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01:48 <tw> Is gnu mailutils packaged under a different name or yet to be packaged? https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mailutils/
01:48 <Shiz> unpackaged
01:48 <tw> Okay, thank you.
01:49 <Shiz> btw, it's easier to check this by yourself by doing a contents search for a known filename of the package
01:49 <Shiz> :)
01:49 <Shiz> http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents
01:49 <Shiz> i used frm: http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?file=frm&path=&name=&branch=&repo=&arch=
01:50 <tw> Makes sense, I was just searching the package name. I'll keep that in mind.
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01:52 <dalias> is there a way to do contents search with the apk command rather than website?
01:53 <Shiz> dalias: not afaik, as the APKINDEX doesn't index file names
01:53 <dalias> yeah i figured as much
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04:41 <mitchty> can do this for now https://forum.alpinelinux.org/forum/general-discussion/how-find-out-which-package-provides-some-feature-or-file its hacky tho
04:43 <mitchty> i use that to figure out what packages have the binary i need, would be nice for a what provides feature for apk
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05:40 <emacsomancer> is there any way to/info about installing alpine to a zfs /?
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06:47 <_ikke_> Someone happen to have or know where to find an alpine 2.3.2 iso
06:47 <_ikke_> sorry, version 2.2.3
06:48 <IcePic> google seems to point only to somewhat shady places
06:51 <IcePic> and mirrors tend to hold from 2.3 and forward as far as I can see. 8-(
06:51 <_ikke_> yes, that's what we noticed too
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11:11 <^7heo> moin
11:20 <hiro> moin moin :)
11:22 <^7heo> Wie gehts?
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11:28 <avih> dalias: fwiw re the regex issues with nano and gnulib, seems to have been fixed quite quickly and 2.8.1 (with this and other fixes) should be released today. nice of them :) https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?50705
11:31 <ncopa> darkfader: i am looking at #6962
11:31 <algitbot> Bug #6962: Xen: apparently broken pv-grub in 3.5 - Alpine Linux - Alpine Linux Development: http://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6962
11:32 <ncopa> i have been abale to reproduce it
11:32 <ncopa> pv-grub does boot from ext2 though
11:32 <ncopa> what is weird is that the problem seems to be in alpine 3.3 too
11:32 <ncopa> and alpine 3.2 was just broken (in my vmware fusion setup)
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11:44 <avih> ncopa: who's the maintainer of xorg related packages? i _think_ xf86-video-vesa needs to be rebuilt against xorg 1.19.3 . that's my log https://pastebin.mozilla.org/9018640 not sure when it broke since i don't run xorg often (typically i use it headless), but i think in the past 2 weeks or so, during which xorg updated to 1.19.3
11:45 <avih> oh, the pastebin file expired. i can upload it again though if someone wants to look at it.
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12:18 <darkfader> ncopa: i've attached the pv-grub i had in backup
12:18 <darkfader> i think i went 3.2->3.5
12:20 <ncopa> do you have the exact xen version number?
12:21 <ncopa> which works
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12:21 <ncopa> avih: i think xf86-video-vesa was rebuild against xorg 1.19
12:21 <ncopa> commit 5e39a11f17159b3b3bef21d75c63caa85dfc089e
12:21 <ncopa> Author: Natanael Copa <ncopa@alpinelinux.org>
12:21 <ncopa> Date: Tue Apr 4 11:57:27 2017 +0000
12:21 <ncopa> main/xf86-video-vesa: rebuild against xorg-server-1.19
12:22 <stevenroose> How would I deploy a very simple (Go-written) daemon program on Alpine?
12:22 <avih> ncopa: thanks. rechecking stuff. will followup when I have more info.
12:27 <avih> ncopa: i still get the same issue "(EE) vesa: module ABI major version (20) doesn't match the server's version (23)" full log: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/9018781 and this is after "sudo apk upgrade -U -a" ended up without any updates. fwiw, on edge with both community and testing repos enabled.
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12:30 <avih> (i don't know if the vesa failure is a red herring as i never looked at this log in the past. but i do know "startx" worked and launched xfce4 desktop in the past, and now it doesn't)
12:33 <avih> (i.e. now it fails to launch X, the display never blinks/resize, and then it returns to the the terminal prompt).
12:34 <avih> (i also deleted /var/log/Xorg.0.log before trying and posting the output at pastebin)
12:34 <ncopa> huh
12:35 <ncopa> oh
12:35 <ncopa> i know why
12:35 <ncopa> avih: you are right
12:35 <avih> ah :)
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12:43 <avih> ncopa: huh.. no rel version bump in APKBUILD?
