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00:00 <Classsic> hi, newbie to alpine here...
00:00 <Shiz> welcome
00:01 <Classsic> i need compile nginx with libaio support, but get this error : ./configure: no supported file AIO was found
00:01 <Classsic> already install libaio-dev
00:01 <Classsic> thanks :-)
00:02 <Classsic> i good place for this question, or have to move to alpine-devel?
00:02 <Shiz> no, here is fine
00:03 <Shiz> try installing the linux-headers package
00:04 <tmh1999> nginx already compiled with aio ? https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/nginx/APKBUILD#n145
00:05 <Classsic> no, I need compile with some extra modules, with rtmp, and kaltura vod
00:05 <Shiz> we also ship nginx-rtmp
00:05 <Shiz> :P
00:06 <Shiz> sorry
00:06 <Shiz> nginx-mod-rtmp
00:06 <Classsic> yes, I see but I modified specific module for my needs
00:06 <Shiz> anyway, I'd suggest to just use abuild to compile nginx, and do your modifications in the abuild
00:06 <Shiz> that way you won't have issues with dependencie s;p
00:06 <Shiz> ;p *
00:07 <Classsic> yes, but need more control of all configs.
00:07 <Shiz> you can change them in the abuild, or am I missing something specific?
00:07 <Classsic> Is pretty nice project, more flexible than busybox
00:09 <Classsic> maybe, I´m so new to alpine.
00:09 <Shiz> basically my proposal is since the APKBUILD recipe contains all the necessary modifications/dependencies already, it may be easier for you to modify it to your needs and use abuild to build your nginx
00:09 <Classsic> after install headers, not recognized openssl
00:10 <Shiz> instead of a manual source compile
00:11 <Classsic> ok I will tryit
00:11 <Classsic> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Creating_an_Alpine_package#Requirements is ok?
00:12 <Shiz> yeah that'll tell you how to setup your system for building packages
00:12 <Shiz> our recipe for nginx is located in the aports git repo
00:13 <Classsic> ok, a lot to read, but if you thinks is easier than my way, let's tryit.
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00:29 <Classsic> add linux-headers and works!
00:29 <Classsic> thanks Shiz
00:45 <Shiz> np
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01:45 <Classsic> hi, if I get this error : "ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:" is repo dead?
01:45 <Classsic> I try to install tinc-pre package.
01:45 <Xe> Classsic: what version of alpine?
01:48 <Classsic> 3.5
01:48 <Shiz> it just means the package doesn't exist
01:48 <Shiz> ususally
01:48 <Shiz> paste your full error
01:49 <Shiz> if it says '[missing]' the package doesn't exist
01:50 <Classsic> ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: tinc-pre (missing): required by: world[tinc-pre]
01:50 <Classsic> http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/community/x86_64/tinc-pre
01:51 <Classsic> http://dl-3.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/main
01:51 <Classsic> this is my repo
01:52 <xentec> did you run 'apk update'?
01:54 <Classsic> I launch apk --update package
01:55 <Shiz> well
01:55 <Shiz> the url you linked said in which repo tinc-pre is
01:56 <Shiz> and it's not main :P
01:58 <Classsic> i'm confused,this is my repo file:http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.5/main http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.5/community http://dl-5.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.5/main http://dl-5.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.5/community http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/community
01:59 <Classsic> apk search tinc-pre --------->tinc-pre-1.1.14-r1
01:59 <xentec> now that you have community on edge, you should be able to install tinc-pre
01:59 <Classsic> apk add tinc-pre-1.1.14-r1------------------>ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: tinc-pre-1.1.14-r1 (missing): required by: world[tinc-pre-1.1.14-r1]
01:59 <scv> just do apk add tinc-pre
02:00 <Shiz> ^
02:00 <Classsic> apk add tinc-pre ------------------>ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: so:libcrypto.so.41 (missing): required by: tinc-pre-1.1.14-r1[so:libcrypto.so.41]
02:01 <xentec> you need main on edge too
02:01 <Xe> you're mixing edge and a release
02:01 <Xe> edge is the rolling release "git head" branch of alpine
02:01 <Classsic> so....how can install this package, or have to build from source?
