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00:37 <kaniini> no
00:37 <kaniini> we need to work on it
00:40 <TemptorSent> kaniini: ^^^ In reference to?
00:40 <kaniini> UEFI
00:40 <TemptorSent> Ahh, okay - I have support for it in mkimage, but no testing with grub actually enabled :)
00:41 <TemptorSent> It should be straightforward to get it working.
00:42 <TemptorSent> If someone can give me a known-working config and command line to build the iso, I can fix that pretty quick.
00:45 <TemptorSent> kaniini: Question regarding swtich to sha512 sums in apk pax headers -- any idea on timeline?
00:54 <tmh1999> kaniini : looks like you made some APKBUILD commits to fetch packages from distfiles.alpinelinux.org and now they are 404 :(
00:55 <tmh1999> not some, but unzip in particular
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00:58 <tmh1999> can you bring distfiles.alpinelinux.org up ?
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01:55 <tmh1999> kaniini : looks like dev.alpinelinux.org/archive is up
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02:00 <kaniini> TemptorSent: not sure yet
02:00 <kaniini> TemptorSent: sorry
02:16 <TemptorSent> kaniini: No problem, just trying to make plans on how I handle checksums.
02:17 <kaniini> tmh1999: that is an infra thing sorry :p
02:17 <TemptorSent> kaniini: For now, I'll checksum modules using sha512, then compare that to a manifest generated off the files extracted from the apk, which I'll calculate both the sha512 and sha1
02:20 <TemptorSent> kaniini: Also, any thoughts on any reason NOT to compress modules?
02:26 <minimalism> kaniini: TemptorSent: There are plans to include UEFI in the ISO?
02:26 <kaniini> yes, but probably wont make 3.6 cut
02:26 <kaniini> you can master your own
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02:27 <minimalism> hm
02:27 <kaniini> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Create_UEFI_boot_USB
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02:28 <minimalism> Would there be a chance it's in 3.7?
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02:28 <Shiz> likely
02:29 <kaniini> minimalism: yes, including secure boot
02:29 <minimalism> Great. I use Alpine mostly on servers and other smaller devices, but I was thinking I'd like to use it on my USB as a rescue disk and such.
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02:32 <TemptorSent> minimalism: Mastering you own will be quite easy as soon a I finish mkimage and friends.
02:33 <minimalism> mkimage?
02:33 <minimalism> Is that a new util to create custom Alpine images?
02:33 <kaniini> yes
02:33 <minimalism> neat
02:34 <minimalism> If UEFI is being supported in future releases, would that mean utils like efibootmgr would be added in the package repositories?
02:34 <kaniini> yes. we already have gummiboot
02:34 <kaniini> and it is possible to boot alpine on UEFI already
02:34 <kaniini> just a little shakey
02:34 <minimalism> yeah, but it would be great if it were a first class citizen
02:35 <kaniini> that is the plan for 3.7
02:41 <TemptorSent> minimalism: If you want to help on the bleeding edge, my working branch is currently at https://github.com/TemptorSent/aports/tree/mkimiage-refactor-scripts/scripts/mkimage
02:41 <TemptorSent> minimalism: It will be moving to the top-level alpine repo in the next week or so as soon as I finish cleaning up the kerneltool.
02:42 <TemptorSent> minimalism: So any testing/comments you may be able to help with before that would be quite helpful.
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02:43 <minimalism> I was thinking about installing Alpine Linux on my desktop's spare SSD
02:43 <minimalism> will have to look into how practical that is for booting though.. I don't use a bootloader
02:44 <minimalism> it just fires straight to gentoo with the instructions set in my UEFI by efibootmgr
02:44 <TemptorSent> minimalism can you do a one-off usb boot from uefi bios?
02:45 <minimalism> yeah, I have to hit one of my function keys
02:47 <TemptorSent> minimalism: That's a good way to get a setup running and testing... actually, I'm still running off a bloody sd card on my xeon because I haven't bothered to plug in a real drive yet :)
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03:11 <kaniini> i have an alpine laptop
03:11 <kaniini> gets 16 hours battery
03:11 <kaniini> in ubuntu it gets 3
03:11 <kaniini> hahah
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03:20 <luxio> The instructions on the wiki for installing GNOME say to install the "gnome-base" package, but I'm getting an "unsatisfiable contraints" error.
03:21 <luxio> I've configured apk to use community packages too.
03:21 <Shiz> good news everyone
03:21 <kaniini> which gnome are you looking for?
