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00:06 <Nobabs27> https://pastebin.com/S3VQGPHF
00:06 <Nobabs27> I get bad password
00:08 <Nobabs27> ngircd
00:10 <Shiz> well yes
00:10 <Nobabs27> ?
00:10 <Shiz> wait, misread
00:10 <Nobabs27> ok
00:11 <Shiz> check if your mask matches
00:12 <Nobabs27> how would I do that (im on HexChat) ?
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00:13 <Shiz> /whois yourself on the server..
00:14 <Nobabs27> ah kk
00:16 <Nobabs27> still bad password
00:17 <Shiz> well, does your mask match the one in the config
00:18 <Nobabs27> yes
00:18 <Nobabs27> my whois says its ~babs@c-50-142-84-112.hsd1.tn.comcast.net
00:18 <Nobabs27> ill try jsut turning off the mask'
00:19 <Nobabs27> nope still bad password even after ;ing the mask
00:27 <Nobabs27> new one (that still doesnt work @Shiz
00:27 <Nobabs27> https://pastebin.com/nPzQdD6N
00:29 <Shiz> ngircd log should tell you why /oper failed
00:30 <Nobabs27> where is the log?
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00:35 <echelon> hi
00:35 <Nobabs27> hi
00:35 <echelon> i'm trying to use alpine:latest repo to get this package.. https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=litespeed
00:35 <Nobabs27> ok
00:35 <Shiz> /var/log/messages, probably
00:35 <Shiz> echelon: litespeed is not in latest
00:36 <Shiz> as the package browser tells you, it's in edge
00:36 <echelon> i tried edge too
00:36 <Shiz> latest is the latest stable release
00:36 <Shiz> you need to add the testing repository too
00:36 <echelon> oh
00:36 <Shiz> echo '@testing http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/testing' >> /etc/apk/repositories
00:36 <Shiz> apk add --no-cache litespeed@testing
00:37 <echelon> ah, thanks
00:37 <Shiz> if your whole system/image is based on edge, you can drop the @testing prefix from both the echo and the apk add
00:37 <Nobabs27> all it says is rejected (connection 9): Bad password! XD
00:38 <echelon> ok, lemme try it
00:38 <Nobabs27> 10/10 descriptive
00:38 <Shiz> Nobabs27: ...
00:38 <Shiz> well there's your problem
00:38 <Shiz> you're trying to enter your oper password as your server password
00:38 <Shiz> server passwords are for connecting, not opering up
00:38 <Nobabs27> where do I enter the oper password?
00:39 <Shiz> are you sure you're fit to run an ircd if you're having trouble even locating the logfile? :P
00:39 <Shiz> /oper username password in your client once connected
00:40 <echelon> using alpine:edge, it fetches from http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/main/ only
00:40 <Shiz> echelon: did you add the repository properly using the echo command?
00:40 <Shiz> even :edge still needs that repository explicitly added
00:40 <Shiz> since it's the testing repository
00:41 <echelon> ok
00:41 <Nobabs27> its not connecting to the server though ._.
00:41 <echelon> echo 'http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/testing' >> /etc/apk/repositories ..should be sufficient?
00:41 <Shiz> correct
00:41 <echelon> cool
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00:41 <Nobabs27> and I thought the password for the server was supposed to be disabled ?
00:42 <echelon> Shiz: awesome, thanks :)
00:42 <Shiz> np :)
00:42 <Shiz> the testing repository is not implicitly added because well.. it's not well-tested yet
00:42 <echelon> gotcha :)
00:43 <Shiz> if you're having success with software in there, reporting it is always appreciated so we can determine what to move to the community repos at some point
00:43 <Shiz> s/we/the devs/
00:43 <Shiz> Nobabs27: yes, it is
00:44 <Nobabs27> ...
00:44 <Shiz> that is, the server password
00:44 <Shiz> not the oper password
00:44 <Nobabs27> ok, then why am I getting disconnected?
