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08:27 <helpImStuck> Anyone using alpine as their main system? As desktop
08:28 <Shiz> yes
08:31 <clandmeter> yes
08:31 <clandmeter> :)
08:32 <fcolista> yes
08:32 <fcolista> :)
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08:37 <helpImStuck> How much drive space does it take?
08:37 <ScrumpyJack> helpImStuck: yes
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08:38 <ScrumpyJack> depends on the amount of packages you install :)
08:38 <helpImStuck> cool, I couldn't get the basic xorg nor the gparted to work.. guess i need to read more about it and study the logfiles
08:39 <helpImStuck> I was planning to use alpine as a xen for virt-manager.. all the packages are there but i got i/o-errors creating vm:s
08:39 <ScrumpyJack> there is quite a lot of into about setting up xorg on the forums, wiki and bug tracker
08:40 <helpImStuck> okey :)
08:41 <ScrumpyJack> can you create a xen-hvm by hand? does booting just an iso work?
08:41 <ScrumpyJack> "alpine as a xen" do you mean dom0 or domU?
08:41 <ScrumpyJack> or both
08:42 <helpImStuck> there are a release of alpine built on xen
08:42 <helpImStuck> alpine as dom0
08:43 <ScrumpyJack> neat. it's excellent for that.
08:44 <helpImStuck> and the edge repos has got the latest libvirt.. it should work just fine, but i can't find any howtos
08:44 <ScrumpyJack> create a simple xen hvm domU config file to boot an iso, see if you get i/o errors
08:44 <helpImStuck> Creating the config file in virt-manager
08:46 <ScrumpyJack> i would recommend not using libvirt/virt-manager to start with.
08:46 <helpImStuck> why?
08:47 <helpImStuck> xl command stack in pythonscripts..
08:47 <helpImStuck> sure, there are some bugs. But yes, it's always better to do it from the ground up
08:48 <helpImStuck> ground and up even
08:48 <ScrumpyJack> if this is early days for you and xen, edit config files and use xl (xl doesn't have any python deps), you'll get a much better feel for how things work :)
08:53 <ScrumpyJack> there are a few wiki entries here that may help https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Tutorials_and_Howtos#Virtualization
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09:03 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, been reading most of it and tried the alpine release with xen preinstalled
09:06 <helpImStuck> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Xen_LiveCD this one
09:23 <ScrumpyJack> perfect. install alpine-zen onto a usb stick or an SD card in run-from-ram mode. that way you can boot from it and use your hosts's storage with more freedom
09:23 <ScrumpyJack> for your VMs
09:26 <ScrumpyJack> take a look at https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Create_a_Bootable_USB (the make-bootable way is prefered) and check out the alpinelinux specific features that are LBU and apkovl https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_local_backup
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09:36 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, thanks, very interesting
09:43 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, do i really need one cd-rom and one usb-stick? Or can i use 2 usb-sticks?
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10:09 <peterrus> hey, how would I go about limiting bandwidth in alpine? I want to make sure that a certain ethernet interface doesnt upload with more than x kb/s
10:10 <hiro> as in any other os, use tc
10:10 <hiro> s/os/distro/
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11:14 <ScrumpyJack> helpImStuck: you need one USB stick only. make it bootable with alpine-xen, boot from it, run setup-alpine and choose data with cache on usb
11:16 <ScrumpyJack> peterrus: for traffic shaping in linux, take a look at tc. It's quite a complext tool, but it's traffic shaping is quite a complex topic
11:16 <ScrumpyJack> arg, should have read hiro's response
11:17 <ScrumpyJack> here is a good place to start http://lartc.org/
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11:27 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, followd the links you sent and got alpine xen installed from one usb drive to another
11:27 <helpImStuck> greate succcess
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11:29 <helpImStuck> waste of time?
11:31 <helpImStuck> And the keymap does not stick.. i have to change it on every boot.. it's been one of the major things for me.. how can i make it stick?
11:32 <kahiru> helpImStuck: set keymap in /etc/onf.d/keymaps and enable the keymaps service (just guessing)?
11:45 <helpImStuck> it's still a jungle for me..
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12:28 <ScrumpyJack> helpImStuck: can you try adding rc_sys="xen0" to /etc/rc.conf for the keymap issue?
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12:30 <ScrumpyJack> if you are booting from the USB and running from ram, run setup-apkcache and setup-lbu first, then remember to run lbu commit before each reboot
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12:38 <helpImStuck> i did a sys install for now. i'll try to add it
12:39 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, we'll see if it works
12:42 <helpImStuck> lol, get an error message /etc/rc.d.conf line 200 syntax error unexpected "in"
12:42 <helpImStuck> and now i can't edit the file, it tells me it's unwriteble
12:43 <helpImStuck> :)
12:44 <helpImStuck> read only filesystem
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12:47 <Guest80397> Is there an Alpine equivalent for the linux file command? https://linux.die.net/man/1/file
12:48 <_ikke_> Guest80397: There is a file package
12:48 <_ikke_> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=file&branch=&repo=&arch=&maintainer=
12:51 <Guest80397> Thanks - when I try `apk add file` I get an error:
12:51 <Guest80397> ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: file (missing): required by: world[file]
12:51 <_ikke_> Guest80397: What version of alpine are you on?
12:52 <_ikke_> And what repositories do you have enabled
12:53 <Guest80397> 3.4.6
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12:59 <ScrumpyJack> Guest80397: try apk update && apk add file
13:00 <Guest80397> will do, thanks
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13:11 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, i fixed the keymap problem.. i had to ad the whole path to the keymap file in rc.local.. KEYMAP=/etc/keymaps/keymap..
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13:27 <_ikke_> It looks like 3.4 on dl-cdn does not have a file package
13:28 <_ikke_> Oh, it does
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13:39 <ScrumpyJack> helpImStuck: nice
13:41 <ScrumpyJack> helpImStuck: if you feel generous, you could add an entry in the FAQ pages of the wiki. that problems comes up a lot https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux:FAQ
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13:45 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, i'll do it after dinner :) 20 min or so.. brb
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13:58 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, do i need to register to change the text?
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14:32 <helpImStuck> ScrumpyJack, It's better you do it, if you have access. When the keymap is selected either by setup-alpine of setup-keymap it will be available in /etc/keymap/yourkeymap. To make alpine use your newly downloaded keymap you need to edit /etc/rc.local and put KEYMAP=/Full/path/to/keymapfile . And that should do it. :)
14:33 <Shiz> helpImStuck: setup-keymap should also update your /etc/conf.d/keymaps
14:33 <Shiz> no need to edit /etc/rc.local...
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14:34 <helpImStuck> but that is the only way to get the right keymap after a reboot
14:34 <helpImStuck> for me
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