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00:00 <dirac1> I have, i downloaded the iso from my home server but is closed to the outside.
00:02 <dirac1> but i don't want to open ports or register an domain, because is a small pogo plug just to download stuffs and maintain a smb inside my lan.
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00:16 <TBB> I'd suggest using curl directly instead of using aria2 to use curl :P
00:26 <dave0x6d> TBB: aria2 is completely different than curl.
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00:30 <dirac1> dave0x6d, downloaded again and now the hash are ok.
00:31 <dirac1> is ok*
00:31 <dave0x6d> yeah not too surprising =)
00:31 <dave0x6d> I downloaded it around half a dozen times earlier and it checked out every time.
00:34 <dirac1> lol
00:34 <dirac1> Ok
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01:07 <Dirac1> dave0x6d, you there?
01:07 <dave0x6d> Dirac1: probably
01:07 <Dirac1> i have a question about creating the bootable usb for alpine, but using UEFI
01:07 <Dirac1> The wiki have an tutorial.. but it uses packages from the alpine-conf... :l.
01:08 <dave0x6d> sorry, I don't use alpine
01:09 <Dirac1> Oh...
01:09 <Dirac1> OH...
01:11 <Dirac1> gummiboot is now systemd-boot.
01:12 <Dirac1> Oh my god this is old.
01:12 <dalias> :-p
01:12 <Dirac1> dalias, could you help me out?
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01:14 <Shiz> i wonder if dalias has a highlight on systemd
01:15 <dalias> haha no just saw activity in this channel
01:16 <dalias> dirac1, sorry i probably don't know anything about it
01:16 <dalias> i just :-p'd at systemd-creep
01:16 <Dirac1> this isn't about systemd.
01:16 <Dirac1> This is about a guide in the alpine wiki
01:16 <Dirac1> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Create_UEFI_boot_USB
01:17 <transhuman> Hi! Apache is giving me this group of errors notice the heartmonitor error. I believe the module wont load because some support for slotmem isn't compiled in the alpine-linux kernel or something like that http://sprunge.us/dOKM anyone able to confirm with apache2?
01:17 <dalias> yeah but thats not a topic i know much about
01:17 <dalias> i just disable uefi :)
01:17 <Dirac1> Oh my god.
01:19 <dalias> ?
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02:13 <tmh1999> disable uefi is a go-to I guess
02:16 <dave0x6d> don't do that.
02:16 <dave0x6d> Diftraku: anyway, Arch works with UEFI out of the box.
02:16 <dave0x6d> oops, meant to tab Dirac1 (who left)./
02:20 <dalias> why would you want uefi enabled if you have an option to disable it?
02:20 <dalias> it's just more unwanted, potentially buggy/malicious code running at low level before boot and probably persisting in a way that it remains dangerous after
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02:24 <dave0x6d> dalias: No common motherboards allow "disabling" UEFI. Using UEFI CSM is still UEFI.
02:25 <Shiz> yeah there is no option to disable uefi
02:25 <Shiz> at most you run CSM/disable UEFI boot options
02:25 <Shiz> but thats a whole different thing
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02:26 <dave0x6d> yep, it's annoying that there's this myth that somehow UEFI CSM without any signatures is more "secure" than proper UEFI.
02:27 <dalias> i suspect that's an oversimplification
02:28 <dalias> recently i read about systems destroying a flash chip and bricking themselves because the uefi writes the flash at every boot
02:28 <dalias> and iirc "disable uefi" was a workaround
02:28 <dalias> i'm not an expert on the topic, but i suspect "disabling" it does disable a significant amount of the malicious crap
02:29 <Dirac1> i followed the steps in the tutorial.. but nothing.
02:30 <Dirac1> The laptop dectect the UEFI file, but when it tries to but.. blackscreen.
02:31 <Dirac1> The only part i didn't exactly as the guide is this command " cd /mnt && uniso < /path/to/alpine-3.4.0-x86_64.iso ", because i don't have the uniso bin... logically because i don't have alpine installed.. -.-
02:33 <dave0x6d> dalias: assuming an attacker can flash your firmware (which is *usually* difficult without physical access), having an operating system in UEFI CSM or just UEFI really doesn't matter.
02:34 <dalias> that's not my assumption
02:34 <dave0x6d> you don't load the operating system and /then/ your bootkit. You load the bootkit first (UEFI) and then the operating system (which you can set to run with UEFI CSM).
