <luxio> terra:
01:48 <terra> wfbScreenInit: symbol not found
01:48 <terra> you don't seem to have an intel graphics onboard. Are you sure?
01:49 <terra> only nvidia visible on lspci output
01:49 <terra> apk add pciutils
01:50 <terra> lspci -s 02 -v
01:54 <terra> btw, nouveau (nvidia) xorg module can't loaded because "wfbScreenInit: symbol not found" problem.
01:55 <kaniini> try alpine edge
01:55 <kaniini> that has been fixed :)
01:56 <terra> :]
01:57 <terra> luxio: ^^
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08:00 <ScrumpyJack> morning
08:00 <ScrumpyJack> fcolista: you about dude?
08:01 <fcolista> ScrumpyJack, yes?
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08:05 <nikolaosk> anyone's firefox broken recently?
08:06 <nikolaosk> I upgraded several packages and it looks like firefox and chrome now require me add nss
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09:12 <ncopa> nikolaosk: what is the exact error message?
09:16 <ncopa> seems like it works for me
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09:35 <benoist> hello
09:35 <ncopa> hi
09:36 <benoist> I am trying Alpine Linux on a dell d430 to help a friend. Evrything looks good : really fast :-)
09:37 <benoist> but, I receive an error when I try to install, for example, a browser
09:38 <benoist> I can't find "midori"
09:39 <benoist> may be I need to add a n other repo ?
09:40 <benoist> An other problem from me, the keyboard is qwerty and I need to set it with azerty. Can you explain me how to please ?
09:41 <benoist> (I have installed xfce4)
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09:50 <ncopa> i think you need to add the commity repo for midori
09:51 <ncopa> edit /etc/apk/repositories
09:51 <ncopa> add a line which ends with "community" instead of "main"
09:52 <ncopa> re azerty, in xorg or in console?
09:52 <ncopa> i dont have experience with azerty sorry
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10:02 <avih> ncopa: i just updated alpine, and nss got updated. now firefox-esr doesn't run with the following error: XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/lib/firefox-45.8.0/libxul.so:
10:02 <avih> Error loading shared library libssl3.so: No such file or directory (needed by /usr/lib/firefox-45.8.0/libxul.so)
10:02 <avih> Couldn't load XPCOM.
10:02 <avih> [1]+ Exit 255 firefox
10:02 <avih> is it a one-off dep issue? or is it always susceptible to such issues during deps updates?
10:03 <ncopa> hum
10:03 <ncopa> weird
10:03 <ncopa> it works here
10:03 <ncopa> avih: which mirror do you use?
10:03 <avih> oh.. nl.alpine..
10:04 <ncopa> can you apk info -R firefox-esr
10:04 <ncopa> see if you have so:libssl3.so
10:04 <ncopa> also
10:04 <ncopa> check what versino of nss you have
10:04 <ncopa> apk version nss
10:05 <ncopa> avih: it seems like there have been some issues with nss
10:05 <ncopa> but i cannot reproduce it
10:05 <avih> ncopa: http://pastebin.com/UFU5rt3r
10:05 <ncopa> so i dont know what is wrong
10:05 <ncopa> so:libssl3.so
10:05 <avih> and $ apk version nss
10:05 <avih> Installed: Available:
10:05 <avih> nss-3.28.1-r1 = 3.28.1-r1
10:05 <ncopa> can you apk info -L nss
10:06 <avih> http://pastebin.com/trzMYyqM
10:07 <ncopa> avih: what happens if you apk add nss-dev
10:07 <ncopa> will it work then?
10:07 <ncopa> i think i know what happened
10:07 <avih> checking. sec
10:08 <avih> it also got nspr-dev as dep, and yes, now firefox (esr) works
10:08 <ncopa> ok
10:08 <ncopa> i know what broke it
10:08 <ncopa> thank you!
10:08 <ncopa> fix will come shortly
10:08 <avih> yw. so it's a one-off issue? not something which could always heppen during deps updates?
10:08 <ncopa> its a one-off
10:09 <avih> k, thx.
10:14 <benoist> ncopa: sorry, I phoned. I'm going to edit this file. About azerty : xorg and console.
