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02:37 <ChainsawBaby> How can I install a package for a specific version?
02:38 <ChainsawBaby> I use edge branch, but certbot on edge doesn't work on my server, so I want to install it from v3.5
02:41 <ChainsawBaby> Oh right, I didn't have the correct repo
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09:46 <consus> Hmm
09:47 <consus> When I install shadow it's pulling pam in
09:48 <consus> Which makes my login shell managed through pam
09:48 <consus> And my ssh sessions managed not through pam
09:49 <consus> But SSH is built without PAM
09:49 <consus> So can I somehow reach the consistency here?
09:51 <^7heo> go deeper.
09:51 <^7heo> it's eventually consistent.
09:51 <^7heo> the laws of physics demand it.
09:51 <consus> E.g. limits.conf
09:52 <^7heo> I don't know what you're doing...
09:52 <^7heo> but by the sounds of the backlog, it sounds really wrong.
09:52 <consus> What sounds wrong?
09:52 <^7heo> you make it sound you're using red hat and not alpine
09:52 <consus> What?
09:52 <^7heo> PAM
09:53 <^7heo> PAM is wrong.
09:53 <consus> Why?
09:53 <^7heo> wait.
09:53 <^7heo> Are you using alpine linux because it is the official docker image?
09:53 <consus> Nope
09:53 <consus> I'm using it because it looks like a nice clean distro with more-or-less up-to-date package base
09:54 <^7heo> yeah
09:54 <consus> So I can use it for my cgit/reviewboard/smtp-server/ci stuff
09:54 <^7heo> So if you wanna keep it clean and nice why on earth would you install PAM?
09:54 <consus> Hm
09:54 <consus> So that's the issue :D
09:55 <consus> I want to use some kind of orchestration
09:55 <consus> ansible for that matter
09:55 <consus> Because I do not want to keep track of configs myself
09:55 <consus> And some of my services need useradd/groupadd
09:55 <consus> Because ansible requires it
09:55 <consus> So I have two options
09:55 <consus> 1. Install shadow and have no troubles
09:56 <consus> 2. Make a wrapper for useradd/groupadd
09:56 <consus> The first looked easier
09:56 <consus> But...
09:56 <consus> The rest of the story in my original post
09:57 <hiro> consus: so don't use ansible
09:57 <consus> Err
09:57 <consus> It looks much more nicer than everything else
09:58 <consus> And I'm done with ssh-walk and other kind of crap
09:58 <^7heo> consus: No, it lokks much less BAD than everything else.
09:58 <^7heo> s/kk/ok/
09:58 <consus> Yep
09:59 <^7heo> but it's still shit.
09:59 <consus> Any other options?
09:59 <^7heo> provisionning wise there's nothing okay, let alone good.
09:59 <^7heo> I'm writing one
09:59 <^7heo> at the reason of one line per month
09:59 <consus> Err
09:59 <^7heo> should be ready just before I die, by my calculations.
09:59 <^7heo> if I live long enough to witness the year 2542
09:59 <consus> So I have no other options
09:59 <^7heo> which is a long shot.
10:00 <consus> Except for manually editing every goddamn configuration file on all my machines
10:00 <^7heo> consus: at work I use packer.
10:00 <^7heo> consus: it's the only option that doesn't make me puke atm.
10:00 <^7heo> consus: mostly because it's still bad, but nothing executes on the remote.
10:00 <consus> Errr
10:00 <consus> It builds images
10:00 <^7heo> yeah
10:00 <^7heo> which is a very sane way to do it
10:01 <^7heo> and you can do some missing management via ssh/make
10:01 <consus> I do not want to rebuild iso's when I want to change a configuration option in rsyslog
10:01 <consus> This is just fucking stupid
10:01 <^7heo> dude
10:01 <^7heo> immutable instances aren't stupid.
10:01 <^7heo> it's reliable.
10:01 <^7heo> it's exactly what google does.
10:01 <consus> AHa
10:02 <consus> Because google has a zillion tons of servers
10:02 <^7heo> no.
