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00:30 <darkfaded> "Continuing the upgrade transaction with new apk-tools:"
00:30 <darkfaded> oh that's so cool
00:30 <darkfaded> thanks whoever added that
00:31 <Shiz> :P
00:32 <Shiz> pretty old functionality by now i think already
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01:14 <darkfaded> xen48:~# vgchange -ay
01:14 <darkfaded> Error relocating /sbin/vgchange: dm_report_group_push: symbol not found
01:14 <darkfaded> seen that by chance?
01:14 <darkfaded> i am a bit ... uncertain lol
01:16 <darkfaded> i can see coredumb hit it 3 mo ago
01:16 <darkfaded> http://lists.alpinelinux.org/alpine-devel/5532.html
01:16 <darkfaded> :))
01:17 <darkfaded> works
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01:17 <luxio> What package do I install for the `java` command?
01:17 <darkfaded> no idea why it's only on this one sys
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01:24 <luxio> which package is non-headless java?
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01:30 <Shiz> luxio: openjdk8-jre perhaps?
01:30 <Shiz> openjdk8-jrebase is the GUI-less version, openjdk8-jre should have GUI support
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04:20 <Nobabs27> how do I install chsh?
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09:15 <ncopa> darkfaded: this xen issue annoys me
09:16 <ncopa> i think i have an explanation
09:16 <ncopa> i think there are 2 different errors
09:17 <ncopa> the one error that you got when upgrading
09:17 <ncopa> and the ext4 incompatibility problem
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09:18 <ncopa> i think that recent mke2fs.ext4 will enable: Support for more than 2^32 filesystem blocks (EXT4_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_64BIT)
09:18 <ncopa> which never been supported by the pv-grub from xen
09:19 <ncopa> i think the "solution" to that is to disable that when mkfs the /boot partition
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10:31 <ncopa> darkfaded: can you check if your problematic xen boot partition has 64bit support?
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12:46 <Klowner> anyone know offhand what the syntax is to add a second ip to an interface?
12:46 <_ikke_> through the interfaces file?
12:46 <Klowner> ya
12:48 <_ikke_> Does alpine support hooks>
12:48 <_ikke_> ?
12:48 <_ikke_> cannot find a reference
12:50 <Klowner> hooks?
12:52 <_ikke_> debian/ubuntu has interface hooks, where you can run scripts / commands before or after an interface goes up/down
12:52 <Klowner> ah, ya, can do up/down/post-up/post-down
12:52 <Klowner> suppose I could just add the ip like that
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12:53 <_ikke_> ip addr add dev <interface> x.x.x.x/y
12:54 <Klowner> good thinkin
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13:07 <^7heo> hey Klowner
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13:07 <Klowner> howdy, ^7heo !
13:07 <^7heo> ;)
13:07 <^7heo> Klowner: do you use ZFS?
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13:08 <Klowner> ya
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13:31 <^7heo> Klowner: does it work well?
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13:34 <amosbird> hi
13:34 <amosbird> how can I make middle button as a modifier
13:35 <^7heo> sudo make-middle-button-modifier
13:42 <amosbird> hehe
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13:49 <victorbjelkholm> hey, hit a issue that I'm not sure how to resolve. If I'm without internet connection in Alpine, it won't even try to request localhost or My repository is running on localhost and I'm trying to apk even though I don't have any internet connection. Can I configure it somehow to try to hit localhost even though I don't have a connection to the
13:49 <victorbjelkholm> internet backbone?
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14:03 <Shiz> w 44
14:05 <Klowner> ^7heo: ya it works great
14:05 <^7heo> Shiz: missed.
14:06 <^7heo> Klowner: ok. But I think I asked you already
14:06 <^7heo> Klowner: about the encryption, right? You don't use any...
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14:10 <Shiz> ^7heo: super sharp shooter shooting sharp
14:15 <^7heo> Shiz: super
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14:54 <ncopa> _ikke_: yes alpine support debianstyle /etc/network/interfaces hooks
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14:57 <inpothet> if i install a package using apk add and set the runlevel to default using rc-update it should boot at start right ?
14:58 <Klowner> inpothet: yep
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14:58 <inpothet> well wierd i made 2 vm's one with VM image and one with standart and nginx will not boot
14:59 <Shiz> were you the same person who had issues with this a few days ago?
14:59 <inpothet> yep
14:59 <inpothet> still not working
14:59 <inpothet> even made a new vm
15:00 <Shiz> how very odd
15:01 <inpothet> i'm currently trying with 3.5.2
15:01 <Klowner> installation method? need to lbu commit?