10:17 <ncopa> not sure how to do the azerty thing
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10:21 <benoist> It's ok with community repo, I can install midori
10:21 <benoist> and it works :-)
10:22 <benoist> azerty : how to change the default language in xfce ? DDgo is not my friend ;-)
10:26 <clandmeter> azerty is like DST, both useless...
10:26 <yGweSm1OzVHe> benoist http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/busybox/2010-August/073080.html
10:28 <benoist> clandmeter , yGweSm1OzVHe : thx
10:29 <clandmeter> benoist, sorry i wasn't really helpful.
10:31 <yGweSm1OzVHe> and for your xorg keymap i'd do an setxkbmap in your .xinitrc
10:33 <benoist> .xinitrc in ~/$USER/ I guess ?
10:35 <benoist> I have /home/user/.xsession with "/bin/sh -l ~/.xinitrc" in
10:35 <yGweSm1OzVHe> it's a normal x11 install, i don't think there's anything very much alpine specific
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10:39 <yGweSm1OzVHe> benoist: here's another forum re busybox keymaps https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=191064
10:47 <benoist> thx. I found this http://docs.slackware.com/howtos:window_managers:keyboard_layout_in_xfce
10:47 <benoist> It's exactly what I did
10:48 <benoist> the kb layout is set with french only, but the plugin show me the USA flag...
10:50 <yGweSm1OzVHe> burn all the flags ;)
10:51 <benoist> :-)
10:51 <benoist> but keep the black one ;-)
10:53 <benoist> in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ ther's just "20-modules.conf". I'm not confortable with X; Can I add xorg.conf ?
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11:02 <benoist> service lxdm stop : azerty is ok
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11:25 <benoist> have a good meal !
11:35 <avih> ncopa: nss/firefox fix confirmed. thanks :)
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11:42 <ncopa> something is still broken, build time
11:43 <ncopa> /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-alpine-linux-musl/6.3.0/../../../../x86_64-alpine-linux-musl/bin/ld: cannot find -lcrmf
11:43 <ncopa> it seems that there is a static lib
11:48 <avih> you see this on the build automation logs? i'm guessing if you noticed it locally then you wouldn't have pushed it, right?
12:30 <benoist> so, it seems to be only in xfce (or X). LANG, LANGUAGE and LC_ALL and correctly exported and an "echo" shows "fr_FR.utf8", as root or user.
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12:34 <^7heo> how much of alpine does care about locale btw?
12:34 <^7heo> I would be enclind*ed to say "none"
12:34 <^7heo> but I'm sure some packages do
12:35 <benoist> I am searching for it...
12:35 <avih> might also be agnostic in itself, and leave it up to packages configs
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12:43 <benoist> 1/ adding "export" directives for LANG LANGUAGE and LC_ALL with "fr_FR.utf8" in /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc
12:44 <benoist> 2/ cp -fv /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc ~/.xinitrc
12:45 <benoist> the applications menu is now in french. The kb layout is qwerty and all strings are in english.
12:45 <^7heo> ncopa: do we actually use the locale?
12:46 <^7heo> benoist: that's what I'm saying
12:46 <^7heo> benoist: your app is coded to honor the locale setting, so it's in French.
12:46 <^7heo> benoist: but the alpine system doesn't have such a setting.
12:46 <^7heo> benoist: you'd have to configure all the different parts by yourself.
12:47 <benoist> ^7heo: big job...
12:47 <^7heo> benoist: i.e. use setxkbmap for the keyboard.
12:47 <^7heo> for example.
12:48 <benoist> setxkbmap has no effect. I try it again
12:48 <avih> doesn't xfce have a locale/input tray applet?
12:48 <benoist> yes, but there just en_US
12:49 <ncopa> ^7heo: yes i think glib might use locale
12:49 <^7heo> ncopa: ok :)
12:49 <ncopa> i think we have -lang subpackages with the locales
12:49 <avih> benoist: are there locale packages? for xfce or otherwise?
12:49 <^7heo> ncopa: but how much do we use them?
