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14:13 <transhuman_> hi! getting an error with nslookup I have never gotten before. some addresses including local machine return nslookup error nslookup: can't resolve '(null)': Name does not resolve... anyone have an idea what might be the cause
14:15 <transhuman_> whereas if I specify nslookup sample.com it resolves or sample.com it resolves
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15:33 <piepy> hello! While I have used Alpine with docker a bunch, I am new to installing Alpine. I am following the EC2 guide - http://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Install_Alpine_on_Amazon_EC2 - and I'm confused about "Create an amazon.apkovl.tar.gz file to put on the target" - how is this created?
15:39 <piepy> in https://gist.github.com/kennwhite/d89174749ce468f7c455 I see mention of `lbu`, but I don't see this utility in the docker image.
15:40 <piepy> is there an APK package that has `lbu`?
15:41 <fabled> piepy, it comes frmo alpine-conf
15:42 <piepy> ah yes, I just found https://github.com/alpinelinux/alpine-conf
15:42 <fabled> alpine-base depends on it, so you normally should get it
15:42 <fabled> if you are doing minimal setup using your own top level deps without alpine-base, then it might be missing
15:42 <fabled> normally we assume 'alpine-base' is installed
15:42 <piepy> but I guess it doesn't really make sense to put it in the alpine docker image
15:42 <fabled> not really
15:43 <piepy> is `lbu` the best way to create the apkovl?
15:43 <fabled> that's the current standard way to do it from running system
15:43 <fabled> the image builder creates it manually, though
15:43 <piepy> the ISO image builder?
15:43 <fabled> lbu uses apk to construct the list of files to store
15:43 <fabled> yes, the iso image builder
15:44 <piepy> OK, I can probably look up the scripts used in that builder. I will give `lbu` a shot first
15:44 <fabled> apkovl is currently just a .tar.gz containing the changed files
15:45 <piepy> I don't see an existing EC2 image for alpine, so I am working on using packer to auto-build one
15:45 <fabled> previously I built only private images. there's been discussion on providing public EC2 images, but not sure where that is currently
15:46 <piepy> yea, that's understandable
15:46 <piepy> if I'm successful, I'll share my work and see if it's helpful to the project
15:46 <piepy> thanks for the info, I'll see if I can create the apkovl from here
15:46 <TemptorSent> What exactly would be needed for the image?
15:48 <piepy> TemptorSent: http://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Install_Alpine_on_Amazon_EC2 ?
15:49 <piepy> there are a few details EC2 wants to see (SSH/networking, mostly, I think)
15:51 <TemptorSent> piepy: Do you happen to know more about what's needed in terms of kernel/modules? I've already taught my branch of mkimage to autogenerate SSH keys for images.
15:51 <piepy> I don't, I'm feeling my way around the dark here
15:52 <piepy> I'm not sure how it will go, though I hope to have a minimal image as a container base that boots fast and is more enjoyable to use than coreos
15:52 <TemptorSent> piepy: Okay, I have the virt-profile pared down to almost nothign and happy under qemu, but EC2 is on Xen, right?
15:53 <TemptorSent> piepy: Can you pop into a coreos image and get the list of required modules perhaps?
15:54 <TemptorSent> (Running requirements)
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15:58 <TemptorSent> piepy: You can take a look at https://github.com/TemptorSent/aports/tree/mkimage-refactor-scripts/scripts/mkimage and give it a try if you like. Minimal invocation is ./mkimage --repository-file /etc/apk/repositories --profile virt' You also probably want to set --workdir and --outdir to somewhere.
15:59 <piepy> TemptorSent: yes, EC2 is Xen. I am starting with the Xen ISO image
15:59 <piepy> TemptorSent: what does mkimage do? build an ISO?
15:59 <TemptorSent> piepy: virt currently has just the virtio drivers an not much else, so you may need to add the initfs feature virt-guest-compat.
16:00 <piepy> I ought to be able to load up a CoreOS image and check the modules in a bit, sure. I first want to get my apkovl file integrated and run packer at least once.
16:00 <TemptorSent> piepy: Yes, it builds iso (and tarballs, or whatever you want really)
16:00 <piepy> cool
16:01 <TemptorSent> piepy: It looks like the wiki page is a full major version and then some out of date, so you may find things don't quite line up.
16:01 <TemptorSent> piepy: It also has features that you can use to autogenerate ssh keypairs, autostart dhcp, postgres, etc.