12:44 <avih> this would be weird though. i also tried apk del --purge xf86-video-vesa and then i added it again. if it's a missing version bump, shouldn't it still get the new file?
12:52 <ncopa> avih: that was the problem, pkgrel was not bumped
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12:56 <markand> hello
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12:58 <darkfader> TomJepp: i checked the odroid's kernel, it is running a non-upstream kernel so i lose :)
12:58 <markand> I'm testing discovering alpine in a VM and I'm loving the quality of apk!
12:58 <TomJepp> darkfader: :(
12:59 <markand> the documentation is also good
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12:59 <darkfader> my colleague is just saying things like
12:59 <darkfader> no
12:59 <darkfader> please no
12:59 <darkfader> don't say it
12:59 <darkfader> so i think he shredded some ssh auth :)
13:00 <darkfader> glad i got my coffee
13:01 <TomJepp> I'm glad I use GPG for SSH auth. I have to actually lose my physical token ;)
13:01 <darkfader> :)
13:06 <avih> ncopa: vesa confirmed fixed. xfce desktop now starts. thanks :)
13:07 <avih> (after "Upgrading xf86-video-vesa (2.3.4-r1 -> 2.3.4-r2)")
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13:37 <PowerWing> Hey, anyone awake in here? :-) I was wondering if there was some sort of shorthand for zfs on root for alpine. Or if I should just follow similar configurations as for debian and the like. I can't find anything on the wiki/forum.
13:52 <tw> I would probably try the regular installer with ROOTFS=zfs. According to the news release, alpine 3.5 has support...
13:52 <ncopa> its still a bit inconvenient to set up root as zfs
13:52 <tw> Oh, not that cool yet? =/
13:52 <ncopa> but its possible
13:53 <ncopa> yeah, because zfs kernel module is not included in the release iso
13:53 <tw> Licensing, or just a todo item?
13:54 <context> people like zfs more than btr ?
13:54 <ncopa> i was a bit scared of licensing
13:54 <ncopa> so i left it out
13:54 <ncopa> or more i was in doubt re licensing
13:54 <context> yeah
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13:55 <ncopa> but after thinking of it a bit, i dont think there should be any problems with it really
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13:55 <ncopa> we'd just ship a precompiled binary kernel module
13:56 <clandmeter> does it actually matter? does our iso have a specific license?
13:56 <ncopa> it doesnt
13:56 <ncopa> i dont thin it matter really
13:56 <ncopa> i left it out because i was in doubt
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13:57 <john3voltas> greetings folks
14:00 <PowerWing> How much effort would it be for me to compile an iso which does have the zfs module included?
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14:00 <consus> Hi folks
14:00 <consus> What is the right method to set timezone in alpine?
14:02 <tw> The zfs-installer thing is questionable. If you could pull an installer module from the internet as a separate download at install time, there would be no question, but shipping it on the ISO as a so called "combined work" is iffy; the GPL wants to enforce relicensing of everything in the package as GPL.
14:03 <tw> (this is my understanding and does not constitute legal advice XD)
14:04 <PowerWing> noted :-)
14:06 <clandmeter> consus, setup-timezone?
14:06 <consus> clandmeter: /etc/TZ is still UTC
14:06 <consus> clandmeter: Is that normal?
14:07 <clandmeter> mine is CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3
14:07 <IcePic> GPL3 is iffyer on "compilations", isn't it?
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14:07 <inpothet> Good day i have a small question
14:07 <consus> setup-timezone -z Israel
14:08 <consus> /etc/zoneinfo/Israel -- ok
14:08 <consus> cat /etc/TZ gives me UTC
14:08 <consus> date says it's allright
14:08 <inpothet> i have added nginx to the default runtime with rc-update but when i reboot or i boot it doesnt start
14:08 <consus> But now I'm curious why the difference
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14:18 <consus> clandmeter: Is it legacy of some sort?
14:19 <clandmeter> i never provide it options
14:19 <consus> clandmeter: According to the wiki (https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux:FAQ) it was used in Alpine pre 2.2
14:20 <clandmeter> where does etc/localtime point to?
14:20 <context> i seem to be running into this issue: https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6029. even if i `go build -a -v std` as root it still tries to rebuild stdlib stuff as normal user
14:21 <consus> To the right file in /etc/zoneinfo/Israel
14:21 <consus> I do not give it -i so it's copying tzdata instead of making symlinks
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14:27 <consus> Hmm
14:27 <consus> Service hostname is used?
14:27 <consus> Or not?
