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07:12 <stevenroose> Where do I put openrc scripts?
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08:20 <kahiru> isn't it the lack-of-entropy issue again?
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08:53 <darkfader> stevenroose: /etc/init.d?
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08:58 <stevenroose> darkfader, found it, but thanks!
08:58 <stevenroose> By default (extended install), there is no firewall installed, right?
08:58 <stevenroose> command not found: iptables
08:58 <stevenroose> command not found: awall
08:58 <stevenroose> so I guess not
08:59 <stevenroose> Because I can't seem to connect to it on a non-standard port
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13:11 <pharvey> Gave Alpine a proper go on real hardware today, awesome work!
13:12 <pharvey> What's the equivalent of DKMS packages in alpine if I want to maintain an out-of-tree driver on my system?
13:28 <pharvey> Never mind, I see in old irc logs that this isn't really a thing.
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16:37 <mepholic> i'm having trouble with a python package I'm building
16:38 <mepholic> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rdflib
16:38 <mepholic> here's my apkbuild
16:38 <mepholic> https://paste.ee/p/2cpFu#Ue7pXWzyZRDLEXTKELaFnaEzkLSsTqrX
16:39 <mepholic> and the apkbuild for the py-isodate dependancy
16:39 <mepholic> https://paste.ee/p/1Pinz#of06OMDgeR5tSeR8D4Ty3WtEEKG8Z2DC
16:39 <mepholic> isodate works fine in python 2 and 3
16:40 <mepholic> rdflib works fine in python 3, but it throws the following error in python 2
16:40 <mepholic> https://paste.ee/p/oTPA5#zvTOE0qpEQn70NgHzBTG44GWwdOTJKht
16:41 <mepholic> if I look at /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/rdflib/term.py, line 46
16:41 <mepholic> it contains the following: from urllib.parse import urlparse, urljoin, urldefrag
16:43 <mepholic> but when I abuild unpack, the py-rdflib/src/rdflib-4.2.2/rdflib/term.py file contains the following on line 46
16:43 <mepholic> from urlparse import urlparse, urljoin, urldefrag
16:43 <mepholic> which works fine in python 2.7
16:44 <mepholic> my question is, why is this happning? does anyone have any ideas or tips to lead me in the right direction?
16:50 <mepholic> it looks like the python2 package is somehow getting cross contaminated with the python3 build
16:51 <mepholic> cause I just built it by hand and it worked fine (put the proper cooresponding lines from above in the corresponding python version lib directories)
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16:56 <mepholic> when I say cross-contaminated, I mean both packages seem to contain the python3 code
17:01 <TemptorSent> pharvey: Do the drivers you need use the standard kbuild system?
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18:17 <mepholic> i figured it out
18:17 <mepholic> i just nuked the build section entirely and it works fine
18:17 <mepholic> it was running 2to3 in the python3 build
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21:43 <mlu> if I want to setup UEFI boot on my system, do I currently need to setup the partitions manually?
21:43 <mlu> or is there something nifty going on in edge right now?
21:50 <TBB> I've just done that manually
21:50 <mlu> which bootloader did you end up using?
21:51 <TBB> gummiboot
21:51 <mlu> any issues with blank screens, etc.?
21:52 <TBB> only one specific laptop model has ever given me that
21:52 <mlu> wonder if it's my laptop: Asus Zenbook UX501VW
21:52 <TBB> no such problems with any others
21:53 <mlu> thanks for the info
21:53 <* mlu> continues the adventure
21:53 <TBB> there's always the possibility, of course, of having bugs in the UEFI firmware. but also make sure you have the necessary options
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21:54 <mlu> gummiboot showed up as expected but everything goes to a blank screen as soon as I load linux
21:55 <mlu> tried with syslinux too: same results
21:55 <TBB> unsurprisingly that same model that gave me occasional blank screens had other bugs in the firmware too, some of the type that got really frustrating... which was hilarious in a way: the brand uses another company's UEFI firmware in their low end models and it works 100%; their high end ones have firmware developed by themselves and it is both buggy and annoying as fuck to use
21:56 <mlu> which leads me to believe that this is probably that efifb issue based on a quick google
21:56 <mlu> haha, maybe that outsourced firmware company specializes in firmware
21:57 <nsz> screen can be blank at that point for many reasons
21:58 <nsz> may depend on kernel boot params, kernel modules loaded, hardware issue, firmware issue,..
21:58 <TBB> I think the low-end model firmware was InsydeH2O or something, and it worked just fine
21:58 <mlu> I did have a complicated setup and (nvme, lvm, crupt, btrfs) and am wondering if I should try a more basic one first
21:59 <TBB> I don't have UEFI systems at home right now so I can't really investigate this, but fbcon springs to mind, and now that I think of it...