03:21 <Shiz> Rust for Alpine is working
03:21 <Shiz> both static and dynamic linking
03:21 <kaniini> now do it without depending on voidlinux
03:21 <kaniini> :p
03:22 TemptorSent joined
03:22 <TemptorSent> holy shit! I've got a thunderstorm roaring around me dropping half inch chunks of clear, solid ICE and keeping the sky lit for minutes at a time!
03:22 <Shiz> kaniini: we already do
03:22 <Shiz> :p
03:23 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/OGViNmYxYW
03:23 <Shiz> ^ proof
03:23 <TemptorSent> Loosing all coms at random.
03:23 <kaniini> proof that we do not depend on void to bootstrap ? :p
03:23 <Shiz> no, proof that it works
03:23 <Shiz> kaniini: now that we have our own builds, we don't need to rely on void anymore
03:23 <Shiz> we can just... use our own builds
03:23 <Shiz> :p
03:23 <kaniini> works for me
03:24 <Shiz> we need a small patch to our libunwind though
03:24 <Shiz> well, not a patch
03:24 <Shiz> just a configure option and pkgrel bump
03:24 <Shiz> --enable-cxx-exceptions
03:25 <kaniini> ok
03:25 <kaniini> toss me an mbox
03:25 <TemptorSent> Oops, wasn't in offtopic when I repopped.
03:25 <kaniini> and i will do the needful
03:26 <luxio> When I type "slim" in the console, nothing happens
03:26 <luxio> It's like a command that does nothing
03:27 <kaniini> luxio: which gnome do you want. gnome 2 or 3?
03:27 <kaniini> luxio: if you want gnome 2, mate is better supported
03:27 <kaniini> luxio: gnome right now is in process of being updated now that the systemd dependencies have been separated
03:27 <luxio> kaniini: I'm not sure which to get, or whether to get xfce
03:27 <kaniini> luxio: probably either mate or xfce tbh
03:28 <luxio> yeah I was thinking xfce
03:29 <Shiz> kaniini: https://txt.shiz.me/NmM3MzRlZD.txt
03:29 <kaniini> ok
03:29 <TemptorSent> Would someone please k-line chatter29 and their subnet?
03:29 <Shiz> subject should say main/libunwind, ah well
03:30 <kaniini> TemptorSent: try #freenode but expect no response
03:30 <TemptorSent> Yeah, it was mostly rhetorical...
03:32 <TemptorSent> I long for the days when a handfull of us could effectively blackhole entire subnets with a couple of BGP pubs.
03:32 <kaniini> Shiz: done
03:32 <Shiz> \o
03:34 <TemptorSent> Alpine-rust, that should be the name of a color of paint or something ;)
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03:34 <luxio> sorry my computer froze when i did startx for some reason
03:35 <luxio> http://i.imgur.com/rAUb1KK.jpg
03:36 <luxio> That's what happens when I do startx.
03:36 <luxio> When I have "nomodeset" as a kernel option, it starts xfce, but my resolution is stuck at a low setting
03:36 <luxio> When I remove that option, the above happens
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03:50 <kaniini> did you run setup-xorg-base ? :p
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03:53 <luxio> I just installed the packages but I'll run it anyway
03:53 <luxio> oh
03:53 <luxio> LOL
03:53 <luxio> i forgot to install xf86-video-modesetting
03:54 <luxio> 1 sec lemme see if it works now
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03:57 <luxio> kaniini: Hrm, it's still not working. Did I have to run that on the installation cd environment?
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04:02 <luxio> kaniini: Should I just reinstall?
04:03 <luxio> [alpine]?
04:03 <kaniini> no
04:03 <kaniini> but you might need to disable nomodeset
04:03 <kaniini> and ensure kms is enabled in initramfs
04:03 <luxio> kaniini: Removing nomodeset is what caused the freezing problem
04:04 <luxio> kaniini: How do I check for kms?
04:04 <kaniini> mkinitfs.conf
04:04 <kaniini> in /etc/mkinitfs
04:05 <luxio> kaniini: should that be features="..."?
04:05 <luxio> I don't see kms in that string
04:07 <kaniini> yes add kms there
04:07 <kaniini> then run mkinitfs
04:08 <luxio> kaniini: ok. but why wasn't it there?
04:09 <kaniini> right now the installer doesn't really ask what features you want :(
04:09 <luxio> kaniini: what is kms? kernel modesetting i assume? and what's modesetting?
04:09 <luxio> just curious about this
04:10 <kaniini> some drivers have the kernel drive the gpu
04:10 <kaniini> that's what kms is
04:11 <kaniini> mode setting is an api provided by kernel to allow the kernel to set the graphics mode
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04:14 <TemptorSent> kaniini: The module mess is being straightened out as we speak!
