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01:32 <samus> hi all, im using a 3.4 docker image and i cant seem to install shadow at all after updating the repo index. All i get is an unsatisfiable constraints error.
01:32 <Shiz> that probably means the package doesn't exist
01:33 <Shiz> samus: the shadow package got added in 3.5
01:33 <Shiz> so that would explain why
01:33 <Shiz> a lot that shadow does should already be doable by the builtin busybox utils tough
01:33 <Shiz> (adduser/addgroup and friends)
01:35 <samus> i know but those arent supported by the ansible module im using
01:35 <samus> that explains why changing the repo URLs to 3.5 worked
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05:59 <avih> fabled: thanks.
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08:52 <ganlub> Hi guys! does anyone managed to get alpine linux working on Pi Zero W? aparently something is not working with the wireless...
08:52 <ganlub> https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6959
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10:53 <ScrumpyJack> anyone familiar with sys/extlinux? I'm doing a remote install of AL and stumbling at the syslinux stage
10:57 <Kooda> What’s going on? :)
11:06 <ScrumpyJack> this is a hosted service (kimsufi). i've booted the hosted server from a debian rescue image, and booted a custom alpine.iso vm from the rescue image using qemu. carved out a partition sda1, mounted it in /mnt and run setup-disk -m sys -o my_apkovl /mnt
11:07 <ScrumpyJack> sda1 is active, mbr.bin is on sda and extlinux -i /mnt/boot
11:07 <ScrumpyJack> i've got a /mnt/boot/extlinux.conf file set up
11:09 <ScrumpyJack> booting /dev/sda fails after syslinux tells me im missing a configuration file (/boot/extlinux.conf i presume)
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11:21 <Kooda> Hmmm, odd.
11:24 <Kooda> ScrumpyJack: I don’t think you’ve missed a step… maybe try the update-extlinux script? (make sure you properly editted /etc/update-extlinux.conf and make a backup of your extlinux config just in case)
11:25 <ScrumpyJack> someone v helpful in #syslinux mentioned http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php?title=Filesystem#ext
11:25 <ScrumpyJack> so trying again with ext3
11:27 <Kooda> Oh, right! I always forget about that
11:42 <ScrumpyJack> yup, worked with ext3
11:45 <Kooda> Yay!
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12:27 <ncopa> Shiz: indeed
12:33 <hiro> does anybody use alpine on kirkwood (armv5) ?
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12:33 <hiro> also, no hardware float
12:35 <terra> guys, is there a proper way to use "ldconfig" on musl based distros?
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12:36 <hiro> ScrumpyJack: ext4 doesn't work?
12:36 <hiro> ScrumpyJack: or what did you have before?
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12:43 <tw> Can I block/blacklist a package from being installed? For example, block gtk+2.0 on a headless server such that packages requesting it generate an error.
12:44 <ncopa> tw: might it wot works with: apk add !gtk+2.0
12:44 <ncopa> or might work to add it to /etc/apk/world
12:44 <ScrumpyJack> hiro: ext4 on your boot partition works if you create your fs without 64bit features ( mke2fs ... -O \^64bit )
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12:45 <ScrumpyJack> http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php?title=Filesystem#ext
12:45 <hiro> ScrumpyJack: i thought ext3 and 4 are supposedly compatible as long as you ignore the journal...
12:45 <ScrumpyJack> tw: what package are you installing that has gtk+2.0 as a dependancy?
12:45 <tw> ncopa: `apk add '!gtk+2.0'` worked like you said it would.
12:46 <tw> ScrumpyJack: unison from testing.
12:46 <ncopa> nice :)
12:48 <ScrumpyJack> there should really be two packages for unison in that case, a unison and a unison-gtk2
12:52 <tw> I agree, but it's testing, so I don't complain too much. ;)
12:53 <Wizzup> Someone here was using an alternative initramfs, but I don't recall what it was called, better-initramfs or something? Any clue how to hook that up alpine's usual upgrade cycle?
12:53 <Wizzup> (e.g. not have it override the initramfs)
12:54 <Wizzup> I can't boot my root using the default initramfs, as it doesn't support issuing 'btrfs device scan' at the right moment/time.
