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04:04 <babs__> how do I install man on alpine>
04:04 <babs__> ?
04:07 <babs__> nvm it was apk add mdocml-apropos
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04:13 <Shiz> or just # apk add man
04:13 <babs__> ?
04:13 <babs__> well then
04:14 <Shiz> :P
04:14 <babs__> @Shiz Im trying to install ircservices but their site is down
04:15 <babs__> and I didnt find any good docs on it
04:15 <Xe> babs__: don't
04:15 <babs__> oh
04:15 <Xe> it's so out of date
04:15 <babs__> k then
04:15 <Shiz> "Services for IRC Networks (also known as Services, IRC Services, or ircservices) is no longer being developed"
04:15 <Shiz> yeah i uhm
04:15 <Xe> it's like giving yourself a few billion secholes at once
04:15 <Shiz> wouldn't go for that
04:15 <babs__> what would be better?
04:15 <Shiz> whatver the latest relevant fork of atheme is, probably
04:16 <Xe> as someone who has been in the IRC space for way too long, use an IRC server someone else set up
04:16 <Xe> it's just too much complexity
04:16 <Xe> it's stupid that it has to be that complicated, but it is
04:16 <babs__> well im using it for a specific purpose
04:16 <Shiz> oh did atheme un-die
04:16 <Xe> Shiz: i have no idea anymore
04:17 <babs__> http://atheme.net/atheme.html
04:17 <Shiz> my recommendation for an irc setup is the same then as it was years ago
04:17 <Xe> if atheme isn't dead, go atheme and something simple like ngircd
04:17 <Shiz> whatever relevant fork of charybdis that has +h/+a/+q for ircd
04:17 <Shiz> and atheme for services
04:17 <babs__> im using ngircd, does that matter?
04:18 <Xe> ngircd has the least pain in setting up
04:18 <Xe> the other options aren't worth the hassle
04:18 <babs__> lol k
04:18 <babs__> took me days to figure out how to set it up
04:18 <babs__> stupid "bad password" error
04:18 <babs__> xd
04:19 <babs__> https://github.com/atheme/atheme
04:19 <babs__> last commit an hour ago
04:19 <babs__> @Xe @Shiz
04:19 <Shiz> yes i saw
04:19 <Xe> my name is Xe
04:19 <Xe> not @Xe
04:19 <Xe> this is IRC, not slack or twitter
04:19 <babs__> I just do @ cuz it makes sense visually
04:20 <Xe> es
04:20 <Xe> yes*
04:20 <Xe> but if you say just "Xe" it pings me
04:20 <babs__> ah
04:20 <babs__> @ Xe then XD
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08:36 <LangeOortjes> Is there a way to boot Linux with a serial console from the ISOLINUX boot prompt?
08:36 <LangeOortjes> Alpine Linux rather
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09:15 <clandmeter> Lang
09:15 <clandmeter> Langeoortjes, yes
09:16 <clandmeter> Check out wiki
09:16 <clandmeter> Our... Mobile keyboard
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09:59 <LangeOortjes> clandmeter: Thanks. I realise I should have been more precise. I am trying to do a headless install using a serial console. And I get to the ISOLINUX boot: prompt, but then I struggle to figure out how to pass additional parameters to the kernel
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10:09 <ekarlso> yo
10:09 <ekarlso> /usr/include/fortify/stdlib.h: In function 'realpath':
10:09 <ekarlso> /usr/include/fortify/stdlib.h:42:2: error: #error PATH_MAX unset. A fortified realpath will not work.
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10:12 <ekarlso> how do I get that fixed if anyone knows ?
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11:33 <ncopa> ekarlso: according google, the PATH_MAX is from <limits.h>
11:33 <ncopa> so you need to make sure you #include <limits.h>
11:36 <ekarlso> ncopa: well the same build order works fine in x86_64
11:38 <ekarlso> ncopa: so what can be wrong ?
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12:26 <ncopa> ekarlso: check that the source actually includes <limits.h>
12:26 <ncopa> if it doesnt, its a bug
12:26 <ncopa> if it wrks without include <limits.h> then that is by luck
12:27 <ncopa> and you cannot guarantee that it will work on all archs
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13:13 <LangeOortjes> turns out you can enable a serial console on the ISOLINUX prompt by specifying /boot/kernel initrd=/boot/initramfs console=ttyS0,115200 followed by the other options specified in /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg
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13:23 <Shiz> right
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15:23 <nszceta> I find that the standard edition of alpine works with my virtualbox networking setup but the virt edition does not. How do I add the kernel modules missing in virt to bring my virt install to at least standard
15:29 <Death_Syn> does virtualbox not present virtio drivers?
