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00:36 <chamunks> Is there a new name that I need to look for to obtain pdo_pgsql?
00:36 <Shiz> http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org or # apk search
00:36 <Shiz> :P
00:38 <chamunks> searching "pgsql" with a pile of settings on that seems to be just coming up empty.
00:39 <chamunks> even just searching for php I'm not getting anything even in incognito
00:40 <chamunks> ah nvm its like an oldschool search gotcha
00:40 <chamunks> sorry I'll rewind my brain a little and do some digging.
00:40 <chamunks> got it
00:40 <chamunks> php7-pdo_pgsql
00:40 <Shiz> :)
00:40 <Shiz> apk search doesn't need wildcards btw
00:41 <chamunks> fair enough.
00:41 <Shiz> and it has the advantage of automatically filtering your repo/arch as it searches your local cache
00:41 <chamunks> theres too many package managers I have to keep track of and all of their syntax.
00:41 <Shiz> understandable
00:41 <chamunks> apk, apt, yum, brew, bleh...
00:42 <chamunks> I won't forget that one though ty
00:42 <Shiz> dnf, yast, pkg, nix
00:42 <Shiz> :P
00:42 <chamunks> pkg almost forgot bsd
00:42 <chamunks> heard of yast no idea where its for and dnf and nix idk
00:43 <Shiz> dnf is the replacement for yum
00:43 <Shiz> yast is opensuse
00:43 <Shiz> nix is for nixos, it's a bit special
00:45 <chamunks> I'm slightly annoyed at the https://nixos.org expansion on "Declarative" it makes it seem like it's going to elaborate on what they mean and in the first sentence they just say the same thing their tagline says at the top of the page.
00:45 <chamunks> Still kinda neat though.
00:52 <darkfader> chamunks: i played with nixos/nixops a bit in 2015, it's great fun from an admin point of view
00:53 <chamunks> darkfader I'm watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbUPdv03ciI while I work on this container. I'm looking to personally work on moving towards rancher/rancherOS
00:53 <darkfader> some systems of this kind force you to use their model everywhere and have limited features, so you'll not even be stuff you did as a junior admin
00:54 <darkfader> but in nixos you can still (properly, no wild bash scripts or other hacks as a dockerfile i.e. could have)
00:54 <darkfader> ... declare what you want if they didn't foresee it
00:54 <darkfader> so you don't feel patronized using it
00:54 <darkfader> rancher i think is good, but didn't get close to trying yet
00:55 <chamunks> darkfader Someone installed nix into an alpine container on hub.docker.com
00:56 <darkfader> ah
00:56 <chamunks> I just like rancher to an extent because I just want microservices and the OS to stay out of my way mostly. Then I build the containers I deploy on Alpine
00:59 <darkfader> ... which is also good at staying out of the way, it seems a good plan :)
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01:01 <chamunks> For the most part I just want an ultra lean no features added platform underneath exactly what I want and nothing more.
01:02 <chamunks> ideally.
01:02 <chamunks> I'm old enough to remember when you would avoid doing something on the off chance that it might use too much resources.
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01:18 <chamunks> darkfader thanks for the vouch on it though I'll look it over, it never hurts to learn a better way to get good reproducibility. Its why I took the time to learn Salt-Stack
01:19 <Shiz> i just run alpine as my container host
01:19 <Shiz> i see no reason to use anything else personally :P
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08:45 <florian> i try to install zeromq on alpine 3.4 docker container, but get this error ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: zeromq-4.1.4-r0 (missing): required by: world[zeromq-4.1.4-r0]
08:45 <florian> i did an apk update before thate
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11:10 <danci1973|2> Hello...
11:11 <danci1973|2> I installed 'libreswan' which provides '/etc/init.d/ipsec' - but when I boot my firewall, I get an error 'Error: ipsec is the name of a real and virtual service' - it still says '[ ok ]', but it isn't really started.
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15:36 <lxGzx53qO34r> huh, just realized a drawback of using libressl is that it lacks curve25519 support
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15:56 <Shiz> lxGzx53qO34r: it doesn't, as far as I know?
15:56 <Shiz> curve25519 is part of libressl's libcrypto
16:01 <lxGzx53qO34r> `openssl ecparam -list_curves` does not list any of the djb curves
16:04 <lxGzx53qO34r> while openssl-1.1.0 does
16:40 <Shiz> seems like it lacks integration then i suppose
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18:34 <mcon> I would like to use Alpine to build a small Virtual Machine to be used as routing host toward a specific VPN (IPSec), so I need vpnc which I believe is not available via apk. I tried compiling it directly but I don't know which are the needed packages. I installed gcc and make, but something is still missing as I get "fatal error: unistd.h: No such file or directory". any hint?
18:35 <_ikke_> alpine-sdk (or build-base) gives you all the build tools
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18:35 <_ikke_> linux-<flavor>-dev should give you the header files
18:35 <_ikke_> mcon: I would recommend building it as a package
18:36 <_ikke_> mcon: https://www.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/~massar/vpnc/ this is what you try to build?
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18:53 <mcon> _ikke_: https://github.com/solarsea/vpnc
18:54 <mcon> _ikke_: ... which I think it's pretty much the same.
18:55 <mcon> _ikke_: I have no experience in building ALpine packages.
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18:58 <_ikke_> It's not that hard
18:58 <mcon> _ikke_: pointers?
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18:58 <_ikke_> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Creating_an_Alpine_package
18:59 <mcon> _ikke_: what should I put as "<flavor>"? "virtual" is not accepted.
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19:01 <_ikke_> good question, it does not seem to exist
19:02 <Shiz> <flavor>?