10:02 <consus> And it's easier to just replace an image
10:02 <consus> Oh yeah
10:02 <^7heo> because they don't need to change the content of their instances that often.
10:02 <^7heo> it has nothing to do with the scale.
10:02 <^7heo> and everything to do with the constant environment.
10:02 <consus> It has everything to do with the scale, at least in my experience
10:02 <^7heo> well, then you need more of it
10:03 <consus> :D
10:03 <^7heo> trust me, immutability has to do with constance of the content more than scale.
10:03 <consus> I have 6 servers
10:03 <^7heo> I mean fuck, it's even the definition of it.
10:03 <^7heo> so do I atm.
10:03 <^7heo> and I still use packer.
10:03 <consus> And I do not want to reinstall my system every time
10:03 <^7heo> the only problem I have with it is the fact that I don't have a DNS
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10:03 <consus> I want to change a line in rsyslog
10:04 <^7heo> first off
10:04 <^7heo> don't use rsyslog.
10:04 <consus> I want to
10:04 <^7heo> dude you seem to have an utterly poor taste in software.
10:04 <consus> Anything better?
10:04 <consus> syslog in busybox is crap
10:05 <^7heo> ever heard of syslog-ng?
10:05 <consus> Yes
10:05 <consus> Configuration is shit
10:06 <consus> The old rsyslog configuration files are much more readable
10:06 <consus> Not that new script kinda crap
10:06 <^7heo> Ok I'm done here.
10:06 <^7heo> Good luck.
10:06 <^7heo> Also if alpine doesn't work for you, I heard good things about SlItAz
10:06 <consus> Alpine works for me
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10:07 <consus> Also what's your thing with rsyslog?
10:08 <^7heo> what's my thing with PAM, rsyslog, systemd, etc...
10:08 <consus> You like to show off or something?
10:08 <^7heo> look I won't just take days to explain that to someone who's obviously oblivious to my reasons.
10:08 <^7heo> No, I don't like wasting my time.
10:08 <^7heo> I also don't want to make a scene.
10:08 <consus> E.g. I can say why I do not like systemd
10:08 <^7heo> So I said "I'm done here"
10:08 <^7heo> please let me go now ;)
10:08 <^7heo> Anyway, I gtg so...
10:08 <consus> Err
10:08 <^7heo> o/
10:09 <consus> That was really weird
10:12 <hiro> calm down everybody
10:12 <consus> Relax
10:12 <hiro> computer won't run away. you can fix it tomorrow when you know how :)
10:12 <consus> He's gone
10:12 <consus> You are safe now
10:12 <hiro> there's another thing.
10:12 <stwa> consus: to your first question, why do you need openssh build against pam? isn't shadow enough with "proper" configuration for useradd/groupadd?
10:13 <hiro> you can try to rebuild that software, perhaps it can be built without PATM
10:13 <hiro> *PAM
10:13 <hiro> stwa: not openssh
10:13 <consus> stwa: is install login
10:13 <consus> stwa: which enforces pam in my login shell
10:13 <consus> *installs
10:13 <consus> shadow depends linux-pam
10:13 <consus> *depends on
10:14 <consus> Okay, I guess it's easier to make I wrapper
10:14 <stwa> ah, /bin/login, ok
10:14 <hiro> perhaps we should remove that
10:14 <consus> The next step is to make a proper patch to ansible
10:14 <consus> To support busybox adduser/addgroup
10:14 <hiro> yeah, that would be a good idea
10:15 <stwa> consus: i would love to see this, too
10:15 <consus> The thing is -- guys have a lot's of non-implemented in busybox features
10:16 <consus> Like support for non-unique
10:16 <hiro> what is that?
10:16 <consus> -o, --non-unique allow to create users with duplicate
10:16 <consus> (non-unique) UID
10:16 <consus> I can't say why anybody needs this
10:16 <consus> But still
10:16 <consus> adduser is not a drop-in
10:17 <consus> Maybe I can patch a busybox :-P
10:17 <hiro> can't you just write into /etc/passwd manually?
