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03:38 <mystified> a few months ago I attempted to install alpine without success. I'd like to try again. the issue is my video card Nvidia g320, is only supported upto nvidia-340. I can't seem to nvidia driders on alpine what open source driver should i be using & is there a link to iluustrate the install process
03:38 <mystified> a few months ago I attempted to install alpine without success. I'd like to try again. the issue is my video card Nvidia g210, is only supported upto nvidia-340. I can't seem to nvidia driders on alpine what open source driver should i be using & is there a link to iluustrate the install process
03:39 <mystified> "nvidia210"
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04:55 <_ikke_> mystified: nouveau?
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05:07 <mystified> thx
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06:03 <lorddaedra> hello) I would like to install p7zip=16.02-{{ latest_revision }}, how to do that?
06:03 <lorddaedra> current version is 16.02-r1
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06:10 <lorddaedra> for now I use `apk add --upgrade --no-cache "p7zip<$LESS_THAN_P7ZIP_VERSION"`, and set LESS_THAN_P7ZIP_VERSION to 16.03 but will be good to see some ability to specify 16.02 and `latest_revision ` to get same result
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06:57 <clandmeter> lorddaedra, if you want 16.02 then you need to install it from edge.
06:58 <clandmeter> oh latest stable has the same version
06:59 <clandmeter> then i dont understand the question.
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07:32 <_ikke_> the -rx just signifies the package revision
07:32 <_ikke_> Only when somehting in the packaging is updated/chaged will it be increased
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07:54 <lorddaedra> clandmeter if I understand correctly, there are 2 versions of package: package version + local patch version (someone from Alpine team fix security hole, for example), I would like to install 16.02 with latest local patch revision (r1 for now, may be will r2 in future)
07:55 <lorddaedra> for now I use p7zip<16.03 but not sure it's beautiful
07:57 <_ikke_> lorddaedra: how are you installing it? are you specifing a version?
07:58 <lorddaedra> yes, https://dpaste.de/MiFq
08:03 <lorddaedra> (I place 16.02 tag on this image so I can run it as `docker run -v ... username/p7zip:16.02 ...`)
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08:10 <_ikke_> but wouldn't that depend on the availability of that version in the repositories?
08:16 <clandmeter> yes, we only have one version per branch
08:18 <clandmeter> version differences only happen per branch. when a new version is build the old pkg will be removed from mirror.
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09:33 <orig> can't send mail by alpine
09:34 <consus> orig: what mail server do you have?
09:35 <orig> microsoft live.com
09:35 <consus> nah, on the alpine
09:36 <orig> ??
09:36 <consus> Nevermind
09:37 <consus> What app do you use?
09:37 <orig> can receive mail but not send.
09:37 <consus> Wait
09:37 <consus> Do you use alpine mail client?
09:38 <orig> yes, alpine
09:38 <consus> Wrong channel. That's Alpine Linux, not a mail app.
09:38 <consus> Or do you run alpine on alpine? :D
09:38 <orig> - - !
09:38 <orig> - -!
09:39 <orig> i am run alpine on debian
09:39 <orig> sorry
09:39 <consus> No problem
09:39 <orig> thanks at all
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09:49 <parazyd> lol
09:50 <parazyd> that was funny
09:50 <consus> A common mistake I guess
09:56 <clandmeter> yes, very common :)
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14:47 <elegast> Hello folks, I've been reading from multiple sources that alpine is now capable of zfs boot out of the box, but there's zero docs on it, and also no support using the alpine-setup family of tools, so out of the box is quite a liberal statement
14:47 <elegast> I don't mind doing some work and research for it, but I need some pointers to get started
14:49 <clandmeter> elegast, what are those multiple sources?
14:49 <elegast> Am I correct in understanding that the extlinux bootloader does *not* support loading zfs?
14:49 <elegast> Some blog articles/press releases
14:49 <elegast> Let me see if I can find them, clandmeter
14:50 <clandmeter> i dont think our bootloader supports zfs
14:50 <royger> you need grub for that
14:50 <clandmeter> so you will need to have boot on a seperate partition. but thats a guess.
14:50 <elegast> https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Alpine-Linux-3.5-Released
14:50 <elegast> linuxtoday, reddit, etc
14:50 <clandmeter> its root, not boot
14:51 <elegast> Ah. Ok, going back to grub it is then
14:51 <elegast> I was kind of charmed by the lack of grub when I looked at alpine
14:52 <clandmeter> we have grub in aports, but dont support it in our setup scripts.
14:53 <gromero> clandmeter: I guess that ppc64le will have to adapt the setup scripts since will boot using grub, correct?
14:53 <clandmeter> gromero, i think so.
14:54 <clandmeter> im also using grub for aarch64
14:54 <clandmeter> but thats a custom install.
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14:54 <elegast> clandmeter and royger, thanks for the help guys, and the quick response, that's enough to get me going!
14:54 <clandmeter> nice, good luck!
14:55 <gromero> clandmeter: i see, ah, didn't know aarch64 was using grub as well. ok
14:55 <elegast> Thanks!
14:56 <elegast> Oh. Just another question, I doubt I'll have any luck with this, is there anyone running pkgsrc on alpine?