15:01 <inpothet> installed in sys mode
15:02 <Klowner> just running rc-update shows nginx with default next to it?
15:02 <inpothet> yep
15:03 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/wkzSy5e.png
15:04 <inpothet> been fighting with it for 3 days now
15:04 <Shiz> it's a very odd situation
15:05 <inpothet> i know
15:05 <Shiz> victorbjelkholm: i think you just want to do # service networking start
15:05 <Shiz> that'll at least bring up lo
15:06 <Shiz> inpothet: the only thing i can think of is that the initramfs somehow rewrites your /etc/runlevels...
15:06 <Shiz> inpothet: can you show me your /boot/extlinux.conf?
15:06 <avih> inpothet: is it possible you have another httpd service running which already occupies the port?
15:07 <avih> also, it's possible to enable rc logs, so iit might shed some light on what's attempted/failing
15:07 <inpothet> @shit let me make a screen @avih nop only installed nginx and nano
15:07 <inpothet> how do i enable the rc logs
15:07 <Shiz> >@shit
15:07 <Shiz> well that's rude
15:07 <inpothet> sorry shiv xD
15:08 <inpothet> i dont know how i made that fuck up
15:08 <avih> lol. no rest for the wiced
15:08 <Klowner> nginx config busted maybe?
15:08 <avih> inpothet: i don't recall. checking.
15:09 <inpothet> nginx -t tells me config is okay
15:09 <inpothet> extlinux.conf
15:09 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/FPwrBBY.png
15:10 <inpothet> result of nginx -t
15:10 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/1wicZmB.png
15:14 <avih> inpothet: /etc/rc.conf and in it uncomment rc_logger="YES"
15:15 <avih> maybe it tries to run nginx as a not-fully-valid user?
15:15 <inpothet> lets see
15:16 <avih> also, on boot do you see nginx failing to start when rc starts the services? or does it show in green with [OK] ?
15:16 <inpothet> doesnt show at all
15:16 <avih> huh
15:16 <inpothet> okay
15:16 <inpothet> in rc.log i see someting nginx related
15:17 <inpothet> WTF
15:17 <inpothet> now it works
15:17 <inpothet> wait 1 sec
15:17 <avih> (why is rc.conf directly at /etc and not /etc/conf.d ?
15:18 <inpothet> what
15:18 <inpothet> after enableing the rc_logger it starts
15:19 <avih> could be an openrc or config bug which ends up in a race someplace
15:19 <Shiz> que
15:19 <Shiz> avih: conf.d is for specific rc services
15:19 <Shiz> /etc/conf.d/$name applies to /etc/init.d/$name
15:19 <Shiz> rc.conf is global rc config
15:19 <inpothet> let me try on my second vm
15:19 <avih> inpothet: can you reproduce that it fails when disabling the logging again?
15:19 <inpothet> going to test it now
15:21 <avih> Shiz: doesn't sound unreasonable, but took me more than it should have to find it. nevertheless, thanks :)
15:21 <inpothet> starting fine now
15:21 <inpothet> testing my sec vm
15:21 <Shiz> :P
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15:22 <inpothet> wierd
15:24 <inpothet> may have found a glitch
15:24 <inpothet> it wont start untill rc-logger has been enabled once
15:25 <Shiz> o.o
15:25 <inpothet> going to make a brand new VM to see if i can replicate
15:25 <avih> inpothet: so now you can't make it fail again?
15:25 <inpothet> after enableing rc_logger once it will stay running
15:26 <avih> once in what? the lifetime of the vm install? boot session?
15:26 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/4J8Lvop.png
15:26 <inpothet> vm install
15:26 <inpothet> specs of new vm
15:27 <avih> you mean that even after commenting out rc_logger="YES", it still write new logs on subsequent boots?
15:27 <inpothet> the logs wont write but nginx starts
15:28 <inpothet> and jezus im getting to used to installing alpine already done with install xD
15:28 <avih> <inpothet> after enableing rc_logger once it will stay running <-- ah, so "it" is nginx?
15:28 <inpothet> yea
15:28 <inpothet> sorry may have needed to clarify that haha
15:30 <inpothet> clean install of alpine
15:30 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/fMlzHsz.png
15:30 <iron_houzi> How do I build a custom alpine iso for virtualization? I've tried finding info on kernel flavor, but there's only grsec, vserver and pae .. and I cannot find any more information about this. Can someone please explain what all this means, or refer to a resource?