02:02 <Shiz> you have to upgrade your system to edge entirely
02:02 <Shiz> don't mix 3.5 and edge
02:03 <Classsic> ok, I see. there is a command to do that? I`m running inside docker
02:03 <Xe> pull from alpine:edge
02:03 <Shiz> ^ then there's no need to edit your repo file either
02:03 <Shiz> the edge tag will always be the latest edge
02:04 <Shiz> (of note: we are releasing 3.6 soon-ish, which will include tinc-pre: when that happens, you can switch your dockerfile back to alpine:3.6)
02:04 <Xe> (just make sure to rebuild your images at least once a month to avoid bitrot)
02:05 <Shiz> edge is the latest development version of alpine: you shouldn't mix stable and edge as it will give you wierd errors like that
02:09 <Classsic> ok, so I have to wait to 3.6 or change alpine:edge, right?
02:09 <Shiz> correct
02:19 <Classsic> perfect! I run docker run --name alpine -ti alpine:edge apk add --update --no-cache tinc-pre.
02:19 <Classsic> and work like a charm ;-)
02:20 <Classsic> thanks.
02:21 <Shiz> when doing a package search, it's good to note on which versions/repos the package actually is ;)
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02:33 <Classsic> how I know from wich repo is a package?
02:34 <Shiz> it tells you in the search UI
02:34 <Shiz> on pkgs.alpinelinux.org
02:35 <Shiz> http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=tinc-pre&branch=&repo=&arch=&maintainer=
02:35 <Shiz> note the 'branch' and 'repository' labels
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02:48 <Classsic> yes, thanks
02:49 <Classsic> I will try to move all my system to alpine
02:49 <Classsic> is exact what we need
03:06 <Shiz> :)
03:15 <Classsic> exists something like crontab for exec any script on boot?
03:18 <ncl> rc.local
03:19 <Shiz> yep, rc.local
03:19 <Shiz> throw a file in there ending in start and it wil lget executed on boot
03:19 <Shiz> that's /etc/local.d
03:19 <Shiz> ending in .start *
03:20 <Shiz> as long as you add the 'local' service to boot: # rc-update add local default
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03:22 <Classsic> perfect, it works.
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06:34 <ScrumpyJack> morning. Happy Monday
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07:04 <nindustries> Hi, where is php71 in the repos?
07:04 <nindustries> I enabled edge
07:08 <_ikke_> `It's just called php7
07:08 <_ikke_> in edge/community
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07:10 <nindustries> Ah, I was looking in main. Thanks
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07:53 <AlexIncogito> Classsic: Just curious, what motivated the use of tinc-pre instead of a classic solution such as openvpn or IPSec ?
07:54 <scv> most people i hear using tinc for easy 1500 mtu in-tunnel
07:55 <scv> not sure what else is good about it, never personally used
07:57 <AlexIncogito> scv: I see, thanks for the input
07:58 <clandmeter> AlexIncogito, it supports automatic routing.
07:58 <clandmeter> between different spokes
07:59 <AlexIncogito> So basically, it is easier on the config side
08:00 <clandmeter> yes
08:00 <clandmeter> with ipsec you could use dmvpn
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08:01 <clandmeter> not sure which tools are available for openvpn
08:05 <AlexIncogito> Interesting, I had never heard of dynamic multipoint VPN. It appears to pack a lot of advantages compared with traditional client-server VPN approach
08:11 <clandmeter> AlexIncogito, and the author is a member of alpine :)
08:16 <IcePic> openvpn has an on/off switch to allow or disallow routing between established tunnels
08:26 <clandmeter> openvpn doesnt handle dynamic routing
08:26 <scv> it can with tap
08:27 <clandmeter> a good read is https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Dynamic_Multipoint_VPN_(DMVPN)
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14:10 <mnemoc> hi, I use alpine as builder for golang, unfortunatelly even for an empty main .go it's using cgo and needing libc.musl-x86_64.so.1 to run. is this known? fixable? I `echo "@edge http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/main" >> /etc/apk/repositories` but go@edge is still pointing to the same old build (1.7.3-r0). any pointer on what I'm doing wrong?
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14:39 <mnemoc> even when cross-compiling it uses cgo now :(
14:40 <Shiz> can't you pass --ldflags '-extldflags "-static"' to go build?