16:02 <TemptorSent> piepy: So no lbu step should be neede -- you can write one-off profiles in your ~/.mkimage directory for your exact configuration, including writing what you want added to the overlay.
16:03 <TemptorSent> piepy: I'm working on cleaning up the overlay system somewhat, as well a rewrite of the initramfs init system.
16:05 <piepy> ATM I just want to see a Alpine boot on EC2 :)
16:05 <piepy> I'll get deeper into this once I have that working
16:12 <TemptorSent> piepy: Given the right modules, you should be able to just drop the image in an run.
16:12 <piepy> I'm not sure what you mean by "drop the image in and run"
16:13 <TemptorSent> piepy: You shouldn't need to do any of the setup steps other than getting it to boot.
16:13 <TemptorSent> setting dhcp, sshd, keys, etc.
16:14 <piepy> I don't want to have to build an ISO to then build the EC2 AMI. I want to "run one thing" that ends up with an AMI.
16:14 <piepy> building an ISO means hosting it too
16:15 <piepy> If there was an ISO for EC2, I'd use that, but then alpine might as well build an AMI as well
16:15 <TemptorSent> piepy: Right, that's why I'd like to add direct output for AMI :)
16:15 <TemptorSent> piepy: I just need to know what it requires.
16:15 <piepy> I'll hang around here a bit and let you know how my experiment goes :)
16:16 <TemptorSent> piepy: It should just be a matter of adding the proper definition for the imagetype and whatever it needs to package it properly.
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16:19 <TemptorSent> piepy: It looks like Amazon makes it hard to build an EBS image without being on thier service.
16:21 <TemptorSent> piepy: I wonder if the instance store is more sane...
16:22 <piepy> yea, you would need an account to create an AMI (you have to run an instance, create the AMI from the instance, and then that AMI is stored on S3, which costs $)
16:23 <piepy> you can probably build the AMI on the free tier, but storage on S3 is $
16:23 <TemptorSent> piepy: Yeah, trying to figure out what would be needed to just drop into an AMI and bundle at least.
16:24 <piepy> "drop into an AMI" == "run an instance using an AMI"
16:24 <piepy> does alpine use /etc/network/interfaces?
16:25 <TemptorSent> Yes, it does.
16:26 <piepy> ah yes, found the helpful page in the wiki
16:27 <TemptorSent> piepy: Can you downlad your image from AWS and inspect it?
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16:28 <piepy> um.. not really. You could build an OVA and _import_ it into AWS, but I guess that wouldn't really help you
16:28 <TemptorSent> piepy: I'm trying to figure out how to dump in at least the full FS image so you could start an instance and import with a couple commands.
16:29 <TemptorSent> Can you mount a file as a device?
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16:33 <piepy> TemptorSent: mount a file as a device? like an ISO as a loopback? yes
16:34 <TemptorSent> piepy: ISO would work I suppose, but something like a squashfs would be nice :)
16:35 <TemptorSent> piepy: Something that can be used to bootstrap the build process anyway.
16:35 <piepy> I'm not sure what isn't clear.. EC2 is Xen, you can run Linux/BSD/etc on it - if you run linux, it's just like linux elsewhere
16:35 <piepy> I'm bootstrapping my build on ubuntu
16:35 <TemptorSent> piepy: Right, I mean what you can mount to amazon as a EBS
16:36 <TemptorSent> piepy: I'm seeing ephemeral an EBS.
16:36 <piepy> EBS is just a way to create/attach a volume, just like a HD
16:37 <TemptorSent> piepy: Exactly, if you could import such a volume directly, all that would be missing is the aws bundling I believe.
16:38 <TemptorSent> piepy: I'm looking at EFS right now, which might be an option.
16:38 <piepy> EFS == NFS, I don't see how that would help
16:39 <TemptorSent> piepy: NFS root :)
16:39 <TemptorSent> piepy: Then an iso can be used to bootstrap and all config be stored on the EFS.
16:42 <piepy> why would that be necessary?
16:43 <TemptorSent> piepy: So we could generate a single iso image to then create any number of configured instances once it's bootstrapped.
16:45 <TemptorSent> Ahh, it looks like the old ec2-ami-tools will allow importing!
16:49 <TemptorSent> Or you can register an image stored in s3 storage somehow, although it's not entirely clear on WHAT kinf of image.
16:50 <TemptorSent> Does it want a raw block device? A device partitioned using BIOS disk lables? EFI?
16:51 <TemptorSent> Basically, what does their environment need for an image to be BOOTABLE?
