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01:12 <avih> Shiz: do you know if it's intentional that main/apk-tools includes only some of the patches since the last release of the main apk-tools repo?
01:13 <avih> (i'd expect it to either include critical fixes or include all of them, but it doesn't look that way)
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01:14 <Shiz> avih: the un-included commits are like a few hours old
01:14 <avih> Shiz: i think it's the other way around. it has recent commits but not older ones
01:14 <Shiz> ?
01:15 <Shiz> aside from the 3 newest ones, it only doesn't have the shorter progress bar one
01:15 <avih> unless i'm looking at it wrongly
01:15 <avih> Shiz: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/log/main/apk-tools shows new patches but not older ones
01:15 <Shiz> im looking at both that and https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/apk-tools/log/
01:16 <Shiz> it's missing your patch and the newest 3 ones, right
01:16 <avih> yes. that's the discrepancy i'm talking about
01:16 <Shiz> well
01:16 <avih> (i don't mind. i'm just asking if it's intentional)
01:16 <Shiz> my patch and the 3 newest ones were committed by kaniini who immediately updated the apk-tools abuild with them
01:16 <Shiz> your patch was committed by fabled, who i guess didn't :P
01:17 <avih> :)
01:17 <Shiz> not intentional i think
01:17 <avih> k
01:21 <avih> Shiz: if you don't mind, another question. i noticed recently a lot of llvm updates, but i don't recall that i installed llvm (i may recall wrongly though, i'm not at the machine now). is it an implied dependency of some dev package? i typically use gcc
01:21 <avih> i mean llvm updates after i did apk upgrade.
01:22 <Shiz> may be a dependency of something, that's what # apk info -r llvm is for
01:22 <tmh1999> avih : you can loop through aports/*/APKBUILD to see if there is any llvm deps
01:22 <Shiz> that seems a bit excessive
01:22 <tmh1999> right . haha dumb me
01:23 <avih> :) (i never seem to recall the apk cli options/syntax for anything i don't use frequently... maybe it means i need to use info -r more frequently :p )
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01:24 <avih> (and i know the help exists.. but... well.. i'm still baffled sometimes)
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02:07 <kaniini> avih: i only backported the patches relevant to the project TemptorSent is working on
02:07 <kaniini> i might tag apk-tools 4.7.1 if fabled doesn't show up within a week :P
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02:07 <kaniini> erf 2.7.1
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05:13 <vectr0n> ncopa, open-vm-tools is back to crashing as it did before you worked some magic lol https://pastebin.com/FLjXqcGt
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07:23 <ScrumpyJack> morning
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07:38 <ncopa> vectr0n i think its the RAP feature. i havent had time to look at it
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07:46 <dragoonis> Hey!
07:46 <dragoonis> echo '@testing http://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/testing' >> /etc/apk/repositories
07:46 <dragoonis> apk add --no-cache php5-redis@testing
07:47 <dragoonis> ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
07:47 <dragoonis> php5-redis (missing):
07:47 <dragoonis> required by: world[php5-redis]
07:47 <dragoonis> Can someone please advise what's happened to this package
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08:54 <armin> anyone a clue why i can't open a tap-device on my setup?
09:03 <ncopa> armin maybe you dont have permissions to the /dev/tap device?
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09:19 <armin> ncopa: i'm root. :-)
09:21 <ncopa> is the device there?
09:21 <ncopa> did you modprobe the tuntap module?
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09:51 <armin> ncopa: thanks, "modprobe tun" solved that.
10:04 <armin> yup that works like a charm
10:04 <armin> <3
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10:34 <trfl> on a server with matrox mga-g200, modeset seems to randomly choose either 1024x768 or 1280x1024 on boot. Is there a way to force a particular resolution?
10:34 <trfl> the only google results i can find seem to regard Xorg...