12:49 <benoist> avih: I don't find it for the moment
12:50 <ncopa> apk search -- -lang
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13:07 <drgibbon> hello, what's the upgrade system like for Alpine? I'm looking for something stable that I can install on a BeagleBone Black
13:07 <drgibbon> preferably something that just receives security patches, and nothing else
13:08 <drgibbon> I was running Void Linux, but it's rolling release and every now and then things would just fall over (which is not great for a remote system)
13:08 <^7heo> drgibbon: you might want to run from ram
13:08 <^7heo> drgibbon: and flash the system every now and then
13:08 <benoist> ncopa: I'm going to try it. I did it with "*lang".
13:10 <ncopa> drgibbon: we do stable branches from the rolling branch every 6 months
13:10 <drgibbon> ok thanks :)
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13:24 <fugitive> guys, is there any rumours when sys install will be officially supported on Raspi?
13:51 <ScrumpyJack> I'm trying to install AL remotely, all I have is a disk and the provider supoprts booting in "rescue" mode
13:53 <ScrumpyJack> so i dd a custom iso onto the disk and boot off it, it loads my remote apkovl fine and i ssh in
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13:53 <ScrumpyJack> just scratching my head as to what to do next
13:55 <benoist> ok, kb layout and ndefault laguage are ok.
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13:56 <benoist> I did the following :
13:56 <benoist> apk add setupxkbmap; setupxkbmap fr
13:56 <benoist> adding the last directive in /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc
13:57 <benoist> now, I can reboot and use xfce in french with azerty.
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14:09 <luxio> can I switch to alpin edge w/o reinstalling?
14:10 <luxio> oh nevermind i don't think i want to do that
14:11 <luxio> kaniini: I can't use an nvidia card without alpine edge?
14:15 <darkfader> luxio: yes you can and also switch back - but with some luck
14:15 <darkfader> anything edge is no guarantees
14:15 <darkfader> so it might also burn down
14:15 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: fwiw i use a nvidia NVS 510 quite happily with nouveau driver
14:16 <darkfader> what you'll likely want (if you need) is apk-static upgrade --simulate
14:17 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: How? My driver doesn't seem to be loading at all
14:17 <luxio> 21:54 <terra> btw, nouveau (nvidia) xorg module can't loaded because "wfbScreenInit: symbol not found" problem.
14:17 <luxio> 21:55 <@kaniini> try alpine edge
14:17 <luxio> 21:55 <@kaniini> that has been fixed :)
14:17 <ScrumpyJack> you have xf86-video-nouveau?
14:18 <luxio> yes
14:22 <ScrumpyJack> do lspci -k as root to check what kernel driver is loaded for your nvidia device
14:23 <ScrumpyJack> what do you get for Kernel driver in use:
14:27 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: http://termbin.com/b9yu
14:30 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: do `apk update && apk add pciutils` and try again
14:30 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: http://termbin.com/0eyd
14:32 <ScrumpyJack> no driver loaded
14:32 <luxio> well yeah
14:32 <luxio> look @ messages above
14:32 <ScrumpyJack> so you'll need to load the module
14:33 <luxio> how?
14:41 <ScrumpyJack> can you show us /etc/modules ?
14:44 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: http://termbin.com/ew5m
14:45 <ScrumpyJack> is you card here? https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeNames/
14:46 <luxio> yes
14:46 <luxio> NV117
14:46 <luxio> GTX 750 Ti
14:47 <benoist> ncopa: no wireless card seen. I added wpa_supplicant and wireless-tools before to add b43 to /etc/modules and "modprobe b43". After reboot, b43 is loaded but during the boot wpa_supplicant can't start. Could you give me a way to solve it ?
14:47 <benoist> I added b43-fwcutter to
14:48 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: can you show me the output of lsmod as root
14:48 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: http://termbin.com/7zuh
14:49 <ncopa> benoist: does dmesg give you any hint?
14:50 <ncopa> the b43-fwcutter is a tool to extract the firmware from closed source driver
14:50 <ncopa> i used it on one of my older laptops
14:50 <ncopa> but i dont remember the details
14:50 <^7heo> damn
14:50 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: you'll need to blacklist i915
14:50 <^7heo> "extract the firmware from closed source driver"
14:50 <^7heo> I wanna cry when I read that.
14:51 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: How do I do that?