00:44 <Shiz> because you're sending a server password with your client
00:45 <Shiz> when the server has none set
00:45 <Shiz> so it will reject you
00:45 <Nobabs27> still bad password even with non set
00:46 <Nobabs27> ive even tried weechat too
00:49 <Shiz> not sure then
00:49 <Shiz> tried asking #ngircd? :P
00:49 <Nobabs27> already have
00:50 <Nobabs27> no one on apparently
00:50 <Shiz> on irc.barton.de?
00:50 <Nobabs27> yep
00:50 <Nobabs27> no one on as in no has responded I mean
00:52 <Diftraku> well, it's the wee-hours in the morning on EU, so you might have a better luck trying again later
00:52 <Nobabs27> perhaps
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03:32 <pepedelosbosques> Hi. I'm getting started with awall. I need to insert a Custom iptables Rule. Can anyone help me with an example of the structure of the key:value?
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05:58 <hendry> i shelled into my alpine container
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05:58 <hendry> and ran halt, hoping it would shut down the container
05:58 <hendry> and it didn't work
05:58 <hendry> also killing PID 1 seemed to have no impact
05:58 <hendry> so how does one shut down a container... from within a container ?
06:00 <Shiz> docker stop containerid
06:00 <Shiz> halt doesn't do anything as it would normally message init
06:00 <Shiz> a container has no init system
06:01 <hendry> Shiz: i need to be able to kill the container from within the container
06:02 <Shiz> run a supervisor as pid1
06:02 <Shiz> that provides some way for you to tell it to exit
06:02 <hendry> I'm a bit suprised kill PID 1 isn't enough to make my entry.bash script to exit
06:03 <Shiz> pid1 can't be killed.
06:03 <Shiz> that's the issue
06:03 <Shiz> it blocks all signals
06:03 <hendry> Shiz: ah
06:03 <hendry> Shiz: what supervisor do you recommend I use ?
06:03 <hendry> open-rc ?
06:03 <Shiz> openrc isn't a supervisor, but an init system
06:03 <Shiz> one sec
06:03 <hendry> k
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06:11 <Shiz> hendry: supervisord is often used
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06:12 <hendry> CMD supervisord -n -c /etc/supervisord.conf type paradigm in a Dockerfile right?
06:13 <hendry> And how does shut down supervisord? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14479894/stopping-supervisord-shut-down is a little unclear
06:13 <Shiz> the -c ... part isn't really needed since that's the default location
06:13 <Shiz> http://supervisord.org/running.html#signals
06:13 <Shiz> like this
06:14 <hendry> a signal to $CWD/supervisord.pid ...
06:14 <hendry> Shiz: thanks for the tips
06:14 <Shiz> that pid will always be 1
06:14 <Shiz> btw
06:15 <Shiz> for docker images
06:16 <Shiz> # supervisorctl shutdown also works btw
06:16 <Shiz> should do the same thing
06:18 <^7heo> Shiz: is that supervisord part of alpine?
06:20 <Shiz> ^7heo: http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=supervisor*&branch=&repo=&arch=&maintainer=
06:20 <Shiz> you should know how to figure that one out
06:20 <Shiz> :P
06:22 <^7heo> dude, that requires a working browser, it's not even 9 yet.
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06:22 <^7heo> I want to wait a little before I hit the browser part of the day...
06:22 <^7heo> I guess I could have used grep in aports...
06:23 <^7heo> meh, I'll do that.
06:23 <Shiz> or apk search
06:24 <^7heo> apk search doesn't display as much info as there is in the APKBUILD file, or?
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06:29 <hendry> https://s.natalian.org/2017-04-10/1491805678_1268x676.png hmmm, doesn't like command = /usr/sbin/nginx
06:29 <Shiz> oh it likes it just fine
06:29 <Shiz> your nginx however, does not
06:30 <hendry> command = /usr/sbin/nginx -g "daemon off;" // works
06:31 <hendry> Shiz: supervisorctl shutdown # works!
