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08:40 <jenkins> hi I'm having trouble getting X to start in virtualbox
08:41 <jenkins> I have installed the vmware video package, as suggested in the xfce wiki page, and the guest additions which for some reason are in the testing repo and require an hardened kernel
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08:41 <jenkins> is virtualbox not supported at the moment?
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08:51 <syx> Hi!
08:51 <syx> I'm having some issues with /etc/network/interfaces after bootstrapping a system on hetzner
08:51 <syx> everything works fine if i use dhcp, even if i just use static addresses
08:52 <syx> whenever i disable dhcp, everything breaks
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09:32 <syx> so i'm doing this https://w1r3.net/LTsJud.txt
09:32 <syx> gettin this https://w1r3.net/aFpsUV.txt
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10:02 <nidan_> syx: ip addr add ip/mask
10:02 <syx> huh
10:03 <syx> oh
10:03 <nidan_> syx: iirc it defaults to a /32 so your ip route add default via won't any way to route find the ip you've specified as your gww.
10:03 <syx> no dev
10:03 <nidan_> Which probably explains the "no such" error you get, the first one anyway.
10:03 <syx> so no dev argument
10:04 <syx> and yeah i forgot the netmask
10:04 <nidan_> You won't need it, it'll find it anyway.
10:04 <syx> ip -6 route add default via fe80::1 dev eth0 do i still need this for link local
10:05 <nidan_> I doubt it.
10:05 <syx> trying now
10:05 <nidan_> default via your localhost-addr.
10:05 <nidan_> That sounds just wrong.
10:06 <syx> hetzner does it via link-local
10:06 <nidan_> Anyway, if you JUST use your IPv6 for talking to your localhost I guess it wouldn't break things, but still, why have it?
10:06 <syx> it's my default route
10:07 <nidan_> Well, your default route points to fe80::1, I sort of suck at IPv6, but isn't fe80::1 eqvivalent to
10:08 <syx> no
10:08 <syx> ::1 is
10:08 <nidan_> K, my bad, thought I recognized the fe80.
10:08 <syx> ok rebooting with the dev argument for that
10:10 <syx> doesn't look like it's working
10:10 <nidan_> You usually don't need the dev argument; if the IP of your gateway is reachable through one of the interfaces, using that interface's IP and netmask, the kernel will find the dev itself.
10:10 <nidan_> What errors do you get.
10:10 <syx> usually yeah, but link locals are not unique per interface
10:10 <syx> rebooting into rescue mode now
10:11 <nidan_> Ok, I didn't know. Maybe I should start caring for IPv6, it has been claimed to be the next big thing for 20 years... =)
10:12 <syx> it has to be :)
10:12 <nidan_> "An historical note on the use of IPv9"...
10:12 <syx> lol
10:12 <nidan_> It's an actual RFC. =D
10:12 <syx> lol really
10:12 <nidan_> Yeah. =)
10:13 <nidan_> rfc1606
10:14 <nidan_> Anyway, you had more errors from those logs of yours, not only regarding the missing netmask.
10:14 <syx> https://w1r3.net/ECYUMN.txt
10:14 <nidan_> You had a bunch of "already exists" too, so the interfaces seem to have been configured already.
10:15 <syx> lol this makes no sense
10:15 <syx> lemme try without the up and down params
10:15 <nidan_> So, what commands exactly cause those messages?
10:15 <nidan_> Didn't you use ifup and ifdown?
10:15 <nidan_> They check in /etc/interfaces/ iirc.
10:16 <syx> okay would this work https://w1r3.net/tCdPPv.txt
10:19 <syx> ok it sort of works
10:19 <nidan_> I cannot give you a definitive answer, I don't use ifup/ifdown. From the top of my head it seems fine.
10:19 <syx> lo doesn't come up
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10:20 <syx> nidan_: what do you use?
10:20 <nidan_> I use s6-svscan / s6-rc for init so I have my own oneshot for bringing interfaces up/down the way I want.
10:20 <nidan_> s6-rc -u change eth0
10:20 <nidan_> s6-rc -d change eth0
10:21 <nidan_> For example.