15:30 <avih> try deleting the log file and boot again. maybe it does different things if a log file exists
15:30 <inpothet> after reboot
15:30 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/CRjXy45.png
15:31 <inpothet> activated RC_Logger
15:32 <iron_houzi> Oh, nvm -- examples are available in the github repo..
15:32 <inpothet> WTF
15:32 <* inpothet> tableflips
15:35 <* inpothet> gives up
15:35 <inpothet> brand new VM
15:36 <inpothet> enabled rc_logger, removed and added nginx back to default
15:36 <inpothet> nothing
15:36 <avih> inpothet: would you mind trying his: edit /etc/init.d/nginix and inside the depends() function replace "net" with "sshd" ?
15:36 <avih> this*
15:37 <inpothet> sure
15:37 <avih> (that's clearly incorrect, but i want to see if it fixes it anyway)
15:38 <inpothet> nop
15:38 <avih> doesn't fix?
15:38 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/aEMpoR2.png
15:38 <avih> and you never see "nginx" on screen during boot?
15:38 <inpothet> this is starting to become wierd
15:39 <inpothet> should i try with a older alpine version ?
15:39 <avih> yeah. it does sound like a bug someplace, but i don't know enough to analyze it further.
15:39 <inpothet> i will try with 3.0
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15:40 <darkfaded> waxh0012:~# xen-livepatch list
15:40 <darkfaded> ID | status
15:40 <darkfaded> ----------------------------------------+------------
15:40 <darkfaded> Failed to list 0/0: 38(Function not implemented)!
15:40 <darkfaded> sniff sniff
15:40 <darkfaded> but i read the manual for making the patches and it's, um, time-intense
15:41 <darkfaded> makes a lot of sense once you got 100's of hosts but not for the 2 i got atm
15:41 <inpothet> brb
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15:58 <inpothet> i'm back
15:59 <inpothet> i have noticed 1 thing
16:00 <inpothet> if i do rc-status default nginx isnt in the list
16:14 <Klowner> weird.. who from coreutils seems to never output anything
16:18 <Shiz> Klowner: not really weird
16:18 <Shiz> musl doesn't do utmp
16:18 <Shiz> http://wiki.musl-libc.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_why_is_the_utmp.2Fwtmp_functionality_only_implemented_as_stubs_.3F
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16:26 <BitL0G1c> inpothet - try the nginx initd from nginx-naxsi - https://hastebin.com/padohozadi.bash
16:28 <inpothet> okay let me change the initd
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16:34 <inpothet> BitL0G1c changed the init.d and it didnt work
16:35 <BitL0G1c> tail /var/log/nginx/error.log
16:35 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/hPkEq9z.png
16:36 <BitL0G1c> do you have a /run directory ?
16:36 <inpothet> but that is of a hour ago
16:37 <inpothet> yep
16:37 <inpothet> i can start the service by hand using the init
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16:39 <BitL0G1c> did you rc-update add nginx ? (so the service starts on boot up)
16:39 <inpothet> yep
16:39 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/tTLJMGn.png
16:50 <inpothet> will be back in 3 hours, will try again then
16:50 <BitL0G1c> mount|grep run
16:51 <inpothet> http://i.imgur.com/6UzyLOH.png
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17:02 <inpothet> but im off for now
17:04 <darkfader> /usr/sbin/cache_check: execvp failed: No such file or directory
17:04 <darkfader> Check of pool vgxen/xen48_data_cache failed (status:2). Manual repair required!
17:04 <darkfader> /usr/sbin/cache_check: execvp failed: No such file or directory
17:04 <darkfader> yay.
17:05 <darkfader> ah, it's /sbin
17:06 <darkfader> and edge-testing
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17:49 <Shiz> what's alpine's x86 triple?
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18:50 <xentec> Shiz: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/abuild/tree/functions.sh.in#n6
18:50 <Shiz> cheers
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20:28 <darkfader> wow, why won't get this new sys an ip
20:29 <darkfader> i can see the port has link, i see rx packets
20:30 <darkfader> another ifup after setup-interfaces works
20:30 <darkfader> ifconfig didnt
20:30 <darkfader> that is sick
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20:39 <Unode> Any suggestion how to deal with: "kthread.c:70:2: error: unknown type name 'int64_t'" ?
20:40 <darkfader> why are the lizardfs packages gone...
20:41 <darkfader> we already had them
20:41 <darkfader> in testing
20:41 <darkfader> but in edge/testing they're not there
20:41 <darkfader> somehow i feel like something tried to make this a real shit day
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21:21 <inpothet> I'm back got windows updated
21:21 <inpothet> ffs
21:22 <inpothet> came back and was greeted with hi we have some updates for you
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