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00:36 <rjbadger> hello all, I read a while back something about alpine linux considering moving to toybox over busybox. Im trying to find information about it again, but cant find anything. Did i just read a bad article or is this something that is being considered?
00:37 <shodan45> what's the latest on running stuff that requires glibc? https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Running_glibc_programs is quite old :/
00:39 <dalias> it might be possible long-term but toybox is not complete enough yet
00:39 <dalias> you'd need both
00:44 <rjbadger> thats what I thought, its an interesting project though so I was just curious
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00:50 <kaniini> shodan45: essentially it is, apk add libc6-compat -- if that works, great. if that doesn't work, then follow the instructions on that wiki
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01:20 Topic for
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02:20 <shodan45> how do I mount a raid device on boot?
02:22 <shodan45> putting /dev/md0 in fstab doesn't work... I assume because that happens before mdadm runs?
02:30 <shodan45> nm, figured it out
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02:32 <shodan45> to someone with write access to the wiki - https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Setting_up_a_software_RAID_array
02:32 <shodan45> towards the bottom, it says "rc-update add mdadm-raid" - this should (probably) be "rc-update add mdadm-raid boot"
02:37 <pickfire> shodan45: Depends.
02:37 <pickfire> I use raid withh btrfs.
02:37 <pickfire> Everytime on boot, I need to go to the emergency shell.
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03:35 <budric[m]> hi, i installed alpine on raspberry pi with openssh, however when I log in it tells me the password has expired and changing it just doesn't fix it - still says expired next login. The date on the system is correct and i disabled hwclock
03:35 <budric[m]> has anyone ran into this problem?
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04:08 <pickfire> budric[m]: I don't.
04:09 <budric[m]> it seems to happen for root user, I configured sudo and another user and can login via ssh as that user
04:11 <TemptorSent> budric[m]: Ahh, yes -- password authentication should be disabled for root! Use a ssh key to enable a direct root login. You can change the setting in sshd's config file.
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04:13 <budric[m]> no I enabled PermitRootLogin, and would log in, but all I would get is "password expired" error message. I just wanted something quick and dirty at the time, but now I setup sudo so i'll just use that
04:14 <TemptorSent> budric[m]: I'd have to look, but I suspect the root password was intentionally set with an expiry in the past to force change.
04:14 <TemptorSent> budric[m]: Take a look at your shadow file and see if it has extra fields set for the timeout.
04:14 <budric[m]> i see, but i don't get that when logging in at the console
04:15 <TemptorSent> budric[m]: I'm not sure bb's login enforces it...
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04:17 <pickfire> budric[m]: root password is disabled for ssh.
04:19 <budric[m]> TemptorSent: you're right looks like shadow file had those fields set
04:20 <TemptorSent> budric[m]: I think the intent was to make you have to work to shoot yourself in the foot :)
04:20 <budric[m]> that's fair enough =)
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04:24 <pickfire> TemptorSent: What did budric[m] did?
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04:25 <TemptorSent> pickfire: Disabled the safety net for password authenticated root login
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04:25 <budric[m]> pickfire: I changed /etc/ssh/sshd_config to allow root logins. I know that's not something you normally do but I wanted quick access to system I'm setting up. However when I logged in it would ask me to change the password, and then kick me out, then I would log in again and it would ask me to change password, and boot met out...etc
04:26 <pickfire> Ah
04:26 <pickfire> Why?
04:27 <budric[m]> because I'm just playing around with a raspberry pi and alpine linux
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07:56 <Shiz> budric[m]: might be a fucky rtc?
07:56 <Shiz> i don't think passwd(1) sets expirations by default, though
07:57 <Shiz> :p
08:01 <ncopa> the alpine variant seems nice :) https://store.docker.com/images/pants?tab=description
08:26 <avih> would anyone mind installing nano and nano-syntax on edge, then echo 'include "/usr/share/nano/*.nanorc"' >> ~/.nanorc and then run nano? i get fucktons of errors/warnings. seem to be related to https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/help-nano/2013-01/msg00001.html and the suggested workaround works. though it might also be possible to use a configure --with-wordbounds to fix it, haven't tried yet. but would first appreciate if others can reproduce the
08:26 <avih> issue.
08:31 <avih> (did you know that nano's autogen clones gnulib?!?)
08:36 <avih> yeah, this fixes the issue for me. seems once a reply to that mailing list message was posted, it was added to configure.ac, though i can't find the rest of that thread. but this fixes it for me: ./configure --with-wordbounds
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12:23 <avih> dalias: is this a correct statement? musl does support gnu-style word boundaries (\< and \>) but doesn't support posix style ([[:<:]] and [[:>:]]
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13:09 <dalias> avih, huh? how would the latter be "posix style"?
