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11:49 <amosbird> hi
11:49 <amosbird> how can I install tup in alpine?
11:49 <amosbird> is there a existing repo containing tup?
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11:55 <_ikke_> amosbird: https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=tup&branch=&repo=&arch=&maintainer=
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12:41 <k63ZXXguczqE> maybe it would make sense to have a faq link in the topic to the questions #is there a pkg/where is the pkg/what does "required by [world] mean"#
12:41 <algitbot> http://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/FAQ
12:45 <k63ZXXguczqE> huh, actually none of those 3 questions seem to be covered in that faq
12:46 <k63ZXXguczqE> while subjectively they have a frequency of at least 1/day
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12:52 <k63ZXXguczqE> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux:FAQ#What_does_.22required_by:_world.5B.24pkgname.5D.22_mean.3F
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12:57 <k63ZXXguczqE> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux:FAQ#How_can_i_find_out_if_a_certain_package_exists_in_alpine.3F
12:57 <k63ZXXguczqE> i think those two should cover 99% of all questions here in the chan
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15:16 <Kachel> I get the "We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator..."-message every time when running sudo after reboot
15:17 <Kachel> which directories should be in the lbu list when adding a user with sudo priviliges?
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15:19 <feuerteufel> Kachel: Hello, are you still trying to use a user named "test"?
15:20 <Kachel> yes
15:20 <Kachel> but under a differrent name
15:21 <Kachel> I've added /home/ and /etc/sudoers to the lbu list
15:21 <feuerteufel> You know that "test ist a keyword in Linux based OS
15:21 <Kachel> I didn't literally use "test" as the username
15:22 <scv> regardless of that it would work fine with 'test' as a username
15:23 <Kachel> I anyway used something else as stated above
15:24 <Kachel> but are there any directorys that needed to be added so that sudo doesn't make a first-run on every reboot?
15:24 <scv> i believe it is in /var/db/sudo
15:26 <Kachel> There is only a "lectured"-file in that directory
15:29 <Kachel> And the first-run message is gone after reboot when adding it to lbu
15:32 <scv> that's a folder
15:32 <scv> it will have files for each user inside
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15:32 <EFknockr> Boop Boop bidoop!
15:32 <EFknockr> m355 w17h 7h3 b357
15:32 <EFknockr> d13 l1k3 7h3 r357!
15:32 <EFknockr> https://skeax.ninja/
15:32 <EFknockr> <3
15:32 <scv> nope
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15:32 <scv> lol
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15:32 <scv> wow
15:32 <tmh1999> lol
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15:32 <scv> the weechat bug?
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15:33 <Kachel> what did I miss?
15:33 <tmh1999> a bullet
15:33 <scv> Kachel: it's a folder
15:33 <* dbarrett> goes back to idling
15:33 <scv> and there's a file for each user inside
15:34 <Kachel> do you mean the "test"-user in the lectured folder?
15:34 <scv> there should be
15:34 <Kachel> I saw it
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15:35 <Sandlayth> alright
15:35 <Sandlayth> is everybody awake?
15:36 <scv> no
15:36 <Bun> maybe
15:37 <grugly> brutal..
15:37 <scv> they should've updated their irc client >_>
15:38 <Kachel> But what should be added to the lbu-list when installing docker?
15:38 <scv> no idea, sorry
15:38 <scv> don't use either
15:38 <Kachel> and with python?
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15:40 <ncl> zzz
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15:55 <pickfire> What is EFknockr up to? Sending dcc to everyone? Lucky I am using irssi here.
15:56 <rivarun> weechat was patched
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18:18 <Peasant65> why have i been pinged ^
18:18 <Peasant65> ?
18:19 <scadu> ??
18:19 <_ikke_> Peasant65: Someone trying to exploit vulnerable IRC clients
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18:20 <Peasant65> oh.. which clients ?
18:20 <Bun> weechat
18:20 <_ikke_> weechat had a recent vuln
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18:54 <Peasant65> ah ok
18:55 <Peasant65> hey I got a question. I´m trying to install php7-gd on alpine 3.5 but i´m getting unstatisfyable dependencies
18:55 <Peasant65> so:libwebp.so.7 (missing):
18:55 <Peasant65> I´ve tried installing libwebp but that doesnt solve it.
18:56 <Peasant65> any idea on how to solve this without compiling packages myself ?
18:56 <Peasant65> I´d rather use apk to keep everything up-to-date
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19:00 <hiro> pickfire: i don't like the development pace of current irssi (everything >=1.0)
19:01 <Peasant65> So gd needs libwebp.so.7 and libwebp provides libwebp.so.6
19:01 <Peasant65> any idea on how to fix this trough official channels ?
