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00:54 <luxio> When I do `apk add luarocks`, I don't have a luarocks command. Bug?
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01:18 <luxio> Also when I do alsamixer, I get this error: cannot open mixer: No such file or directory
01:18 <luxio> It works as root, just not as my user.
01:18 <luxio> My user is in the audio group.
01:19 <bougyman> luxio: in your current session?
01:19 <bougyman> what does `id` return?
01:19 <bougyman> does it show you in the audio group?
01:19 <bougyman> and... are you using pulseaudio?
01:21 <luxio> uid=1000(blep) gid=1000(blep) groups=1000(blep)
01:21 <luxio> bougyman: I'm not sure how to check if I'm using pulseaudio
01:21 <bougyman> ok, so your current user's session isn't in the audio group
01:21 <bougyman> you have to log in again.
01:21 <luxio> ah ok
01:21 <luxio> brb then
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01:23 <luxio> bougyman: working now, thanks! :)
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02:55 <dalias> can anyone explain to me wtf modloop is, why it fails to start, and why update-kernel's mkinitfs depends on modloop?
03:01 <BitL0G1c> dalias - on a normal hard disk install - I disable the modloop service - it doesn't seem to cause any problems
03:02 <dalias> but update-kernel is aborting with "Module loopback device not mounted"
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03:02 <Shiz> modloop is part of the initramfs
03:02 <Shiz> so that's probably hwy
03:03 <Shiz> or well, used in
03:03 <dalias> i need an initramfs to get generated with my config
03:03 <dalias> otherwise necessary modules to boot are missing
03:03 <dalias> but it fails to run because of this
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03:04 <Shiz> why not just call # mkinitfs?
03:05 <Shiz> only update-kernel needs modloop
03:05 <dalias> *sigh* that seems to work
03:05 <dalias> but i want it to work automatically when i install a new kernel
03:05 <dalias> otherwise i'll get bricked
03:07 <Shiz> mkinitfs should get called when the kernel is updated
03:07 <BitL0G1c> I have some notes on the wiki for how I configured luks in lvm with a custom initramfs
03:08 <Shiz> dalias: update-kernel is not for usage outside of initial setup i think
03:08 <Shiz> mkinitfs is the intended scirpt :p
03:09 <BitL0G1c> /etc/update-extlinux.conf - add the modules you need in the initramfs in there
03:10 <Shiz> that's
03:10 <Shiz> cool but he's not using a custom initramfs...
03:10 <dalias> bitl0g1c, i have them there
03:10 <Shiz> anyway
03:10 <dalias> but they also need to be in mkinitfs.conf i think
03:10 <dalias> and weren't at the time of kernel pkg upgrade
03:10 <dalias> now they should be
03:10 <dalias> and it seems to have worked
03:10 <dalias> i have 4.9.20 running now
03:11 <BitL0G1c> if you ever need to rebuilt the initramfs - "fix linux-grsec" (or vanilla) - will regenerate it
03:12 <Shiz> zzz
03:13 <BitL0G1c> beats messing around with mkinitfs
03:25 <dalias> yay thanks
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04:13 <luxio> How do I change my shell from ash to zsh?
04:27 <BitL0G1c> edit /etc/passwd - change /bin/ash to /bin/zsh
04:27 <BitL0G1c> chsh /bin/zsh - may work too
04:29 <BitL0G1c> chsh is in shadow https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?file=chsh&path=&name=&branch=&repo=&arch=
04:29 <BitL0G1c> luxio ^^
04:37 <kaniini> hi
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04:42 <luxio> BitL0G1c: I changed that, but something's setting PS1
04:42 <luxio> and the prompt looks like this \h:\w\$
04:44 <BitL0G1c> luxio - see /etc/profile.d/color_prompt.sh
04:45 <luxio> BitL0G1c: not enabled, it's just `color_prompt`
04:45 <BitL0G1c> see /etc/profile
04:46 <luxio> BitL0G1c: yeah that's setting PS1
04:46 <luxio> what is it
04:47 <dunx> BitL0G1c: it's never a good idea to edit /etc/passwd directly
04:47 <dunx> chsh is the desired way to change shell.\
04:48 <BitL0G1c> yes i said that too - but changing a shell manually has never caused me any problems
04:58 <dunx> well silly people will select the wrong shell
04:58 <dunx> and that is kind of hard to get out of if said shell does not exist!