02:34 <Shiz> dalias: ive dived into a fair amount of BIOS internals, and in my experiencen o such thing exists.
02:34 <Shiz> UEFI doesnt supplement legacy BIOS
02:34 <Shiz> it subsumes and replaces it
02:34 <dalias> my assumption is physical security
02:35 <Shiz> there is nothing else than the UEFI
02:35 <Shiz> and thus it can't be turned off
02:35 <Shiz> maybe it was a specific UEFI feature that was turned off in the BIOS, that might be a different thing, although it wouldn't be one I know of
02:35 <Shiz> but you can't turn off that which has no replacement :p
02:36 <dalias> shiz, my guess would be that "turning it off" just boots with a minimal uefi program that provides legacy bios and passes off execution to the os
02:36 <Shiz> that is not a thing
02:36 <Shiz> there is no legacy bios
02:36 <Shiz> in UEFI systems
02:36 <dalias> *sigh*
02:36 <dalias> you misunderstadn what i mean
02:36 <Shiz> let me put it like this
02:36 <dave0x6d> dalias: so why do you think an attacker wouldn't put their bootkit before the 'minimal uefi program'?
02:36 <Shiz> there is no such thing as minimal UEFI either
02:36 <dalias> by "provides legacy bios" i mean the sw-interrupt-based api
02:37 <dalias> dave0x6d, THAT IS NOT MY THREAT MODEL
02:37 <dalias> my threat model assumes physical security
02:37 <Shiz> dalias: i get what you mean, you're talking about the legacy BIOS interface (which is CSM)
02:37 <dave0x6d> what threat model has attackers who can write UEFI malware but doesn't know how to deal with UEFI CSM?
02:37 <dalias> it doesn't have attackers who write uefi malware
02:37 <Shiz> nobody's talking about attackers or threat models afaik
02:37 <dalias> it has buggy crap
02:38 <Shiz> dalias was talking about a uefi firmware bug
02:38 <Shiz> supposedly
02:38 <Dirac1> So.. anyone could help me creating the UEFI bootable usb?
02:38 <Shiz> :P
02:38 <Dirac1> u_u
02:38 <dalias> in my ideal model, there would be no uefi or bios, kernel would be in flash and the first insn the cpu executed would be the first byte of that flash
02:39 <Shiz> absolutely not
02:39 <dave0x6d> 10:28:57 PM <dalias> i'm not an expert on the topic, but i suspect "disabling" it does disable a significant amount of the malicious crap
02:39 <dave0x6d> I assumed that "malicious" implied security issues, not just bugs.
02:39 <Shiz> the kernel dealing with low levle hw init seems like the worstp ossible thing
02:39 <Shiz> especially since low level hw init can often NOT be detected
02:39 <Shiz> but this seems a case for -offtopic
02:40 <dave0x6d> dalias: ironically that would cause the thing that people (falsely) assume UEFI of causing: complete Windows lock-in.
02:40 <dave0x6d> since each vendor would only bother getting Windows to work :p
02:40 <Shiz> it'd turn UEFI into the mess that is ARM hardware booting right now
02:40 <Shiz> which only works somewhat right on linux at all because linux is what most people run on ARM
02:41 <Shiz> anyway
02:41 <dalias> shiz, device tree is the right solution to that
02:41 <Shiz> -offtopic, anyone?
02:41 <dalias> in any case its's getting highly off-topic
02:41 <Shiz> Dirac1: there are some people who booted it through UEFI before, but sadly i'm not one of them
02:41 <Shiz> Dirac1: however, gummiboot is still very much in the alpine repos, so it's not necesarily outdated
02:42 <Shiz> did you run into any issues using the wiki stuff?
02:42 <Shiz> ah, blackscreen
02:42 <Dirac1> Yes... it doesn't boot.
02:42 <Shiz> hmm
02:42 <Shiz> it may boot but not yield a usable text console
02:42 <Dirac1> but the "timeout" command is working, if i change the seconds.. it wait for that amount of time.
02:43 <Shiz> timeout in...?
02:44 <Dirac1> loader.conf
02:44 <Dirac1> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Create_UEFI_boot_USB
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03:00 <Shiz> my guess would be that it doesn't have an early terminal, and because you didn't extract the iso to the boot part, early init fails and it dies
03:00 <Shiz> because it has no boot medium
03:09 <Dirac1> Wait up
03:16 <Dirac1> Shiz, ok now i have a screen telling me taht i don't have any kernel.