10:17 <consus> I want to use a generic interface
10:17 <hiro> why is there adduser in the first place?
10:17 <hiro> i never got it
10:17 <consus> well
10:18 <consus> I want to reuse some code from my other playbooks for non-alpine distros
10:18 <consus> So I want to use a generic interface that works everywhere
10:18 <hiro> ok, well it doesn't. now what?
10:19 <hiro> isn't it easier to build that interface by using the basic principles that are shared and the same everywhere?
10:19 <hiro> like /etc/passwd ...
10:19 <consus> I mean ansible interface
10:19 <consus> They have a user module
10:19 <consus> That works almost everywhere
10:19 <consus> Except for alpine :D
10:20 <hiro> yeah, can't you fix their user module so that it doesn't require adduser/useradd at all?
10:20 <hiro> throw out all special casing in there and replace it with simple /etc/psaswd usage
10:20 <consus> I guess they won't accept such a patch
10:20 <hiro> why not?
10:20 <consus> Eh
10:20 <hiro> i thought they try to be a generic solution
10:20 <hiro> if it doesn't work on alpine they have failed
10:20 <hiro> if you fix it they should be happy or not?!
10:20 <consus> I guess they just don't care
10:20 <consus> About alpine
10:21 <hiro> then they are not generic :)
10:21 <consus> They are generic
10:21 <consus> For their use cases
10:21 <consus> Because almost everywhere we have ubuntu/rhel
10:21 <hiro> their use cases aren't generic though!
10:21 <hiro> they are limited
10:21 <consus> They covered 95% of the market
10:21 <consus> They don't care about other 5%
10:21 <hiro> so then you shouldn't hope their software does anything useful for you on alpine :)
10:21 <hiro> write your own code
10:21 <consus> Why not?
10:22 <hiro> cause you just said they don't care about alpine
10:22 <consus> It does work for all other stuff
10:22 <hiro> then why use their software on alpine
10:22 <consus> They have an apk module
10:22 <consus> Managed my someone
10:22 <hiro> ok, then we should get this dude into the interrogation chamber.
10:22 <hiro> is he in here?
10:23 <consus> author: "Kevin Brebanov (@kbrebanov)
10:24 <consus> Wow
10:24 <consus> They actually support openbsd
10:24 <consus> Nice
10:25 <hiro> this is getting more and more scary
10:25 <consus> Hehe
10:25 <consus> https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/eb1214baad0cbe2c4b7304caebb9ae1c7dc0d8db/lib/ansible/modules/system/user.py
10:25 <hiro> oh it's python
10:25 <hiro> haha
10:25 <consus> It seems trivial to implement the necessary support for alpine
10:26 <hiro> oh this is horrible
10:26 <consus> Well it's better than the shell for that's sake
10:26 <consus> I used to patch dracut
10:32 <consus> Also how I change a user's shell?
10:38 <kahiru> I always edited /etc/passwd by hand...
10:39 <consus> wow
10:39 <consus> Why?
10:40 <consus> And how do you automate things? Like adding/removing user to a group?
10:40 <kahiru> well, I usually do it once in a lifetime of the machine
10:40 <consus> Hm
10:41 <consus> Okay
10:41 <hiro> consus: by writing programs
10:42 <PowerWing> "like ansible" :P
10:42 <hiro> consus: i like to use programs that would do exactly what i normally do when i touch things manually
10:42 <hiro> this way i know exactly what *must* have happened when there's a problem.
10:43 <hiro> nobody even reads this horrible ansible code before using it, so there's no way to know what effects it will have and you can only hope the manual will be documenting at least the most important parts
10:43 <hiro> while i have to know how to add a user/group, etc. anyway.
10:43 <hiro> i need to know how it works on all these crappy systems under my control
10:43 <hiro> otherwise everything would be broken, lol.
10:44 <hiro> ansible is an abstract horrible mess
10:44 <hiro> all object oriented and shit
10:44 <hiro> for something simple like generating a string for a single command
10:44 <hiro> everything is spanning 50 if clauses
10:44 <hiro> i don't need their generalizations
10:44 <hiro> they only automate the trivialities, mostly wrongly or incomplete.