14:34 <john3voltas> today i noticed that there's a couple of packages that are not available on the v3.5 main repo but that are available in other repos like edge community. is there a way to install such packages without having to go on edge?
14:35 <context> tagging
14:35 <context> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux_package_management#Repository_pinning
14:35 <context> pinning. sorry
14:36 <john3voltas> thanks for the reading material, context. ;-)
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15:42 <avih> dalias: "Is there a simple way to detect that nano is being compiled on Alpine or musl? So that we can do something like: #ifdef ..." here https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?50787#comment8 so for musl it's "it's against its religion", and i'm guessing similarly with alpine?
15:43 <avih> he suspects an issue between ncurses and musl
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16:10 <nsz> it would be nice to get a library call trace in the fixed and unfixed cases to see what libc api calls differ
16:10 <nsz> but there is no easy way to get that
16:13 <avih> gs, but this (comparing traces between musl and glibc) is probably a bigger effort than i want to put into this.
16:13 <avih> s/gs/i can probably test stuff/
16:13 <nsz> not between glibc and musl
16:13 <avih> (wtf...)
16:13 <nsz> but between musl and musl
16:13 <Shiz> nsz: the patch just forces a redraw afaik
16:13 <Shiz> it's nothing revolutionary
16:13 <avih> yeah
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16:14 <nsz> ok but what libc call is made to do the redrwa
16:14 <nsz> *draw
16:14 <avih> seems he stilll prefers to not do it unconditionally as it's not required elsewhere
16:15 <nsz> terminal stuff can be iffy, but it would be nice to know what the problem is
16:15 <avih> sure. that's why i suggested that he summarizes his suspicions and maybe we can take it from there.
16:18 <nsz> (i once had a terminal redraw issue.. turned out to be gcc-4.x bug after lot of debugging.. so the rabbit hole can go deep)
16:19 <avih> the weird thing is if nano is invoked without any argument, then the title color is correct, which seems to suggest some ordering issue inside nano itself, but... not necessarily.
16:20 <avih> he surely knows the code flow better than me, and following the patches results i think he suspects it's outside of nano.
16:20 <avih> nsz: could you reproduce the issue?
16:21 <avih> just to make sure it's not some issue on my specific system/setup
16:25 <avih> fwiw, i think i bumped into a completely different issue which might also suggest something fishy between musl and ncurses - where curses.ungetmouse(0, 0, 0, 0, 0) (from python) segfaults. i reported it here https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6839
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16:44 <inpothet> Hi
16:45 <inpothet> sorry i had to leave earlier so i coudnt see if i have gotten a reply
16:46 <inpothet> but basicly when i set nginx in the default runtime so it would start at boot it doesnt work
16:46 <inpothet> it sets the lvl but doesnt start
16:51 <emacsomancer> how do I install alpine to a zfs root? Or should I just install to ext4 and then copy the files over to a zfs dataset?
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17:12 <Shiz> https://twitter.com/OpenBSD_src/status/852196432740098048 via leah2
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18:28 <tw> Is udhcpc.conf documented?
18:30 <Shiz> tw: not particularly
18:31 <Shiz> tw: https://txt.shiz.me/M2MxYTMzMT
18:31 <Shiz> i think those are the values you can modify
18:31 <Shiz> minus $UDHCPC and $UDHCPC_CONF
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18:33 <tw> That looks right to me. I don't see a -doc package for busybox-initscripts; if there should be a doc file or manpage, where would it go?
18:35 <Shiz> as in filesystem location or package name?
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18:37 <tw> Shiz: both?
18:38 <tw> If there's an existing package, I can probably make some educated guesses as to filesystem location.
18:38 <Shiz> ah
18:38 <Shiz> there is no existing package that i know of
18:38 <Shiz> but if one is to be created, it would likely be called busybox-initscripts-doc
18:38 <Shiz> (very creative)
18:38 <Shiz> manpages typically go in /usr/share/man, as udchpc.conf is a file format, it would go into the man5 subdirectory of that dir
18:38 <tw> That sounds like an inspired package name.
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18:40 <tw> okay. I'll try to write up something at least halfass when I get some free time and open an issue against busybox-initscripts. Probably the right thing to do.
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18:43 <Shiz> :P
18:43 <Shiz> if you've never written manpages before, it's ... something
18:48 <tw> As good a time as any to learn, I guess. Aside from the usual linux-like format, are there any alpine-specific standards I should be aware of?
18:49 <Shiz> i think we prefer mdoc format?
