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04:31 <help-im-stuck> So.. why does the keymap reset on every reboot?
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10:07 <help-im-stuck> so.. I need some serious guidelines here..
10:08 <help-im-stuck> Can't find much info on how to use alpine xen with virt-manager and libvirtd..
10:09 <help-im-stuck> even thou the latest libvirtd packages are available at the edge repos
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11:28 <medivih> Hello
11:29 <medivih> I'm trying to install Alpine on virtualBox, and got a lot of errors, I can't find nothing on documentations, Could you please help me?
11:31 <medivih> "ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
11:31 <medivih> docker(missing)
11:31 <medivih> required by: world[docker]
11:33 <medivih> So I've add http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/community on /etc/apk/repositories
11:33 <medivih> but got still errors
11:37 <medivih> WARNING: Ignoring APKINDEX.b53994b4.tar.gz No such file or directory - and followed by "ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:"docker(missing) required by: world[docker]
11:41 <medivih> nobody?
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11:54 <_ikke_> did you run apk update after you added the repository?
11:55 <medivih> got same error
11:58 <medivih> yes, I've ran, got same "WARNING: Ignoring APKINDEX.b53994b4.tar.gz No such file or directory"
12:00 <_ikke_> That's just a warning, nothing serious
12:00 <medivih> yeah, but I can't install docker :(
12:01 <medivih> ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:"docker(missing) required by: world[docker]
12:01 <_ikke_> medivih: can you try a different mirror (not dl-cdn)?
12:01 <medivih> sure, which one?
12:01 <_ikke_> Just any one from http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/MIRRORS.txt
12:02 <medivih> thank you
12:03 <medivih> Same error :(
12:07 <ncopa> medivih sounds like you have some problem with your network seup
12:07 <ncopa> can you ping
12:07 <ncopa> can you ping google.com?
12:08 <medivih> you right
12:08 <medivih> I can't ping
12:22 <medivih> @ncopa thank you very much!
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12:58 <xn0r> is linux-virtgrsec being superseded by linux-virthardened?
12:59 <xn0r> linux-virtgrsec is ~40 MB while the hardened is ~80 MB .. why?
13:10 <_ikke_> xn0r: virt ommits some things
13:12 <_ikke_> hardened supersedes grsec
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14:15 <xn0r> _ikke_: but why is virthardened 2x the sizè installed?
14:17 <ncopa> xn0r: did the virthardened kernel go up from 40 -> 80 MB?
14:17 <ncopa> that sounds like a bug
14:18 <xn0r> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/v3.5/main/x86_64/linux-virtgrsec
14:18 <xn0r> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/main/x86_64/linux-virthardened
14:25 <ncopa> do you have the size for the previous linux-virtgrsec? eg 4.9 kernel
14:25 <ncopa> might be introduced with the upgrade to 4.9
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14:45 <ncopa> seems like every kernel module has doubled its size
14:45 <ncopa> i wonder if its rap
14:50 <dirac1> hi ncopa, there has been doubts about what will happen with the modified grsec kernel used by Alpine after the grsec news.
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14:50 <ncopa> dirac1 im in doubt myself
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14:50 <ncopa> for now i want try maintain a port
14:51 <ncopa> xn0r the size of kernel modules has doubled from 4.4 to 4.9
14:51 <ncopa> i dont know why yes
14:51 <ncopa> yet*
14:51 <dirac1> Oh ok.. well.
14:51 <xn0r> ncopa: I see, that is a bit strange
14:51 <ncopa> xn0r yes indeed
14:52 <ncopa> im trying figure out why
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14:52 <ncopa> might be debuggin symbols or something got enabled by mistake
14:52 <ncopa> or it is RAP
14:53 <ncopa> in any case, its not the virtgrsec -> virthardened rename
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15:25 <ekarlso> how do you run ldconfig to link libraries in alpine ?
15:26 <Shiz> there is no ldconfig in alpine, as it's not needed
15:26 <Shiz> or rather, it exists but it does almost nothing
15:27 <ekarlso> Shiz: hmm then why are my libs not found ?
15:27 <Shiz> i don't know, where are they located
15:27 <ekarlso> /usr/bin/ld: warning: libgrpc++.so.1, needed by gateway, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
15:27 <ekarlso> /usr/lib
15:28 <Shiz> what's your ld command line
15:31 <ekarlso> Shiz: I was just running "ld binary"
15:31 <ekarlso> to see what it was linked towards
15:31 <Shiz> you probably want to use ldd for that
15:31 <Shiz> not ld
15:31 <Shiz> that's something entirely different
15:31 <ekarlso> hmm, ah
15:31 <ekarlso> do I need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for it to be found or ?
15:31 <Shiz> you shouldn't need to
15:32 <Shiz> try seeing what ldd tells you
15:35 <dalias> what are you trying to do?