10:45 <hiro> i need to automate everything anyway. they don't help me with that.
10:45 <hiro> too much magic and unreadable code
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11:36 <consus> err
11:36 <consus> It works pretty realiable for me
11:37 <consus> The output is shit though
11:37 <consus> All that u'string' python crap and such
11:37 <consus> But still, I failed to find something else that is easy to use and gets the job done
11:38 <consus> Without reinstalling my whole OS a minor package update lol
11:38 <consus> *on a
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12:13 <DOTSLASHLINUX> How does Alpine Linux perform in terms of daily usage on a late-2013 laptop?
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12:18 <clandmeter> in what way?
12:18 <clandmeter> as desktop?
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12:19 <DOTSLASHLINUX> Not an intensive one
12:19 <DOTSLASHLINUX> merely for web browsing-development
12:19 <clandmeter> we are not really orientated at desktop, but we have support for it.
12:20 <clandmeter> xfce4 works rather well
12:20 <DOTSLASHLINUX> Basic X support?
12:20 <DOTSLASHLINUX> Ah I'm not even intending to use something that bloated
12:20 <DOTSLASHLINUX> dwm or openbox
12:20 <clandmeter> then you will feel right at home :)
12:20 <DOTSLASHLINUX> That's what I wanted to here
12:21 <clandmeter> ppl that find xfce bloated are mostly happ here
12:21 <DOTSLASHLINUX> Not only bloated, but that crap compositor mutter or so has done it for good...
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12:22 <DOTSLASHLINUX> Alrightie I'll give it a try in a VM
12:22 <DOTSLASHLINUX> I'm seeing lots of download options.
12:23 <DOTSLASHLINUX> standard-vanilla-extended?
12:24 <tw> or virt, and perform an install.
12:24 <clandmeter> Extended means the pkgs it provides
12:25 <DOTSLASHLINUX> Which one do you recommend for use on a laptop?
12:26 <clandmeter> The only real difference is the kennel
12:26 <clandmeter> Vanilla grsec or virtual
12:26 <DOTSLASHLINUX> why not standard? thanks for the suggestion! Please excuse my ignorance...
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12:26 <clandmeter> Standard is grsec afaik
12:27 <DOTSLASHLINUX> alright
12:27 <DOTSLASHLINUX> and virtual is for use in a vm ?
12:28 <clandmeter> Right
12:28 <tw> reduced modules because only a few drivers are used commonly for VMs
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12:32 <DOTSLASHLINUX> alright thanks a lot
12:34 <avih> clandmeter: i also wondered what are the exact differences between the packages, and as far as i can tell one could just add/remove packages (post install) to match the different download options, but it would have been nice if there was a table showing the exact diffs (package lists) between the downloads
12:34 <clandmeter> avih, we dont want to cluther the dl page that much.
12:35 <avih> clandmeter: i didn't say you must host it there, but,, you know.. the web.. links ;)
12:36 <clandmeter> avih, create a wiki page describing them so we can link it.
12:36 <avih> clandmeter: i don't know the exact diff...
12:36 <avih> but someone does - whoever builds the ISOs
12:37 <clandmeter> avih, https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/tree/master/scripts
12:42 <avih> clandmeter: that's probably enough as link from the downloads page of "Build scripts for the various images". and actually https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/blob/master/scripts/mkimg.standard.sh covers a lot of things/diffs very clearly.
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12:44 <avih> so standard/vanilla/extended/virt are covered by that. it would have been great if it also covered the rest with the same crispness, but maybe the arm and xen images are not easily to integrate like that
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12:48 <avih> maybe if all the profile_* functions were in a single file (it seems they could), it would have the ultimate clarity about the relations between the images.
12:50 <avih> but even as is, it's not hard to examine e.g. mkimg.xen.sh and figure things out. so, the link you posted would be a great starting point for someone trying to understand the different images better.