13:09 <nsz> [:foo:] is character class foo in posix
13:10 <nsz> additional carchter classes may be defined for an LC_CTYPE category, but it cannot mean word boundary
13:12 <nsz> \b \B \< \> are supported for word boundary
13:13 <nsz> \char is allowed extension in posix
13:13 <avih> dalias: that's why i asked if the statement is correct in general, as i figured i might have gotten my assumptions wrong (and i'm far from a regex guru). regardless i got past this issue (see next)
13:15 <avih> i'm trying to figure out why nano 2.8 configure on alpine fails to detect that word boundary (\< and \>) chars are supported (and as a result falls back to assume that [[:<:]] is supported instead - which is not - resulting on nanorc syntax files failing to parse), while if i run configure with --with-wordbounds (which effectively tells configure that \< and \> are supported), then everything runs fine and nano can parse its syntax files.
13:17 <avih> i narrowed it down to the conftest file which tests it. in main() there's this:
13:17 <avih> if (regcomp(&r, "\\>", REG_EXTENDED|REG_NOSUB)) return 1;
13:17 <avih> if (regexec(&r, "word boundary", nmatch, &pmatch, 0)) return 1;
13:17 <avih> return 0;
13:18 <avih> which works fine in musl, however, the proceeding conftest defines at the same file include stuff like "#define regcomp rpl_regcomp" and it fails with ld not finding rpl_regcomp
13:19 <avih> however, while compiling nano itself it does not seem to be an issue. so either it doesn't add those replacement defines, or it does, but they are defined someplace while compiling nano but not while compiling the conftest
13:26 <avih> i think something gnu-ish defines those replacement symbols, but i still can't find it. the other option is that nano itself is not compiled with the replacements, but for some reason they're defined for the conftest.
13:29 <avih> i know their usage comes from m4/regex.m4 , but not sure where their definition is supposed to be.
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13:32 <avih> possibly at lib/regex* , but i can't find them directly yet
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13:54 <avih> i think it does use the replacement while building nano, but failing to (build and?) link with it while compiling the conftest.
14:05 <avih> the conftest determines that musl's regex is not good enough for nano, and so decides to use its own lib/regex* implementation (which is fine, it segfaults at runtime if i force it not to). maybe it should not test that \< and \> are supported, knowing that they use their own implementation to begin with?
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14:05 <john3voltas> greetings
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14:07 <john3voltas> i've been looking all over the place for instructions on how to run virtualbox from alpine-linux but i can't find anything. i only find the other way around, that is, running alpine-linux as a virtualbox vm.
14:07 <john3voltas> any tips?
14:10 <avih> john3voltas: what's exactly the issue? alpine runs fine as a vm in vbox
14:11 <avih> sorry, i misread. you want to run vbox inside alpine.
14:13 <avih> i don't think i see a vbox package for alpine, which might suggest there's no pre-built binary for vbox which you can install with apk. i _think_.
14:17 <dalias> avih, a configure-time test is inherently broken because it won't work with cross compiling
14:18 <dalias> i'm not sure what the right fix would be. imo they should just use portable constructs
14:18 <avih> dalias: right, but while cross compiling it explicitly issues a warning exactly about that.
14:19 <dalias> like searching for a larger match with adjacent non-word characters then stripping them off
14:19 <avih> i think the problem is that if it uses its own regex implementation, then it should automatically answer "yes" for "are \< and /> supported", but it doesn't. instead it tries to run it with the replacement #defines, but without the actual object files, and fails.
14:20 <dalias> yeah that makes sense. but i wonder why it's replacing it
14:20 <dalias> easy way to do this is something like:
14:20 <avih> could be related to your 32 bit something also on 64 systems
14:20 <avih> sec, i'll point you to their test program
14:21 <dalias> (^|[nonwordchars])([wordchars]+)([nonwordchars]|$)
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14:21 <dalias> then just use parenthesized subexpr 2
14:22 <avih> i'm not going to fix nano or try to interact with the gnu people. i think i figured out the issue - at their configure.ac, as i mentioned before.
14:22 <avih> dalias: for your curiosity why it fails to satisfy its regex requirements, sec, trying to find the source online.
14:24 <avih> this system is so fucked up. i can see it in configure, but not in configure.ac
14:25 <dalias> *nod* you shouldn't have to
14:25 <dalias> i just like raising what the portable clean fix would be in case you end up interacting with them
14:25 <dalias> if it's in configure but not .ac it's probably pulled in from m4/something
14:25 <avih> i'll extract the section from config.log
14:26 <avih> it includes the invocation as well as the failed program itself.
