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12:48 <Jangal> Hi!
12:49 <Jangal> Is there some helper tool to fetch package sources from repository?
12:50 <Jangal> And then how can I locally compile a package without using root? If I try with root it tells me to fuck off but if I try it using limited user then I have no permissions.
12:52 <Shiz> Jangal: add your local user to the abuild group
12:52 <Shiz> and yes, there's # abuild fetch
12:53 <Jangal> Shiz: thanks, but with getting sources I meant to download ABUILD files and patches for existing packages.
12:54 <Shiz> those are all stored in aports
12:54 <Shiz> git clone git://git.alpinelinux.org/aports
12:55 <Jangal> Thanks, I was hoping that there is some tool that fetches just some specific directories but this will be fine, thanks!
12:55 <Shiz> (optionally git checkout 3.x-stable if you want to build packages that belong to a release version 3.x instead of edge)
12:59 <Jangal> Shiz: after building the package, where can it be found?
12:59 <Shiz> ~/packages
13:00 <Shiz> you can override it by setting REPODEST= in ~/.abuild/abuild.conf
13:00 <Shiz> (or /etc/abuild.conf system-wide)
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13:04 <Jangal> ERROR: APKINDEX.tar.gz: UNTRUSTED signature
13:04 <Jangal> Can it automatically install after build without the signature?
13:05 <Shiz> you probably want to add your key to the system keys
13:05 <Shiz> as root: cp ~yourbuilderuser/.abuild/*.pub /etc/apk/keys
13:06 <Shiz> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Creating_an_Alpine_package#Setup_your_system_and_account is helpful for this btw
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16:23 <^ingo^^^> I have problems so assign a static ipv6 to an interface. It always assign the dynamic one. im on 3.5.2 inside an kvm. ipv4 works es expected. Any hints where to search?
16:27 <Shiz> ^ingo^^^: /etc/network/interfaces should be your go-to place
16:35 <^ingo^^^> ok, i found the Problem. "echo "ipv6" >> /etc/modules" is not optional, it's mandetory for static ip as described in https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Configure_Networking#IPv6_Static_Address_Configuration
16:36 <hiro> weird, why should the ipv6 module be required by static address but not dynamic?!
16:36 <hiro> that makes no sense?
16:38 <Shiz> hiro: SLAAC, maybe
16:38 <Shiz> it seems weird though
16:38 <hiro> hm? slaac is still ipv6
16:39 <hiro> i think ^ingo^^^ must have missed something
16:39 <Shiz> what i really want to know if why we still distribute ipv6.ko as a module
16:39 <Shiz> it should be =y...
16:39 <hiro> no
16:39 <hiro> ipv6 shouldn't accidentally auto-activate
16:39 <Shiz> hiro: well i mean it may be handled by the kernel where otherwise the dhcpd would take care of address assignment
16:40 <hiro> yeah, but as you say, with slaac that's not the case
16:40 <^ingo^^^> that was i also think. but it tried multiple times. only if i manualy restart the network it assigns the ip not not boot
16:40 <hiro> suddenly you're reachable not via one, but many addresses, might be above your capacity as a free-time admin
16:40 <Shiz> uh
16:40 <Shiz> even with ipv6 to =y ipv6 won't magically activate lol
16:41 <hiro> ^ingo^^^: there should be another reason, dig deeper :P
16:41 <Shiz> you'd need an inet6 stanza in /etc/network/interfaces at the very least
16:41 <hiro> perhaps there's special magic somewhere disabling it, but i thought in the kernel slaac will be enabled by default
16:43 <Shiz> net.ipv6.conf.all.autoconf = 0
16:44 <Shiz> and possibly accept_ra = 0
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16:47 <^ingo^^^> I startet with the wiki-example for dual-stack. but with no success, add the "optional" step, and it works now. on centos7 i didn't have this problem.
16:48 <^ingo^^^> will test it with a few vm, where i migrate apps.
16:49 <^ingo^^^> on question are open. how to add multiple ipv6 addresses to an interface? on centos i have IPV6ADDR_SECONDARIES for this.
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17:05 <hiro> Shiz: yes, those i mean and think they are 1 by default
17:07 <hiro> ^ingo^^^: ip a a address
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17:59 <^ingo^^^> second iface eth0 inet6 static in /etc/network/interfaces do the job
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20:10 <mepholic> hey guys
20:10 <mepholic> I'm using zsh as my primary shell for my user on alpine on my laptop
20:11 <mepholic> when I login via tty, my prompt just shows control characters for my PS1
20:12 <mepholic> like \[\e[1;32m\]\h [\[\e[0m\]\w\[\e1;32m\]]\$ \[\e[0m\]
20:12 <mepholic> instead of the properly colored prompt
20:13 <mepholic> it works properly un urxvt once I'm logged in a graphical environment
20:13 <mepholic> I know that colors work properly on the tty, cause i have zsh syntax highlighting turned on which appears to work
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20:14 <student0> howdy!
20:18 <leah2> mepholic: sure it's running zsh?
20:18 <mepholic> yeah definitely
20:19 <mepholic> I DO have another strange issue though, that may be related
20:19 <leah2> echo $ZSH_VERSION ?
20:19 <mepholic> when zim's (zsh configuration script) ssh plugin loads
20:19 <mepholic> on initial login
20:19 <Shiz> mepholic: maybe TERM isn't set properly in your tty?