18:49 <Shiz> not sure though
18:49 <Shiz> for possible reference, this was the first (and only) time i wrote mdoc manpags: https://github.com/Shizmob/finite/blob/master/docs/sysvinit/inittab.5
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18:51 <Shiz> also: http://mdocml.bsd.lv/man/mdoc.7.html
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19:01 <tw> Shiz: okay, much appreciated.
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19:22 <inpothet> i followed the nignx guide and for some reason after setting the runlevel to default it doesnt boot at start what may be the cause its a fresh install of 3.5 with the virtualization kernel
19:26 <Shiz> inpothet: just to be sure, this is not in a container, right?
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19:27 <Koopz> shouldn't it be possible to run a process as a user without an assigned shell?
19:28 <Shiz> Koopz: that should be possible, yes
19:30 <Koopz> su -pc "java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar /opt/JDownloader/JDownloader.jar 2>&1 >/dev/null" jdownloader
19:31 <Koopz> that's what i tried to execute in a bash script, running JDownloader as the user "jdownloader"
19:32 <Shiz> right, that won't work
19:32 <Koopz> not?
19:32 <Shiz> as su -c executes your user shell with -c ...
19:32 <Shiz> and if your user shell is invalid...
19:33 <Shiz> you could use -s instead of -c
19:33 <Shiz> but this seems like maybe a better case for su-exec
19:33 <Shiz> apk add su-exec
19:33 <Shiz> su-exec jdownloader sh -c "java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar /opt/JDownloader/JDownloader.jar 2>&1 >/dev/null"
19:34 <Shiz> (you still need sh since you're doing a shell output redirection)
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19:35 <Koopz> can i ommit the output redirection?
19:36 <Koopz> adding -s /bin/sh would surely work, why install su-exec for that?
19:38 <Shiz> that also works, yes
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19:57 <inpothet> shiz: no its in vmware
19:57 <Shiz> that should work...
19:57 <Shiz> does it indicate trying to start nginx?
19:57 <inpothet> nop
19:58 <inpothet> let me make a screenshot
19:59 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/s5GswBW.png
20:00 <stevenroose> Does Alpine allow connections on port 22 when installed?
20:00 <stevenroose> I did the installation at work, installed OpenSSH during
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20:00 <Shiz> stevenroose: only if you started openssh
20:00 <Shiz> :)
20:00 <stevenroose> And now at home (don't have a monitor :D) I get connection refused on the device
20:00 <stevenroose> Shiz, hmm, does it autostart when connected?
20:01 <stevenroose> booted*
20:01 <inpothet> it does
20:01 <inpothet> but rootlogin is disabled at begin
20:01 <Shiz> stevenroose: only if you rc-update add sshd default
20:01 <Shiz> :p
20:01 <stevenroose> damn
20:01 <stevenroose> the installer did not create a new account
20:01 <Shiz> inpothet: does /etc/runlevels/default/nginx exist?
20:02 <stevenroose> so basically I need a monitor to make a new user? :D
20:02 <inpothet> yes it exists
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20:02 <inpothet> or you can edit the sshd and enable rootlogin
20:02 <stevenroose> inpothet, you mean blindly?
20:02 <Shiz> root login is only disabled if you use a password
20:02 <Shiz> :P
20:03 <stevenroose> I did set a root password
20:03 <Shiz> right
20:03 <Shiz> it's not disabled if you use key-based auth
20:03 <Shiz> :p
20:04 <inpothet> shiz if i do rc-update show than it also lists nginx
20:04 <Shiz> inpothet: hmm...
20:04 <inpothet> and i can used init.d to manualy start it so and nginx -t says config is fine
20:04 <Shiz> what about # rc-status?
20:04 <stevenroose> now that you're here, how would I go about running a simple executable daemon on Alpine?
20:05 <stevenroose> it's a Go program
20:05 <Shiz> does it say runlevel: default at the top?
20:05 <Shiz> stevenroose: as in, with openrc?
20:05 <inpothet> rc-status nginx ?
20:05 <Shiz> inpothet: just rc-status
20:05 <stevenroose> Shiz, I don't know
20:05 <Shiz> stevenroose: that's what i'd use at least
20:05 <Shiz> write a simple initscript for it
20:05 <stevenroose> an openrc initscript?
20:06 <Shiz> right.
20:06 <stevenroose> k
20:06 <stevenroose> might go about doing that :)
20:06 <stevenroose> thanks
20:06 <inpothet> rc-status does not list nignx
20:07 <inpothet> *nginx
20:07 <Shiz> Shiz │ does it say runlevel: default at the top?