15:29 <Death_Syn> s/drivers/devices/?
15:30 <Shiz> no
15:30 <nszceta> for some reason i can get virtualbox networking to work fine on virtualbox on my mac and it fails for my coworker on windows 32 bit
15:30 <nszceta> of course I am running the 32 bit edition of alpine
15:31 <Shiz> maybe they use different NICs on different platforms by default
15:31 <Shiz> have you checked that?
15:31 <nszceta> i'll check that. when i copy and paste the virtual machine to his machine his doesn't have functional networking.
15:31 <Shiz> yeah, seems like a different default NIC then
15:31 <nszceta> i'll have to get back to you on that because of a time zone difference :P
15:32 <Shiz> caused by different platforms/vbox versions, possibly
15:32 <nszceta> same version of virtualbox. i'll look into the nic.
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15:34 <nszceta> just to verify you are referring to this setting: Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM) ?
15:35 <nszceta> i'm going to try and boot several times each time with a different NIC to see if i can induce breakage if it is indeed a NIC problem. or maybe there is something else going on
15:35 <Shiz> yeap, that's the one
15:36 <nszceta> gah i'm so dumb. should have run with the virtio networking driver from the get go but i forgot it existed as an option haha
15:37 <nszceta> anyway, fingers crossed and thanks for the suggestions. hopefully in a few hours i will know whether this suggestion worked :) but this approach seems sound
15:37 <Shiz> :P
15:37 <Shiz> imo the virt configuration could do with some tiny added =y's for common emulated hardware
15:38 <ekarlso> ncopa: https://pastebin.com/xqQgBsit
15:39 <ekarlso> is the error message I have checked the file ./src/core/lib/tsi/transport_security_interface.h and it's missing there but present in the rest of the mentioned in the trace
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18:34 <shodan45> is there a good kvm/qemu/libvirt web frontend for alpine?
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20:11 <nszceta> shodan45 have you tried https://www.ovirt.org/
20:11 <nszceta> there are a few interesting projects in https://www.google.com/search?q=kvm+web+interface
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20:28 <shodan45> nszceta: is there an apk for it? I was hoping for something "supported" by alpine.
20:29 <nszceta> ah :(
20:30 <shodan45> maybe I could use virt-manager or something, with a magical x11-to-web "thing"
20:33 <nszceta> hm
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20:50 <shodan45> actually..... that's plausible since webassembly
20:53 <nszceta> i can't wait for a webassembly VM backend
20:53 <nszceta> linux on kvm on webassembly on chrome on linux
20:53 <nszceta> how deep does the rabbit hole go
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21:00 <scv> there's already an x86.js or w/e
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21:21 <avih> <nszceta> how deep does the rabbit hole go <-- infinitely deep. as long as you keep digging!
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21:28 <chamunks> Does Alpine have anything like AppArmor?
21:30 <Shiz> there's the grsec RBAC
21:30 <Shiz> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Grsecurity/The_RBAC_System
21:32 <chamunks> Shiz is it reasonably easy to profile apps with this?
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22:16 <max_trouble> hi how can i start php7-fpm?
22:16 <max_trouble> rc-service php7-fpm start
22:16 <max_trouble> returns the error:
22:17 <max_trouble> * rc-service: service `php7-fpm' does not exist
22:17 <max_trouble> * rc-service: service `php7-fpm' does not exist
22:17 <max_trouble> * rc-service: service `php7-fpm' does not exist
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22:21 <max_trouble> ?
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23:55 <terra> Guys, how can I set timeout for /etc/init.d/networking service? It hangs the system during boot if modem/router goes offline.
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23:56 <Shiz> you mean for dhcp?
23:56 <terra> of course
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23:57 <Shiz> depends on the dhcp client youve got installed
23:57 <terra> udhcpc of busybox
23:58 <Shiz> udhcpc_opts -T <new timeout>
23:58 <Shiz> in /etc/network/interfaces
23:58 <Shiz> below the relevant interface
23:58 <Shiz> i think
23:59 <Shiz> lemme doublecheck
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23:59 <Shiz> yeah that should be the one