05:09 <kaniini> huh
05:09 <kaniini> there is an alpine linux japanese community
05:09 <kaniini> i wonder if it is worth reaching out to them
05:11 <dalias> yes, they're rather active on twitter it seems
05:12 <BitL0G1c> dunx - yes very true
06:13 <TemptorSent> dalias, Shiz: update-kernel and mkinitfs are horribly broken at current, I'm just about done with a rewrite that fixes it.
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06:20 <TemptorSent> Shiz: Update kernel runs every time you upgrade your kernel version, and it unfortunately is prone to getting mismatched versions if something goes sideways during fetch if you retry.
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07:27 <kaniini> dalias: it is so strange to discover stuff like that. in my experience, they never ever make contact with the actual project, but if you reach out to them, then they are usually on board
07:29 <kaniini> dalias: like in the early days of maintaining audacious, this guy in japan ported a lot of plugins from XMMS people wanted, but i had no idea for 2 years -- reached out to him and he was like "oh it didn't occur to me to ask about sending these to you"
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07:31 <kaniini> dalias: i think largely it is because japanese people use their own social media and publishing platforms and when you see them on twitter and stuff it's mostly because it is being syndicated from elsewhere
07:35 <kaniini> what would be really neat is if someone could make a tool which cross-references all social media (western platforms like twitter, japanese platforms like hatena, etc.)
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07:36 <echelon> hey guys
07:36 <echelon> what's causing this error.. The command '/bin/sh -c apk --no-cache add bash litespeed certbot' returned a non-zero code: 1
07:37 <echelon> trying to use alpine:edge
07:39 <echelon> ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
07:39 <echelon> litespeed (missing):
07:39 <echelon> required by: world[litespeed]
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09:09 <Zucca> echelon: litespeed -package isn't in repositories.
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10:36 <stevenroose> I'm thinking about installing Alpine to run a simple Go-based server application
10:36 <stevenroose> Any thoughts? All I actually need is Git + Golang
10:36 <stevenroose> It'll be an Intel NUC box
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13:09 <echelon> zucca1, thanks.. seems to be in testing repo
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19:34 <kallenp> Hi all. I am sorry, I am new at Alpine Linux. It´s look verry well. Is support possible in this IRC channel ? Thanks for answer, Petr, Czech Republic
19:37 <TBB> hello and welcome. you'll get answers to some of your questions here, I'm sure.
19:37 <_ikke_> kallenp: depends on the kind of support you are expecting, but if you ask clear questions, people will help if you have patience
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19:44 <kallenp> OK and thanks :-) I will try it later :-)
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20:06 <mlu> hey guys, I'm curious: does anyone here use Alpine as a desktop OS? if so, how is it?
20:07 <_ikke_> I know some do, I myself don't
20:07 <Shiz> i do
20:07 <Shiz> and trfl does as well
20:08 <mlu> any particular annoyances / surprises?
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20:08 <mlu> primarily since I've never actually used a musl-based distro as my primary desktop before
20:08 <Shiz> X.org can be a bit annoying to get to work with nouveau
20:09 <Shiz> but there's a backport for the fix in musl for some issues there in edge
20:09 <mlu> how's the stability?
20:09 <* mlu> is glad he has a dedicated gaming box
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20:22 <kaniini> it is alright
20:31 <Shiz> has been stable for me
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20:39 <mlu> thanks for the info: looks like I might have a new adventure :)
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20:40 <Sandlayth> hi
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20:40 <Sandlayth> i can't install postgresql-dev, i have this message when i try to: http://sprunge.us/hHTa
20:41 <Sandlayth> any idea?
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20:51 <Shiz> Sandlayth: apk del openssl-dev
20:52 <Sandlayth> yep, i saw this
20:52 <Sandlayth> hum, it's strange
20:52 <Sandlayth> i'm trying to build https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/blob/master/Dockerfile
20:52 <Sandlayth> which is based on ruby
20:53 <Sandlayth> the fact is that ruby seems to depend on openssl
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20:57 <Shiz> it likely doesn't
20:57 <Shiz> just needs libressl-dev
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21:20 <kaniini> lmao tootsuite
21:20 <kaniini> i get it
21:20 <kaniini> hootsuite
21:20 <kaniini> hahahahaha
21:22 <Sandlayth> huhu
21:22 <Sandlayth> i'll just rebuild ruby using openssl instead of libressl
21:23 <kaniini> actually that error is saying to rebuild ruby against libressl.
21:23 <kaniini> which is fixed in edge
21:23 <kaniini> so you might change the Dockerfile to use edge
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21:23 <Sandlayth> actually
21:23 <Sandlayth> i'm building everything alone
21:24 <Sandlayth> given that i'm on an armv7l architecture
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