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10:19 <pihpah> Any idea why I can't install this package: https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/community/x86_64/vnstat
10:20 <pihpah> apk search vnstat does not find it.
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10:20 <Tsutsukakushi> are you using edge?
10:22 <pihpah> VERSION_ID=3.4.6
10:22 <pihpah> Guess I don't
10:22 <Shiz> the link you posted is an edge packae
10:22 <Shiz> package
10:22 <Shiz> right now vnstat is only in edge
10:22 <Shiz> it will be in 3.6 when it releases in a short while
10:22 <pihpah> Ah
10:22 <Shiz> we're tagging 3.6rc1 today, i think?
10:23 <pihpah> Is there any way to install it right now?
10:23 <Shiz> yeah, you can update to edge :P
10:23 <Shiz> in the case of vnstat, you can add the community repo as a tagged one
10:24 <Shiz> add @edge-community http://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/community to /etc/apk/repositories
10:24 <Shiz> apk -U add vnstat@edge-community
10:24 <Shiz> that prevents you from having to update your entire system to edge, but it may also not work
10:24 <Shiz> if it doesn't, updating your system to edge is the only way
10:25 <Shiz> or to 3.6 when it's released, of course
10:25 <Shiz> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Edge
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10:27 <pihpah> ERROR: http://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/community : No such file or directory
10:27 <pihpah> I followed your steps up to apk -U add vnstat@edge-community
10:29 <Shiz> it seems you added a space at the end
10:29 <Shiz> don't :P
10:31 <pihpah> hallelujah! Thanks.
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10:44 <nbastin> is there any recommended/standard method for caching packages in the network?
10:45 <ncopa> for a single machine or multiple?
10:45 <royger> http proxy?
10:45 <ncopa> setup-apkcache will set up local apk cache
10:46 <nbastin> for multiple machines
10:46 <ncopa> you can also set up a local caching reverse proxy (varnish/nginx) and use that as your repository
10:47 <nbastin> http proxy is a problem because stale-if-error doesn't work all that well (and the internet-draft seems to have died anyhow)
10:47 <nbastin> hrm, varnish is not something I have tried
10:48 <nbastin> will it serve cached content if offline?
10:48 <ncopa> depends on your setup i suppose
10:48 <nbastin> (trying to get something as close to the behaviour of apt-cacher-ng as possible, generally)
10:48 <nbastin> I was using squid but if the network drops or is flaky it won't serve the content
10:48 <nbastin> as it still tries to HEAD for the cache date
10:49 <nbastin> alternatively possibly I should just have a local mirror, but I was hoping to build it up on demand.. :-)
10:51 <ncopa> yes i understand your problem and im a bit interested in something similar myself
10:51 <ncopa> shouldnt be too hard to implement something with nginx or similar
10:51 <ncopa> but then again, a caching reverse proxy might to the job aswell
10:52 <nbastin> and then I guess I need to wrap apk in something that sets the http_proxy env var?
10:52 <ncopa> no
10:52 <nbastin> (I don't want the proxy used for anything other than packages)
10:52 <nbastin> I couldn't find any way to configure it system wide, maybe I missed something
10:52 <ncopa> you just add your varnish ip to /etc/apk/repository, as if it was a mirror
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10:53 <helpImStuck> has anyone tried to use alpine in a lxd container on, let's say an ubuntu server host?
10:54 <ncopa> you configure varnish or ngingx as reverse proxy, enable caching, then use an alpine mirror close to you as backend
10:54 <Tsutsukakushi> >let's say an ubuntu server host?
10:54 <Tsutsukakushi> are there any alternatives
10:54 <ncopa> and you use your reverse proxy as repo mirror
10:54 <Tsutsukakushi> it's not packaged for anything else afaik
10:54 <helpImStuck> Tsutsukakushi, yes there are. arch for example
10:54 <nbastin> ncopa: and then...dig into the iso to change the repo list in it? I guess probably
10:55 <ncopa> nbastin: you add your "mirror" (cache) to /etc/apk/repositories
10:55 <Tsutsukakushi> helpImStuck: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/?sort=&q=lxd&maintainer=&flagged=
10:55 <Tsutsukakushi> orly?
