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06:50 <ncopa> darkfader: i'll try fix it later today
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09:18 <dminca> hi guys
09:19 <dminca> I noticed there's no keytool package on Alpine, I need to create a APKBUILD for that?
09:19 <dminca> an*
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09:50 <ScrumpyJack> anyone good with laptop and external vga monitor?
09:50 <ScrumpyJack> (no X11 involved)
09:59 <bougyman> ScrumpyJack: sure
10:01 <hiro> i use full-blown Xorg with xrandr whenever i have an external monitor attached
10:02 <hiro> ScrumpyJack: you hate X11, using only console tools? :)
10:04 <ScrumpyJack> ok, just tried X11 and i get the same. xrandr to the rescue!
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10:06 <ScrumpyJack> basically, in X I end up with two devices LVDA1 1024x600+0+0 and VGA1 1920x1080+0+0 on the same physical external monitor
10:08 <ScrumpyJack> LVDA1 is mirrored on laptop and external VGA monitor
10:08 <ScrumpyJack> just remove LVDA1 with xrandr?
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10:10 <antranigv> ^7heo: ! :)
10:14 <ScrumpyJack> or maybe i should have two screens, currently i don't have one
10:14 <^7heo> heeey antranigv
10:15 <^7heo> ;)
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10:45 <ScrumpyJack> would be cool to have X11 on vga and termainl on laptop
10:46 <avih> i _think_ xf86-video-vesa needs to be rebuilt against xorg 1.19.3 . that's my log https://pastebin.mozilla.org/9018640 not sure when it broke since i don't run xorg often (typically i use it headless), but i think in the past 2 weeks or so, during which xorg updated to 1.19.3
10:47 <avih> (this is inside virtualbox but without any guest addition or modules installed, and xorg used to work on this machine)
10:49 <avih> could this be a result of vesa not loading? "(EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory"
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12:11 <parazyd> do the generic arm images support being on a btrfs fs?
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12:38 <parazyd> actually, how do i use the armhf tarballs?
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13:11 <hiro> parazyd: mount the containing files as root?
13:11 <hiro> parazyd: boot and done...
13:12 <parazyd> didn't work on a lime2
13:12 <parazyd> falls back to FEL
13:12 <hiro> you put it on whatever filesystem you want, with a kernel that works for your fs
13:13 <hiro> what is lime2 and FEL?
13:13 <hiro> 12:45 Scrum would be cool to have X11 on vga and termainl on laptop
13:13 <hiro> i don't think that's common
13:13 <hiro> in any way i neither think it's very cool
13:14 <hiro> i didn't get your problem using xrandr
13:14 <^7heo> hey hiro
13:14 <hiro> ScrumpyJack: you're saying LVDA1 is broken?
13:14 <hiro> ^7heo: hi :)
13:15 <hiro> ScrumpyJack: you say you "should" have two screens but currently you have none, so where do you read LVDA1 1024x600+0+0 and VGA1 1920x1080+0+0?
13:15 <hiro> if not on a screen where can it be displayed?
13:15 <hiro> you should put only one cable between your external monitor and your computer
13:19 <parazyd> hiro: a lime2 is an arm board from olimex, and FEL is an allwinner chip boot mode
13:20 <parazyd> in any case, it seems i have to build u-boot myself in order to use this tarball?
13:20 <hiro> well, if you stay in boot mode then that means no kernel has been loaded successfully
13:21 <hiro> how to load a kernel is not alpine specific
13:21 <parazyd> that's what i'm implying
13:21 <hiro> check your board's docs
13:21 <parazyd> the tarball says uboot is included
13:21 <parazyd> ... not really
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13:21 <hiro> oh, you're talking of the *other* tarball then
13:21 <hiro> sorry.
13:21 <hiro> i only used the empty ones without kernel or bootloader stuff
13:22 <hiro> i didn't know.
13:22 <parazyd> you mean the mini rootfs?
