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09:08 <nekocentral> what happened to the site ?
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09:16 <nekocentral> as it looks like its down
09:17 <scv> seems it isn't responding to ping at all
09:17 <scv> (dunno if it normally does)
09:17 <_ikke_> announced maintenance
09:17 <_ikke_> (in another channel)
09:17 <_ikke_> but takes longer than expected
09:23 <_ikke_> http://ikke.info/alpinelinux_status.png
09:25 <nekocentral> ty
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10:11 <Mo0O> hi there
10:11 <Mo0O> is alpinelinux.org is down for you too?
10:12 <scv> maintenance window
10:12 <Mo0O> ok, thanks scv
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10:20 <mepholic> ok
10:20 <mepholic> I just got lwjgl 2.9.1 and jinput natives built against musl
10:20 <mepholic> and minecraft works on alpine now
10:21 <mepholic> well, minecraft 1.7.10 at least
10:21 <mepholic> http://i.imgur.com/hT3HAEC.png
10:23 <asie> been there, done that, heh
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10:24 <asie> all minecrafts work this way
10:24 <asie> even did that on NetBSD, though it was a bit more involved there
10:27 <mepholic> ok, so why isn't there a package?
10:31 <asie> nobody bothered to make one
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10:37 <dminca> hi guys
10:37 <dminca> is alpinelinux.org down?
10:38 <hiro> dminca: 11:23 _ikke http://ikke.info/alpinelinux_status.png
10:38 <dminca> ouch :(
10:39 <dminca> thank you hiro
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10:40 <asdlfk> hi, how can I configure audio output to hdmi?
10:41 <asdlfk> attempting to achieve it through asoundrc
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11:19 <rafalcpp> hello, so I'm using alpine for my hosting
11:19 <rafalcpp> but!
11:20 <rafalcpp> since starting using it 3 months ago, my epenis increased only by 1cm. Such modest increase of 4% if not what I was especting by using most elite linux based secure system.
11:25 <darkfader> rafalcpp: you didn't spend enough time in grsecadm
11:27 <rafalcpp> darkfader: ah
11:28 <rafalcpp> btw, how is Alpine dealing with grsec sort of closing it's source code? can I rebuild alpine's kernel myself, downloading all sources including grsec patch?
11:28 <IcePic> rafalcpp++
11:29 <IcePic> (on the humor, not grsec, comment)
11:38 <scv> rafalcpp++
11:38 <scv> :^)
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11:53 <BlackIkeEagle> I'm also interested what is going to happen with the grsec move
11:53 <BlackIkeEagle> will alpine maintain the 4.4 patch until 4.4 is dead?
11:53 <BlackIkeEagle> and then what?
11:54 <BlackIkeEagle> or will the forked grsec receive forward patching?
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11:55 <BlackIkeEagle> sorry the 4.9 version
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11:57 <rafalcpp> BlackIkeEagle: can't we donate $$$ for alpine to buy patch from grsec in a way that makes them happy when alpine publishes it?
11:58 <rafalcpp> I guess people could sign some NDA or shit. Ask grsec what they want. Afair 1) money and 2) people not calling botchered old kernels "a grsec kernel" (brand protection)
11:58 <rafalcpp> if I can not build own kernel from source, then it can't be used for most sensitive tasks imo
11:59 <BlackIkeEagle> in theory if grsec is still gplv2 you can publish it if you bought it
12:01 <IcePic> didnt linksys do something like that? "if you publish the gpl stuff we gave you, you lose customer status and will receive no further patches but we cant legally prevent you from leaking it in the first place"
12:02 <rafalcpp> if grsec has a problem with that I could sign an NDA to wave right to republish it. and alpine would have right to forward the code only for signers of NDA (e.g. organizations). maybe that is what grsec authors want
12:02 <leah2> sounds like the fsf approves :P
12:04 <IcePic> wonder if grsec can just dist patches which are NOT gpl. Then people receiving them can use them locally, but not ship the combined kernel
12:05 <kaniini> jesus fucking christ not this again
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12:05 <kvoz> How do I go about adding a trusted root certificate? I have put it in /etc/ssl/certs and run update-ca-certificates but it doesnt seem to be enough?
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13:48 <syx> so i just s/latest-stable/3.6/ in my repositories file
13:48 <syx> turns out it isn't latest-stable :c
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14:03 <bigtitus> hello here
14:03 <syx> hi
14:03 <syx> which package is `chattr' in?