12:50 <avih> and IMHO would serve well if it's linked form the download page
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13:42 <ncopa> darkfader: do you know if the bundled pv-grub works on ext4 on other distros?
13:43 <ncopa> seems like grub2 has xen support
13:43 <ncopa> so people seems to use grub2 instead of the xen bundled grub-0.97
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13:43 <kn330> Hi
13:43 <ncopa> i just tested testing/grub2
13:43 <ncopa> and it seems to work
13:43 <kn330> I am trying to edit a wiki entry but it isn't allowing me to do so
13:44 <kn330> On this page: https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Docker
13:45 <ncopa> kn330: are you logged in?
13:45 <darkfader> ncopa: no idea unfortunately
13:45 <kn330> yes
13:45 <darkfader> how would grub2 work with alpine and it's grub compat wrapper
13:45 <kn330> It says that new users aren't allowed to modify url's. Contact admin
13:45 <ncopa> xen bundles the old grub 0.97 + a patch for ext4 support, but i have no evidence that it actually works :)
13:45 <kn330> Who's the admin?
13:46 <ncopa> darkfader: i am investigating how to use grub2 atm
13:46 <ncopa> i got command line
13:46 <ncopa> but i have no idea how the new syntax is :)
13:46 <darkfader> ncopa: i would prefer the standard thing to work because it does work
13:46 <ncopa> agree
13:46 <darkfader> but yeah, if grub2 can boot alpine that would of course also be ok
13:46 <ncopa> but im not convinced that standard thing actually works
13:47 <darkfader> how do you think i'm booting my vms?
13:47 <darkfader> i mean, the 3.5 pv-grub is obv. broken
13:47 <darkfader> but it used to be ok :)
13:47 <ncopa> right
13:48 <ncopa> what i mean is that it might always been "broken", but happened to work with old compiler "by luck"
13:48 <ncopa> or to be more specific: i dont know why it does not work recently
13:48 <ncopa> :)
13:49 <darkfader> i had a linkedin request from wei liu who would know... just i never used linkedin ... meh
13:49 <ncopa> kn330: the admin tend to hide for that exact reason :)
13:50 <ncopa> kn330: which is your login name in the wiki?
13:50 <ncopa> im might be able to unlock you
13:50 <ncopa> darkfader: i wonder if i shoudl continue dig in lgacy grub or if we should rely on grub2
13:50 <ncopa> legacy*
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14:05 <nsz> hi i have an aarch64 desktop now.. there seem to be no aarch64 firefox package in alpine is there some fundamental issue there?
14:06 <ncopa> do you have firefox-esr?
14:06 <ncopa> aarch64 desktop, what kind of hw is that?
14:06 <ncopa> can you ge aarch64 laptop?
14:06 <nsz> it's custom built
14:06 <ncopa> ha :)
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14:08 <nsz> ok installing firefox-esr
14:08 <ncopa> apparently testing/firefox was disabled for aarch64
14:08 <nsz> (the machine has ubuntu now but i want to try alpine.. chroot only for now because of custom kernel)
14:08 <ncopa> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/commit/testing/firefox/APKBUILD?id=90313b0dfaf092d29ed15b9069b9dd8945d65122
14:09 <ncopa> i supposed it failed to build for some reason
14:09 <nsz> it crashes
14:09 <ncopa> whoops
14:10 <ncopa> im not very suprised though
14:10 <ncopa> it does not work on 32 bit x86 either i think
14:11 <ncopa> you are in untested area
14:11 <ncopa> oh, we should probably also upgrade firefox
14:12 <kn330> ncopa, my login name is techmaniack
14:14 <clandmeter> ncopa, you can?
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14:14 <clandmeter> i thought i needed x days
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14:15 <ncopa> i dont know
14:15 <ncopa> im looking into it
14:15 <ncopa> i dont know how...
14:15 <clandmeter> :p
14:16 <ncopa> oh
14:16 <ncopa> Blocks new user from adding new links to wiki for 5 hours after account creation... Was something like 10 days.