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11:36 <ScrumpyJack> anyone using spacefm successfully as a desktop icon manager on AL? seg faults for me on x68_64 and armhf
11:36 <ScrumpyJack> spacefm --desktop
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13:03 <consus> Hi guys
13:03 <consus> I'm having trouble running some lua code that depends on lua-crypto
13:04 <consus> Basically it doesn't want to run because of this: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/HNv509RfGA1Yq3zNcS68
13:05 <consus> I'm using alpine v3.5.2 and lua5.2
13:05 <consus> Anyone've seen this?
13:06 <consus> The lua stuff I have installed: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/TPZJlYOcitHQVcDsigNF/
13:06 <clandmeter> consus, did you try apk --update-cache upgrade --available ?
13:07 <consus> Yep
13:07 <consus> Nothing
13:07 <consus> I'm still able to reproduce
13:08 <consus> Maybe I have an outdated mirror, I'll switch to the alpine one
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13:08 <consus> Switched to dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org, nothing changes
13:11 <clandmeter> consus, can you paste your repositories file?
13:11 <consus> Sure thing
13:11 <clandmeter> did you mix repo's?
13:11 <consus> No
13:11 <consus> I used to install edge but I removed that stuff already
13:12 <consus> *from edge
13:12 <consus> Only two packages
13:12 <consus> via pkg@edge
13:12 <consus> Worth posting the world file too, right?
13:15 <consus> Sweeet
13:15 <consus> wgetpaste refuses to paste data from /etc/apk/repositories because it's look like spam
13:15 <clandmeter> apk add tpaste :)
13:16 <consus> Done
13:16 <consus> Damn it's slow
13:16 <consus> Ah, stdin
13:16 <consus> http://tpaste.us/xWKv
13:16 <consus> Here
13:17 <consus> http://tpaste.us/yao0
13:17 <consus> World
13:19 <clandmeter> looks good
13:19 <consus> =/
13:19 <consus> I did apk fix -d lua5.2-crypto
13:19 <consus> But no luck
13:19 <consus> Still the same issue
13:19 <consus> Maybe ldd does not see /usr/lib/lua5.2?
13:20 <consus> Since there is no ld.conf.d
13:22 <clandmeter> you are sure you did apk upgrade --available
13:22 <consus> # apk upgrade --available
13:22 <consus> OK: 667 MiB in 165 packages
13:22 <consus> Pretty damn sure
13:23 <clandmeter> do you have a test case i can try?
13:23 <consus> cgit lua filters
13:23 <consus> I may write you a test app if you want
13:23 <consus> Since that will be much easier
13:23 <clandmeter> just a simple lua file
13:24 <consus> Sec
13:26 <consus> Hm
13:26 <consus> Well that's interesting
13:27 <consus> It seems to work from cli
13:28 <consus> But i keep seeing this
13:28 <consus> fatal: Lua error in /usr/lib/cgit/filters/email-gravatar.lua: error loading module 'crypto' from file '/usr/lib/lua/5.2/crypto.so':
13:28 <consus> Error relocating /usr/lib/lua/5.2/crypto.so: luaL_checkint: symbol not found
13:28 <consus> Via uwsgi
13:28 <clandmeter> maybe permissions?
13:28 <consus> Nah
13:29 <consus> I checked, it's allowed for this user to reach /usr/lib
13:29 <consus> hmm
13:30 <consus> Maybe that's it
13:30 <consus> lua5.2 knows where to look for lua5.2-*.so
13:30 <consus> And ldd does not
13:32 <consus> So interpreter works fine, but code embedding does not
13:32 <consus> I'll write a simple C program that loads the lua file
13:35 <consus> It's a shame that ldconfig -p does not work =/
13:35 <consus> Would be much easier
13:36 <consus> musl sucks at diagnostics =\
13:41 <consus> luaconf.h wants limits.h
13:42 <consus> but there is no limits.h in /usr/include
13:42 <consus> Ah, musl-dev
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13:45 <consus> hm
13:45 <consus> Okay
13:45 <consus> Were we go
13:46 <consus> http://tpaste.us/YnVZ
13:46 <consus> Source code
13:47 <consus> gcc -I/usr/include/lua5.2 -L/usr/lib/lua5.2 -llua -o test test.c
13:47 <consus> How I do compile it
13:47 <consus> The result: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/CbRX43Z8f12ZEBzzPRPP/
13:47 <consus> Exactly the same code compiles very well on my Gentoo box
13:47 <consus> clandmeter:
14:00 <consus> # objdump -T liblua.so | grep luaL_newstat
14:00 <consus> 0000000000017178 g DF .text 000000000000002b luaL_newstate
14:00 <consus> As you can see there is a symbol
14:01 <clandmeter> ncopa, can you take a look here? ^
14:01 <ncopa> hi
14:02 <ncopa> whatsup
14:02 <consus> I'm whining again xD
14:02 <consus> lua this time
14:03 <ncopa> the ldd thingy
14:03 <ncopa> is normal
14:03 <ncopa> ldd /path/to/luamodule.so
14:03 <ncopa> will show errors
14:03 <consus> The thing is -- it does not compile
14:04 <consus> That's what bothers me
14:04 <ncopa> what is the error?