13:22 <hiro> yeah
13:22 <parazyd> ah ack
13:22 <darkfader> ncopa: thanks
13:23 <hiro> most arm boards i have need special kernels anyway
13:23 <hiro> i don't get why there's images that pretend that they can be used with any arm board
13:23 <parazyd> the sunxi stuff is pretty generic
13:23 <hiro> arm SoCs are way too fragmented
13:27 <IcePic> noone wonders why x86 can be a thousand versions and same kernel+modules work there, but for arm its fine to have per-board images?
13:28 <IcePic> its not like x86 machines span the whole spectrum from small nan-itxes and whatnot to humungous servers with TBs of ram.
13:28 <darkfader> IcePic: arm is like with android, the vendors sell mostly to OEM customers and an get away with it / sell SDK's
13:29 <darkfader> just look at sunxi, how LONG it took to just get 90% of stuff supported in mainline
13:29 <darkfader> in the x86 we all already fought that battle with the vendors
13:29 <TomJepp> IcePic: ARM tends to have non-discoverable buses
13:29 <TomJepp> which makes things a nightmare, because you can't genericise everything
13:29 <TomJepp> you need a build with the right device tree already in it
13:30 <IcePic> darkfader: yes, but customers/consumers should keep battling on new arches too
13:30 <dd_s> Hi all! Who try to install Samba 4 AD as DC with AD user's auth from windows and linux guests?
13:35 <parazyd> hiro: ok so the tarball does work if i flash my own uboot
13:36 <hiro> parazyd: ah, excellent
13:37 <parazyd> stuck here * WARNING: clock skew detected!
13:37 <parazyd> hmm let's wait a bit
13:38 <parazyd> nope, stuck
13:39 <hiro> parazyd: huh?
13:39 <hiro> parazyd: what are you doing?
13:39 <parazyd> booting it
13:39 <parazyd> http://sprunge.us/QcVS
13:40 <hiro> yeah, doesn't matter
13:40 <parazyd> well it doesn't proceed
13:40 <hiro> so the kernel started successfully
13:40 <hiro> sounds like it worked
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13:41 <hiro> perhaps just no tty is started on that serial port
13:41 <parazyd> sort of, i was expecting a shell
13:41 <parazyd> yes, let's give it a look
13:42 <hiro> just enable network, start dropbear or something, reboot and ssh in
13:42 <hiro> s/reboot/boot/
13:44 <parazyd> kewl!
13:44 <parazyd> appending console=ttyS0,115200 to the cmdline helped
13:45 <parazyd> heh no ethernet was found
13:46 <hiro> that's why i'm not sure these device tree abstractions are so useful
13:46 <hiro> there's always device specific shit you have to do
13:46 <hiro> whether it's changing some hardcoded shit or enabling certain uncommon drivers
13:47 <hiro> it's all the same to me... i don't need it abstracted.
13:47 <parazyd> no actually, not with allwinner
13:47 <parazyd> it can be the device tree is too old
13:47 <hiro> whatever you say :P
13:47 <parazyd> but that implies me compiling a new kernel
13:48 <TomJepp> yes, but imagine for a moment if it was like x86 and you didn't need a specific device tree :)
13:48 <parazyd> ^_^
13:48 <hiro> TomJepp: yes, and then you get broken tables in acpi
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13:48 <TomJepp> hiro: very true. :)
13:49 <hiro> the only real solution is to not have shitty unnecessarily complex designs
13:49 <TomJepp> that's usually because asus or gigabyte's bios engineers shouldn't be allowed pocket calculators
13:49 <TomJepp> let alone dev tools
13:49 <hiro> so that all information fits into short datasheets
13:50 <TomJepp> (and it's *always* those two that I have ACPI problems with)
13:50 <hiro> TomJepp: it's the same problem in all other companys
13:50 <hiro> the reason people aren't haveing more ACPI problems is that linux now pretends to be windows 7 or something
13:51 <hiro> you just do what the majority userbase does, and conceal your linux crap from the acpi devils
13:53 <hiro> if everything was simple then it wouldn't be so much work to just add relevant information from each datasheet
13:54 <hiro> but once they use abstractions like bios, efi or some crap from those horrible SDKs all bets are off
13:54 <hiro> everything is perpetually broken
13:55 <hiro> and then there are these devices that make no sense at all with 100Mbit ethernet on the board
13:55 <hiro> why are they even made, it's just sad imo.
