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00:41 <transhuman_> hi can anyone tell me what the alpine-linux equivalent to envvars file is ?
00:43 <transhuman_> for apache?
00:45 <Shiz> /etc/conf.d/apache2 is the most likely equivalent
00:45 <Shiz> or /etc/conf.d/apache
00:45 <Shiz> i don't have apache installed myself, but /etc/conf.d contains config files for service configuration
00:45 <Shiz> typically
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01:39 <krae> quick question - i can't seem to install firefox-esr out of the testing repository
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01:40 <krae> are there any extra steps that i need to take to enable me to install it
01:43 <krae> problem solved, sorry
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01:50 <Shiz> what was the issue?
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01:52 <krae> i had to enable the 'edge' testing repository
02:00 <transhuman_> thanks Shiz
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10:12 <TBB> oh nice, now I've finally managed to corrupt the package database!
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10:13 <TBB> FDB format error followed by Unable to read dtabase state: Operation not permitted
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10:36 <TBB> okay, this is fun. there's one extra " in the APKBUILD in the style of mkdir -p ""dir" and this results in those mkdir -p's going to the package database
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11:26 <vito_> hi
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14:00 <Barnerd> Q regarding [alpine-devel] Alpine edge has switched to libressl
14:00 <Barnerd> How do you intend to deal with the patches you need to build all packages?
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14:54 <kaniini> they are in aports
14:55 <Barnerd> Yes, but how do you deal with them in the project
14:55 <Barnerd> Always upstream them?
14:56 <Barnerd> And where do you get your patches from? Generate your own?
14:57 <kaniini> all of that is up to the individual maintainer of whatever package has the patch
14:58 <Barnerd> We now have Void, Alpine, OpenElec, TrueOS, HardenedBSD, OpenBSD creating their own patches pretty often
14:58 <kaniini> blah blah blah
14:59 <Barnerd> I'm basically reaching out to other projects to seek collaboration
15:00 <kaniini> well if you have a proposal for that, i would love to hear it
15:00 <Barnerd> What ML would be appropriate?
15:00 <kaniini> alpine-devel
15:00 <Barnerd> Cool! Hope to get to that this weekend
15:01 <Barnerd> We're now burning valuable resources that could work on other things :D
15:01 <kaniini> i'm not against having some repository of libressl patches that could be searched -- the question just comes down to if it is really more efficient use of our time to participate
15:01 <kaniini> would need to see a more specific proposal to say either way
15:02 <Barnerd> That I can imagine
15:03 <Barnerd> I've upstreamed a great many but projects adding support for OpenSSL 1.1 tend to break with LibreSSL
15:03 <kaniini> yes, i just fixed freeradius yesterday as a result
15:03 <Barnerd> THanks to #if OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x1010000000L
15:04 <kaniini> however, i am of the opinion that if libressl would like to claim OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER 0x20000000, it should support the openssl API changes.
15:05 <Barnerd> I believe they do not agree... OpenBSD devs are pretty stubborn
15:05 <kaniini> and i may ultimately revert that stupidity in libressl
15:05 <Barnerd> That is easier indeed, just patch LibreSSL to set 0x100010000f
15:05 <kaniini> yes -- i am just stating it is possibly more efficient to just fix the stupidity in libressl
15:06 <Barnerd> I missed the Libre Hackathon in Toulouse so I don't know the latest
15:06 <kaniini> since there is also LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER
15:06 <Barnerd> They had no inclination to support anything that OpenSSL does
15:07 <Barnerd> After much bitching by me and others for something easily detectable
15:07 <kaniini> it's too early to measure impact. but like i said, that might be what we do
15:07 <kaniini> (in alpine)
15:07 <kaniini> like if we find ourselves haivng to fix tons of packages
15:07 <kaniini> we will probably just drop OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER back down to something more sane
15:07 <Barnerd> You're then going to get hit with no support for TLSv1.3 when they add it
15:08 <kaniini> see? it's impossible to win with openssl
15:08 <Barnerd> We can only hope projects start adding compat shims making our lives easier
15:09 <Barnerd> I'm off now, it's beer-time-o-clock here :D
15:09 <Barnerd> Thanks for the indo!
15:09 <Barnerd> info!
15:12 <kaniini> Barnerd: there is a third outcome
15:13 <kaniini> Barnerd: wherein i get very angry at the stupidity of both parties and just make an openssl shim ontop of something else
15:13 <kaniini> Barnerd: as i did when pkg-config pissed me off
15:13 <Barnerd> That's how FreeBSD grew their own pkgconf I guess?
15:13 <kaniini> although i believe apple tried to do that and failed with CommonCrypto
15:14 <kaniini> FreeBSD's pkgconf comes from alpine
15:14 <Barnerd> With OpenSSL there's no way to win
15:14 <Barnerd> Then I must thank you!
15:14 <Barnerd> The API is so stoopid you cannot recreate it without killing yourself first
15:14 <kaniini> yes, well with pkgconf we have discovered that upstreams depend on buggy pkg-config behaviour
15:14 <kaniini> it is very annoying
15:15 <kaniini> i am sure the libressl guys have discovered similar with openssl
15:15 <Barnerd> Hence the new libtls api with less stupidity
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15:17 <kaniini> personally i just use mbedtls when i need tls these days
15:18 <kaniini> my doctor said working with the openssl api was bad for my health (not even kidding, stupidity makes me angry)
15:19 <Barnerd> (why then work with Linux and GNU things)
15:19 <Barnerd> I've found BSD's are much more amenable in that respect. Structure...