14:04 <consus> https://paste.pound-python.org/show/CbRX43Z8f12ZEBzzPRPP/
14:04 <consus> code: http://tpaste.us/YnVZ
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14:04 <consus> command: gcc -I/usr/include/lua5.2 -L/usr/lib/lua5.2 -llua -o test test.c
14:04 <consus> The very same code compiles on Gentoo
14:05 <consus> I encountered this error while trying to install some lua: hook in cgit
14:06 <consus> I saw this error in log files -- fatal: Lua error in /usr/lib/cgit/filters/email-gravatar.lua: error loading module 'crypto' from file '/usr/lib/lua/5.2/crypto.so':
14:06 <consus> Error relocating /usr/lib/lua/5.2/crypto.so: luaL_checkint: symbol not found
14:06 <ncopa> do you have the test.c?
14:07 <consus> Yes, I posted it
14:07 <consus> 17:03 < consus> code: http://tpaste.us/YnVZ
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14:13 <consus> Any thoughts?
14:13 <ncopa> consus: try: gcc -I /usr/include/lua5.2 -L /usr/lib/lua5.2 -o test test.c -llua
14:14 <consus> Hm
14:14 <consus> It works
14:14 <consus> It's that gcc optimization, right? -Wlas-needed?
14:15 <consus> Okay, so now I have to find out what's wrong with cgit =/
14:15 <ncopa> yeah i think its --as-needed
14:15 <ncopa> what lua version is cgit linked against?
14:15 <consus> Because it still doesn't work
14:15 <consus> 5.2 I guess
14:15 <ncopa> double check that
14:15 <consus> I installed it from edge
14:16 <ncopa> readelf -d /usr/bin/cgit or what it is
14:16 <consus> It was built against 5.3
14:16 <consus> So installed 5.3 as well
14:16 <ncopa> that might explain
14:16 <ncopa> you might port the module to 5.3
14:16 <consus> There is a pacakged for that
14:16 <consus> lua5.3-crypto
14:16 <consus> I installed it along with lua5.3-libs
14:17 <ncopa> error loading module 'crypto' from file '/usr/lib/lua/5.2/crypto.so':
14:17 <ncopa> looks like it picks wrong?
14:17 <ncopa> says 5.2
14:17 <consus> That was my handbuild
14:17 <consus> Against 5.
14:17 <consus> *Against 5.2
14:17 <consus> I built my own cgit from source in order to check it against 5.2
14:18 <consus> Okay, I guess it would be easier to install edge and check there
14:18 <consus> Since you guys want to release 3.6 anyway it would be nice to check this
14:19 <consus> Are there edge installers or do I have to upgrade from 3.5?
14:19 <ncopa> https://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/manual.html#8.3
14:20 <ncopa> Macros to project non-default integer types (luaL_checkint, luaL_optint, luaL_checklong, luaL_optlong) were deprecated.
14:20 <consus> Deprecated or removed?