06:31 <hendry> Shiz: THANK YOU :)
06:31 <Shiz> np
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06:54 <hendry> any tips for getting a colour motd or show disk stats and such like ubuntu does by default ?
07:01 <IcePic> most shells have one init file for the first login shell and one for all subsequent shells, I guess one might be able to put fancy stuff in the first (.profile) and fixing PATH and setting up other env things in the second (.kshrc)
07:01 <IcePic> or, get a cron job to replace the motd at times to hold what you like to see
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07:25 <Shiz> yeah, just edit /etc/profile or ~/.profile to show stuff you like
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08:42 <glend> Hello, I'm not sure where can I post a strange behavior I get with PHP intl extension in Alpine Linux?
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08:43 <clandmeter> bugs.alpinelinux.org
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09:37 <ScrumpyJack> morning
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09:59 <^7heo> moin ScrumpyJack
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12:46 <dminca> where is `apk` cache located on my filesystem?
12:50 <clandmeter> dminca, /etc/apk/cache is mostly a symlink to some place in /var...
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12:58 <dminca> clandmeter nvm, I found it. It's in /var/cache/apk/*
12:58 <john3voltas> greetings guys
12:58 <john3voltas> newbie on alpine linux here
12:59 <john3voltas> any document available to help me get going with alpine and kvm/qemu host
12:59 <john3voltas> ?
12:59 <dminca> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Main_Page <-- john3voltas
12:59 <dminca> the wiki mainly :)
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13:01 <john3voltas> dminca: thanks for replying. but where is the info on running alpine as a kvm host? i can only find info on running alpine as a kvm/qemu vm
13:05 <yMGJRgi997ZH> not sure there's many alpine specific things about kvm/qemu hosting on alpine
13:05 <yMGJRgi997ZH> you should be good with any generic manual/howto
13:06 <yMGJRgi997ZH> i'm running kvm/qemu without any problems here. except you might wonder, but by default only vnc frontends are supported, no sdl or other graphical output.
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13:06 <transhuman_> join #httpd
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13:17 <john3voltas> yMGJRgi997ZH: thanks for replying. so far i've been able to modprobe kvm and virtio but when i install qemu with apk add qemu i don't get the qemu-img command so that i can create the disks. am i doing anything wrong here? would i go any better with xen instead?
13:26 <john3voltas> darned newbie
13:26 <yMGJRgi997ZH> it's in the qemu-img pkg
13:26 <john3voltas> qemu-img is a separate package
13:26 <john3voltas> lol
13:26 <yMGJRgi997ZH> yes
13:27 <john3voltas> sorry bout that mate
13:27 <john3voltas> i was going nuts and just figured it out too
13:27 <john3voltas> thanks for your help
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13:28 <john3voltas> how do i manage the vm's? vnc/rdp?
13:29 <yMGJRgi997ZH> vnc
13:29 <john3voltas> i mean is there a vm console?
13:29 <yMGJRgi997ZH> how do you mean? a graphic frontend for handling vms? dunno, never needed that
13:30 <john3voltas> hmmm, when you're deploying a new vm, how do you set it up then? imagine it's a windows vm
13:30 <john3voltas> during setup we need to access the vm's console screen
13:30 <john3voltas> but i guess this is completely out of the scope of this channel
13:32 <yMGJRgi997ZH> vms console screen i access via vnc if i understand you correctly
13:33 <IcePic> for kvm-qemu, the libvirt stuff has a gnome VM-admin thing which includes console view
13:34 <john3voltas> i see. thanks guys
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13:37 <john3voltas> gotta go. cheers
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18:17 <ddd_> is there a command to apply security updates?
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18:25 <_ikke_> ddd_: There is not command to apply _just_ security updates
18:26 <_ikke_> ddd_: alpine linux does not differentiate between security fixes and other updates
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18:27 <ddd_> so just apk update, then?