14:51 <benoist> ncopa: b43 ssb0:0: direct firmawre load for b43/ucode5.fw failed with error -2
14:51 <benoist> and fex lines more
14:51 <benoist> *few
14:52 <ncopa> right
14:52 <ncopa> i think you need extract the firmware from some closed source driver using b43-fwcutter
14:53 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: dunno. try echo "blacklist i915" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
14:54 <luxio> ok. brb
14:55 <ncopa> benoist: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43/#Other_distributions_not_mentioned_above
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14:56 <luxio> nope, still isn't working
14:58 <ScrumpyJack> benoist: i have an old b43 package somewhere if you like
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14:58 <benoist> ScrumpyJack: why not ? :-)
14:58 <ScrumpyJack> st.ilet.to/b43-firmware-
14:59 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: is i915 still loaded?
15:00 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: How do I check?
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15:00 <ScrumpyJack> lsmod
15:00 <ScrumpyJack> lsmod |grep i915
15:00 <ScrumpyJack> as root
15:00 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: seems like it yeah
15:00 <luxio> http://termbin.com/dtek
15:01 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: you'll need to figure out how to blacklist on AL, or peraps rename the module to it can't be found
15:01 <ncopa> oh
15:01 <ncopa> there is a b43-firware non-free package
15:01 <ScrumpyJack> second solution is not good but you could do it temp to test
15:03 <ScrumpyJack> ncopa: i like it that you are still surprised by stuff :)
15:03 <ncopa> :)
15:04 <ncopa> Author: Natanael Copa <ncopa@alpinelinux.org>
15:04 <ncopa> Date: Fri Jul 10 17:41:05 2009 +0000
15:04 <ncopa> the APKBUILD looks broken
15:05 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: try echo "mv /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf"
15:05 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: I had blacklist.conf in the first place
15:05 <luxio> that's where I added the blacklist line
15:05 <benoist> ScrumpyJack: how to pas trought the untrusted signature ?
15:06 <ScrumpyJack> --allow-untrusted
15:06 <ScrumpyJack> inpect the apk first
15:06 <ScrumpyJack> inspect even
15:06 <benoist> of course... --help is my friend; sorry
15:07 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: the bottom of this wiki entry shows an example of blacklisting https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Xen_PCI_Passthrough
15:09 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: Yes, that's what I did
15:09 <luxio> except I used "echo >>"
15:10 <ScrumpyJack> luxio if i915 is loaded from initramfs you'll need to run mkinitfs
15:10 <benoist> ScrumpyJack: better but not enought ;-)
15:11 <ScrumpyJack> what happend?
15:11 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: ok. do I need to mount /boot first?
15:11 <luxio> used to have to do that on gentoo
15:11 <benoist> now, wpa_supplicant can start but failed cause there is not a config file
15:13 <ScrumpyJack> benoist: run iwlist wlan0 scanning and find your SSID
15:14 <ScrumpyJack> then run wpa_passphrase $SSID > $SSID.conf
15:14 <ScrumpyJack> and enter the wifi password after you hit return
15:15 <benoist> ScrumpyJack: nop. "Network is down
15:15 <ScrumpyJack> than pass the config file wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -iwlan0 -c $SSID.conf
15:15 <ScrumpyJack> ip link set wlan0 up
15:16 <benoist> great !
15:16 <benoist> so, now I need to follow the steps described in the the wiki I gess
15:16 <ScrumpyJack> sure. to do what?
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15:18 <benoist> make my friend's life easier... ;-)
15:19 <ScrumpyJack> have you auth'ed with your wifi AP?
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15:20 <luxio> I did mkinitfs and it's still not working
15:20 <benoist> ScrumpyJack: working progress...
15:21 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: i915 still loaded?
15:22 <luxio> yes ScrumpyJack
15:22 <ScrumpyJack> do you see it with ls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/
15:23 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: I see a folder there yeah
15:23 <luxio> like I pasted before though, I don't know if disabling it is a good idea. nouveau couldn't be loaded becaues of an error.
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15:26 <ScrumpyJack> yeah, disable it. you can always enable it again
15:27 <ScrumpyJack> rename i915.ko to
15:27 <ScrumpyJack> _i915.ko or something
15:28 <ScrumpyJack> at worst you'll have to boot off a cd-rom
15:29 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: ok. brb rebooting
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15:31 <luxio> nope still not fixed
15:39 <ScrumpyJack> i915 module still loaded?