14:04 <bigtitus> e2fsprogs-extra
14:05 <syx> ah, thanks
14:06 <bigtitus> pkgs.alpine.org is your friend ;-)
14:07 <bigtitus> sorry pkgs.alpinelinux.org my mistake
14:07 <syx> ah, thanks
14:09 <bigtitus> any help on setting up a samba domain member on alpine ?
14:11 <fcolista> bigtitus, wiki.alpinelinux.org is your friend ;-)
14:11 <fcolista> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Setting_up_a_samba-ad-dc
14:12 <bigtitus> yep cool doc ;-)
14:14 <bigtitus> apart i dont want a domain controller but a member
14:15 <bigtitus> joining domain works, wbinfo -u gives me domain users, but they are not available on system
14:18 <scv> bigtitus alpine doesn't use pam and there's no nsswitch, as far as i'm aware there's no way to have the system authenticate against AD
14:22 <consus> Hm
14:22 <consus> There is a nss-pam-ldapd
14:23 <consus> Also there is linux-pam
14:23 <consus> So it's quite possible
14:23 <bigtitus> hmm yes nsswitch make the link
14:23 <consus> The only problem that I can see is that openssh is not built against pam, so you'll need to maintain your own copy of it
14:23 <scv> there *is* linux-pam but yeah
14:23 <scv> nothing is built against it by default
14:24 <consus> shadow
14:24 <consus> shadow is
14:24 <consus> shadows provides login
14:24 <consus> And you need to rebuild openssh
14:24 <consus> After that you're good
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14:32 <j0ni> Good morning (EST). I have a question about apk-tools and Alpine package versioning in particular. I hope this is a good place to ask; please redirect me if not.
14:32 <j0ni> I'm trying to figure out the significance of leading 0 chars in version strings, for example "2.2.003"
14:33 <j0ni> specifically, should 2.2.003 be equivalent to 2.2.3, or not?
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14:35 <bigtitus> ok thanks for help guys, looks alpine cannot do what i want easily
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14:43 <bigtitus> goodbye
14:43 <consus> Another happy customre
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14:44 <consus> I guess I should setup some pam-enabled-software repo =/
14:49 <j0ni> hi again - in the unlikely event that someone answered my q while I fell off the channel a few minutes ago, could someone pls paste again :)
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15:05 <kaniini> we aren't buying a patch from grsec people. any sort of deal like that would be most definitely in violation of our guidelines.
15:05 <kaniini> buy it yourself if you want non-free software
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15:21 <Elizabeth> kaniini: mmm, what are the replacements (sorry if this has been asked already, a quick scroll through of logs didn't show anything, and I haven't really been following the conversations surrounding grsec)
15:22 <kaniini> we will just maintain it ourself. this has already been occurring for 2 years already.
15:23 <Elizabeth> good to know :)
15:23 <Elizabeth> thanks,
15:24 <parazyd> minipli is maintaining 4.9 for now
15:24 <parazyd> (backporting)
15:24 <Elizabeth> Like I said, wasn't really aware of the status is all
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15:29 <Lucias> hi all
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15:58 <hiro> guys, i'm stuck
15:59 <hiro> i have no network, but those networking scripts that run udhcpc are in the foreground
15:59 <hiro> blocking me from logging in
15:59 <hiro> and ctrl-c doesn't arrive at the right place :(
15:59 <hiro> also this is before any ttys show up
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16:15 <_ikke_> Do they actually get a dhcp lease?
16:17 <hiro> no, i have no cable with me :)
16:17 <hiro> i just need to log in so i can switch to wifi
16:17 <hiro> i guess i can just run init=/bin/sh :)
16:18 <hiro> but i do find this a bit weird! :)
16:18 <TBB> works as specified
16:18 <hiro> i like that it blocks on boot, but i should be able to send a signal from the keyboard
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16:19 <TBB> I suppose you shouldn't have networking on the default runlevel but instead on another runlevel you switch to when networking is available... I guess that's how it should be with openrc
16:19 <hiro> yeah, that would make sense
16:19 <TBB> however, it's not of much help when you're waiting for udhcpc to time out :/
16:20 <hiro> udhcpc doesn't time out, it tries forever :)
16:20 <TBB> and I'm going to swear next
16:20 <TBB> networkmanager is in testing...
16:20 <hiro> wtf
16:20 <TBB> yeh, wonder why there's no timeout specified for udhcpc
16:21 <hiro> it misses -n
16:22 <hiro> wtf, init=/bin/sh doesn't work?
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16:24 <TBB> wonder if you can blacklist your ethernet module temporarily from the kernel parms... there's an option named blacklist, at least
16:25 <clandmeter> did you try single?