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12:54 <Wizzup> I guess I should file an issue for that at some point.
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13:11 <TBB> I imagine some modularization of initramfs-init could be useful
13:14 <fabled> TBB, yes, some dracut like hooks execution point might be one option. might even consider trimmed version of dracut.
13:14 <TBB> yeh. dracut works, but it's messy
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14:56 <luxio> anyone here have 1920x1080 on antergos w/ nvidia video card?
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15:15 <nindustries> Hi, Im trying to do a sudo in a docker container. I get docker exec slave_php_1 sudo -u web sudo /usr/bin/nmap -> sudo: effective uid is not 0, is /usr/bin/sudo on a file system with the 'nosuid' option set or an NFS file system without root privileges?
15:16 <qman__> you're running sudo with sudo
15:16 <qman__> get rid of the second one
15:16 <nindustries> The first one is because the container runs as root
15:16 <nindustries> sudo -u web switches to web user
15:17 <nindustries> In my container, I have a crond running php process under web user
15:17 <luxio> nindustries: which user do you want to run /usr/bin/nmap as?
15:17 <qman__> yes, but that's not relevant - which user do you want running nmap, web or root?
15:18 <qman__> you only need one sudo
15:18 <nindustries> web
15:18 <luxio> then get rid of second sudo
15:18 <nindustries> Same error with docker exec -u web slave_php_1 sudo /usr/bin/nmap :)
15:19 <nindustries> And I do a RUN echo 'web ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/nmap' >> /etc/sudoers
15:19 <qman__> web doesn't need sudo access
15:20 <qman__> if you want nmap running as root (which is what giving web sudo access and having web run "sudo nmap" would do_, then just run as root to begin with
15:20 <qman__> there's no difference
15:20 <qman__> however, the error you're getting is probably related to the suer docker's using not having root
15:21 <qman__> user*
15:21 <nindustries> qman__: I dont want the php process to always run as root
15:21 <nindustries> only nmap has to be ran with root
15:22 <nindustries> so.. passwordless sudo for nmap
15:22 <hiro> suid the nmap but for web group
15:22 <hiro> sudo is useless
15:23 <luxio> <nindustries> only nmap has to be ran with root
15:23 <luxio> <luxio> nindustries: which user do you want to run /usr/bin/nmap as?
15:23 <luxio> <nindustries> web
15:23 <luxio> wut?
15:24 <nindustries> luxio: woops, root I mean
15:24 <nindustries> hiro: nmap needs root for some stuff
15:24 <hiro> nindustries: read what i said again
15:25 <nindustries> oh, wait
15:25 <hiro> now you're conflating sudo with root instead of web with root
15:25 <hiro> think, type, think, enter.
15:26 <nindustries> I actually didn't knew about suid, thanks hiro
15:26 <nindustries> Yeah, I go too fast from time to time
15:26 <hiro> exactly what i expected. most sudo users don't understand what suid is. :)
15:27 <nindustries> Pretty cool
15:27 <hiro> like, basic unix trivialities, as opposed to needless shit like sudo.
15:28 <nindustries> only pitfall here (on non-container systems) is you don't want to give everyone access to the suid binary, suppose they break out of that
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15:29 <nindustries> hiro: it works <3
15:29 <hiro> there's no pitfall.
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15:30 <loopz_> hi all
15:30 <hiro> you can break out of containers and you can get local root, the kernel is full of bugs waiting for you to do that
15:30 <loopz_> i'm having issues with the xen hypervisor - it simply can't start nor find the /proc/xen
15:30 <hiro> i'm not sure nmap is approaching the size of your loaded kernel modules at all...
15:30 <loopz_> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Xen_Dom0
15:31 <loopz_> i've followed everything that's in here and so far i can't even run the thing
15:31 <loopz_> is there something missing from my side?
15:31 <hiro> but yeah, running web shit seems like you don't care about security anyway
15:31 <hiro> so i should have told you to stop using a web user and just run everything as root.