19:01 <hiro> pickfire: also they stopped listing the 0.8 branch on the download page
19:02 <hiro> pickfire: just after having to patch a vulnerability in the 1.0 branch
19:02 <Peasant65> It´s available in edge. Would you considder edge somewhat stable ?
19:03 <Bun> you can install just libwebp from edge at least
19:03 <Peasant65> or is edge really bleeding edge bughunting stuff ?
19:05 <Peasant65> Can I install only libwebp from edge and keep the rest on 3.5 ?
19:06 <Bun> see https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux_package_management#Repository_pinning
19:07 <Peasant65> ah great Bun !
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19:12 <Peasant65> why is half of the php7 modules in community not compatible without edge ??
19:13 <Peasant65> Can´t even install mysqli/mysqlnd
19:13 <Bun> seems very odd indeed
19:18 <Peasant65> mysqli needs php openssl which needs libressl2.5, but c3.5 is only on 2.4 yet
19:19 <scv> probably because it was built against edge
19:19 <scv> it's community, not guaranteed to be correct or even functional
19:19 <_ikke_> community should be stable
19:19 <_ikke_> The only difference is that it has a shorter support cycle
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19:57 <Kruge> Afternoon. Did the "fonts-base" package get renamed / migrated to something else in 3.5?
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20:05 <_ikke_> was it part of testing?
20:08 <_ikke_> Kruge: It has been moved to unmaintained
20:09 <Kruge> Oh. That's not great. Thanks for the info though.
20:09 <Kruge> Is there a replacement package?
20:09 <Kruge> Sorry to bother you
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20:26 <_ikke_> I don't know, what did it provide?
20:27 <_ikke_> Looks like just a meta-package (only has dependecies)
20:28 <_ikke_> Kruge: apk add ttf-dejavu ttf-courier-prime ttf-heuristica ttf-liberation ttf-noto tf-symbola
20:34 <Bureaucat> I got ping'd which means I have likely been pinged by a spambot.
20:34 <Bureaucat> yep
20:34 <* Bureaucat> goes back to hiding.
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20:46 <Peasant65> hey! I have a box with internal ipv4 and public ipv6. Can i configure apk to use ipv6 only ?
20:47 <Peasant65> ping6 google.com wors fine so the ipv6 is allready configured
20:50 <Peasant65> does alpine support ipv6 repo´s ?
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20:59 <sebumd> Does anyone have a good example of how to run java processes as a user other than root using openjdk:8-jre-alpine? I'm having a ton of issues, such as not allowing the java process to run as a port <1000, so I have to run setpcap, which creates an issue with libjli.so :/
21:03 <_ikke_> Peasant65: dl-cdn does support ipv6
21:04 <Peasant65> _ikke_, so what repo should i use ?
21:04 <Peasant65> Right now it´s by default on the netherlands
21:04 <_ikke_> Peasant65: sorry, false positive, it returned a cname which has no AAAA record
21:05 <Peasant65> ah alright
21:05 <_ikke_> iirc, they do not support ipv6
21:05 <Peasant65> i allready tried ping6ing dl-x but no luck
21:05 <Peasant65> oh well...
21:05 <_ikke_> right
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21:57 <RomeuMello> Hello there, I'm trying to install Kodi, but theres no documentation how to run it
21:58 <RomeuMello> I need to install some desktop system? before run Kodi?
21:58 <Xe> RomeuMello: what do you mean?
21:59 <RomeuMello> Xe, I just installed Kodi, with apk add kodi, and also setup-xorg-base, but can't run Kodi
21:59 <Xe> define "can't run"?
22:01 <RomeuMello> Error: Unable to create GUI. Exiting on segmentation fault
22:01 <RomeuMello> so, theres some log
22:02 <Xe> if you run it from a terminal, what is the output?
22:02 <RomeuMello> actually is from terminal
22:02 <Xe> yeah
22:02 <Xe> what is the output
22:02 <Xe> pastebin it
22:02 <RomeuMello> log output?
22:10 <peterrus> hey, how would I go about limiting bandwidth in alpine? I want to make sure that a certain ethernet interface doesnt upload with more than x kb/s
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22:12 <peterrus> I wanted to use trickle, but there is no package for it, and I am trying to keep my environment as easy reproduceable as possible, so I prefer no compling.
22:14 <peterrus> sebumd: isnt that as easy as creating a new user, and then run su - thatuser -c "java bla bla"
22:17 <RomeuMello> Xe, sorry I can't copy from virtualbox terminal
22:18 <Xe> RomeuMello: screenshot? something?
22:20 <RomeuMello> yeah
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22:23 <RomeuMello> Xe, http://imgur.com/a/UFSEQ
22:24 <RomeuMello> xe, continuing http://imgur.com/a/Zy3mm
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