13:55 <hiro> and the worst ones with 100Mbit usb-ethernet
13:55 <hiro> while the good old kirkwood for example already had gigabit ethernet. why is this so hard?!
13:55 <parazyd> the lime2 has gigabit
13:55 <hiro> nobody should be supporting such useless boards! :P
13:56 <hiro> parazyd: the A20 though!
13:56 <parazyd> *sigh*
14:00 <darkfader> i got the "docker torture chamber" built on a lot of super slow ARM boards
14:00 <darkfader> the 100mbit ones will be apache solr nodes for a search engine so they don't need too fast networking :)
14:01 <darkfader> and i think for many people playing around at home the perf doesn't matter much
14:01 <hiro> docker torture chamber?
14:01 <hiro> darkfader: i think it matters
14:01 <hiro> darkfader: it's so cheap to include gigabit ethernet, there's just no excuse
14:02 <darkfader> hiro: basically i use bleeding edge hipster software only, and put it on slow ARM boards and make it serve the geocities archive
14:02 <hiro> hahahahahaha
14:02 <darkfader> and yeah, it should be gigabit only
14:03 <darkfader> they can use power save modes or turn down to 100mbit if needed
14:03 <TomJepp> hiro: the 'good old kirkwoord' wasn't very good at filling said gigabit ethernet though
14:03 <TomJepp> :p
14:03 <darkfader> i think some vendors just want to buy a lot of surplus parts
14:03 <TomJepp> *kirkwood
14:04 <hiro> TomJepp: 35MB vs 12MB/s is a significant difference when serving files via samba
14:04 <TomJepp> I really do wish there was some magic reasonably priced ARM board with actual decent I/O capabilities... :(
14:04 <hiro> TomJepp: i'd rather have a somewhat CPU limited gigabit port than a CPU limited 100Mbit usb ethernet port
14:05 <hiro> and if you look at common wifi speeds for example kirkwood might hold up quite well
14:05 <darkfader> odroid c2 is so far my favorite, but only for network IO, disk gets expensive
14:05 <TomJepp> hmm, about £50. that's not bad
14:06 <darkfader> i got mine running of SD cards and it's only got USB2
14:06 <darkfader> so you can't saturate the network except from memory or buy eMMC for $$$
14:06 <TomJepp> darkfader: hows the mainline kernel support?
14:06 <darkfader> but the cpu power is good
14:06 <hiro> TomJepp: i wish there was an ARM board with pci-e and bios
14:06 <darkfader> i don't remember if i have a stock kernel on it
14:07 <darkfader> i can check tonight
14:07 <hiro> TomJepp: and obviously enough bandwidth on th eubs
14:07 <hiro> *the bus
14:07 <hiro> TomJepp: then i can just put how many ethernet cards i want
14:07 <darkfader> hiro: yeah, then suddenly you need to put down $350 :/
14:07 <hiro> yep. my home server is an old thinkpad in it's docking station, exposing two sata ports.
14:07 <TomJepp> hiro: well, ARM with BIOS is done... there were some ARM boards with EFI even
14:08 <TomJepp> just in case you want even more hideously overcomplicated blobs in your boot chain
14:08 <hiro> in addition i can put a minipcie card to add one or two more ports, but only one at decent speeds.
14:08 <hiro> "ARM boards with EFI" better kill me now
14:08 <darkfader> hehe
14:09 <hiro> i'm not gonna touch EFI just because of arm boards, hell no.
14:09 <^7heo> yeah...
14:09 <IcePic> with the EFI being more scriptable and more complete of an OS than what you load in it later. ;)
14:09 <hiro> btw i still use my kirkwood as wifi router today.
14:09 <hiro> and there the gigabit ethernet also makes a difference
14:10 <hiro> once i finally put that 3-stream atheros card with 5GHz support everything went crazyfast
14:10 <hiro> but then i realized i can also just put it into that old thinkpad, haha
14:10 <hiro> so now my file server is also my router and wifi ap
14:10 <hiro> cause why the hell not!