10:21 <syx> lol i might just use bsd
10:21 <syx> this is really complicated
10:21 <syx> and should work but doesnt
10:21 <nidan_> But it requires replacing your entire init, so if you just want to configure your interfaces it's overkill.
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10:21 <syx> yeah
10:22 <nidan_> syx: Iirc /etc/interfaces/ are spillover from Debian/Ubuntu, so if you google for its syntax you can probably find answers in their forums.
10:22 <nidan_> Imho it's not very well documented.
10:22 <nidan_> syx: You can use s6-rc as init for *BSD too! Yay! \o/
10:22 <algitbot> \o/
10:23 <syx> oh yay
10:23 <syx> no thanks
10:23 <syx> hostname.eth0 4 eva
10:24 <syx> okay this *should* work
10:24 <nidan_> Well, in all fairness, s6 isn't just about configuring interfaces, it's a service manager and it can be used to replace init too.
10:24 <nidan_> Gl hf. =)
10:24 <* syx> waits patiently
10:24 <syx> okay it's not pinging
10:25 <syx> last time i'm doing this
10:25 <nidan_> What are you trying to do actually?
10:25 <nidan_> Apart from the obvious of getting your interfaces up..
10:25 <syx> get normal networking up
10:25 <syx> i'm going to use it as a host node for vms
10:26 <syx> so the os doesn't matter that much
10:26 <syx> but i'm not going to use systemd
10:26 <nidan_> ok
10:26 <nidan_> Thank god.
10:26 <nidan_> =)
10:26 <syx> freebsd seems to do what i want
10:27 <syx> and i'm not a big fan of busybox :s
10:27 <nidan_> How come?
10:30 <syx> it just things differently to what im used to
10:31 <syx> okay yeah, alpine isn't going to work for me
10:31 <syx> not as a host anyway
10:33 <nidan_> syx: If that decision is made due to networking config issues you'll have the same issue using any Debian derivative too.
10:33 <nidan_> Just fyi, sorry.
10:33 <syx> i know
10:33 <syx> this is why i'm using freebsd
10:33 <nidan_> =)
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11:50 <hiro> syx: what network stuff are you trying to do with busybox?
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12:34 <syx> hiro: nothing anymore
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13:45 <azidhaka> Hi, quick question. I am using Alpine 3.5.2-virtual on VMWare. I cannot get open-vm-tools to start with the system. Running "rc-service open-vm-tools start" starts them, but after "rc-update add open-vm-tools", rc-status does not show them in the default runlevel and they do not start with the system
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14:43 <Unode> hi all, is there any tool that allows me to find out which package provides a given (header) file?
14:47 <Unode> I'm trying to compile some code that uses "#include <linux/types.h>" and fails to find this header.
14:47 <arch3y_> try linux-headers
14:49 <Shiz> Unode: http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents
14:50 <Shiz> you can e.g. search for types.h here
14:50 <Unode> arch3y_: thanks, that seems to have done it.
14:50 <Shiz> but yeah, it's linux-headers
14:50 <Unode> Shiz: doh I was on the packages section. Didn't notice there was a "contents".
14:50 <Shiz> :)
14:50 <arch3y_> Shiz: now if you have hardended installed wouldnt it be like linux-hardend-dev
14:50 <Shiz> arch3y_: no
14:51 <Shiz> linux-*-dev is if you want to compile modules and the like
14:51 <Shiz> linux-headers is for linux userspace development
14:51 <arch3y_> Shiz: k thanks for shorting that out
14:53 <Unode> thanks for the help. Not sure I'd be able to pick the right package since there's tons of them that have a types.h file.
14:53 <arch3y_> I hope my pr to upgrade flex will be pushed soon
14:53 <Shiz> Unode: it's linux-headers in your case
14:53 <Shiz> :P
14:53 <Shiz> but if you're looking for an include file, the correct path is likely to be /usr/include/<file>
14:53 <arch3y_> Shiz: I need it as well for another pkg honestly
14:53 <Shiz> so it would be the package that has /usr/include/linux/types.h
14:54 <Shiz> arch3y_: do you have a link to the PR?