04:16 luxio joined
04:16 <luxio> kaniini: I've added kms to mkinitfs.conf, removed nomodeset from extlinux.conf, run nomodeset and setup-xorg-base, still freezing
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04:52 <luxio> kaniini: did I forget something?
04:53 <kaniini> humm weird
04:53 <kaniini> should do the trick
04:53 <kaniini> does for me anyway
04:53 <uriah> Hey all
04:55 <uriah> Kinda feeling a bit sad atm... pretty sure the stuff I've been trying to get working for musl is way more than what I have the knowledge to do...
04:56 <TemptorSent> Okay, I now have modules finding and checksumming ALL of their deps (including the ones depmod missed for some reason), including firmware. That should represent a sane basis to build out from, since I actually check the module vermagic string agaist the kernel release.
04:56 <luxio> uriah: the national suicide prevention lifeline is 1-800-273-8255
04:56 <uriah> Ugh
04:56 <uriah> That's not what I meant but thanks
04:57 <uriah> Also, wrong country
04:57 <luxio> wrong
04:57 <luxio> america is the only country
04:58 <uriah> Nice, TemptorSent, congrats
04:59 <TemptorSent> I'm sick of having a broken system every time it updates!
05:00 <uriah> Well sounds like you're close
05:00 <luxio> i believe in you
05:01 <TemptorSent> Grr.. How, exactly, is it sane to update the kernel and modules, and delete the modules of the CURRENTLY running kernel?
05:01 <uriah> Ouch
05:02 <TemptorSent> Yeah, that's why this is front-burner for me ;)
05:02 <uriah> :-)
05:02 <TemptorSent> I suspect people on fast, reliable internet connections don't see the problem because they get relatively atomic updates.
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05:12 <Guest42159> Heading out for the night
05:12 <Guest42159> Later
05:45 <TemptorSent> Is there any way of getting a list of all firmware or module containg packages in a machine-readable way?
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18:36 <Zucca> I'm getting "symbol not found" errors when xorg is trying to load drivers... Do I have an abi mismatch there?
18:38 <Zucca> ”Failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/modesetting_drv.so: Error relocating /usr/lib/xorg/modules/driver”
18:39 <Zucca> s/modesetting_drv.so: glamor_set_screen_pixmap: symbol not found
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19:01 <luxio> hey
19:02 <luxio> anyone know why i'd get this error? https://ghostbin.com/paste/j5a9r
19:02 <luxio> i'm trying to run the "terminator" terminal emulator
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19:14 <avih> luxio: try "apk add py-psutil" and if that doesn't work py2-psutil or py3-psutil according to the main python version you have installled
19:15 <luxio> avih: well at least i'm getting a different error now lol
19:15 <luxio> You need to install the python bindings for gobject, gtk and pango to run Terminator.
19:16 <luxio> can't find the pango python binding
19:16 <avih> yeah, it needs a lot of deps, including some py-gtk ones
19:20 <avih> luxio: seems you're trying 1.9x, which indeed complains about those on my system too. but apparently i have enough deps to run 1.0, so IMO start with that
19:21 <luxio> avih: I don't see 1.0 in my repositories
19:21 <avih> 1.0 it was released on 2016-11-23, so not too old
19:21 <avih> https://launchpad.net/terminator/+download https://launchpad.net/terminator/trunk/1.0/+download/terminator-1.0.tar.gz
19:24 <avih> luxio: where did you get the version you just tried from?
19:26 <luxio> avih: `apk add terminator`
19:27 <luxio> avih: my repos are main and community
19:27 <avih> oh, i wasn't aware there was an alpine package for it. in that case, sounds like the package is broken, since it should have also installed whatever deps it needs
19:27 <avih> file a bug IMO
19:28 <avih> regardless, i was able to download 1.0 from the link above and install enough deps to get it working.
19:33 <luxio> avih: I did that, didn't even need to install deps. Seems to work
19:33 <avih> well, it does need some non default deps, just seems you have them installed already.
19:34 <avih> probably got installed when you installed terminator with apk
19:35 <luxio> brb
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22:29 <Shiz> kaniini: maybe it'sa good idea to have an option to have apk run check() but not fail if it doesn't return 0
22:30 <kaniini> why would we want that
22:30 <Shiz> broken/volatile tests/wip apkbuilds
22:31 <Shiz> that you may still want partial results of
22:31 <Shiz> although i guess you can always just do || : in check()
22:31 <kaniini> options=!check
22:31 <kaniini> obviously :)
22:32 <Shiz> !check won't run it...
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