20:19 <mepholic> it gives a busybox error for ps
20:20 <mepholic> even though it should be running in zsh
20:20 <* leah2> is pretty sure it's not a zsh, since h isnt expanded :P
20:20 <mepholic> Shiz: good call, i'll look into that
20:20 <mepholic> though I'm skeptical, since color does seem to work
20:20 <mepholic> hmm
20:21 <mepholic> my TERM is set to "linux"
20:21 <mepholic> leah2: $ZSH_VERSION shows 5.2
20:21 <leah2> oO
20:23 <leah2> ah
20:23 <mepholic> I wish fbgrab was in the repos
20:23 <leah2> you realize that prompt is for bash?
20:23 <leah2> zsh uses %h %m etc
20:23 <mepholic> I thought zsh ps1's were compatible
20:23 <mepholic> let me login and check my prompt var
20:23 <leah2> nope
20:23 <Xe> hi student0
20:24 <mepholic> and when I say login, I mean type startx
20:24 <mepholic> huh leah2
20:24 <mepholic> good call
20:24 <mepholic> now I wonder where that's coming from :)
20:24 <leah2> just set it in .zshrc
20:25 <mepholic> leah2: I'm using zim
20:25 <mepholic> zim _should_ handle it
20:25 <leah2> whatever that is
20:25 <mepholic> it's like oh-my-zsh
20:25 <mepholic> or prezto
20:25 <mepholic> but lighter weight
20:44 <mepholic> interesting
20:44 <mepholic> Shiz: it is related to my term
20:45 <Shiz> :P
20:45 <Shiz> try setting is to xterm or xterm-256color
20:45 <Shiz> it*
20:45 <mepholic> https://github.com/Eriner/zim/blob/master/modules/prompt/init.zsh
20:45 <mepholic> just not how you'd expect it to be
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20:45 <Shiz> hehe
20:46 <mepholic> what's the best way to set my prompt on a tty
20:46 <mepholic> I hear that it's not good practice to set that kind of thing in your bashrc
20:46 <mepholic> and generally you should let the "terminal application" decide
20:46 <Shiz> uhh
20:46 <mepholic> well, zshrc in this case
20:47 <mepholic> and yeah
20:47 <Shiz> well the thing is
20:47 <mepholic> I asked the wrong question entirely
20:47 <Shiz> your tty IS a linux
20:47 <Shiz> so setting it to xterm wont magically make it work
20:47 <Shiz> because it's still a linux TERM
20:47 <Shiz> so i'd just tell you to patch the thing in your init.zsh
20:47 <Shiz> :P
20:47 <mepholic> I mean TERM, not prompt
20:47 <mepholic> :/
20:48 <mepholic> well
20:48 <Shiz> so do i
20:48 <Shiz> i mean
20:48 <mepholic> I wanna talk to the maintainer of the project
20:48 <Shiz> simply changing your TERM will cause other issues
20:48 <mepholic> and see his justification
20:48 <mepholic> right
20:48 <Shiz> like software believing your tty has capabilities that it doesn't
20:48 <Shiz> :P
20:48 <mepholic> exactly
20:48 <mepholic> :)
20:51 <mepholic> hmmm
20:52 <mepholic> there is a linux-c terminfo file
20:52 <mepholic> which appears to be for color support
20:52 <mepholic> Shiz: is there any way I can change the default tty TERM?
20:52 <mepholic> without hacking my zshrc file up?
20:52 <Shiz> mepholic: inittab
20:53 <mepholic> i still don't think that setting that kind of thing in my zshrc is the best option, even if I put it in a conditional to set it only if the term is vcurrently 'linux'
20:53 <mepholic> ok
20:53 <Shiz> after tty1/tty2/etc add the term type
20:53 <Shiz> so e.g.
20:53 <Shiz> tty1::respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1
20:53 <Shiz> -> tty1::respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1 linux-c
20:55 <mepholic> right
20:55 <mepholic> just found the docs on that
20:55 <mepholic> thank you very much for the help
20:55 <mepholic> :)
20:56 <mepholic> lets test er out
20:57 <mepholic> hah
20:57 <mepholic> that seemed to do the trick
20:58 <mepholic> i guess the next thing to look into is why part of my zsh init scripts seem to be using busybox
20:58 <mepholic> instead of coreutils
20:59 <scv> what's the order of your PATH
20:59 <mepholic> oh wait
20:59 <mepholic> ps isn't part of coreutils is it
20:59 <scv> procps
20:59 <mepholic> that's it
20:59 <mepholic> :^)
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21:00 <mepholic> neat
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21:01 <mepholic> awesome
21:01 <luxio> fantastic
21:01 <mepholic> all of my weird login issues appear to be resolved now
21:01 <mepholic> thanks all
21:01 <luxio> no problem
21:01 <luxio> glad to help
21:02 <mepholic> i'm glad you could be of service :^)
21:03 <mepholic> in a few months I'm probably going to find out that linux-c isn't for color and it's actually for cyrillic or something
21:03 <mepholic> and I failed at looking at the docs
21:03 <mepholic> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
21:03 <mepholic> it works
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22:54 <luxio> Is there a way to reinstall but still keep the files in my home directory?
23:00 <vectr0n> i think /home would need to be in a separate partition and if you didnt touch it on the install it would survive?
23:00 <luxio> hmm it's not in a separate partition
23:01 <vectr0n> your safest bet would be to back it up to another system while you do the reinstall, but there could be another way def not an expert :)
23:02 <hiro> remove everything manually and don't format or repartition anything
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23:03 <vectr0n> good point..
23:05 <luxio> Also my system time is wrong. It says it's 3PM but it's 7PM
23:05 <luxio> ~ > date
23:05 <luxio> Sat May 6 15:04:48 EDT 2017
23:06 <vectr0n> double check one of the ntp servers is installed/configured and started?
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23:55 <nekocentral> Yay the same problem like always xD nginx not starting after adding it to the default runtime