03:49 <Dirac1> Fuck! finally did it.
03:58 <Xe> did 3.6 drop?
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04:10 <Dirac1> i did it.
04:14 <reeed> ls
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05:25 <chatter29> hey guys
05:25 <chatter29> allah is doing
05:25 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
05:25 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
05:26 <ryonaloli> you have successfully converted me
05:26 <ryonaloli> i will now wage jihad on puppies
05:36 <TemptorSent> *LOL* How about a jihad ond
05:37 <TemptorSent> And WTF does it take to get that damn thing K-Lined?
05:40 <ryonaloli> it just keeps coming back from new ips
05:41 <Xe> TemptorSent: i've seen it use over 500 IP's over years
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05:43 <_ikke_> Xe: Have you been tracking it over the years?
05:44 <Xe> _ikke_: i'm going off the times i've seen it on literally every other IRC network including freenode
05:44 <Xe> it occasionally hits my testnet
05:44 <Xe> where there's all of two users
05:45 <ryonaloli> is your testnet available via search engines or could it only have found it via masscan?
05:47 <Xe> \
05:47 <Xe> ryonaloli: i have no idea
05:49 <untoreh> hello, what is required to make /usr/bin/wall work on alpine ? doesn't ootb
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05:58 <untoreh> it must be because of "The system's default login accounting file is /dev/null/wtmp."
06:03 <jailbox> http://wiki.musl-libc.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_why_is_the_utmp.2Fwtmp_functionality_only_implemented_as_stubs_.3F
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08:16 <mlu> finally got Alpine booting with EFI on my system: turns out I had to use vesamenu instead of menu in syslinux, and that the mkinitfs.conf didn't include nvme when it should have
08:20 <scadu> mlu: please fill a bug report providing with all the details then ;)
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10:09 <grzes_> hi there
10:11 <grzes_> ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: so:libcrypto.so.41 (missing): php7-openssl-7.1.3-r1[so:libcrypto.so.41]
10:12 <grzes_> any ideas what could be wrong? my docker container stopped building lately
10:12 <grzes_> basically i'm using php7.1 from testing repository
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10:14 <scadu> grzes_: use edge
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10:29 <grzes_> scadu: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e4399f0382e4ee7594778c2c8e5587a8 - so what should i change?
10:36 <grzes_> scadu: you mean base image alpine:edge right?
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10:42 <scadu> grzes_: mkay, so you use edge anyway. I thought you mixed repositories. as jirutka said on -devel -- php at the moment is broken
10:43 <scadu> grzes_: please continue the topic on one of channels
10:50 <scadu> grzes_: you can try with alpine:edge if you use any of the stable releases, but I'm not sure if php in testing is working nowadays as said above
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12:10 <trfl> when installing with SWAP_SIZE=0, setup-disk creates a 512byte /dev/sda2. Same behavior if I use -s 0. I expected /dev/sda2 to become sysroot. Is this intended behavior?
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12:35 <haarts> How do I add a user to a group? usermod doesn't seem to be a thing in Alpine?
12:37 <haarts> Asking the question was answering it. I started looking in the logical place: add<tab><tab> and selected addgroup
12:54 <trfl> fwiw, the following workaround/hack results in a working system with only sda1 and sda2 in my scenario: https://pastebin.com/V3APdVEk
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13:16 <sigtrm> Still struggling with Alpine on a RPi 2 and would like advice
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15:27 <xentec> sigtrm, does your boot partition has a label?
15:27 <sigtrm> It does
15:27 <xentec> remove it
15:27 <sigtrm> Okay, is that a problem?
15:27 <xentec> had the same trouble with rpi3
15:27 <sigtrm> Wow, would have never guessed something like that could cause problems
15:28 <sigtrm> I will try it out now
15:28 <xentec> I guess the GPU boot code doesnt like FAT labels
15:28 <xentec> had the same issue on my rpi3, drove me nuts
15:30 <xentec> and make sure have FAT32 partition with type 0x0c and boot flag set
15:30 <sigtrm> Yes that part I have done
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15:46 <sigtrm> xentec, thank you for your advice, preliminary results with 3.5.2 just gives me a no signal on my screen
15:46 <sigtrm> I'll not try 3.4.6 since that one gives me the rainbow screen
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15:50 <sigtrm> Now try, not NOT try
15:50 <sigtrm> sorry
15:56 <sigtrm> xentec, it works with 3.4.6 now!
15:56 <sigtrm> Finally!