14:56 <clandmeter> aarch64 does not support bios boot. only eufi and uboot afaik.
14:56 <elegast> Or would I be on my own there?
15:01 <elegast> There's not a whole lot of musl in netbsd, or any of the other unixen that use pkgsrc ofcourse, so I'm aware there wouldn't be much packages that work out of the box. It would mostly be tedious to bootstrap the whole thing, but not hard, so just wondering if anyone had already given that a shot :)
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15:22 <odc> elegast: i know the musl team back in the days patched many pkgsrc packages to work with musl
15:22 <odc> boostrap should be very easy
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15:23 <odc> elegast: http://wiki.musl-libc.org/wiki/Pkgsrc_results
15:27 <elegast> odc: oh wow, I had no idea, that's quite an impressive list of working packages
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16:48 <jj25> Hi everyone! Alpine 3.5.2 setup on an HP laptop using xfce4. Created sudo user before launching slim, and desktop launches, but having tried installation three times, most times there is no sound in youtube or when other videos play on Firefox; there was no sound on Audacious later on on two installations even with Settings/Audio/'SDL Output' (not sure whether the reason for the variations was the different ways of creating a sudo use
16:48 <jj25> r or some other variation in the installation process). System beeps are heard. Other symptoms: 1. Audio Mixer/'xfce4-mixer' applet launches saying "GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices. Some sound system specific GStreamer packages may be missing. It may also be a permissions problem." 2. "sudo lspci | grep Audio" returns nothing. 3. "cat /etc/asound.conf" returns nothing. Currently installed packages include: alsa-
16:48 <jj25> utils alsaconf pulseaudio@testing aumix sox phonon-backend-gstreamer gst-plugins-bad0.10 gstreamer0.10 gstreamer0.10-tools gstreamer1 gstreamer1-doc gstreamer1-tools gstreamermm@testing ffmpeg fdk-aac@testing audacious-plugins vlc vlc-plugins-codec vlc-qt. However, I did not how to navigate aumix when following the instructions for aumix at https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux:FAQ#How_do_I_play_my_.ogg.2F.mp3_files.3F. Also
16:48 <jj25> tried listing audio cards in desired order under /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf: "options HD-Audio Generic index=1" and on next line (without quotes): "options HDA ATI HDMI index=0". Could it be a missing instruction, a permissions problem or a missing package?
16:51 <kaniini> elegast: using pkgsrc is not recommended, it is better to use abuild and rebuild source packages (there is no way to tell apk that a file installed on the system is provided outside of apk)
16:53 <TemptorSent> Hmm, the ability to install external files into APK's database would be very useful.
16:57 <elegast> kaniini: I agree mixing packaging tools is not the best idea, but I'm already maintaining a few pkgsrc packages on different platforms across different architectures, and by the looks of it, alpine can be made sufficiently bare bones to get away with it
16:58 <elegast> and the otherway around, making pkgsrc aware of libraries outside of it is far less problematic
16:58 <kaniini> TemptorSent: yes
16:59 <kaniini> TemptorSent: then pkgsrc could be used on alpine safely
17:01 <elegast> It depends on how well I can get pkgsrc to behave on alpine, if *most* of what I need from it works well out of the box, I'm willing to just rely solely on pkgsrc and use apk for a minimal alpine base install
17:03 <darkfader> pgksrc is so non-intrusive it should be no problem
17:03 <darkfader> i've worked on the aix and hp-ux ports long ago
17:03 <elegast> That said, I'm not unimpressed with apk and its ports system backing it, though, I am still learning at this point
17:04 <darkfader> apk is the nicest package manager ever made
17:05 <elegast> darkfader: yes, I like how pkgsrc is completely mallable yet stays out of everyones way at the same time, and is designed to be cross platform oob
17:06 <darkfader> one thing you'll need to keep in mind is that a basic alpine is a lot of busybox-ish parts
17:06 <darkfader> so you might wanna install procps,coreutils,bash before bootstrapping
17:07 <elegast> mhm, yeah, I hadn't considered the busybox parts yet, just the musl dependencies
17:08 <darkfader> it's no big deal
17:08 <darkfader> but we had a posix discussion in here one of the last days
17:08 <darkfader> and in some ways it's a lot worse than having a 1988 sh :)
17:10 <elegast> hehe. Yes I'm missing /usr/xpg4 ;)
17:11 <elegast> I'd rather be dependent on busybox then on bash though.
17:11 <elegast> Or having an sh that turns out to be just a symlink to bash, that's just ugly.
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17:30 <alsdkjfasdf> someone keen to discuss colors? (color combination for shell/terminal)
17:31 <elegast> oh I like the vim-gotham and its contrib colorschemes
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17:32 <elegast> though I'm not a fan of anything bat related
17:36 <elegast> kaniini: are you sure ecdsa is not already supported? I just built grub from aports/testing and the process signed with my key successfully, then it installed successfully using apk add?
17:37 <elegast> oops this was meant to go in #alpine-devel
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23:59 <ncopa> any volunteer who want help setup-xorg-base in a vm? or on real hw?