14:31 <avih> dalias: that's how they test if the system regex is good enough for them. once they decide that no, then they add the replacement defines, and also compile and link with lib/regex* . the word boundary test comes later, and fails for the reason i described.
14:31 <avih> https://pastebin.com/26cjPfUn
14:32 <john3voltas> avih: then i would have to compile it myself, right?
14:33 <avih> john3voltas: i'd wait for at least another confirmation that there's no vbox package. it could be quite the journey to do it yourself and then find out you didn't have to ;)
14:34 <john3voltas> oh. you mean it might not be as trivial as configure/make?
14:34 <john3voltas> alpine newbie here
14:35 <avih> it might, but i wouldn't bet my mortgage on it :)
14:39 <john3voltas> ok. i'll standby then and see if someone else might give me a second opinion. thanks
14:39 <avih> you could give it a go. it might work for you. but don't spend on it more than half an hour before you know you have to.
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14:42 <john3voltas> hmmm, what about snap/flak packages? can i use them on alpine? guess not, right?
14:43 <avih> dalias: while they do really seem to need their own implementation (i forced build without it and the resulting nano segfaulted), the funny/sad thing is that musl's regexp actually supports their boundary chars just fine, but fails to compile due to their general shenanigans.
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14:45 <avih> john3voltas: if the snap/flak packages assume glibc exists, which i _think_ most/all do, then it won't be a walk in the park.
14:45 <avih> (because alpine doesn't have glibc. it has musl)
14:45 <john3voltas> got it. i meant flatpak, of course.
14:46 <avih> yes
14:46 <john3voltas> ;-)
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14:46 <avih> :)
14:48 <john3voltas> well, it doesn't matter because i just noticed that they don't have vbox as a flatpak either...
14:48 <pickfire> budric[m]: I used raspberry pi with alpine linux for quite some time.
14:51 <john3voltas> darned. i'm just looking for something very small in both size and ram footprint that can run virtualbox and an webserver for phpvirtualbox. i guess i could make do with xen but i'm used to vbox and don't know zip about xen... :-(
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15:17 <dalias> avih, ok so they're testing for the gnu regex api
15:17 <avih> seems like it.
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15:18 <dalias> they really shouldn't do that because it's awful and backwards
15:18 <dalias> but if they do they shouldn't be testing for properties of it anyway
15:19 <dalias> since afaik there's only one implementation of gnu regex
15:19 <dalias> and either you have it in libc or you provide your own copy of it from gnulib
15:20 <avih> i'm filing a bug just to have a reference, but i'm not likely to followup afterwards.
15:20 <avih> (with gnu nano)
15:20 <avih> dalias: indeed their autogen clones gnulib... :/
15:21 <dalias> of course it does
15:21 <dalias> if you see "rpl_*" anywhere, that's gnulib
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15:22 <avih> k, i figured as much, but now i know :p
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17:40 <TemptorSent> dalias: Is musl's regex support documented somewhere convenient by chance?
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18:54 <budric[m]> hi, when running alpine from ram what's a good way to add and commit several empty mount points (/mnt/a and /mnt/b)? If I add /mnt to lbu.list and mount some shares, the next lbu_commit will try to save all data in those shares as well. However if I don't add mnt to the list, then when i reboot the folders I created under /mnt are gone
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18:56 <uriah> budric[m]: lbu include not working?
18:57 <budric[m]> uriah: it is, but it wants to save /mnt/a/* and /mnt/b/* as well which is nfs mount with several terabytes
18:57 <uriah> Oh... unmount them before running commit?
18:58 <budric[m]> uriah: ok, it's a little cumbersome i thought there was a better way
18:58 <uriah> Maybe there's also lbu exclude, not sure
18:58 <budric[m]> oh i see i'll try to look that up
18:59 <uriah> There might be an exclamation point syntax for lbu.list, dunno
19:01 <budric[m]> looks like lbu exclude adds -mnt/a to the list, thanks
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19:03 <uriah> No problem :-) we both learned
19:04 <uriah> budric[m]: btw, not sure what your use case is, but you may want to look into sshfs
19:04 <budric[m]> do you know how to define nfs entries in fstab so they mount on boot? Now that portion doesn't work =). I think it's because it doesn't wait for network to come up
19:04 <uriah> Yeah, I think you need to add netmount to a runlevel or something
19:05 <budric[m]> uriah: sshfs is quite cpu intensive as it encrypts all traffic
19:05 <uriah> True
19:05 <budric[m]> I'm running this on a rpi and don't have much CPU cycles to spare
19:05 <uriah> Depending on what CPU you have that may or may not be irrelevant ;-D
19:05 <uriah> Ah ok
19:06 <uriah> Which rpi do you have?