14:41 <Shiz> that'll just statically link in the libc
14:41 <Shiz> also, two things
14:41 <Shiz> 1) go is in the community repo, not the main repo
14:42 <Shiz> 2) if you plan to use the main or community repo from edge, it's best to just base off edge entirely -- FROM alpine:edge
14:42 <Shiz> mixing stable and edge for those two repos is not the best idea
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14:44 <mnemoc> thanks, I'll change to FROM alpine:edge and try again because --ldflags '-extldflags "-static"' is not working for me
14:44 <Shiz> hmm
14:44 <Shiz> that /should/ work in my experience
14:44 <Classsic> hi, I try run docker on alpine host, but get segmentation fault when execute nodejs
14:45 <Classsic> try with different versions of nodejs, and this docker run ok in debian host.
14:46 <Shiz> mnemoc: / # go build --ldflags '-extldflags "-static"' t.go
14:46 <Shiz> this worked for me just now in a fresh edge container
14:46 <Shiz> outputs a static binary
14:46 <Shiz> Classsic: nodejs from the repos?
14:47 <Classsic> nope, I have a docker debian based, with nodejs install inside this docker.
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14:48 <Classsic> alpine host-------->docker-debian------->nodejs-
14:48 <Shiz> ah
14:48 <Shiz> i have a feeling what's going on then
14:49 <Shiz> the alpine kernel is hardened and will kill binaries that are behaving naughtily, like having a writable and executable mapping in memory at the same time
14:49 <Shiz> sometimes this is needed, so there is a mechanism to mark binaries as safe
14:49 <Classsic> ok, is there a way to fixit?
14:49 <Shiz> but debian doesn't apply this marking to their binaries as they don't (officially supported at least) ship the same hardened kernel
14:49 <Shiz> we do, of course
14:50 <Shiz> yeah, there's two things you can do
14:50 <Shiz> well, three
14:50 <Shiz> 1) make all containers you run alpine-based with node.js, as we apply those markings to the binaries we ship
14:50 <mnemoc> Shiz: thanks! works :)
14:50 <mnemoc> using alpine:latest didn't
14:51 <Shiz> 2) inside of your Dockerfile, manually mark the binaries yourself (needs the paxctl package, and an invocation like: paxctl -m /path/to/nodejs)
14:51 <Shiz> or
14:51 <Shiz> 3) switch your alpine host kernel to the vanilla variant
14:51 <Shiz> I personally recommend either of the former two if it's possible
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14:52 <Shiz> should write a FAQ entry about this
14:54 <mnemoc> Shiz: btw, cross-compiling is broken. GOARCH=arm GOARM=7 leads to: gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-marm'; did you mean '-mabm'?" is it possible to use go's own compiler instead of gcc?
14:54 <Classsic> paxctl -m /usr/bin/node -----> file /usr/bin/node does not have a PT_PAX_FLAGS program header, try conversion
14:55 <Classsic> get the same results.
14:55 <IcePic> mnemoc: almost smells like you got the wrong gcc, and the native doesnt know about -m<arm stuff>
14:55 <Shiz> Classsic: ah, add -c too
14:55 <Shiz> paxctl -cm
14:56 <Classsic> great!
14:57 <Classsic> its work, is this stable, and safe?
14:57 <Shiz> yes, it should pose no further problems
14:57 <Shiz> and safer than running on a vanilla kernel ;)
14:58 <Shiz> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/community/nodejs-current/APKBUILD#n44
14:58 <Shiz> as you can see, we apply the same marking to our packages
14:58 <Shiz> line 53, sorry
14:58 <Shiz> using a different tool, but it applies the same marking
15:00 <Classsic> perfect, my vbox machine goin down, from 2.1gb to 350mb.
15:00 <Classsic> :-)
15:01 <Shiz> :)
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15:10 <mnemoc> IcePic: http://sprunge.us/NbVj :(
15:11 <Classsic> thanks.
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15:18 <IcePic> mnemoc: wonder if that last -extld=gcc should have been with a full path to the cross-arm gcc?
15:18 <IcePic> for the record, I havent ever crosscompiled like this on alpine, just thinking out loud
15:19 <Shiz> yes, it would be
15:19 <Shiz> mnemoc: oh that reminds me
15:19 <Shiz> you should probably install the relevant go-cross-* package?
15:19 <Shiz> oh, but that's only for other OSes -- nvm
15:20 <Shiz> mnemoc: we don't psas anything in specific to make go not use the native cc, for what it's worth...