14:20 <ncopa> consus: its very easy to do it with docker if you have that
14:21 <ncopa> docker run --rm -it alpine:edge
14:21 <consus> Nah, it's a vm
14:21 <ncopa> you can upgrade from 3.5
14:21 <consus> Seems I only have to edit repos
14:21 <consus> and run upgrade
14:21 <consus> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Edge
14:21 <ncopa> yeah
14:21 <ncopa> apk ugprade -U -a
14:21 <consus> If this article is accurate
14:21 <ncopa> yeah
14:22 <consus> Cooll, will be back in several minutes
14:23 <consus> Also what lua-crypto is for?
14:23 <consus> It's not a virtual and it seems to be empty
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14:38 <dethos> Hello, while building a container that uses an alphine image, i'm getting the following error when I try to install a ruby gem (nio4r): "checking for unistd.h... *** extconf.rb failed ***". I guess some package is missing, but I'm not sure which one. Does anyone know how could I solve this?
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14:47 <clandmeter> musl-dev?
14:48 <clandmeter> but i would add build-base instead
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14:57 <consus> ncopa: You were right
14:57 <consus> ncopa: There is no luaL_checkint symbol in lua5.3
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15:01 <consus> The project seems daed but there is a fork luacrypto-ng
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15:37 <tw> How do I newgrp without dipping into edge? I need to change my egid as an unprivileged user to another one of the user's groups.
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15:38 <Kachel> Will there be lxqt support on Alpine?
15:47 <ncopa> Kachel probably not for 3.6
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17:03 <vectr0n> ncopa, okie did you need to report it anywhere? or was mentioning it here good enough?
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17:11 <ncopa> vectr0n sorry, i have forgotten what it was about?
17:11 <vectr0n> open-vm-tools crashing again, you mentioned could be something with RAP you hadnt had time to look yet
17:11 <vectr0n> https://pastebin.com/FLjXqcGt
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17:31 <ncopa> vectr0n maybe file a bug on bugs.alpinelinux.org
17:31 <ncopa> i will forget otherwise
17:31 <ncopa> thanks
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17:37 <vectr0n> ncopa, np :)
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19:14 <klaxa> are there any plans to get php7 >= 7.0.17 into a future 3.5 release? (i know this is quite specific)
19:14 <klaxa> my situation is as follows: i'm using a docker image based on 3.5 and php7 7.0.16 is just one patch level shy of supporting randomness functions on kernel <= 3.16
19:15 <klaxa> not really a usecase for regular users as 4.4.52 is used...
19:16 <darkfader> i don't think anyone will object the bump
19:16 <darkfader> can oyu go to bugs.alpinelinux.org and open a request or whatever looks most suited
19:16 <klaxa> alright thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
19:17 <klaxa> oh, there is already a different bugreport that could potentially offset my issue
19:18 <klaxa> quite orthogonal to my problem, but if nginx would properly install on alpine:edge that would possibly eliminate the need for php 7.0.17 for me
19:18 <klaxa> i'll just subscribe to that one
19:19 <klaxa> and there is also an issue for php 7.1.X for 3.5.3
19:19 <klaxa> i guess i'll have to live without that container for a while...
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19:25 <klaxa> it's nice living in dependency hell, cozy and hot...
19:25 <klaxa> have a good one!
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21:24 <newbie|3> hi there! ... I'm porting our build system to Alpine. We use ASAN for our unit tests. But I cannot see libasan.so in a package. Is it not supported on Alpine?
21:27 <TBB> not ported so far, I guess; an exhaustive package contents search at pkgs.alpinelinux.org didn't find anything like that
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21:29 <newbie|3> But libasan.a and libtsan.a is listed here .... https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/gcc/APKBUILD#n343
21:30 <newbie|3> Maybe it is just forgotten in "configure"??
21:34 <newbie|3> something like this on ArchLinux: https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/tree/trunk/PKGBUILD?h=packages/gcc#n190
21:34 <newbie|3> https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/tree/trunk/PKGBUILD?h=packages/gcc#n119
21:43 <TBB> I wouldn't be surprised; that's an APKBUILD from hell
21:44 <Shiz> i wonder if asan/tsan even work with musl
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23:35 <vectr0n> do all the isos require a inet connection to complete?
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