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00:40 <transhuman> whats the alpine equivalent of apachectl?
00:40 <transhuman> I would like to forground apache
00:41 <Shiz> apachectl
00:41 <Shiz> it's in apache2-utils
00:41 <Shiz> http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?file=apachectl&path=&name=&branch=&repo=&arch=
00:42 <Shiz> your best friend, content search, still
00:45 <transhuman> thanks
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14:15 <darkfader> i just learned about CONFIG_PSTORE in another chan, does one of you use that?
14:15 <darkfader> in alpine
14:16 <Shiz> its enabled in the alpine kernel
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14:20 <darkfader> that's a good starting point :>
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15:24 <tw> If I install libressl2.5 from edge, will it break my 3.5 install? I get an unsatisfied dependency error trying to upgrade an edge package that I'm trying to sort out. https://paste.debian.net/928558/
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16:14 <BitL0G1c> tw - the only problem I've had with libressl is fixed with https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1277 - you need to pin the edge repo & 'apk add libressl@edge'
16:18 <BitL0G1c> tw - you may have an /etc/ssl/certs directory that's no longer used (ca-certificates now uses /usr/share) - you just need the symlink for curl as shown in the PR
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17:02 <tw> BitL0G1c: okay, thank you. It sounds like they are slotted differently so that should work ~indefinitely.
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17:06 <BitL0G1c> tw - I also use libressl in a chroot without any problems - ca-certificates is not really required any more
17:08 <tw> I pull my ca-certs from cfengine.
17:08 <tw> So it's not going to affect me.
17:08 <BitL0G1c> libressl on it's own is enough for phpmailer to work (php 5.6 validates certs now)
17:09 <ScrumpyJack> anyone running AL on a macbook? what xorg drivers and kernel modules needed?
17:21 <ScrumpyJack> NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
17:21 <ScrumpyJack> so nouveau then
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18:08 <ironzorg> Hi, I've looked at the APKG for chromium and mpv, and they don't support pulseaudio, what's the reason for that and will it change if I create an issue on the tracker?
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18:29 <yMGJRgi997ZH> i have no authority on alpine, but pulseaudio is something that should be used less rather than more. any of the alternatives are better than pa
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18:38 <darkfader> i would prefer for no pulseaudio eithe
18:38 <darkfader> +r
18:39 <darkfader> i mean, yeah, audio is quite nice. bad alsa should do
18:39 <darkfader> *but
18:39 <darkfader> sorry, too much other work
18:39 <darkfader> but please no PA
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18:43 <ironzorg> that's great but in a docker container setting up alsa isn't an option
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18:58 <yMGJRgi997ZH> try jackd then.
18:58 <yMGJRgi997ZH> jackd is superior in all aspects
19:00 <yMGJRgi997ZH> may i ask why put chrom* mpv into a docker container?
19:03 <darkfader> why a container?
19:03 <darkfader> don't see anything about docker in that
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19:18 <ScrumpyJack> do we know what happened to gnome-themes-standard, if anything?
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19:54 <stevenroose> Hmm, for some reason the Alpine box that I made does not show up in my nmap
19:55 <stevenroose> I don't have a monitor though, so I cannot attach to it except for ssh
19:55 <stevenroose> I did a fresh install using a monitor and now hooked it up to the network at home
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21:15 <avih> dalias: ping. where should __builtin_va_list be implemented/defined? someone pushed a musl support patch to tcc. he stated on the mailing list that he's testing on alpine and that using tcc as lib (i think) doesn't yet work well. i built it successfully and confirm the failed tests. however, when i tried to build another project with it (st), it fails with those missing definitions of __builtin_va_list . any idea?
21:16 <avih> that's the patch fwiw http://repo.or.cz/tinycc.git/commitdiff/0ac29b53
21:17 <avih> (it seems that with the grsec kernel there are more issues, though the basic hello world test does pass, but everything else fails)
21:18 <avih> maybe they should be with different names?
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21:30 <ekarlso> hey guys
21:30 <ekarlso> if I build a package from git why do I need to set the version then ?
21:30 <ekarlso> there's no version tagged atm
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21:49 <dalias> avih, it needs to be a compiler intrinsic
21:49 <dalias> if the compiler has some other way of making it work, you can #define it with -D on the command line to use that other way
21:50 <avih> dalias: it _seems_ to be implemented in tcc, but doesn't seem to work. so basically it shouldn't care which libs is used when implementing it?
21:50 <avih> libc*
21:51 <dalias> it has nothing to do with libc; it's purely a compiler thing
21:51 <avih> i see. l, thx.
21:51 <avih> ok*
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22:58 <luxio> I'm trying to run Minecraft with `java -jar Minecraft.jar`, however I'm getting this error? https://ghostbin.com/paste/c3d4x
22:58 <luxio> Is it a problem with the Java package? X?
23:07 <TBB> symbol not found... sounds like a mixture of stable and edge packages
23:08 <TBB> either that or some deeper problem that would require further investigation
23:08 <luxio> TBB: This is my /etc/apt/repositories: http://termbin.com/3pnp
23:08 <Shiz> ekarlso: what do you mean by 'set version'
23:09 <TBB> luxio, interesting, so you're on edge only. did you also do your entire install with edge only?
23:10 <luxio> TBB: No. Should I apk upgrade?
23:12 <TBB> possibly, because that error is usually caused by a package and the libray it is using being "out of sync", for example by having a package from stable and a library from edge or vice versa
23:13 <TBB> but don't take my word for this; I'm keeping my systems as strictly stable as possible so I'm not sure if going all edge will break something
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