19:04 <_ikke_> kernel flavor
19:04 <Shiz> why is that needed?
19:04 <Shiz> why/where
19:04 <_ikke_> Shiz: he wants to compile vpnc
19:04 <mcon> Shiz: _ikke_ suggested me: linux-<flavor>-dev should give you the header files
19:04 <_ikke_> but linux-headers has it
19:04 <Shiz> oh
19:05 <_ikke_> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?file=unistd.h&path=&name=linux-headers&branch=v3.5&repo=main&arch=x86_64
19:05 <mcon> _ikke_: thanks. trying...
19:05 <Shiz> yes don't ever use linux-<flavor>-dev
19:05 <Shiz> unless you're compiling kernel modules
19:05 <_ikke_> ah ok
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19:09 <mcon> Grrr... still something is amiss: /usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h:97:8: error: redefinition of 'struct ethhdr'
19:10 <mcon> Any hint ?
19:11 <Shiz> ah that's a known issue
19:11 <Shiz> it's because the linux headers can be somewhat wonky w.r.t. userspace headers
19:11 <Shiz> let me dig up the fix you need to apply
19:16 <Shiz> mcon: this fix:
19:16 <Shiz> https://lists.gt.net/vpnc/devel/4166?page=last
19:18 <_ikke_> mcon: http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/buildroot/2016-February/152499.html
19:18 <_ikke_> just ran into this
19:22 <Shiz> yeah that patch includes the one i linked
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19:35 <_ikke_> right, but there are more
19:35 <_ikke_> error.h is also missing
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19:37 <mcon> _ikke_: That should be fixed by the git repo I linked before.
19:37 <_ikke_> ah ok, I switched to the original one
19:37 <_ikke_> but both had the same tags
19:39 <mcon> _ikke_: I'm a bit confused. The patch You linked is for Buildroot. How does that relate to Alpine?
19:40 <_ikke_> mcon: musl fixes
19:40 <_ikke_> both use musl apparently
19:44 <mcon> _ikke_: Yup, but there's a big difference (IMHO): Buildroot is a cross-compilation environment and has *no* compilation capability on target, while Alpine is a "normal" distribution and I'm trying to compile natively. I fear I will have to apply the patches manually. I'm surprised they are not applied "upstream" (i.e.: in the Alpine distribution).
19:45 <Shiz> ?
19:45 <Shiz> these are patches for vpnc
19:45 <Shiz> not for alpine
19:48 <mcon> Shiz: Ok. I see. Unfortunately they are patches adding patches to Buildroot package definition for vpnc, so I can't use them "as is", but I know what to do. thanks doe the clarification.
19:48 <mcon> doe -> for
19:49 <Shiz> there are two patches for vpnc itself in there
19:49 <Shiz> actually
19:49 <Shiz> it seems like they took these patches fom us
19:49 <Shiz> ...
19:49 <Shiz> mcon: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/unmaintained/vpnc
19:49 <mcon> Shiz: ?
19:49 <Shiz> seems like we already have vpnc in unmaintained
19:50 <Shiz> it would be easier for you to update it and submit a PR including the updates and moving it to tesing
19:50 <Shiz> testing
19:50 <Shiz> :)
19:50 <Shiz> ah, but it's also already the latest
19:50 <Shiz> i wonder why it got moved to unmaintained
19:51 <Shiz> okay, it was part of a mass update
19:51 <Shiz> i'll moderqnize the APKBUILD and put it back
19:51 <mcon> Shiz: sorry, I don't follow You.
19:51 <Shiz> we already have a recipe for vpnc, it was just moved to the unmaintained section for some reason
19:51 <Shiz> and thus not included in alpine anymore
19:51 <Shiz> seems like including it is as simple as moving it back, and modernizing the recipe a bit
19:51 <mcon> Shiz: Please remember it's the first time I use Alpine.
19:53 <mcon> Shiz: Are You suggesting I should wait for the update and drop my recompilation attempts?
19:53 <Shiz> I'm going to push it now, actually
19:53 <Shiz> :P
19:54 <Shiz> mcon: yeah, it turns out we already have a working package for vpnc
19:54 <Shiz> it was just not included in the main repositories anymore because it was bogusly flagged as unmaintained
19:54 <Shiz> does that make sense?
19:54 <mcon> Shiz: What does it mean to me? Should I retry a "apk add vpnc"?
19:54 <Shiz> as soon as I push the package back to the repos, yes
19:55 <mcon> Shiz: Ok. I get you (I think). How much time it will need to propagate?
19:55 <Shiz> a few minutes once i push it
19:56 <Shiz> testing it right now
19:56 <mcon> Shiz: Ok. thanks. Just let me know when I can try. In the meantime I will revert to the snapshot before my attempts.
20:26 <Shiz> mcon: it should be in the testing repository now
20:26 <Shiz> make sure to enable it
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20:35 <mcon> I have "http://dl-5.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/testing" now, but: "ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: vpnc (missing): required by: world[vpnc]"
20:35 <scv> and you ran apk update after adding it?
20:36 <_ikke_> You need to add your own repository
20:36 <_ikke_> juist building a package does not make it available to apk
20:39 <mcon> scv: yes, I did.
20:40 <Shiz> _ikke_: i just pushed it to testing
20:40 <mcon> _ikke_: I have no repo. Shiz did the hard work ;)
20:40 <Shiz> so no he doesn't :P
20:40 <Shiz> mcon: try rsync instead of dl-5
20:40 <Shiz> in your repos file for testing
20:40 <Shiz> it may take a bit to propagate...
20:42 <mcon> Shiz: ok. I got it! THANKS. Now I "just" have to make it work ;)
20:42 <Shiz> :) good luck
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