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01:03 <Dirac1> Hello my screen is completely black after all the start process pass.
01:04 <Dirac1> i think my Xorg is not working good.
01:04 <Dirac1> What's the key combination to stop the login and go in to run level 1...
01:22 <ryonaloli> alpine has extra patches to musl which provide the equivalent of FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 support, right?
01:23 <ryonaloli> in what form do these patches come? is it simply a patch or series of patches to the musl libc itself?
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03:38 <kaniini1> if i told you i would have to kill you
03:38 <kaniini1> but u can buy a license for $599
03:40 <kaniini1> ryonaloli: https://git.2f30.org/fortify-headers/log.html tbh
03:40 <ryonaloli> ty
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07:55 <arnotixe> anyone got example config files for awall with port translation (for ex public 1443 -> private 443)? I see quite some differences between https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/awall/about/ and https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/How-To_Alpine_Wall but nothing I try really work out...
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08:04 <arnotixe> (I get public:443 to private:443 to work, but not port number rewrites. My current config with only public ip address changed on: http://www.teigseth.no/files/sos.json
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10:47 <arnotixe> hmm is there an ftp server for alpine linux?
10:51 <IcePic> .oO ( everyone should go sftp ... )
10:52 <armin> remember sftp could stand for ssh file transfer protocol, secure file transfer protocol, simple transfer protocol, etc.
10:52 <armin> also, rsync.
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10:55 <arnotixe> yep. However, is there a built-in sftp client in windows? I only need ftp support in case I'm dead or otherwise unavailable; just to provide an alternative way to get files off the alpine box. I of course use RSA keys with ssh, certificate-only login ;)
10:56 <scv> no
10:56 <scv> windows does not have sftp support out of the box
10:56 <arnotixe> …the ftp server would of course have root access...
11:02 <IcePic> perhaps a https://user:pw@site.tld would be better, then windows would have a "native" client in MSIE/Edge
11:04 <arnotixe> IcePic: That was a good idea. They only need very basic one-file-at-a-time functionality anyway :)
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11:50 <syx> Anyone here on hetzner?
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12:22 <gus-test> Hello! The package libcgroup-tools@testing has been removed from the repos and I can't find something that would provide the "cgget" command. Am I missing anything?
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16:37 <syx> Hi everyone
16:43 <ncopa> hi syx
16:43 <syx> hi
16:43 <syx> https://gist.github.com/thde/5312a42665c5c901aef4 this still works right?
16:43 <syx> I'm really confused with the MBR and GPT thing
16:44 <syx> I've got 3TB but I distinctly recall MBR not being able to do more than two
16:45 <ncopa> as long as you keep your /boot on separate partition it should be all fine
16:45 <syx> https://0x0.st/YiK.png yup
16:46 <ncopa> hum
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16:46 <ncopa> yeah its possible you need gpt
16:47 <syx> ugh
16:47 <ncopa> or you could use lvm
16:47 <syx> but then grub won't work :S
16:47 <syx> what do the sgdisk lines in https://gist.github.com/thde/5312a42665c5c901aef4 do?
16:47 <ncopa> hum, no you would still need the partition
16:47 <syx> manpage doesn't say specific options for the flags used
16:47 <syx> oh so lvm on mbr
16:47 <syx> that'd work
16:48 <ncopa> i think it maybe doesnt
16:49 <ncopa> you need the boot partion to be separate
16:49 <syx> okay so
16:49 <ncopa> looks like the sgdisk lines creates partitions
16:49 <ncopa> but i think you can have a gpt with bios compatitibility
16:50 <ncopa> do you boot with efi or legacy bios?
16:50 <syx> uhm
16:50 <syx> root@rescue ~ # ls /sys/module/efivars
16:50 <syx> uevent version
16:50 <syx> i think this means it's just legacy bios
16:50 <syx> i don't actually have access to the serial console
16:50 <ncopa> yeah
16:50 <ncopa> ok
16:51 <syx> but the guide mentions something called gptmbr.bin
16:51 <ncopa> do you have /sys/firmware/efi/efivars
16:52 <syx> nope
16:52 <syx> damn
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16:53 <ncopa> ok
16:54 <ncopa> but i think it should be possible to use gpt with that gptmbr.bin
16:54 <syx> okay
16:54 <ncopa> i havent tested it though
16:54 <ncopa> but it should be possible
16:54 <syx> so im making a gpt table
16:54 <ludaota> Hello, just finished running alpine-setup on my netbook, it did not display any error message, though when booting I get "mounting UUID=blah on /sysroot failed : No such file", any ideas what could cause this ?