15:56 <sigtrm> Thanks for the help
15:58 <xentec> sigtrm: no problem. you should be able to update to 3.5 with `apk` and `update-kernel`. at least on rpi3 alpine continued booting on 3.5
15:59 <sigtrm> Why is there no infor about this bug(?) on the wiki or any other place?
16:01 <sigtrm> Or a fix
16:01 <sigtrm> Well anyways, thank you
16:01 <sigtrm> I appreciate the help, I'll see if I can get the 3.5.x branch going
16:01 <xentec> good luck!
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17:15 <darkfader> what was wrong? 3.5.2 no worky in general?
17:16 <darkfader> i got a scaleway C1 again, and upgraded to 3.5 OK
17:16 <darkfader> (probably "their" kernel though
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18:03 <dirac1> Hello i need some help with grub
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18:16 <untoreh> dirac1: make sure you have packages installed like util-linux and multipath-tools, which are not included in the dependencies..
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20:24 <chatter29> hey guys
20:24 <chatter29> allah is doing
20:24 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
20:24 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
20:24 <TemptorSent> Get lost!
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20:58 <chatter29> hey guys
20:58 <chatter29> allah is doing
20:58 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
20:58 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
20:58 <scv> lol
20:58 <Xe> chatter29: you here?
20:58 <Xe> like
20:58 <Xe> a human?
20:58 <Xe> aww
20:58 <scv> i've been seeing this spam for over a year now in different channels
20:59 <Xe> scv: i made a mastodon bot satirizing it
20:59 <Xe> https://mst3k.interlinked.me/@almarid
20:59 <scv> hah
20:59 <Xe> (it means disciple in arabic)
20:59 <scv> yeah X is doing has sort of become a meme around irc
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21:14 <Shiz> ncopa: kaniini clandmeter: can you ban chatter*!*@gateway/web/*
21:15 <stevenroose> My openrc seems to randomly kill my process
21:16 <Xe> why do you think it's openrc killing it?
21:17 <stevenroose> Xe, this is the sccript
21:17 <stevenroose> https://gist.github.com/stevenroose/4ed5a76dd84e3e21b7ac8cad4654e21f
21:18 <stevenroose> Becacuse I tail the logs and I know when it normally fails
21:18 <stevenroose> It doesn;t show the panic or error log, just stops doing anything and the process disappears
21:19 <Shiz> i think its a bit unlikely that openrc kills the process
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21:20 <stevenroose> Shiz, yeah I don't mean that it kills it explicitely
21:20 <Shiz> what does # service btcd status say?
21:20 <stevenroose> But I suspect that something about the run environment makes it die somehow
21:20 <Shiz> ah right
21:20 <stevenroose> Shiz, didn't try when it hangs, will try next time, happens like after running for a minute or an hour, depends
21:21 <stevenroose> Shiz Xe, status: crashed
21:22 <stevenroose> It's weird because I see no abnormal logs
21:22 <Xe> what does `pstree` say?
21:22 <Xe> does it show btcd as alive?
21:23 <stevenroose> Quick question: if I have two processes with an executable that has the same name, is that a problem? They are in separate locations
21:23 <Shiz> no
21:23 <Shiz> should not be
21:23 <Xe> no
21:23 <Xe> not unless you have an admin that is too judicious with `killall`
21:23 <Shiz> stevenroose: right, crashed means that the pidfile doesn't refer to a process that exists anymore
21:23 <Shiz> so i presume the process died as well
21:24 <stevenroose> I have these two
21:24 <stevenroose> https://gist.github.com/stevenroose/4ed5a76dd84e3e21b7ac8cad4654e21f
21:24 <stevenroose> The executable is not the same (different version in the git tree)
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21:25 <Shiz> yeah that shouldn't be an issue
21:25 <Shiz> couldnt it be that they refer to the same config file and try to do weird stuff in any directories specified there?
21:25 <Shiz> and conflicting with eachother as a result
21:25 <Shiz> just guessing
21:26 <Shiz> oh its not the same config file
21:26 <stevenroose> It's a different config file
21:26 <stevenroose> (mind the 't')
21:27 <stevenroose> Oh, you noticed :D
21:27 <stevenroose> It's a different config folder, it's really weird that it failes without a notice
21:27 <stevenroose> Is there anything non-openrc-related that can kill processes somehow?