14:54 <Shiz> i can review it at least
14:54 <arch3y_> Shiz: yeah one sec https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/1363
14:55 <Unode> Shiz: plenty helpful. Managed to get it as the right choice on the package content list. I get the search now. Thanks!
14:58 <arch3y_> Shiz: am I gonna get in trouble since it looks like a PKGBUILD lol
14:58 <Shiz> ?
14:58 <arch3y_> Shiz: Im used to building pkgbuilds for arch
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14:58 <Shiz> the change looks fairly minor to me
14:59 <arch3y_> yeah it was super minor
14:59 <arch3y_> mainly just and update added the check and cleaned it up to be more modern
14:59 <Shiz> LGTM, although minor nitpick about the commit message: preferable would be "<cat>/<pkg>: <imperative form>"
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14:59 <Shiz> not important at all and not gonna block this from being merged, just something to take into consideration
14:59 <arch3y_> Shiz: k I tried to follow whatseem to be the standard
14:59 <Shiz> e.g. "main/flex: upgrade to 2.6.4"
15:00 <arch3y_> sure thanks
15:00 <arch3y_> ah so upgrade and not updated gotcha
15:00 <arch3y_> understood
15:00 <Shiz> yup
15:00 <Shiz> and : and not - :p
15:01 <Shiz> and no need to repeat the package name in the messaget after L
15:01 <Shiz> after :
15:01 <Shiz> hence minor nitpicks :)
15:02 <arch3y_> sure thanks for the feedback
15:02 <arch3y_> Ill take all I can get I know you guys use kernel style git commits so that is new in itself
15:03 <Shiz> what do you mean by that?
15:03 <Shiz> we don't require signed-off-by afaik :p
15:03 <arch3y_> thats true
15:04 <arch3y_> well you use easier to read commits
15:04 <arch3y_> like most ppl do git commit -m "blah"
15:04 <arch3y_> but it should be done git commit then write it out correctly
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15:05 <sigmoidbigfoot> does anybody have experience running Alpine on via chipsets, specifically with the vx900 video card?
15:06 <sigmoidbigfoot> i have tried to start X11 with the openchrome driver but i just get a black screen and frozen system
15:06 <Shiz> does Xorg.log note anything of relevance?
15:07 <sigmoidbigfoot> i cant tell, because the system is frozen. i cant switch back to the console
15:07 <Xe> sysrq-r
15:07 <Xe> then try to get back to the console
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15:08 <Shiz> ctrl-alt-f1 doesn't work?
15:08 <Xe> (sysrq-r "unraws" X11's control over the input hardware)
15:08 <sigmoidbigfoot> i will try that when i get back to my desk, Xe
15:08 <sigmoidbigfoot> Shiz: no
15:09 <Shiz> sigmoidbigfoot: if all else fails it may be worth upgrading to edge
15:09 <Shiz> there's a newer version of the openchrome driver in edge
15:10 <Shiz> but i'd first check xorg.log when you have access to your pc again (be it through sysrq trickery or a reboot)
15:12 <sigmoidbigfoot> will do
15:13 <sigmoidbigfoot> how can i preserve xorg.log over a reboot?
15:15 <Shiz> it won't go anywhere
15:15 <Shiz> it's not stored on a tmpfs or anything, just /var/log
15:16 <clandmeter> if you run from ram, var will be tmpfs
15:16 <sigmoidbigfoot> i am using diskless mode
15:17 <clandmeter> you can mount var somewhere?