15:41 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: nop
15:41 <ScrumpyJack> how about nouvuea
15:41 <luxio> yep
15:43 <ScrumpyJack> so what's happening now - what are you expecting to see that you're not?
15:44 <luxio> 1920x1080 in xfce
15:45 <ScrumpyJack> does lspci show nouveau loaded for your NV card?
15:46 <luxio> video 28443 1 nouveau
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15:46 <ScrumpyJack> and lspci confirms that?
15:47 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: that's a line from lspci
15:47 <ScrumpyJack> that's lsmod
15:47 <luxio> oh
15:48 <luxio> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM107 [GeForce GTX 750 Ti] (rev a2)
15:48 <luxio> grep nouveau says nothing
15:50 <ScrumpyJack> can you do lspci -k and show me the output
15:50 <luxio> ScrumpyJack: http://termbin.com/7y0f
15:51 <ScrumpyJack> boo!
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15:52 <luxio> hm?
15:53 <ScrumpyJack> well it's not working ... boo
15:53 <luxio> yeah it fails to load
15:53 <luxio> i said that a while ago
16:01 <benoist> It's not completed, but it's better. I need to go to work and I thank you for your help. Have a good time ! :-)
16:03 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: i'm out of ideas without being at the screen
16:05 <ScrumpyJack> there is probably a way of getting the kernel to use nouveau for that particular device 03:00
16:08 <kaniini> optimus setups are a disaster on linux
16:08 <kaniini> just fyi
16:10 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: can i see sudo modinfo nouveau
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16:20 <Diftraku> kaniini: they really are
16:22 <ScrumpyJack> luxio: i have to go but basically you need to find your divice in /sys going by your lspci it could be /sys/devices/pci0000\:00/0000\:00\:01.0/subsystem/drivers/nouveau/
16:23 <ScrumpyJack> then bind your device to the nouveau module. you'll see a file called bind in there. 'echo "your_dev_id" > bind' to, well, bind your gfx card
16:25 <ScrumpyJack> in mean cd /sys/bus/pci/drivers/nouveau
16:25 <ScrumpyJack> and bind
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16:26 <ScrumpyJack> echo "your_dev_id" > bind
16:27 <ScrumpyJack> mine is 0000:05:00.0 - i think your is 0000:01:00.0
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16:48 <mrhanky> hi folks
16:49 <mrhanky> is there any guide for installing alpine on a zfs root?
16:49 <^7heo> yeah good questoin.
16:49 <^7heo> s/oin/ion/
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16:53 <Chlorophytus> Seems like Alpine is refusing to boot. What do I add to the boot stanza when using an SD card?
16:53 <Chlorophytus> the kernel line
16:54 <^7heo> Chlorophytus: we'd need a little more info than that.
16:54 <^7heo> i.e. what did you try, and what happened?
16:55 <^7heo> Also, "refusing to boot" is too vague.
16:55 <^7heo> s/Also/i.e./
16:55 <Chlorophytus> Eh just chainload from GRUB2. Dropped to emergency shell.
16:56 <Chlorophytus> I really shouldn't be chainloading this, I will try the approach where I type in the kernel line myself on EFI Shell.
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16:58 <^7heo> ah grub2.
16:58 <^7heo> it's out of my league.
16:58 <^7heo> sorry
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17:01 <Chlorophytus> it's k, shouldn't have done it
17:01 <Chlorophytus> well, I shouldn't have
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17:04 <Chlorophytus> awesome, i've got it to work :)
17:05 <Chlorophytus> i'll just linger around, this is a good distro. eh. just used to the command line...
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17:20 <mrhanky> anyone using grmls zsh config?
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18:26 <odc> hello there
18:26 <odc> is systemd supported on alpine?
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18:26 <Xe> no, systemd doesn't support building against musl
18:26 <odc> thought so, thanks
18:27 <odc> but then why this? https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?file=&path=%2Fusr%2Flib%2Fsystemd*&name=&branch=edge&repo=&arch=x86_64
18:27 <odc> :p
18:27 <Xe> because some programs link to it
18:28 <Xe> well
18:28 <odc> i don't think services files are needed
18:28 <Xe> it's probably clutter from upstream that is needed in the case of flatpak
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18:29 <Xe> (probably?)