10:56 <nbastin> ncopa: i think probably I have two problems - one is automated disk install, and one is cached packages, and probably trying to solve them both at once is problematic
10:56 <helpImStuck> Tsutsukakushi, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LXD
10:56 <ncopa> helpImStuck: i am using alpine in a lxc container on ubuntu on ppc64le and s390x currently, so yes it works
10:56 <ncopa> i havent tried lxd though
10:56 <Tsutsukakushi> >AUR
10:57 <helpImStuck> lxd -should- make the config of the containers easier but it's still new and too little documentation yet
10:57 <Tsutsukakushi> lxc-alpine template that doesn't require root would be nice
10:57 <ncopa> i htink we even have lxd for alpine
10:57 <nbastin> ncopa: I need to have the iso install leave me with a system (which I can't really reach anymore) that is properly configured to use the cache, which is why the transparent proxy was appealing
10:57 <helpImStuck> Tsutsukakushi, aur is a big part of arch ;)
10:57 <Tsutsukakushi> "new"
10:58 <Tsutsukakushi> the reason lxd lacks documentation is that almost no one uses it
10:58 <Tsutsukakushi> as a result of it not being packaged for almost any distro
10:58 <Tsutsukakushi> i wouldn't install something like that from AUR
10:58 <Tsutsukakushi> debian still has no lxd package
10:58 <Tsutsukakushi> lxd is a failed project
11:01 <helpImStuck> Tsutsukakushi, lxd 2.13 is the latest stable.. it's a headache-project.. I wanted to create a vpn as router with dnscrypt-proxy and make it give out dns and ip via dhcp to other containers but after some days playing around with it, it seams possible but it would take too many hours
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11:03 <helpImStuck> it's better i modify esxi 6.5 to have support for my old nics than playing around with other "solutions"..
11:05 <helpImStuck> alpine with xen and libvirtd was one of my projects
11:05 <helpImStuck> Couldn't get it to work as i wanted. With virt-manager..
11:09 <helpImStuck> It would be a perfect setup using alpine with xen and openbox+virt-manager but xorg did not start for me.. and i couldn't find a fix for it
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23:27 <chamunks> php-pgsql (missing): \n required by: world[php-pgsql]
23:28 <chamunks> Why is it not working finding this package... https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/v3.3/main/x86/php-pgsql
23:28 <chamunks> Its sitting right there for all 3 architectures...
23:29 <Shiz> because you're looking at a package for alpine v3.3
23:30 <Shiz> it was renamed to php5-mysql / php7-mysql depending on your php version
23:30 <Shiz> in v3.4+
23:30 <chamunks> mysql for pgsql?
23:30 <Shiz> sorry
23:30 <chamunks> I suppose I could try php7-pgsql
23:30 <Shiz> php5-pgsql / php7-pgsql
23:31 <chamunks> basically the same issue. http://i.imgur.com/6PiB1aE.png
23:32 <Shiz> do you have the community repository enabled?
23:32 <Shiz> grep community /etc/apk/repositories
23:32 <Shiz> actually,
23:32 <chamunks> I've not changed anything from this container yet.
23:32 <Shiz> if you didn't you couldn't have installed php7
23:32 <Shiz> so are you sure php7 is your installed php version :p
23:32 <Shiz> a bare container does not have the community repo enabled, i think -- lemme check
23:33 <chamunks> http://i.imgur.com/8U1X3zr.png
23:33 <Shiz> oh, it does
23:33 <chamunks> its not bare its someone elses container I'm just trying to get a Laravel project going.
23:33 <Shiz> grep pgsql /etc/apk/world ?
23:34 <chamunks> it returned with php-pgsql
23:34 <chamunks> seems kind of odd.
23:34 <Shiz> somehow that made its way into your world file
23:34 <Shiz> remove it from there, then just # apk add php7-pgsql
23:34 <chamunks> I might have -f'd it
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23:39 <chamunks> okay so it seems to have accepted that.
23:39 <Shiz> :)
23:39 <chamunks> Now on to bigger and better problems to smash through.
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