19:06 <budric[m]> rpi 3
19:06 <uriah> Should be fine, no?
19:06 <uriah> Doesn't that have 4 cores anyway?
19:09 <budric[m]> yes it's 4 cores, still I have nfs server setup already
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19:09 <TemptorSent> Good afternoon :)
19:09 <uriah> Ok, as long as it's a local network :-P
19:09 <uriah> Hey TemptorSent
19:09 <uriah> How goes?
19:09 <TemptorSent> Fairly well, yourself?
19:10 <uriah> Well enough.
19:10 <uriah> Keeping calm :-P
19:10 <TemptorSent> FWIW, NFS mounts should mount with netmount, but make sure to put _netdev in their options :)
19:11 <uriah> In fstab you mean right?
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19:11 <budric[m]> TemptorSent: oh ok thanks
19:12 <TemptorSent> budric[m]: It runs mount -a -O _netdev, which will attempt to mount all filesystesm with the option _netdev in their options list.
19:12 <TemptorSent> Yes, in fstab.
19:12 <uriah> Keeping it simple \o/
19:12 <algitbot> \o/
19:12 <uriah> Heh
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19:13 <TemptorSent> budric[m]: Let us know if that works :)
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19:18 <budric[m]> TemptorSent: unfortunately doesn't work on boot. After boot, manually doing mount -a works
19:18 <uriah> budric[m]: what runlevel is netmount in?
19:20 <TemptorSent> You probably want netmount in default
19:20 <uriah> Yup
19:21 <budric[m]> how do I get info for that service?
19:21 <TemptorSent> Oh, just noticed nfsmount is split off too :)
19:21 <TemptorSent> rc-update
19:21 <uriah> Ah :-)
19:21 <TemptorSent> you'll want to add nfsmount and netmount to default
19:21 <uriah> budric[m]: ^
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19:24 <budric[m]> cool that works now, thanks!
19:24 <uriah> Good :-)
19:24 <TemptorSent> Good deal.
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19:47 <TemptorSent> Signal-Noise-Ratio Ratio (for added redundancy)
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22:03 <terra> ncopa: after recent nano package update, I got syntax error messages when using nano.
22:03 <terra> ncopa: error messages: https://paste.ee/p/04vb7 || my .nanorc : https://paste.ee/p/KD7sf
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22:21 <terra> ncopa: https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?t=61288#p233977 fixed for me btw.
22:21 <avih> terra: there are two PRs for this from today. should be merged tomorrow probably.
22:22 <avih> i also filed upstream https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?50705
22:23 <terra> avih: thanks..which link to follow PR ?
22:24 <terra> I mean for Alpine port specific.
22:24 <avih> terra: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1189 and 1190
22:25 <avih> (i sent the PR 10 mins later, but i did analyze it and file a bug upstream first ;) )
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22:48 <shodan45> is there a "right way" to manage busybox symlinks?
22:49 <TemptorSent> shodan45 busybox --install -s should do the hard work of installing them.
22:49 <shodan45> TemptorSent: err no, I want to get rid of some ;)
22:49 <TemptorSent> shodan45: Aside from that, they're just symlinks, so rm -f works great :)
22:49 <shodan45> /usr/bin/top
22:49 <shodan45> ok
22:50 <TemptorSent> ls -ald /usr/bin/top ; rm -if /usr/bin/top if you want to be safe about it.
22:50 <TemptorSent> er rm -i :)
22:54 <TemptorSent> avih: Any chance you've come across anywhere in the apk sources that the pax headers magically get read besides when writing a .apk-new for a protected file?
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22:57 <avih> TemptorSent: i don't think i ever got close to anything PAX related... :)
22:58 <TemptorSent> avih: Not PaX, pax - the header type in the tar files that stores APK-TOOLS.checksum.SHA1 values.
22:59 <avih> that too, yes :p
22:59 <avih> (i.e. no clue what you're talking about ;) )
22:59 <avih> (IOW: no :) )
22:59 <TemptorSent> avih : Okay, thanks -- Just hoping someone had stumbled across it.
23:00 <TemptorSent> I'm getting the impression that it's not actually used currently.
23:01 <TemptorSent> I was looking for a code-path to abuse to generate a manifest of checksums vs. origin files to include in the initfs.
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