21:29 <Shiz> well, any shell with root access
21:29 <Shiz> heh
21:29 <Shiz> stevenroose: maybe try assigning a supervisor to it
21:30 <Shiz> add to your rc file:
21:30 <Shiz> supervisor=supervise-daemon
21:31 <stevenroose> Shiz, what about ram shortage?
21:31 <Shiz> well, that would be the kernel
21:31 <Shiz> invoking its oom killer
21:31 <Shiz> but you'd get messages in dmesg about that
21:32 <stevenroose> What does the supervisor do? Should I install supervise-daemon?
21:33 <Shiz> nah, it's part of openrc
21:34 <Shiz> instead of launching your daemon, it will launch a supervisor that will launch your daemon
21:34 <Shiz> and restart it when the daemon process exits
21:36 <stevenroose> Shiz, that's not really a solution to the fact that it crashes. I can use it as a workaround in case I cannot solve it
21:36 <stevenroose> Thanks, but I'd like to find the cause first :) crashed again
21:36 <stevenroose> hmm
21:37 <Shiz> stevenroose: its more that supervise-daemon may at least give you the reason why it crashed
21:37 <Shiz> as in, its exit code or if it was through a signal
21:53 <stevenroose> Oh
21:53 <stevenroose> Shiz, how do I use supervise to do that?
21:54 <Shiz> it passes info automatically through syslog
21:54 <Shiz> so check your /var/log/message
21:54 <Shiz> s
21:56 <stevenroose> huh?
21:57 <stevenroose> /var/log/what?
21:57 <Shiz> /var/log/messages
22:02 <stevenroose> What goes there?
22:02 <Shiz> your entire syslog
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22:02 <Shiz> including what supervise-daemon logs about its child processes dying
22:05 <stevenroose> Wow, I added the line `supervisor=supervise-daemon` and rc-service tbtcd start started spewing the stdout instead of logging it
22:05 <stevenroose> That's not what should happen, right?
22:05 <Shiz> uh probably not
22:05 <Shiz> you may need to change command_args to command_foreground_args
22:06 <Shiz> https://github.com/OpenRC/openrc/blob/master/supervise-daemon-guide.md
22:06 <stevenroose> It doesn't fork
22:06 <stevenroose> Anyways
22:06 <stevenroose> Maybe I don't need the background=yes, then?
22:07 <Shiz> mmmaybe
22:08 <stevenroose> I can't find dcumentation on command_background
22:08 <stevenroose> Someone in this channel gave me that skeleton init script and I just used it :)
22:10 <Shiz> stevenroose: that was probably me
22:10 <Shiz> :p
22:10 <stevenroose> :)
22:10 <stevenroose> Thanks :)
22:10 <stevenroose> So when do I need background?
22:10 <stevenroose> The daemon I run does not go to the background, it stays in the foreground
22:12 <stevenroose> Ok, if I don't put the background, I get all the stuff in the foreground
22:12 <stevenroose> I guess I found the panic
22:12 <stevenroose> The panic is in stderr, so it doesn't get logged
22:13 <stevenroose> The reason was that for some concurrency reason, sometimes the error log message causing the panic was not printed
22:13 <Shiz> aha
22:13 <Shiz> so did that figure out what it was? :o
22:16 <stevenroose> I think I did, yea
22:17 <stevenroose> Thanks anyway for the help!
22:17 <Shiz> for reference:
22:17 <Shiz> command_background is needed when no supervisor is specified and the command stays in the foreground
22:18 <Shiz> because the default supervisor (ssd, which isn't really a supervisor at all) needs to force everything to the background
22:18 <Shiz> the reason i use that skeleton i gave you is that it makes it easier to switch between supervisors
22:18 <Shiz> (if you remove command_background, I guess?)
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22:26 <Dirac1> Hello i'm trying to configure connman on alpine, but in boot appears this error: RTNETLINK answers: file exists, and when i try to use connman scan wifi, it says is not supported the device
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23:14 <Dirac1> Help?
23:14 <Dirac1> Hello i'm trying to configure connman, but in boot appears this error: RTNETLINK answers: file exists, and when i try to use connman scan wifi, it says is not supported the device
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23:34 <BitL0G1c> Dirac1 - I've not used connman - but this works for wifi on alpine https://it-offshore.co.uk/linux/alpine-linux/46-alpine-linux-automatic-wireless-configuration
23:35 <Dirac1> yes wpa_supplicant worked for me, i wanted to use connman.. :/
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23:51 <Dirac1> fuck it i'll use wpa_supplicant don't know what's wrong with connman
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