14:16 <ncopa> i foudn that ^^
14:16 <ncopa> kn330: might be the spamfilter that blocks you if you have links
14:17 <clandmeter> it is
14:17 <clandmeter> it blocks you from posting links for x days
14:17 <kn330> Ohkay
14:18 <ncopa> i think he changed it to 5 hours
14:18 <kn330> I'm editing a link btw
14:18 <kn330> "http://dl-6.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/community"
14:18 <kn330> this one
14:18 <ncopa> try again after 5 hours from user was created
14:18 <kn330> it doesn't work
14:18 <kn330> ncopa, cool
14:18 <ncopa> and thanks for fixing the page
14:18 <ncopa> sorry about the fuzz
14:18 <clandmeter> fix it!
14:19 <kn330> just to to confirm, I'm changing dl-6 to dl-cdn
14:19 <clandmeter> :)
14:19 <kn330> that would be better, right?
14:19 <ncopa> yes
14:19 <kn330> ncopa, hey your welcome :)
14:21 <kn330> I am trying to build alpine box for vagrant with docker installed. Couldn't find one on google so trying to build one.
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14:29 <nsz> ncopa: firefox-esr works! (i just did not have chroot xauth set up properly)
14:30 <ncopa> ah cool!
14:30 <nsz> hm it says ubuntu
14:30 <ncopa> lol
14:30 <nsz> maybe it communicates with some firefox daemon outside the chroot..
14:30 <nsz> that creates the window
14:30 <ncopa> possibly
14:31 <nsz> the binary is linked against musl.. but the window that appears is the ubuntu one :P
14:31 <ncopa> this is the build failure: https://dpaste.de/XNvt
14:32 <ncopa> maybe wi disable neon?
14:32 <nsz> there are non pic relocs
14:33 <nsz> i guess there is some asm that is not position independent
14:33 <ncopa> probably yes
14:34 <nsz> hm there is no thunderbird
14:34 <nsz> i wanted to try that too
14:34 <ncopa> correct, thunderbird was a pain :-(
14:35 <ncopa> i have used claws-mail
14:35 <ncopa> i am using claws-mail
14:35 <ncopa> we also have evolution
14:36 <nsz> ok if there is no firefox running outside the chroot, and i have xauth set up in the chroot then firefox crashes in libxul.so
14:41 <kn330> What would be the alternative for "sudo usermod -aG docker $USER" on alpine?
14:41 <nsz> it seems firefox clamps a pointer to 47bits.. this machine has 48bit address space for userspace and things are mapped into the top half..
14:41 <kn330> I want to run docker without sudo
14:42 <nsz> i guess if the jit engine does pointer mangling then it needs to know the address space size.. i dont know how that is configured
14:42 <nsz> anyway i wont have time to debug this now
14:43 <ncopa> i dont know either, and im also busy with other stuff
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14:46 <antranigv> hi all
14:51 <consus> Seems like ssh is not logging failed attempts to /var/log/auth.log
14:51 <consus> Only successful ones
14:52 <consus> What am I doing wrong?
14:52 <consus> Ah, it's not logging even succesfull ones
14:52 <consus> It's sudo
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14:58 <consus> Eh, my bad. Sorry for the noise.
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17:47 <kn330_> hey ncopa that edit was accepted \m/
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18:08 <Unode> hi everyone
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18:09 <Unode> I'm trying to compile a software using alpine running in a docker container
18:09 <Unode> and I'm running into problems. Google isn't helping. The error is: /usr/include/bits/stdio2.h:97: undefined reference to `__fprintf_chk'
18:10 <Unode> or one other printf variant
18:10 <Unode> am I missing some library?
18:12 <dalias> that does not look like alpine
18:12 <dalias> bits/stdio2.h is part of glibc
18:12 <Unode> and please ignore ... seems like the previous environment was somehow leaking through the configure steps.
18:12 <dalias> if it is alpine you probably randomly copied/overwrote a bunch of system headers with glibc stuff from some other system
18:13 <Unode> starting with a fresh folder seems to have helped. Currently doing some progress.