15:20 <Shiz> i wonder what the issue would be
15:20 <Shiz> sorry, s/native/integrated/
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15:30 <Classsic> hi again, another little problem, I run docker with hdparm inside, with --privileged flag, but get when execute "hdparm /dev/sda"----------> /dev/sda: Operation not permitted
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15:37 <Shiz> hmm
15:38 <Shiz> check your dmesg
15:38 <Shiz> it may be GRKERNSEC_CHROOT_CAPS
15:40 <Classsic> use of CAP_SYS_RAWIO in chroot denied for /sbin/hdparm[hdparm:4828
15:41 <Shiz> there we go
15:41 <Shiz> easy fix, I think
15:42 <Classsic> from run command?
15:42 <Shiz> nah, you need to fix this on the host
15:42 <Shiz> this is another restriction by the hardened kernel, but one that can be disabled at runtime
15:43 <Shiz> (a quite logical restriction imo --- usually you don't want chroots/containers accessing your raw original disk)
15:43 <mnemoc> IcePic: I would have expected -extld=arm-blah-eabi-gcc
15:43 <Shiz> Classsic: try running # sysctl -w kernel.grsecurity.chroot_caps=0 on your host
15:43 <Shiz> see if that fixes it
15:43 <Classsic> yeap, that have sense
15:44 <mnemoc> what package provides the cross compiler?
15:44 <mnemoc> gcc for arm etc
15:44 <Classsic> it works, thanks.
15:44 <Shiz> if it does, do "echo kernel.grsecurity.chroot_caps=0 > /etc/sysctl.d/disable-chroot-caps.conf"
15:44 <Classsic> this is persistent?
15:44 <Shiz> and make sure the sysctl service is enabled at boot
15:44 <Shiz> what i just told you makes it persistent
15:44 <Shiz> :)
15:45 <Shiz> mnemoc: i sadly don't think we package cross-compilers as packages right now
15:45 <Classsic> yes, I try now
15:45 <mnemoc> Shiz: fair enough.. so I have to make it not-use gcc
15:46 <Xe> mnemoc: i think the best alpine has atm is using Go with `CGO_ENABLED=0 GOARCH=arm go build`
15:46 <Shiz> either that, or use something like musl-cross-make to make your own cross-gcc
15:46 <Shiz> :P
15:46 <Xe> the `CGO_ENABLED=0` part is the critical one
15:46 <Shiz> oh, if CGO_ENABLED=0 works, all the easier
15:46 <mnemoc> it's ignored
15:47 <Xe> also -tags netgo
15:47 <Xe> mnemoc: what package are you trying to x-compile for arm?
15:47 <Xe> i have some free time and an alpine install that I know go works on
15:47 <mnemoc> currently, an empty main()
15:49 <Xe> https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Xe/21ff5b7f9cd7d7e70204727b9bf3605a/raw/c4d69552303123987f532f99e4af90a19c848755/gistfile1.txt works for me
15:49 <Xe> go version go1.8.1 linux/amd64
15:52 <mnemoc> using gcc or go's linker?
15:52 <Xe> one sec lemme get a full debug output of the build
15:53 <mnemoc> env GOPATH=/home/amery/projects/go GOARCH=arm GOARM=7 CGO_ENABLED=0 go build t.go ----> gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-marm'; did you mean '-mabm'?
15:53 <Shiz> i'm getting the same issue as mnemoc in a fresh container fwiw
15:53 <mnemoc> \o/
15:53 <algitbot> \o/
15:53 <mnemoc> :)
15:53 <Shiz> not sure if that should be a \o/
15:53 <algitbot> \o/
15:53 <Shiz> :p
15:53 <Xe> oh
15:54 <Xe> i think i found the difference
15:54 <mnemoc> I'm glad you could reproduce it
15:54 <Xe> i'm using Go that's linked against glibc
15:54 <mnemoc> that's cheating
15:54 <Xe> https://gist.github.com/Xe/211ba82e3f0058be24d0451f07696205
15:54 <Xe> will go build without the alpine patches?
15:55 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/N2EzN2MwNz
15:55 <Shiz> yes it will build
15:55 <Shiz> but not work for dynamically linked binaries
15:55 <Shiz> and will have no PIE
15:56 <Xe> is this a musl problem or an upstream go problem?
15:56 <mnemoc> could the pie integration be breaking it?
15:57 <Shiz> does go even have an internal linker...?