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16:57 <TemptorSent> piepy: Basically, with enough information about what the image format and boot parameters, I should be able to spit out either a complete image or a tarball ready to be extracted to a EBS device inside a running instance that could then be turnd into it's own EBS image.
17:06 <piepy> TemptorSent: yes, if you build an ISO that's fit for AWS, that's better than the current process
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17:31 <TemptorSent> piepy: That's what I'm shooting for.
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17:44 <piepy> is `lbu` aware of packages? eg, could I say "ensure you backup all pkg that were installed", or do I need to explicitly add/include each file for each package?
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17:48 <fabled> piepy, yes, it stores etc/apk/world, and apk restore the packages on tmpfs boot; apk cache needs to be enabled for that
17:55 <piepy> ah, ok.. so if I install a package with `apk add foo`, the foo package would be restored, but if I use `apk add --no-cache foo`, I don't get that.
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17:56 <TemptorSent> fabled: Would you see any problem with sending ALL init output to /dev/kmsg and eliminating the rest of the mess with quiet?
17:57 <TemptorSent> fabled: Then just toggling dmesg with the quiet flag (or setting it to ERR) and running dmesg on error when we start a recovery shell?
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18:10 <TemptorSent> fabled: Implemented with a wrapper like "run() { $@ > /dev/kmod 2>&1 || handle_error ; }
18:12 <TemptorSent> fabled: Hmm, I may have lied, log may need to be a function because kmsg (oops, not kmod!) wants '<N> msg'
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18:53 <TemptorSent> fabled: Solved -- twiddle the /proc/sys/kernel/printk values instead :)
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19:42 <npx> Hey guys, I have a vagrant box - atlas.hashicorp.com/hypoalex/boxes/alpine - that I built using https://github.com/hypoalex/packer-templates/tree/master/alpine and it's failing to mount the vboxsf filesystem, the mount command doesn't return any errors. Any idea what I'm missing here?
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19:44 <npx> https://github.com/hypoalex/packer-templates/blob/master/alpine/scripts/05virtualbox.sh#L6-#L10 - It's loading and detecting the guest additions when I do a `vagrant up`
19:56 <transhuman_> hi! getting an error with nslookup I have never gotten before. some addresses including local machine return nslookup error nslookup: can't resolve '(null)': Name
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19:56 <transhuman_> does not resolve... anyone have an idea what might be the cause
19:56 <transhuman_> whereas if I specify nslookup sample.com it resolves or sample.com it resolves
20:01 <atmoz> How does Alpine stack up against container distros like CoreOS? I'm considering slim distros to run Kubernetes. Anyone have experience with Kubernetes and Alpine?
20:06 <_ikke_> alpine is not specifically a container OS, it's just very small
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20:08 <piepy> atmoz: I haven't yet run kube ON alpine (though I'm working towards getting there), but I have run coreos a bunch (as a host on EC2), as well as alpine as a docker container. I would like to run alpine on EC2 to run kube/nomad on it, primarily b/c I want a minimal base OS that is also easy to admin and work with. I'm tired of Ubuntu, and I'm super annoyed by coreos making admin difficult (no package manager, forces you to build
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20:10 <Xe> piepy: i'd be interested in collaborating for kube on alpine, do you have package build files defined yet?
20:11 <piepy> I'm currently working on automating a build for the EC2 image - haven't gotten to the part where I "run Alpine on AWS"
20:11 <TemptorSent> piepy: Is it possible to download your image from the s3 storage?
20:12 <TemptorSent> piepy: A little forensics and we should be able to spit one out.
20:12 <piepy> I haven't yet gotten packer to build, still futzing with it (but almost there)
20:12 <TemptorSent> gotcha
20:12 <TemptorSent> I'm still trying to figure out what the initfs-init really needs and doesn't, as well as giving real logging.
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20:59 <transhuman_> anyone know what package provides nslookup is it net-tools or something
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21:14 <piepy> TemptorSent: I am able to build and run an AMI, but I haven't yet gotten it to stay running - there are some AWS requirements I must be missing (AWS wants to be able to write SSH key and some other stuff)
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22:10 <kahiru> transhuman_: bind-tools
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22:20 <TemptorSent> piepy: Hmm, how does it go about writing the ssh keys?
22:24 <transhuman_> thanks kahiru
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23:22 <piepy> TemptorSent: IDK, need to do some more research, I'll dig in some more and report back when I have results
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23:28 <TemptorSent> piepy: Sounds good.
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