15:17 <clandmeter> or setup ssh and login from another pc
15:18 <sigmoidbigfoot> i may have to do that
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15:56 <sigmoidbigfoot> so here's xorg.log: http://tpaste.us/JM00
15:57 <sigmoidbigfoot> if I run 'DISPLAY=:0 xrandr' in a console It says VGA-1 is disconnected
16:00 <Shiz> yeah, it seems to not find a monitor
16:00 <Shiz> curious
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16:04 <Shiz> sigmoidbigfoot: the arch wiki seems to suggest a special kernel is needed for VIA support
16:08 <sigmoidbigfoot> that would be unfortunate
16:08 <sigmoidbigfoot> [ 83.458] (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory
16:08 <sigmoidbigfoot> I think that's important
16:10 <Shiz> yeah, the DRM stuff is out-of-tree
16:10 <Shiz> https://cgit.freedesktop.org/openchrome/drm-openchrome/
16:10 <Shiz> which is 3.19rc6...
16:12 <sigmoidbigfoot> welp.
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20:16 <ash_workz> I'm looking at various issues about adding users and I keep seeing flags I don't know the meaning of and man isn't any help
20:17 <ash_workz> ie `adduser -S ...` `adduser -G ... -g ... -s ...
20:17 <ash_workz> I mean, I can kind of infer what the flags are supposed to mean but anyone know where I can get this documentation?
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20:22 <nidan_> ash_workz: In case you're talking about busybox's buildin adduser, I've never found any docs, other than reading the source.
20:23 <nidan_> ash_workz: I might be wrong, there might be docs somewhere.
20:23 <ash_workz> nidan_: thanks
20:23 <nidan_> ash_workz: You could perhaps check the POSIX spec at opengroups..
20:23 <ash_workz> nidan_: thanks I'll look for it :)
20:23 <nidan_> ash_workz: That doesn't say if busybox has support for anything more than POSIX though, which it might..
20:23 <nidan_> ash_workz: np
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20:36 <darkfader> normally it just has ... less ... than posix :)
20:37 <darkfader> idk in case of user management, busybox ps is the classic
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20:42 <boojinks> Hey - was wondering if someone could give me a quick hand with wireless troubles when installing Alpine
20:43 <boojinks> Following the instructions and when I get to the step to set wlan0 up it errors out. Wiki page says it'll be due to a lack of drivers/firmware but it's just an Intel chip - would the drivers really not be present for that?
20:44 <TBB> how does it error out?
20:46 <boojinks> Gimme 2s will grab the error message
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20:51 <tru_tru> does this error ring a bell to someone (perl and locale interaction?) https://gist.github.com/truatpasteurdotfr/e20019cd06027775284e19779ed79d67
21:00 <Boojinks> TBB: weird, just rebooted the media and wireless tools seemed to install more this time and works fine. Thanks anyhow.
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21:46 <boojinks> Err, is it possible to install Alpine using the default media as a UEFI system?
21:47 <TBB> yes
21:48 <TBB> okay, let me take that back for a bit; I'm not entirely sure if you have all the required packages for it there
21:48 <TBB> I know gptfdisk is there and the partitioning and other disk tools are there; what I'm not sure of is whether you have an UEFI compatible boot loader in there (gummiboot is what I strongly prefer)
21:50 <boojinks> I did notice that there's a guide for creating a UEFI USB boot media that uses gummiboot straight from apk - would it be a similar deal to following that guide?
21:51 <boojinks> Magic seems to be in cp /usr/lib/gummiboot/gummibootx64.efi /mnt/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi
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22:07 <TBB> that, or "gummiboot install" or such
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22:17 <boojinks> TBB: Hm, found a handy install guide for installing gummiboot separately however it mentions that the system has to be booted from EFI media or a kernel with EFI stub support - d'you know if the latter is true/any way to check?
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22:20 <TBB> both are true
22:21 <TBB> Alpine's kernel at least has that support in it, and the gummiboot package provides you with an EFI stub that you can combine with the kernel to make it a bootloader in itself
22:24 <TBB> but that comes with some other details you need to take care of, for example, how you pass boot options to such a kernel
22:24 <TBB> https://github.com/haraldh/mkrescue-uefi/blob/master/mkrescue-uefi.sh - that's a good script to read
22:30 <boojinks> Crikey, seems an awful lot of effort... guess I'll take a look tomorrow. Thanks man.
22:31 <TBB> yw :) it's not really that complicated though, you just need what, four files, three of which already exist if you have gummiboot and kernel installed :)
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