18:13 <Unode> and success
18:13 <Unode> by the way, are all alpine libraries also available for static compilation?
18:14 <Unode> I noticed I didn't have to install anything extra to make a static build
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18:17 <Unode> dalias: thanks again for the help. Your comment about "not look like alpine" and "glibc" helped looking at the right place.
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18:18 <dalias> i think the devel packages provide static libs
18:18 <dalias> but not 100% sure
18:19 <Unode> ok seems like not all libs can be statically linked. curl just failed
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18:19 <Unode> works if non-static though.
18:19 <Unode> and then retrying the static worked...
18:20 <Unode> odd
18:20 <Unode> oh well... happy user. Got what I wanted. Thanks for making it great!
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19:05 <shodan45> how do I "configure" busybox? I installed procps to get /bin/top, and removed the /usr/bin/top symlink.... but a recent upgrade of linux-grsec recreated the symlink
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19:16 <terra> Guys, what is the procedure for taking over an unmaintained package? Should I contact with maintainer first?
19:17 <shodan45> I assume "Executing busybox-1.25.1-r0.trigger" is the culprit... can I configure that? or at least see what that does?
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19:22 <shodan45> (random aside: busybox has an http server?!)
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19:28 <haarts> I'm installing the latest Alpine to a harddisk. But 'setup-disk' bails on me when selecting 'sys' with the message 'ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: sfdisk, syslinux'
19:28 <haarts> What is that about?
19:29 <haarts> 'apk add sfdisk' doesnt work either
19:30 <haarts> 'WARNING: Ignoring APKINDEX.392882fe4.tar.gz: No suck file or directory'
19:30 <shodan45> haarts: ISTR having the same problem a while back.... is your network connection up?
19:30 <shodan45> and internet?
19:31 <haarts> I'll be damned
19:31 <shodan45> haarts: was that it? :)
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19:32 <haarts> shodan45: no internet, that's for sure
19:35 <haarts> I wonder why.
19:35 <haarts> Just DHCP on eth0
19:35 <shodan45> haarts: what version of alpine? standard?
19:35 <haarts> yeah
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19:43 <haarts> shodan45: during the first run of 'setup-alpine' my network cable was detached. I fixed that and reran but somehow the network wasnt kicked off. /etc/init.d/networking restart helped
19:43 <haarts> 'Failed to add partition: Invalid argument'
19:43 <haarts> :(
19:44 <haarts> I'd say there are some rough edges?
19:44 <CrashOverride> sorry guys
19:44 <CrashOverride> sometimes I forget that I'm in actual serious channels on this network
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19:45 <shodan45> haarts: sort of. When alpine works, it works great. But yes, sometimes there are rough edges.
19:46 <haarts> fdisk to the rescue (+ a bit of Googleing)
19:47 <haarts> What fs will it install anyway?
19:47 <shodan45> ext4
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19:47 <haarts> solid
19:47 <yMGJRgi997ZH> read the setup script, it's shell script
19:48 <haarts> yMGJRgi997ZH: didn't think of that but obviously!
19:48 <shodan45> alpine has the best, and worst, installer ever :)
19:49 <yMGJRgi997ZH> depends on your level of expertise ;)
19:49 <shodan45> and google-fu ;)
19:50 <shodan45> and how "normal" your config is
19:59 <haarts> errr. Is there smt special I need to do to log in via SSH? I'm pretty sure I typed my pass correctly.
19:59 <haarts> (openssh)
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20:04 <avih> root is not allowed to login via ssh by default, and you might need to check your options at /etc/ssh/sshd_config
20:07 <haarts> ahhh, different defaults
20:07 <haarts> check!