20:07 <Shiz> stevenroose: a very simple example:
20:07 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/YmVkMmE1Zj
20:07 <Shiz> you may need to add a depend() { ... } section to have it run after networking is up etc, but that's the skeleton
20:07 <Shiz> man openrc-run for details
20:07 <Shiz> :P
20:08 <Shiz> also make sure the program runs in the foreground like this, or find command_args that make it run in the foreground
20:11 <stevenroose> Shiz, thanks a lot!
20:11 <stevenroose> about running in the foreground
20:11 <stevenroose> what it change if it doesnt?
20:11 <Shiz> it won't be able to managed by openrc
20:11 <Shiz> so openrc can't know when it crashed
20:11 <stevenroose> oh
20:12 <Shiz> and stuff like stop/restart may not work
20:12 <Shiz> so it's pretty important
20:12 <stevenroose> oh you mean the executable itself should not deamonize the process?
20:12 <stevenroose> it should stay attached to stdout etc?
20:12 <Shiz> yes
20:12 <Shiz> :)
20:12 <stevenroose> f.e. not like transmission-daemon does
20:13 <stevenroose> yeah Go programs normally don't do that, so I think I'm fine, thanks a lot!
20:13 <Shiz> right
20:13 <inpothet> Shiz: http://i.imgur.com/cZSRFmU.png
20:13 <Shiz> so in transmission-daemon's case, you would put -f in command_args=
20:13 <Shiz> to make it not daemonize
20:13 <Shiz> inpothet: how very odd
20:18 <inpothet> want to know a more fun ome
20:19 <inpothet> let me take a screen of rc-update show
20:19 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/wkzSy5e.png
20:24 <inpothet> can it be because i made the machine as small as i could for test
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20:37 <Shiz> inpothet: hmm?
20:40 <inpothet> i made the VM with 1 core, 128mb ram and 1gb storage to see how low i could go
20:41 <Shiz> right, that shouldnt be an issue i think
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21:04 <inpothet> I will make a new vm with the standart image tomorow and try again mabye its bad luck with the virtual machine image
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21:15 <christophler> Hello #alpine. I would like to have the uuid program installed inside my alpine container. A google for "alpine apk uui package index" doesnt win. How should I look for the package? Is it available?
21:16 <christophler> *d
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21:17 <qman__> christophler: http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?file=uuid&path=&name=&branch=&repo=&arch= for searching for files in packages
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21:30 <christophler> qman__: thanks
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22:32 <ash_mobile> Does alpine not need security updates?
22:35 <Shiz> ash_mobile: ?
22:36 <TBB> I think ash is referring to critical updates. No, the update model is not quite like that; you do get your security updates just like you would get your regular ones
22:36 <Shiz> so, immediately whenever they are pushed
22:36 <Shiz> :P
22:42 <ash_mobile> Just like the regular ones.... Immediately? ... So, you don't need to do something like `apk update` to get security updates.
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22:53 <TBB> you'll have to do that, and that's how you do it in practically every distribution isn't it?
22:53 <TBB> in other words, nothing -pushes- you security updates, but your system regularly -polls- them
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23:02 <Shiz> ash_mobile: you do need apk update, like any other package manager
23:02 <Shiz> but as soon as a commit made to the 3.5-stable branch of the aports repo, it's available in the repos whenever the buildbots are done with it
23:03 <ash_mobile> I don't get it... It sounds like, "yes, you have to do `apk update`" but "polls regularly sounds contradictory
23:03 <Shiz> well, TBB means "apk update" by polling
23:03 <Shiz> you can set a cronjob to apk update && apk upgrade automatically for instnace
23:08 <tw> How long does APKINDEX stay cached locally? Does it pull every time?
23:08 <ash_mobile> So do people generally have something like that in place when deploying docker on alpine?
23:09 <tw> Every time someone uses apk update, I mean.
23:09 <ash_mobile> (An image built on alpine)
23:09 <Shiz> ash_mobile: i think docker has auto-builds for this
23:09 <Shiz> that'll update whenever your base image updates
23:10 <ash_mobile> So anytime the container starts it polls for updates?
23:10 <Shiz> sadly not, just new images get pushed to docker hub according to your Dockerfile whenever the base alpine image changes
23:11 <Shiz> you'd still need to # docker pull regularly
23:11 <Shiz> and yeah, it's a big criticism of docker
23:15 <ash_mobile> But people deploy with docker all the time... I guess they have to have something updating it
23:19 <Shiz> i wouldn't be so optimistic
23:19 <Shiz> but that's mer personally :P
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