18:30 <_ikke_> apk upgrade -U
18:30 <_ikke_> (same as apk update && apk upgrade)
18:33 <Klowner> I've never successfully installed diskless mode.. is there some weird final thing you have to do after setup-alpine? I reboot and it just boots back into the installer
18:34 <ddd_> thx!
18:34 <_ikke_> Klowner: iirc, that should be enough
18:35 <_ikke_> Klowner: "Note: When the setup-alpine script asks for a disk, say "none". It will then prompt whether you'd like to preserve modifications on any writable medium.
18:35 <_ikke_> "
18:36 <_ikke_> Klowner: You might need to run lbu ci before everything is comitted though
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19:25 <Klowner> hmm, it's persisting my hostname and some settings
19:25 <Klowner> but nothing gets reinstalled
19:29 <Klowner> everything is listed in the world file at least
19:29 <_ikke_> ok
19:29 <_ikke_> and are they present on the boot media?
19:30 <_ikke_> cache dir or static pkgs dir?
19:30 <Klowner> ah, most likely not
19:30 <_ikke_> Klowner: Well, it should setup the cache dir so that it would
19:31 <Klowner> I have an external caching proxy set up so I figured I'd avoid the internal cache. Didn't realize that was necessary for installing at boot
19:31 <_ikke_> ok
19:31 <Klowner> I'll try enabling that :)
19:43 <TBB> jeez, what a day again. on the other hand, securebootability took another leap forward
19:54 <Klowner> there we go, that works
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20:06 <TemptorSent> TBB What's news on the secureboot front?
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20:20 <TBB> nothing much really, I've just worked on a secure boot using install for some time
20:21 <TBB> and it's not that tough, it's just that what works in one system won't necessarily work in another unless you follow the spec to the letter
20:23 <TBB> just objcopy vmlinuz, initramfs, boot parms in a text file and some related stuff into an EFI binary, sign it and write your keys to the firmware and you're done
20:23 <TBB> and you'll protect not only your kernel but initramfs against tampering
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20:25 <TemptorSent> TBB: If you can document the specifics, we can add it to the image builder and kernel tool before 3.6 if it's not ugly.
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20:27 <TBB> it's mostly the key management that's ugly, the procedure itself is rather simple
20:28 <TemptorSent> What tools are required? is a good place to start I guess.
20:29 <TBB> depends a bit on what approach you take. the basic set is sbsigntool and efitools, both of which I've got APKBUILDs for
20:31 <TBB> it's just that sbsigntool is ugly as hell - it uses CCAN as a dependency, and that's a braindead approach (CCAN is basically CPAN for C code). And it also does things like generates its own key installation tool that generates keys and embeds them in its binary, which is, frankly, stupid
20:32 <TBB> and efitools depends on sbsigntool :(
20:32 <TBB> (well, some of it)
20:34 <TBB> but you generate your keyset using openssl and some of sbsigntools, use some of those keys to sign your single-file kernel and use efitools to write the appropriate entries into the firmware registers controlling SB and that's it
20:34 <TBB> then it's just a question of how and where you store your keys
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20:49 <Koopz> aloha
20:53 <Koopz> i'm having problems trying to get a script to run properly. https://github.com/Koopzington/freenas-docker-jdownloader/blob/master/startJD2.sh#L35 i'm not a linux pro but i tried to echo something after that "exec su" line, that echo however can't be seen. Shouldn't "exec su" ensure that the command in the following lines are NOT being run as the mentioned user?
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21:52 <TemptorSent> ^7heo: I'm working on solving that problem permentently :)
21:57 <darkfader> hm
21:57 <darkfader> 3.5 still doesn't have the xen security patch
21:57 <darkfader> is there anyone but royger or ncopa who can work on that?
21:57 <darkfader> it's too much for me that much i do know
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23:11 <ali1234> how do i build an alpine cross-chroot?
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23:15 <ali1234> hmm okay this doesn't look too hard
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