22:00 <TBB> ... if your system has two graphics adapters then you might have to "configure away" one of them
22:00 <mlu> will give that a bit more of a shot: my system has both an nvidia and intel graphics
22:01 <TBB> configure away as in prevent it from being used at boot; some Dell model I used required preventing the use of its Radeon to get it to boot right
22:02 <mlu> my next steps: prepare a UEFI boot install medium (vs using BIOS boot to install) and see if I can reproduce the issue
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23:04 <dave0x6d> dirac1: which host did you get 48c734d2506e4328d6bfe256e0b6c8e596ab285c386e85ececb0342e2981933d from?
23:04 <arch3y> yeah I was a bit confused by that
23:05 <dave0x6d> dirac1: I checked two mirrors and got the same hash. http://sprunge.us/RYaV
23:06 <dirac1> This: --2017-04-22 18:34:05-- https://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.5/releases/x86_64/alpine-extended-3.5.2-x86_64.iso
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23:07 <dave0x6d> dirac1: you used that mirror for both files?
23:08 <dirac1> https://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.5/releases/x86_64/alpine-extended-3.5.2-x86_64.iso.sha256
23:09 <dirac1> waitup.
23:10 <dirac1> Yes, the same.
23:12 <dave0x6d> dirac1: k, one second.
23:18 <dave0x6d> dirac1: hmm, I'm getting the exact same hash every time from that host. http://sprunge.us/CXaG
23:18 <dirac1> So.. i'm doing the hashing wrong?
23:18 <dirac1> or someone modified my iso? o.o
23:21 <dave0x6d> dirac1: can you paste the output of `7z l <bad-iso-file-here`?
23:21 <dave0x6d> let's see what happened to the corrupt ISO. Full command: 7z l alpine-extended-3.5.2-x86_64.iso
23:25 <dirac1> one moment.
23:28 <dirac1> dave0x6d: https://ptpb.pw/PqN3
23:28 <dirac1> I'm downloading the iso again, but is quite slow.
23:29 <Shiz> have you tired from dl-cdn?
23:29 <Shiz> might be faster
23:29 <Shiz> tried*
23:30 <arch3y> nl.alpinelinux.org worked fine for me with the extended iso and the sha256 sum
23:31 <dirac1> Maybe i'm the one doing something wrong :/
23:31 <arch3y> I put both in my downloads folder ie iso and sum file
23:32 <arch3y> the ran sha256sum -c blah.sha256 file
23:32 <arch3y> instant verification of iso
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23:35 <dirac1> Yeah well mine failed o.o
23:36 <dirac1> I downloaded it with wget, and at some point stopped and i simply restarted.
23:36 <dave0x6d> dirac1: thanks, one minute.
23:36 <arch3y> gotcha
23:36 <arch3y> well thats unfortunate
23:36 <dirac1> Yeah, but i used the wget -c, so i restarted and it started in the same spot.
23:37 <arch3y> maybe something like aria2c would pull it down faster before it potentially died or maybe try a different mirror
23:37 <arch3y> but it sounds like dave0x6d has you covered so Ill bow out]
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23:39 <dave0x6d> dirac1: looks like wget started from the beginning and appended to the ISO instead of resuming.
23:39 <dirac1> :O
23:40 <dirac1> Appended inside the iso file?
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23:41 <dave0x6d> dirac1: my guess is that the download died at 120.2 MB, correct?
23:42 <dirac1> Can't remenber, maybe.
23:43 <dirac1> dave0x6d, see this:
23:43 <dave0x6d> the file probably looks like this: [first 120 MB of ISO] + [full 260 MB of ISO] = [380 MB of corrupt ISO]
23:45 <dirac1> i used nohup to Desattach the process from the tty, let me get the nohup.out
23:46 <mepholic> huh
23:46 <mepholic> so I just built ardour and it's dependencies for alpine
23:46 <mepholic> and it works
23:46 <mepholic> :)
23:47 <dirac1> dave0x6d: https://ptpb.pw/ywGO
23:54 <dave0x6d> dirac1: yeah I can't tell exactly where the length got broken, but the corruption was definitely caused locally. The server is reporting "Length: 261095424 (249M)" on every request there.
23:55 <dirac1> dave0x6d, so.. i didn't get hacked? xD
23:55 <dave0x6d> doesn't appear so.
23:56 <dave0x6d> dirac1: I'd suggest using aria2 instead of wget, it'll probably help a lot.
23:56 <Shiz> mepholic: :)
23:56 <dirac1> dave0x6d, i'll download it, thanks for your time.
23:56 <dave0x6d> np.
23:56 <dave0x6d> tbh I was hoping your ISP injected some malicious binary so I could analyze it :p
23:57 <dirac1> lol
23:57 <dirac1> I'm not from a smart country...(but it is a dictatorship)
23:59 <dave0x6d> dirac1: if you have another device or VM I can ssh into, I'd be willing to look at it more in-depth to make sure.
23:59 <dave0x6d> i'd usually suggest uploading it.. but that's not gonna work with your internet speed.