16:55 <syx> so like this? https://tmate.io/t/ro-rfYW96mC6p8hQpJnPvBh2ILgb
16:55 <ludaota> Also I have eMMC storage, I know it causes issues sometimes, worked fine on gentoo though
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16:59 <ncopa> ludaota sounds like its missing some driver in initramfs
17:00 <ncopa> syx possibly, i dont have experience with this kind of setup, but i think it should be possible
17:00 <ludaota> Might be then, because I cannot see it in /dev/ either
17:01 <ludaota> Allright I'll have a look at that then, thanks
17:03 <ncopa> ludaota is it an mmc?
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17:03 <ncopa> i think you can fix it by editing /etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf and add mmc to the features
17:03 <ncopa> then re-run mkinitfs
17:04 <ncopa> i suppose you can boot from rescue usb/cdrom
17:04 <ncopa> then mount the root on /mnt (mount -t ext4 /dev/sda3 /mnt)
17:05 <ncopa> and mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot
17:05 <ncopa> you might need bind mount /proc: mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc
17:05 <ncopa> then edit /mnt/etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf
17:05 <ncopa> and mmc to features
17:06 <ncopa> and finally: apk fix --root /mnt mkinitfs
17:06 <ncopa> which will reinstall mkinitfs and re-run the mkinitfs trigger
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17:42 <ludaota> ncopa: yes it is an internal emmc memory (the computer's an acer cloudbook 11)
17:43 <ludaota> thanks
17:43 <syx> extlinux: no previous syslinux boot sector found
17:43 <syx> is this bad?
17:45 <syx> okay rebooting
17:45 <syx> wish me luck
17:46 <ludaota> Yeah I'll chroot into the drive and regen the initramfs, I'll do it as soon as I get back into my office
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18:27 <syx> ncopa: which versions of grsec do you have in https://dev.alpinelinux.org/~ncopa/grsec ?
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18:46 <ludaota> ncopa: it worked like a charm, thanks !
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19:01 <syx> is there an easy way to make menuconfig?
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20:10 <Dirac1> Hello i need some help
20:11 <Dirac1> I tried to start lxdm on my system, and i activated it on rc-update, but now my system boot-up directly to the lxdm login and freeze in there completely in black screen.
20:11 <Dirac1> I need some help about how to start in terminal instead of lxdm login.
20:16 <xentec> 'singlemode' kernel parameter should help you to enter the system as root, mount / and manually remove lxdm from /etc/runleves
20:16 <xentec> s/runleves/runlevels
20:17 <Dirac1> But how i start the kernel in singlemode?
20:18 <Dirac1> xentec?
20:18 <xentec> you use syslinux for booting, right?
20:18 <Dirac1> it should automatically appear as an option in my grub bootloader?
20:18 <Dirac1> No no, grub.
20:20 <xentec> then you'll find plenty of resources only how to enter singlemode with grub
20:20 <xentec> s/only/online
20:21 <ludaota> xentec: I like your sed way of correcting your messages :p
20:22 <xentec> ludaota: thx, but you'll soon find out that this way is as old as irc itself :D
20:23 <Dirac1> oh i didn't know i could explicitly say to the kernel.. "hey you, start in singlemode" via the bootloader
20:25 <xentec> linux is still a program that takes arguments :D
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20:45 <TemptorSent> Technically, it's the initramfs /init that's handling the single option, but who's counting? :P
20:51 <Dirac1> Ugh.. not working :/
20:51 <Dirac1> Not even showing the boot process.. just black screen
20:51 <Dirac1> I added "single" to the end of the linux line in the booloader.
20:51 <Dirac1> for Alpine
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21:03 <Dirac1> Help..?
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21:12 <ludaota> Oookay so my computer boots fine, it's good, however dhcp fails somehow, altohugh it worked during the install, OpenRC loads the wlan0 interface just fine :o
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21:18 <ludaota> Hoe come udhcpc works fine during the install but not once the computer booted ?
21:18 <ludaota> *how
21:19 <ludaota> It just continuously sends discover but never succeeds somehow
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21:24 <ludaota> Ah nevermind, wpa_supplicant was not being started
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21:31 <xentec> Dirac1, have you tried replacing 'quiet' with 'single'?
21:31 <Dirac1> did it.. :/ used.. single and 1... and removed quiet.
21:32 <Dirac1> when i used any number.. from 1 to 6.. it starts normally.
21:49 <syx> Hi
21:50 <syx> How could I run mkinitfs on a custom kernel?
21:51 <feuerteufel> Hey @ all
21:54 <feuerteufel> Is there a way, to find out which packages are installed by using "apk" or is there a completly other way?
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21:56 <syx> feuerteufel: apk info
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21:57 <feuerteufel> And that schow's only installed packages?
21:57 <syx> Looks like it
22:00 <feuerteufel> I think it look's good ... thank's
22:06 <Dirac1> xentec, couldn't find a way start ;/..i don't know if grsec blocks the single user mode..
22:06 <Dirac1> but i tried doing it in recue mode.
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22:47 <TBB> syx: mkinitfs takes parameters, that's how you use specific kernels to generate custom initramfs archives
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