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00:00 <trfl> yeah, as an offline cache that you can easily query locally... still trying to think of when but I've been in situations where I wanted to query which package contains a file without internet access :p
00:00 <trfl> (realizing it's usually pointless since you can't install it anyawys but still)
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00:15 <__number5__> trfl: isn't that's what apk does? apk search only search local db
00:15 <Shiz> not quite
00:15 <Shiz> it only shows file listings for installed packages
00:15 <Shiz> not for non-installed ones
00:16 <Shiz> so not for all packages in its db
00:18 <__number5__> Shiz: search file with this https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents (yes, not offline)
00:18 <Shiz> yes, that was exactly the point
00:18 <Shiz> lol
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01:27 <dirac1> anyone here uses borgbackup?
01:49 <pickfire> __number5__: I hate going to search online just for that, I like something like pacman -Fs.
01:50 <* pickfire> just found out that the online site works well with elinks.
02:08 <__number5__> yep, any simple web form can be treated like an api ;)
02:11 <ryonaloli> just in case it's helpful https://github.com/minipli/linux-unofficial_grsec/tree/linux-4.9.x-unofficial_grsec
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02:22 <nymacro> Hopefully someone can tell me that I'm doing something wrong: I am trying to create an Alpine install with a ZFS root. Firstly I installed Alpine to USB, along with ZFS packages. I then subsequently created a /boot (ext2) partition, and a ZFS partition on the disk I actually want to install on. After configuring ZFS, I mount everything up and do a `setup-disk -m sys /mnt` (/mnt is where my ZFS root,
02:22 <nymacro> and /boot is mounted).
02:23 <nymacro> Numerous packages fail their post-install scripts -- causing things to not work very well (the scripts exit with error 1. Which is not particularly informative). Attempting to chroot into the /mnt'ed and fix up the packages also causes the same issues with post-install/post-upgrade steps
02:24 <nymacro> I believe this mode of installation is supported; but am I doing something silly?
02:25 <nymacro> (I can't directly install to a ZFS root, because the default install media mounts has a read-only /, and also uses a different kernel version to the actual install)
02:29 <TemptorSent> nymacro - What does your dataset hierarchy look like? ZFS mounts using different semantics than standard filesystems, creating the directory rather than mounting over it.
02:29 <TemptorSent> nymacro And how are the post-install scripts failing?
02:30 <nymacro> I set the alt-root of my pool to /mnt when installing
02:30 <TemptorSent> nymacro: What does the tree under /mnt look like befor install? I'm wondering if it's something simple, like perms on /tmp.
02:31 <nymacro> either via `zfs create -R /mnt` when I first created the pool, or `zfs import -N -R /mnt` after it was already created (I tried a few different times)
02:31 <TemptorSent> No sub datasets?
02:31 <nymacro> yeah; /, /home, /root, /var (and various other /var subvolumes)
02:32 <TemptorSent> Is /tmp on a tmpfs then?
02:32 <nymacro> actually. I don't think I created a /tmp on the mount ...
02:32 <TemptorSent> Hmm, that could be a problem if you don't have the right perms...
02:33 <nymacro> that might be it lol. Unfortuntely, I wasn't able to find any logs from apk, and the only error I had to go off was "error 1"
02:33 <TemptorSent> Bugger. Yeah, try runing apk fix -v -v maybe?
02:33 <nymacro> Ahh, I wasn't aware apk supported double verbose
02:33 <TemptorSent> apk needs some help on the error info.
02:34 <TemptorSent> I seem to recall seeing it somewhere.
02:34 <nymacro> I will give it a try
02:34 <TemptorSent> Actually, apk --help :)
02:35 <TemptorSent> I'm curious as to what's failing and why.
02:35 <nymacro> Me too. Me too :)
02:35 <nymacro> I will give -vv a try, along with whether lacking a /tmp on the destination caused issues
02:36 <nymacro> Thanks :)
02:36 <TemptorSent> Yeah, check the simple stuff first, if that doesn't fix it, we can get down to brass tacks.
02:38 <TemptorSent> Making sure all the appropriate mountpoints are present is also a consideration. Setup-disk isn't really zfs-aware AFAIK, so there may be some bad assumptions about how filesystems behave in there.
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03:06 <nymacro> No love: https://gist.github.com/nymacro/9980470c49b16050782dce8df3aa67be
03:08 <nymacro> Given that the only thing the post-install is doing for busybox is: exec /bin/busybox --install -s
03:08 <nymacro> something isn't right :(
03:08 <nymacro> the busybox binary is getting installed; but the symlinks aren't there
03:09 <nymacro> Although, I can manually create the symlinks
03:11 <nymacro> mounting up /dev, /proc, /sys and a /tmp on my root and chrooting to try and fix the packages (apk fix) gives the same errors
03:11 <nymacro> I am out of ideas
03:14 <nymacro> ZFS setup is the same as https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/wiki/Ubuntu-16.04-Root-on-ZFS Step 3's structure
03:19 <TemptorSent> nymacro: Hmm, looking at that, there may be some mismatches between ubuntu an Alpine requirements -- the exec=off on /var may be an issue.
03:19 <TemptorSent> nymacro: suid may be an issue a swell.