14:11 <hiro> i'm not hitting any cpu limits like i would on arm :P
14:11 <TomJepp> hiro: I think I made my feelings about EFI clear. ;)
14:11 <hiro> yeah
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15:15 <ncopa> darkfader: pushed xen fix.
15:15 <ncopa> thanks for the ping
15:20 <darkfader> Thanks!
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15:29 <Kaylas> hi, i'm using alpine for docker, but when try to start a any daemon the file is not reconized
15:29 <Kaylas> i've already try to add it on $PATH but the result is same
15:30 <Kaylas> /tmp/opt # ls -lah /opt/nginx/latest/sbin/nginx
15:30 <Kaylas> -rwxr-xr-x 1 web web 24.3M Apr 10 13:01 /opt/nginx/latest/sbin/nginx
15:30 <Kaylas> /tmp/opt # /opt/nginx/latest/sbin/nginx -V
15:30 <Kaylas> /bin/ash: /opt/nginx/latest/sbin/nginx: not found
15:30 <Sandlayth> what do you mean by "the file is not recognized"?
15:31 <Kaylas> Sandlayth it return "not found"
15:31 <Sandlayth> what about ./opt/nginx/latest/sbin/nginx ?
15:31 <Kaylas> same
15:32 <Kaylas> /opt/nginx/1.11.13/sbin # ./nginx -v
15:32 <Kaylas> /bin/ash: ./nginx: not found
15:33 <^7heo> Kaylas: you're missing a dynamic dependency.
15:33 <^7heo> Kaylas: can you ldd nginx?
15:33 <Kaylas> oh fuck
15:34 <^7heo> yes.
15:34 <Kaylas> x.x thanks ^7heo
15:34 <^7heo> You're welcome ;)
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16:24 <context> anyone here run alpine as desktop in vmware [fusion], trying to get framebuffer and/or X to work properly when i resize/fullscreen
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16:31 <context> xrandr is getting me better sizes :)
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18:46 <silva> hello, where can I get more MIBs in adition to https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?branch=edge&name=net-snmp-libs&arch=x86_64&repo=main
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19:53 <_ikke_> silva: I download them from where I can find them (manually)
19:54 <_ikke_> silva: I don't think there really is a single place to get more, each manufactured distributes there own (there are sites that aggregate them, but not in an easy to download fashion)
19:56 <avih> _ikke_: could you trigger a rebuild? i _think_ xf86-video-vesa needs to be rebuilt against xorg 1.19.3 . that's my log https://pastebin.mozilla.org/9018640 not sure when it broke since i don't run xorg often (typically i use it headless), but i think in the past 2 weeks or so, during which xorg updated to 1.19.3
19:57 <_ikke_> avih: sorry, I'm not a core developer
19:57 <avih> k, thx
20:02 <silva> _ikke_: ok thanks
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20:17 <Arc1> Hello
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20:37 <ciaobello> I do work in a virtualbox with apine-linux. I do start it from the virtaldisk and by booting it takes about 2 minutes from busybox crond [ok] till starting sshd [ok] appears? how can i make this faster?
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20:44 <clandmeter> Are all services slow starting?
20:45 <ciaobello> no, just the last one is special slow.
20:45 <ciaobello> sshd
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20:46 <clandmeter> sshd is slow?
20:47 <ciaobello> till ok messages comes and i can log in
20:47 <ciaobello> aprox 2 minutes
20:47 <clandmeter> Check dmesg
20:47 <clandmeter> Add utill-linux
20:48 <clandmeter> Dmesg -T
20:48 <clandmeter> See if there is a big time gap
20:52 <ciaobello> i do have problems to install util-linux ... have to change the repo to the original one ...
20:52 <ciaobello> brazil is not reachable
20:55 <clandmeter> Use cdn
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21:20 <ciaobello> clandmeter , thx for the moment ... i could not see anything with Dmesg -T , i will chack later agina.
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22:01 <luxio> alpine is pretty cool
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