15:19 <Barnerd> No Poetteringware
15:21 <kaniini> well, alpine do produce things that freebsd use
15:21 <kaniini> (pkgconf)
15:21 <kaniini> :)
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16:30 <nszceta> question: how do i install python dependencies on alpine linux? on ubuntu I would use `apt build-dep python3`
16:36 <kaniini> like to build your own python?
16:36 <kaniini> use aports for that
16:36 <tobias1> You might look at Alpine Docker image for Python for reference: https://github.com/docker-library/python/blob/9f67896dbaf1b86f2446b0ab981aa20f4d336132/3.5/alpine/Dockerfile#L43
16:38 <tobias1> In case you are using Docker anyways, I also published a post recently on using that same method to install build deps for python requirements only while they're needed, and then remove them: https://www.caktusgroup.com/blog/2017/03/14/production-ready-dockerfile-your-python-django-app/
16:39 <tobias1> Unrelated question: has anyone else run into strftime issues w/Alpine Linux (e.g., https://github.com/iron-io/dockers/issues/42)? I struggle to see how it's usable as-is...
16:40 <kaniini> all of that is musl
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16:54 <nszceta> I am having trouble with localhost:~# apk add python3>3.6.1 opencv>3.2.0
16:54 <nszceta> Error relocating /usr/lib/libpng16.so.16: inflateValidate: symbol not found
16:57 <nszceta> I want to install Python 3.6.1 and OpenCV 3.2 (with Python 3.6.1 bindings)
16:58 <nszceta> Is this possible?!
17:00 <nszceta> Those two are in edge/testing and I am running 3.5 as my base system
17:00 <nszceta> Do you have any recommendations?
17:01 <yGweSm1OzVHe> add edge as @edge and install those pkgs from there
17:02 <yGweSm1OzVHe> the rest will stay 3.5
17:03 <nszceta> thx
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18:06 <Nobabs27> nmi watchdog BUG soft lockup - cpu#0 stuck for 23s
18:06 <Nobabs27> ...what?
18:10 <Nobabs27> apparently someone else had the same issue
18:10 <Nobabs27> https://forum.alpinelinux.org/forum/installation/alpine-linux-ms-hyper-v
18:10 <darkfader> hyperv is always a bit special
18:10 <Nobabs27> im not using hyperv
18:11 <darkfader> but in VMs you don't really need to monitor machine check events
18:11 <darkfader> oh.
18:11 <darkfader> the your system was unhappy :/
18:11 <Nobabs27> nor am I using a vm
18:11 <Nobabs27> I ran an update then restarted
18:11 <Nobabs27> the 23s is followed by another 23s each time
18:12 <darkfader> scheduler bug or i.e. a HPET issue or other things
18:12 <Nobabs27> HP as in HP computers?
18:12 <darkfader> high precision event timer
18:12 <Nobabs27> oh
18:12 <Nobabs27> well is there a solution?
18:12 <darkfader> cpu clock, can get confused by power management
18:13 <darkfader> i'd say go back to an older kernel and open an issue
18:13 <Nobabs27> and issue where? forums?
18:13 <darkfader> try to turn off power management if you want to debug a bit
18:13 <darkfader> bugs.alpinelinux.org
18:13 <Nobabs27> in the bios?
18:13 <darkfader> in linux is hopefully enough
18:13 <darkfader> google for max_cstate
18:14 <darkfader> i don't have this stuff in memory
18:14 <Nobabs27> ...the kernel commandline
18:14 <Nobabs27> ?
18:14 <Nobabs27> like when you boot
18:14 <Nobabs27> or do I need a livecd
18:14 <darkfader> command line
18:14 <darkfader> google, please
18:14 <darkfader> i need to work
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19:08 <tech2> How do I determine the differences between two package versions? I see an r0 and r1 release between 3.5 and edge and don't know how to tell why the version has changed
19:09 <Nobabs27> Is there a "stable" version of the kernel that I can grab?
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19:20 <Nobabs27> nvm actually
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19:27 <kaniini> tech2: right now the only way is to check aports git history, we are working on embedded changelogs for apk-tools 3.x series though
19:31 <transhuman_> hi I have run into a problem making my alpine-linux httpd.conf setup more like debian /ubuntu style. Debian/Ubuntu uses envvars file to load environmental variables. What does alpine-‌linux use /etc/init.d seems to have no such variables. Thanks in advance
19:31 <transhuman_> s/etc/init.d // /etc/init.d/apache2
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19:46 <Nobabs27> ok well I chrooted in, I've tried to reinstall linux-vanilla but it's giving me a bunch of errors
19:46 <Nobabs27> any suggestions?
19:47 <Nobabs27> most of the errors are along the lines of "can't create" or "no such file" in some /tmp directory
19:48 <Nobabs27> but then apk just says "OK" after that?
19:51 <tech2> kaniini: thanks
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20:11 <Nobabs27> nvm im good on that issue - coreutils was not installed
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21:47 <Oooohboy> hello all, alpine noob here. I'm trying to install freeswitch using ```apk add freeswitch``` and I get the following:
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22:49 <transhuman_> hi I have run into a problem making my alpine-linux httpd.conf setup more like debian /ubuntu style. Debian/Ubuntu uses envvars file to load environmental variables. What does alpine-‌linux use /etc/init.d seems to have no such variables. Thanks in advance
22:49 <transhuman_> s/etc/init.d // /etc/init.d/apache2
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