20:07 <haarts> tnx
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20:22 <mepholic> ☁ The Cloud ☁
20:22 inpothet joined
20:23 <inpothet> I made a new vm with the standart image and installed nginx and added it to the default runtime using rc-update
20:23 <inpothet> it still isnt starting when sshd etc starts
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20:28 <BitL0G1c> inpothet -nginx-naxsi starts without any problems & has built in service supervision
20:36 <inpothet> I'm just following the guide of the wiki
20:37 <inpothet> and the packege your talking about is a WAF i mean nginx it self as web server
20:50 <tdtrask> consus: ansible apk module author @kbrebanov has been unresponsive to my git pull
20:50 <tdtrask> if you reach him, ping him on https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/22886
20:51 <consus> tdtrask: Errr
20:51 <consus> tdtrask: I don't know that guy
20:51 <tdtrask> because current apk module is very limited
20:51 <tdtrask> yeah, me neither
20:51 <consus> tdtrask: Well okay, sure
20:51 <tdtrask> you mentioned him in backlog, and I'm grasping at straws :)
20:51 <consus> tdtrask: If I'll ever reach him I'll tell him about that
20:52 <consus> tdtrask: But I guess he's just on vacation or smthing
20:52 <consus> or dead
20:52 <* tdtrask> is going to create another github pull request for ansible module for awall, and probably another for lbu
20:52 <consus> Like that guy who wrote yum
20:52 <inpothet> good luck
20:53 <consus> Good ol' karma
20:53 <inpothet> ffs even added it to the boot runtime and nginx is still not booting time for some good old manual reading
20:53 <tdtrask> hopefully it's vacation, but I submitted the request 22 days ago
20:53 <consus> =/
20:53 <consus> Maybe you can jump it
20:54 <consus> I guess ansible devs would be glad to have another maintainer for that module
20:54 <Xe> consus: i pinged the dev on the github issue
20:54 <Xe> at the least, it makes the fact that someone wants an update a publicly known fact outside of just this IRC channel
20:54 <tdtrask> consus: yeah, I am willing to maintain it
20:55 <Xe> tdtrask: ask #ansible?
20:55 <consus> tdtrask: So talk to them :)
20:55 <tdtrask> Xe: I've asked a few times and gotten no response :(
20:55 <consus> tdtrask: Maybe you'll get a nice clean maintainer badge
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20:56 <consus> For fuck's sake... Busybox does not have a usermod %)
20:56 <Xe> tdtrask: have you tried asking _anyone_ on the ansible team instead?
20:57 <tdtrask> Xe: recommendations?
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20:57 <* tdtrask> has simply posted requests on #ansible
20:58 <tdtrask> don't know any dev to ping directly
20:58 <Xe> tdtrask: look for anyone with a leading sigil
20:59 <timhaute> Hi there. After latest alpine upgrade deluge-1.3.14-r0 cannot start anymore, it is failing with a python error: "ImportError: No module named incremental"
20:59 <tdtrask> Xe: seems rude
21:00 <Xe> tdtrask: sometimes getting shit done means being a little uncouth to get the contact you need
21:00 <Xe> timhaute: the GUI or daemon side of deluge?
21:01 <timhaute> deluged is failing to start, daemon
21:01 <Xe> do you use any custom repos?
21:02 <tdtrask> Xe: thanks, I'll give it a try when I return to my keyboard
21:02 <timhaute> deluge is coming from edge/testing
21:02 <Xe> but the system base is not edge/testing?
21:02 <timhaute> everything else is edge/main and edge/community
21:03 <Xe> perfect, lemme test in a container
21:03 <timhaute> sweet thanks
21:03 <Xe> timhaute: `apk add deluge` is how you installed it?
21:05 <timhaute> I think that I had to specify the testing repo
21:05 <Xe> yeah
21:05 <timhaute> @testing http://mirror.leaseweb.com/alpine/edge/testing
21:05 <Xe> it looks like the deluge package doesn't have dependencies it needs
21:06 <timhaute> a rebuild may be needed
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21:06 <Xe> https://gist.github.com/Xe/8dea70e280aadecf589f3d29d613846a
21:07 <Xe> this info will be useful for the maintainer, contact the email listed here: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/testing/deluge/APKBUILD#n2
21:08 <timhaute> ok thanks will do
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21:08 <Xe> :+1:
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