15:31 <hiro> doesn't make much of a difference at this point.
15:32 <nindustries> eh?
15:32 <hiro> 17:17 nindu In my container, I have a crond running php process under web user
15:33 <hiro> if you run php you can give up on security :)
15:33 <nindustries> That's a bit .. blunt
15:33 <hiro> this is #alpine-linux, not the ubuntu enterprise helpline.
15:33 <nindustries> THis isn't a website, it's a script that pulls tasks from a main server
15:33 <hiro> you can pay extra if you want less blunt.
15:34 <nindustries> get some coffee mate
15:34 <nindustries> you seem to need it
15:34 <hiro> i'm not your "mate".
15:34 <nindustries> or w/e helps sourness
15:34 <hiro> nindustries: don't try to remote-diagnose my psychology.
15:36 <hiro> but basically you're saying that the script doesn't even operate on data that could be mangled with...
15:36 <hiro> so then why use a non-root user in the first place?
15:36 <hiro> cron doesn't need sudo either.
15:36 <nindustries> yup, removed all sudos
15:37 <hiro> good. like with everything: the most secure solution will be the one you can *understand*
15:37 <hiro> you had read that error message but didn't know what suid means, but before reading up on it you ask what to do, because... security.
15:37 <hiro> if you can't find out *on your own* what suid means, you will never be able to make a secure system with those tools at hand.
15:38 <hiro> who guarantees you people here don't just give you misinformation... how secure would that be?
15:40 <nindustries> Indee
15:40 <nindustries> Indeed
15:54 <Chlorophytus> hiro's right :D
15:54 <Chlorophytus> meh
15:54 <Chlorophytus> nvm just...idk
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16:35 <luxio> o/
16:35 <scv> \o
16:38 <TBB> urgh. what a day again.
16:38 <luxio> TBB: today's been pretty relaxed for me
16:38 <TBB> mostly upstream bugs in scanning for me
16:39 <TBB> seems I'll be sending bug reports to both HP and SANE project...
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17:25 <luxio> I'm not sure why, but i3 doesn't seem to be 1920x1080. I definitely installed the nouveau package.
17:26 <Berra> luxio: Doesn't seem to? What does xrandr say?
17:27 <luxio> Berra: http://termbin.com/djox
17:28 <Berra> luxio: Well it seems right then! Very weird however - but I doubt this has anything to do with i3 (I might be super wrong).
17:29 <Berra> luxio: Have you run any other WM under the same system and gotten 1080?
17:30 <luxio> Berra: Nope. On a previous install I remember it was the same res (1280x1024), it seems. I didn't spend much time on that install though, I was just distro hopping.
17:30 <Berra> luxio: Ok - must be a graphics driver thing. nouveau you say.
17:31 <luxio> Yeah. If there's any nvidia alternative I'm willing to try that.
17:31 <Berra> luxio: You can try installing the nvidia propriatary blobs
17:32 <Berra> luxio: http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html
17:32 <asie> on musl?
17:32 <Berra> luxio: Might be impossible because of musl - I'm not sure about that
17:32 <Berra> Exactly
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17:35 <luxio> http://termbin.com/q4uz
17:35 <luxio> ^ my dmesg, if it might help
17:37 <luxio> VGA cable comes from GTX 750ti to my monitor.
17:38 <luxio> Would changing to HDMI make any difference?
17:38 <Berra> luxio: I think there is a freenode nouveau channel where you'd be able to get good support on the current state of your card
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17:38 <Berra> luxio: Yes that might make a ton of difference (just a hunch)
17:38 <luxio> alright. brb, I'll try that
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17:46 <luxio> Now it's 1024x768
17:46 <luxio> lol
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17:52 <luxio> Alright someone in #nouveau said that the problem was that nomodeset was being passed to the kernel
17:52 <luxio> How do I not do that?
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17:58 <luxio> Hey-o! It's working now.
17:58 <luxio> By the way, is obmenu/obconf available on alpine?