18:29 <odc> oh yes
18:29 <Xe> idk
18:29 <odc> fatpack
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18:44 <darkfader> odc: i think if one needs to install an application that links to systemd-specific things then it's a lost case already and trying to minimize it would be a lot work
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18:47 <odc> darkfader: agreed. I don't care about systemd. I just wanted to point out the sloppy work ;)
18:47 <darkfader> :)
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20:51 <TheXzoron> I have a problem I upgraded my vps install of alpine and ir ran into an error https://dpaste.de/WkFa and now the ssh session has terminated and won't reconnect
20:52 <kaniini> should be able to just reboot it
20:52 <kaniini> i dont see anything indicating breakage there
20:52 <TheXzoron> so hard reboot the vps?
20:52 <kaniini> yeah worth a shot
20:55 <TheXzoron> now it just says failed to connect to host
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21:00 <kaniini> hmm
21:12 <TheXzoron> provisioned a new vps with alpine and the same thing happens once I run apk update and apk upgrade
21:12 <TheXzoron> I still have 1 active connection to the new vps so what should I do
21:17 <_ikke_> TheXzoron: What version of alpine?
21:17 <_ikke_> latest-stable, ok
21:17 <TheXzoron> latest-stable
21:19 <_ikke_> So until 3.4, openssl provided that binary, but 3.5+, it's part of ca-certificates
21:19 <_ikke_> (openssl was replaced by libressl
21:21 <TheXzoron> makes sense since the vps starts out at 3.3
21:22 <_ikke_> So you might need to manually remove openssl
21:22 <_ikke_> but not sure
21:23 <_ikke_> openssl conflicts with ca-certificates, but no conflicts are defined
21:24 <_ikke_> 3.5 does not provide openssl, but apparently it's not removed
21:25 <kaniini> hmm
21:25 <kaniini> ca-certificates needs replaces=openssl
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21:29 <kaniini> TheXzoron: i am fixing 3.5 ca-certificates to replace the right thing
21:29 <kaniini> TheXzoron: it should resolve this problem
21:29 <kaniini> 16:29 <algitbot> build-3-5-armhf: files from v3.5.2-16-g53ad101cf8 uploaded to main
21:30 <TheXzoron> kaniini: alright thanks I'll provision a new vps again once that happens as I lost the ability to connect to this one aswell :)
21:31 <_ikke_> no remote console?
21:31 <TheXzoron> yes but apearently it won't let me log in as root
21:31 <TheXzoron> and I didn't create a user yet
21:32 <kaniini> i do not think scaleway is vps
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21:33 Topic for
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21:34 <TheXzoron> what would it be then?
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21:44 <kaniini> TheXzoron: iirc it is basically raspberry pi's
21:45 <_ikke_> They have different platforms iirc
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22:04 <ScrumpyJack> kaniini: what's with ca-certs?
22:05 <ScrumpyJack> also looks like let's encrypt server certs can't be verified
22:06 <Diftraku> you probably need the full chain (cert + intermediates)
22:06 <ScrumpyJack> don't let's enc publish their CAs now?
22:07 <Diftraku> ISRG was recently added to mozilla's ca certd, afaik
22:07 <Diftraku> thus you need the cross-signed ISRG CA and the LE CA
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22:09 <kaniini> ScrumpyJack: upgrade from 3.4 had a conflict
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22:41 <atomi> in home dir, the login shell executes .profile then .ashrc and that's it correct?
22:43 <atomi> is there a .ash_login or .ash_profile that will get executed if it exists?
22:43 <atomi> doesn't seem like it
22:45 <c00kiemon5ter> try strace
22:52 <BitL0G1c> atomi - I just use .profile
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22:53 <BitL0G1c> see Files at the end https://linux.die.net/man/1/ash
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23:00 <Skele> hey, could someone tell me what the minimum amount of RAM needed for a sys mode install is? Or the fewest you have gotten away with?
23:02 <atomi> BitL0G1c, ty sir
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23:49 <BitL0G1c> Skele - Alpine with just openssh is 25 meg ram in kvm - if you use tinyssh it would be a little less