03:22 <TemptorSent> nymacro: If running with -v -v doesn't lead to any lead as to what's failing why, you probably should file a bug on apk for lack of proper error handling and as much context as you do have.
03:23 <TemptorSent> nymacro: But try with default options for all members in the dataset (other than mountpoint) and see if it fails in the same way.
03:24 <TemptorSent> The canmount=off usage is strange, and I suspect for compatiblity, because it's not normal nor desirble.
03:30 <nymacro> hmm, true
03:30 <nymacro> that one is a little odd
03:32 <nymacro> Off I go! (again) :)
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07:17 <trfl> ryonaloli, to evade the issue of grsec being a registered trademark or whatnot, why not name the unofficial branch GARsec? :>
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08:53 <zhasha> That was fun. apk upgrade deleted my kernel
08:53 <zhasha> I think it might be related to linux-grsec@edge being linux-hardened now?
08:54 <asie> probably
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09:21 <nymacro> the ZFS root still not giving me any love :(
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09:48 <emacsomancer> i've not been successful either in setting up a zfs root
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16:42 <cyrus_mc_> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages - anyone know what the URL is for packages listed here that you need to put in apk/repositories such that you can install packages from here
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16:43 <clandmeter> all our mirrors should have them
16:44 <clandmeter> dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org
16:45 <cyrus_mc_> clandmeter: so I have that, but I can't find package exim. If i try to install it says missing. But it clearly shows up when I search for the package on https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages, under community
16:45 <cyrus_mc_> https://pastebin.com/3tZTUxYK
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17:31 <qman__> cyrus_mc_: you're using 3.5, while exim is only available on edge
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18:28 <parazyd> just did a (big?) upgrade on a raspberry pi
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18:28 <parazyd> and it's now spitting out: [ 27.803530] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -110
18:28 <parazyd> [ 54.143495] usb 1-1: device not accepting address 4, error -110, and [ 64.869591] usb usb1-port1: unable to enumerate USB device
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18:28 <parazyd> there was a kernel bump to 4.9 as well... wat do?
18:29 <parazyd> (this is read with serial, on boot)
18:29 <parazyd> (the pi doesn't boot now)
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18:44 <kaniini1> alpine has plenty of security
18:44 <kaniini1> grsec is hardly the only thing we were doing. the belief that grsec was anathema to our security effort is largely because of bad marketing decisions in the past
18:44 <kaniini1> in fact another very recent security initiative of ours just bagged a libressl CVE
18:44 <kaniini1> kernel security doesn't matter if your app is vulnerable
18:44 <kaniini1> is grsec being killed off unfortunate? sure
18:44 <kaniini1> not the end of the world though, alpine has a very robust security story outside of grsec
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18:48 <dirac1> Why noone else tried to create a kernel and memory corruption protection besides grsecurity group?
18:48 <dirac1> Is a really hard subject to study-create?
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18:52 <parazyd> here's the whole output if anyone is interested: http://sprunge.us/fgAU
18:54 <parazyd> maybe the initrd is broken?
18:55 <_ikke_> kaniini1: Just wondering, where did that 'rant' came from?
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19:02 <dalias> what kaniini1 said can't be stressed enough:
19:03 <dalias> "the belief that grsec was anathema [sic?] to our security effort is largely because of bad marketing decision in the past"
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19:03 <_ikke_> Right, it just looked like it's a reaction to something I'm missing
19:03 <dalias> i don't see how anathema fits there at all, but "bad marketing decisions" seem to be a big theme here
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19:17 <qman__> parazyd: it's a hardware-level issue, probably a driver change from the old version to the new
19:18 <parazyd> qman__: implying i shouldn't use the latest kernel then?
19:18 <qman__> parazyd: it's worth trying the old kernel to see if the problem persists
19:19 <qman__> couldn't tell you about specific hardware support in various versions, I'm not that intimately familiar with them
19:19 <qman__> but the errors you're getting are hardware errors
19:19 <parazyd> yeah i'm just downloading the release
19:21 <qman__> _ikke_: [22:39:59] <tidux> so what's the future of Alpine now that grsec is closing up?
19:21 <parazyd> pity i can't see what has been upgraded besides the kernel
19:28 <parazyd> qman__: yeah, i get a shell with the old one
19:28 <parazyd> Kernel 4.4.52-0-rpi on an armv6l (/dev/ttyAMA0)
19:29 <qman__> yeah, so probably a USB driver issue, or a driver issue with hardware attached to USB, like the NIC
19:29 <parazyd> i think it's the ethernet indeed
19:31 <parazyd> anyway, i can't provide a fix for this... but i'll gladly do testing if/when needed
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19:39 <hiro> dudes, the wifi script called by the setup-alpine doesn't allow me to use spaces in my wifi password!
19:40 <parazyd> heh
19:40 <parazyd> udhcpc: socket(AF_PACKET,2,8): Address family not supported by protocol
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19:45 <parazyd> oh
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23:49 <shadoh> howdy folks... has anyone here installed the xen version of alpine? I know I need to monkey with the initrd for my nvme drive, just curious if it plays out the same in xen as it would in standard/extended versions of the distro
23:50 <shadoh> hmm, hopefully the page on installing xen dom0 will be helpful
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