15:35 <ekarlso> https://pastebin.com/GgADPi9j
15:36 <ekarlso> seems the libgrpc files are missing
15:37 <Shiz> right
15:37 <Shiz> is this binary from an alpine package or?
15:38 <ekarlso> Shiz: no I have made a package for grpc github.com/ekarlso/alpine-grpc.git
15:39 <Shiz> in that case you should also package libgrpc++, it seems
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15:39 <ekarlso> Shiz: well, https://pastebin.com/jitQwJWN
15:39 <Shiz> right
15:40 <Shiz> it's linked against libgrpc++.so.1
15:40 <Shiz> but you have libgrpc++.so.4
15:41 <Shiz> meaning you should probably recompile that binary against the grpc package you created
16:05 <ekarlso> Shiz: uhm it is compiled against it .
16:06 <Shiz> considering it's linking against the wrong so version, something went wrong there it seems
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16:07 <ekarlso> Shiz: so I recompiled it now and it's still failing...
16:07 <Shiz> i'd search your build system for any trace of libgrpc++.so.1
16:07 <ekarlso> Shiz: you mean the package or ?
16:07 <ekarlso> or the app
16:08 <Shiz> i mean the system you use to compile the app
16:08 <Shiz> because evidently it's finding libgrpc++.so.1 somewhere, despite it not being part of your grpc package
16:09 <ekarlso> https://pastebin.com/58MzSbRd < Shiz hmmm
16:10 <Shiz> try this
16:11 <Shiz> readelf -d /usr/lib/libgrpc++.so | grep soname
16:11 <ekarlso> 0x0000000e (SONAME) Library soname: [libgrpc++.so.1]
16:11 <Shiz> well, there you go
16:11 <Shiz> it seems like your grpc is miscompiled
16:12 <Shiz> it claims that libgrpc++.so.1 exists and is the correct version, while only libgrpc++.so.4 exists
16:12 <ekarlso> what is it typically that decides that ?
16:12 <Shiz> the build system of grpc, i'd expect
16:12 <Shiz> i can try to see if i can repro this if you'd like
16:13 <ekarlso> Shiz: sure!
16:14 <ekarlso> Shiz: so soname is a kind of alias I presume
16:16 <arch3y_> so alpine is not rolling release since you tag versions, and edge is consider rolling release but its testing right
16:16 <_ikke_> arch3y_: there is a separate testing repo
16:17 <arch3y_> is edge considered rolling release though
16:17 <arch3y_> just trying to make sure I keep up, Im used to a rolling release process
16:17 <Shiz> edge is rolling, yes
16:17 <_ikke_> but there might be some unstableness in edge
16:17 <arch3y_> thats fine
16:17 <_ikke_> (like with the change from openssl to libressl
16:18 <arch3y_> Im just using it to hep build pkgs for you guys
16:18 <arch3y_> Ill have to upgrade my 3.5 box to edge
16:18 <_ikke_> edge basically is the master branch on aports
16:18 <arch3y_> cool and as a pkg is submitted as a pr it is built by travis ci then merged in by hand
16:19 <arch3y_> or does it get pushed to builders once its been built and cleared by travis ci
16:19 <_ikke_> once it's merged, the builders will pick it up
16:19 <_ikke_> (not sure how often/soon)
16:19 <arch3y_> k I will stop pushing prs until things are merged
16:20 <arch3y_> cause I dont want to cause even more pkgs to be reviewed its getting up there in the number of prs
16:20 <arch3y_> I completely understand you guys have alot more on your plate that needs to be handled
16:21 <Shiz> haha
16:21 <Shiz> kinda
16:21 <arch3y_> just saying I wont push anything for awhile
16:21 <Shiz> PRs are merged by hand yes, simply because travis can't pick up on subtleties like 'is this the proper way to do it, even if it works'
16:21 <arch3y_> Id love to help out more with the core stuff but you dont need any more chefs in the kitchen either
16:21 <Shiz> and 'do our patches have descriptions of what they do'
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16:22 <arch3y_> yeah for sure I understand they are merged by hand to maintain a intergrity of the apkgbuilds
16:22 <arch3y_> and to uphold your standards
16:22 <Shiz> also, i'm sure more help would be welcome in reviewing PRs :P
16:23 <arch3y_> well Im still new to how things are done in alpine
16:23 <arch3y_> so Im sure my prs could use some tweaks as well, but I know the ones I have built everything passes with flying colors
16:23 <TemptorSent> Shiz: Is there a document somewhere on the PR review criteria?
16:23 <arch3y_> but I know that style is a big thing as well
16:23 <Shiz> TemptorSent: not sure if there's any formal stuff right now...
16:24 <arch3y_> just upgrading my 3.5 box to edge to test the process
16:24 <TemptorSent> If you could scratch together notes of what you look for and dump them on the wiki, it would be very helpful.
16:24 <arch3y_> I would agree with that, it would be nice to see
16:24 <TemptorSent> Both for reviewers and for committers.