16:32 <hiro> clandmeter: yes, that works
16:33 <hiro> then i was able to fix my issue
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17:08 <iron_houzi> Anybody provisioning their alpine boxes with ansible? I'm having trouble with the `user` module not finding the `adduser` binary .. any ideas of how to resolve this without reverting to the `shell`/`commmand` modules?
17:16 <_ikke_> shadow contains useradd, but no adduser
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17:32 <iron_houzi> _ikke_: Yeah .. but do you have any ideas for how to get around this problem when using ansible without reverting to `shell`/`command` modules?
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17:59 <_ikke_> nope
18:00 <vectr0n> https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6997 i suppose none of the devs will be touching this?
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18:06 <Shiz> iron_houzi: adduser should be there just fine, that's weird
18:06 <Shiz> it's part of busybox
18:07 <Shiz> vectr0n: a stack trace would help -- what's commented there is the strace, not a stack trace
18:07 <vectr0n> this is the same issue as before and ncopa fixed it
18:08 <vectr0n> its impossible to get a hypervisor to graceful restart/shutdown w/ a alpine linux vm running atm
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18:54 <ncopa> vectr0n looking at it now
18:54 <ncopa> i posted how to get a proper backtrace
18:54 <vectr0n> kk ty cuz i have 0 idea, sorry >.> will look now
18:55 <Xe> ncopa: don't you mean `backtrace full`?
18:56 <Xe> (that gives a bunch more context which is useful for this)
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19:02 <ncopa> might be good with full
19:02 <ncopa> but probably enough with just backtrace
19:03 <ncopa> i don think its same issue as last time
19:05 <vectr0n> now im super confused, all of a sudden it wont crash, yet same system, nothings been updated :s
19:05 <vectr0n> even comes back up after a reboot w/o a crash, wth is going on lol >.>
19:06 <kahiru> hardware failing?
19:06 <vectr0n> nope
19:07 <vectr0n> still doesnt graceful restart/shutdown
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19:15 <ncopa> i found another strerror_r
19:16 <ncopa> its likely the problem
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19:21 <ncopa> it should happen with open-vm-tools logs error
19:22 <ncopa> vgauth whatever that is
19:22 <Shiz> oh deary
19:22 <Shiz> re:graceful shutdown: that seems like it's a missing ACPI kernel thing
19:23 <ncopa> im gonna push a fix to edge
19:24 <ncopa> but it would be nice with a backtrace to confirm its the same thing
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20:06 <thxffo> this distro sounds pretty neat
20:06 <thxffo> i think i will install her
20:06 <Shiz> :)
20:07 <thxffo> can i use this as a desktop environment
20:07 <thxffo> instead of ubuntu, mint, cent, etc.
20:08 <Shiz> sure
20:08 <Shiz> you'll have to install X etc yourself though
20:16 <thxffo> sounds good, i will take the plunge
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20:32 <vectr0n> ncopa, if i can get it to crash ill post one
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21:21 <trfl> what would it take to get xdelta3 to be built with lzma? it'll link in xz-libs if they are present at time of compilation, and would result in a far more useful build
21:21 <trfl> seeing how most public xd3 patches were made using the (default) lzma compression
21:32 <Shiz> trfl: that can be worked on
21:34 <Shiz> trfl: easiest way is to submit a PR on github/to the mailing list
21:35 <trfl> aight, I'll give that a shot
21:35 <trfl> cheers!
21:37 <Shiz> trfl: btw apparently lzma-by-default was only enabled in 3.0.11, from jan 2016
21:37 <Shiz> sure most public patches are lzma?
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21:38 <trfl> well, I've only bumped into three patches lately, but those were all unusable until I built it myself
21:38 <trfl> could be observer's perspective lol
21:39 <Shiz> i mean it's probably still good to have xz if it's by default now
21:39 <Shiz> just saying
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23:17 <chesan> Tried to install gcc with "apk add gcc", but looks like it didnot install the ".h" files. How to make gcc function?
23:18 <Shiz> apk add libc-dev
23:18 <Shiz> or for a more complete package, try
23:18 <Shiz> apk add build-base
23:18 <Shiz> :)
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23:21 <chesan> Is there an option when starting boot from USB in Live mode to retain changes made to file system?
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23:23 <Shiz> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_local_backup
23:25 <chesan> Is there a hope the Logo will get changed or elliminated alltogether?
23:30 <chesan> Many linuxes go some HDD r/w on it's own, not once, but in periods and constantly. mostly When doing windowed terminal. Why does it do it, and is there a way to turn it off
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23:33 <Shiz> what do you mean?
23:33 <chesan> sorry it started to flick my HDD again and doesn't stop
23:34 <Shiz> uuh
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