18:01 <terra> guys, I encounter linking problem which causes segfault and X11 crash via opengl applications including chromium-browser. Intel xorg driver can't see the symbols from /usr/lib/libglapi.so.0 : https://paste.ee/p/zV08v
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18:01 <atomi> anyone know why boot hangs for a long time on chrond in 3.5
18:02 <luxio> atomi: yeah I'm getting that too
18:02 <terra> LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libglapi.so.0 works but I don't know what caused this problem.
18:02 <atomi> yeah this is on a vm it might be a ntpd time thing or
18:02 <atomi> idk
18:02 <terra> atomi: there was a chrony update on edge today
18:02 <TemptorSent> atomi: is it chrond o chrony?
18:03 <atomi> https://s3.atomi.space/public/Screenshot%20from%202017-03-29%2011-03-04.png
18:03 <atomi> stuck like that for about 5 minutes
18:03 <atomi> but it eventually does boot
18:03 <luxio> oh I'm only getting like a 3 second hang
18:03 <TemptorSent> The other thing to check is that the RNG isn't starved.
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18:04 <luxio> Is using edge a bad idea as a "normal user"?
18:05 <TemptorSent> luxio: No, but do expect things to break and report them.
18:06 <luxio> Also is it just a coincidence that android packages are .apk?
18:06 <terra> luxio: android apk is a zip and entirely different
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18:07 <TemptorSent> Hmm, it looks like it's hanging AFTER crond, right?
18:07 <TemptorSent> What's the NEXT thing to pop up?
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18:29 <luxio> ummmmmmm??? http://i.imgur.com/sqCYeNB.png
18:30 <luxio> what's up with the text?
18:30 <atomi> TemptorSent, I'm testing edge now
18:31 <atomi> I may as well
18:31 <TemptorSent> atomi: It works most of the time, but occasionly you'l find a surprised.
18:32 <atomi> like I just did in 3.5
18:33 <atomi> which one? http://dl-3.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/releases/x86_64/
18:35 <atomi> looks like there are no edge releases
18:36 <TemptorSent> atomi: No, you just enable the repo
18:36 <atomi> no I know, but there used to be edge releases
18:37 <TemptorSent> atomi: Ahh, I'm recent to Alpine and didn't know that there were such things prior.
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19:08 <kaniini> luxio: missing fonts. have you tried installing alpine-desktop?
19:09 <luxio> kaniini: http://termbin.com/cqsv
19:11 <kaniini> ouch
19:12 <luxio> kaniini: `apk del firefox` and `apk add alpine-desktop` worked though
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19:21 <luxio> kaniini: Is it possible to get the latest version of firefox? This one seems to be 45
19:26 <kaniini> right now, not possible sorry
19:26 <kaniini> it should be possible to choose between ESR and mainline
19:26 <kaniini> but it is not because of that conflict
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21:28 <nangel> kaniini (and others) - Relaxed the rule for new users adding links to the wiki.
21:29 <kaniini> hah
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21:33 <kaniini> nangel: yes, that is much better, thanks
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22:50 <rmmh> Is there a way to install a specific package version? Or can I assume that a package on 3.5 won't be upgraded apart from bugfixes?
22:50 <TemptorSent> ncopa - take a look at latest revision to mkimage -- added mkinitfs.sh wrapper that depends only on the utils and contents of initfs dir.
22:52 <TemptorSent> ncopa: AFAIK, it's a drop in replacement for the purposes of update-kernel except for the current vs new feature names not yet being mapped.
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23:06 <TemptorSent> ncopa: To be honest, I don't see any reason not to distribute the kitchen-sink modloop as a package including all modules from all packages. We can cut custom ones that include just whats needed, but the stock one is pretty much static AFAIK.
23:07 <TemptorSent> ncopa: Once you remove building the modloop and staging the files for mkinitfs, update-kernel reduces to unmounting/mounting modloop and installing a couple of files.
23:08 <TemptorSent> ncopa: (DTBs also don't need to be derrived each time)
23:09 <TemptorSent> ncopa: So the only thing we really need to deal with that's not static more or less is user configurations.
23:09 <TemptorSent> ncopa: I added a couple quick READMEs.
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