15:58 <mnemoc> yes
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15:58 <Shiz> the pie integration does nothing special, so i don't think that's it
15:59 <Shiz> but maybe
16:00 <Shiz> mnemoc: it seems like it wants to build the entire stdlib, which includes the cgo parts
16:00 <Shiz> so it will always use an external linker
16:00 <mnemoc> on ubuntu I get -extld=gcc -buildmode=exe and succeeds. static arm binary
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16:01 <Shiz> welp
16:01 <Shiz> -buildmode=exe does make it work
16:02 <Shiz> on my box
16:02 <Shiz> https://txt.shiz.me/NWM3YTkzYT
16:02 <Shiz> / # file t
16:02 <Shiz> t: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, not stripped, with debug_info
16:04 <Shiz> looking at the internal ld config
16:05 <Shiz> but i suspect the default go linker doesn't like PIE
16:05 <Shiz> / Internal linking does not support TLS_IE.
16:05 <Shiz> return true, "buildmode=pie"
16:05 <Shiz> there we go
16:05 <Shiz> from the go source code
16:06 <Shiz> i wonder if this is relevant for us
16:08 <mnemoc> but we are using the external linker
16:08 <mnemoc> which somehow manages to cross compiler without been a cross compiler
16:09 <mnemoc> compile*
16:09 <Shiz> yes
16:09 <Shiz> it forces the external linker
16:09 <Shiz> because of what I just pasted
16:11 <Shiz> we patch PIE as default build mode -> cross-compilation sees this and forces external linker (except on amd64) -> gcc is not a cross-compiler -> linking fails
16:11 <mnemoc> If I don't pass -buildmode=exe the magic will still put -extld=gcc there
16:12 <Shiz> that doesn't matter
16:12 <Shiz> -extld= will not be used if external linking isn't used
16:12 <Shiz> the mere presence of an -extld argument doesn't force it to use external linkin
16:13 <mnemoc> oh, i see
16:13 <Shiz> ~ # CGO_ENABLED=0 GOARCH=arm GOARM=7 go build -v -x -ldflags '-v -v' t.go 2>&1 | grep external
16:13 <Shiz> 2017/05/22 16:12:30 external linking is forced by: buildmode=pie
16:13 <Shiz> :P
16:13 <Shiz> i think we need to refine our go patch then
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16:13 <Shiz> thanks for the report
16:13 <Shiz> /research
16:13 <mnemoc> thanks for giving me a work-around :)
16:14 <Shiz> keep in mind that this means your binaries won't benefit from ASLR
16:14 <Shiz> or to a reduced degree
16:14 <Shiz> which is not exactly great
16:14 <Shiz> with -buildmode=exe i mean
16:17 <mnemoc> Shiz: I'm confident you'll get pie working before I reach production ;-)
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19:56 <stevenroose> does openrc have an alternative for systemctl enable openvpn@myconfigfile?
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20:00 <Shiz> stevenroose: ln -s openvpn /etc/init.d/openvpn.myconfigfile
20:00 <Shiz> rc-update add openvpn.myconfigfile
20:00 <Shiz> i think that works
20:03 <stevenroose> huh, will openvpn know where to look for the config file?
20:04 <Shiz> it will look in /etc/openvpn/myconfigfile.conf
20:04 <stevenroose> it's in /etc/openvpn/myconfigfile.conf and with systemd, that;s where openvpn will look
20:04 <Shiz> the initscript takes care of that
20:04 <stevenroose> really?
20:04 <stevenroose> cool
20:04 <stevenroose> by looking at itself?
20:04 <stevenroose> osom, but weird :p
20:04 <Shiz> yeah
20:04 <Shiz> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/openvpn/openvpn.initd
20:04 <Shiz> VPN=${SVCNAME#*.}
20:04 <Shiz> it removes everything before the . in the service name
20:05 <Shiz> (or just gets 'openvpn' if there is no dot)
20:05 <stevenroose> WARNING: openvpn.neutrinet has started, but is inactive
20:06 <stevenroose> I did rc-update add before rc-service start and got thi
20:06 <stevenroose> I guess that's fine? the vpn works, so
20:06 <Shiz> probablyy :P
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20:37 <clandmeter> yes its fine, i have it as well
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22:52 <Classsic> hi, somebody know if motion package will avaiable in 3.6 release?
22:53 <Shiz> no, as it's in testing right now
22:53 <Shiz> when 3.6 releases, it will contain every package from the main and community repositories from edge at that time
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