16:24 <arch3y_> when you guys have time as course
16:25 <arch3y_> documentation is an evil thing
16:25 <arch3y_> but necessary
16:25 <Shiz> i'll try something after i look at ekarlso's grpc thing
16:25 <TemptorSent> Thank you Shiz.
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16:56 <Shiz> ekarlso: ive made a new apkbuild for grpc since yours was a bit... lacking
16:56 <Shiz> testing it now
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18:26 <ekarlso> Shiz: any progress ? :p
18:27 <Shiz> fighting with grpc's testing infra
18:28 <Shiz> lol
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18:31 <ekarlso> Shiz: anyways I can see it's defined in the Makefile
18:31 <ekarlso> the soname
18:32 <Shiz> as it should be
18:32 <Shiz> (this is a prohibitively long makefile...)
18:34 <Shiz> ekarlso: seems there is a bug in this makefile
18:34 <Shiz> :/
18:35 <Shiz> it's a mystery how this ever worked
18:38 <Shiz> ekarlso: this seems easy enough to fix
18:38 <Shiz> but... how did this makefile evr work
18:38 <Shiz> maybe nobody compiles it with make
18:47 <Shiz> ekarlso: currently compiling with cmake
18:47 <Shiz> seeing what happens
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18:58 <ekarlso> Shiz: any idea ? : P
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18:59 <Shiz> cmake is equally broken
18:59 <Shiz> i'm just gonna patch the makefile
19:00 <ekarlso> : p
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19:09 <Shiz> ekarlso: almost there
19:11 <xn0r> openvpn 2.4.1 fails with a TLS error when trying to connect to a server
19:12 <xn0r> it cannot verify the certificate
19:16 <xn0r> same config works on another host
19:17 <xn0r> "OpenSSL: error:14007086:SSL routines:CONNECT_CR_CERT:certificate verify failed"
19:19 <Shiz> ekarlso: fixed.
19:19 <ekarlso> Shiz: kk
19:19 <Shiz> APKBUILD: https://txt.shiz.me/YjAxZjE3NG
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19:20 <Shiz> fix-soname-mismatch.patch: https://txt.shiz.me/Y2VmMTczZT
19:20 <Shiz> i'm gonna throw that last patch upstream, probably
19:20 <Shiz> oh, it's a bit malformed...
19:21 <Shiz> regardless, it should work for building
19:22 <ekarlso> Shiz: get the package into community ? : o
19:22 <arch3y_> Shiz: may I ask whats on txt.shiz.me program wise
19:22 <Shiz> arch3y_: https://github.com/Shizmob/upaste
19:22 <Shiz> although the one running live may have a few more random fixes
19:23 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/self
19:23 <arch3y_> Shiz: thats cool
19:23 <Shiz> :)
19:24 <arch3y_> I like how lightweight it is
19:24 <arch3y_> and thats pretty useful
19:24 <Shiz> ekarlso: dunno, i'm not using grpc so i can't make that call
19:24 <Shiz> packages in community need some real world testing over a period of time before they get moved there
19:28 <TBB> I guess this is one way to spend a Saturday, at work trying to figure out how to get plymouth to reset a tty at exit
19:32 <Shiz> ekarlso: https://github.com/grpc/grpc/pull/10923
19:32 <Shiz> submitted upstream
19:32 <Shiz> anyway, feel free to use that fixed apkbuild and patch in your builder thing
19:32 <Shiz> :)
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19:41 <ekarlso> Shiz: hmmmms
19:41 <ekarlso> Shiz: I do curl https://txt.shiz.me/Y2VmMTczZT.txt -o fix-soname-mismatch.patch and I get wrong checksum
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19:42 <Shiz> ekarlso: actually, it's better to use this patch anyway
19:42 <Shiz> https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/grpc/grpc/pull/10923.patch
19:42 <Shiz> since it has a proper description and such
19:42 <Shiz> :)
19:42 <Shiz> oh, but that won't apply against 1.3.0
19:42 <Shiz> hmm
19:43 <Shiz> ekarlso: sec
19:43 <Shiz> ekarlso: https://txt.shiz.me/ZGJjMTRhN2.txt
19:43 <Shiz> patch got mangled somehow
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20:48 <shadoh> so... are the core differences between the xen version and the standard version just the kernel options and some packages, or is there more to it than that?
20:49 <Shiz> it's just that
20:49 <Shiz> im not sure if they even use a different kernel config
20:49 <Shiz> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/alpine-iso/tree/alpine-xen.conf.mk
20:49 <Shiz> looks like no
20:54 <shadoh> so it sounds like there wouldn't be much harm to install the zen version and add whatever other packages I want/need
20:54 <Shiz> right
20:54 <shadoh> leave me the option to use zen if/when I decide to, or not, if I never get around to it
20:56 <shadoh> I might do that, then... I figured I'd mainly use the box as a docker host, but having the flexibility/option to set up zen or similar vm hosting(even something as basic as virtualbox) would be nice
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