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01:12 <Classsic_> hi, somebody know if alpine works on efi32 but system 64bit?
01:13 <Classsic_> like baytrail devices.
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02:11 <dmtd> Hi all! I'm trying to run lsyncd as a daemon, but I'm not sure how to start and stop it in Alpine. I know alpine doesn't have systemd and I saw it has OpenRC, but rc-service says command not found. Did apk add openrc, and when I run it, it freaks out about not being the boot system. Just wanna run my service. Help!
02:13 <dmtd> also I'm on Alpine 3.5
02:13 <Xe> dmtd: inside a container?
02:14 <dmtd> Xe: Correct. Inside a docker container
02:14 <Xe> well, generally you run it as the only process in the container
02:15 <dmtd> Xe: ah. I have a python script which is doing a bunch of config stuff as PID 1...which I guess is because I made that my entrypoint in my docker file? What do I need to do to get some sort of daemon management working?
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02:16 <Xe> dmtd: have your entrypoint be a shell script that templates out the config and then runs `exec lsyncd`
02:16 <Xe> you don't need daemon management
02:17 <dmtd> Xe: ok I guess that makes sense. I really just want to be able to call service lsyncd start from the python script but I guess that works too. Thanks!
02:19 <Xe> dmtd: you can do that (you'd need to use runit, i have it already set up in `xena/alpine`), but you don't _need_ it, less complexity means fewer things break
02:20 <Xe> also, you'd need something to wait forever in the pid1 role anyways
02:20 <Xe> (otherwise docker will just reap your container instantly)
02:20 <dmtd> Xe: right, the python script runs for the life of the container
02:21 <dmtd> Xe: but that is helpful. I'll keep that in mind
02:21 <Xe> :+1:
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08:49 <magellanic> any ideas when 3.6 will show up and be the "latest" tag at https://hub.docker.com/_/alpine/ ?
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10:32 <consus> Has anyone upgraded to 3.6 yet? Any troubles?
10:34 <magellanic> I'm waiting for docker hub "latest" to point to 3.6 first :D
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10:46 <mauli> hi, am bulding an iso with aports mkimage.sh, but it seems the apks are not installed?
10:47 <mauli> (is also the case for mkimage.sh extended)
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11:52 <andypost> magellanic, follow https://github.com/gliderlabs/docker-alpine/pull/285
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11:57 <magellanic> ah cool :) it is just waiting to be merged then, I guess?
12:01 <ncopa> magellanic: yes
12:03 <magellanic> cool, sounds good :D
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12:07 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> Hey
12:07 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> anyone ol ?
12:09 <magellanic> ask and wait? :)
12:11 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> Is der a php7 redis client on Alpine Os ?
12:11 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> I didn't find ny client
12:12 <andypost> HoloIRCUser2bnnn, http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=php7-redis
12:14 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> I was searching for version 3.5 so I didn't get ny
12:15 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> The latest image of alpine in docker hub is v 3.5
12:16 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> Is der a way around ?
12:16 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> I'm using alpine as base image for my container
12:20 <kahiru> well, you can always build the base image yourself
12:22 <ncopa> or sed -i -e 's/3.5/3.6/g' /etc/apk/repositories && apk upgrade -U -a
12:23 <ncopa> or wait til tomorrow, when alpine:3.6 image should be out
12:25 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> I will wait for tomorrow...
12:25 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> or else go by the solution u provided
12:27 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> is der ny document on building the base image ?
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12:28 <magellanic> HoloIRCUser2bnnn: you can follow https://github.com/gliderlabs/docker-alpine/pull/285
12:31 <magellanic> the release should coincide with the docker image release, mostly because many people use alpine for container images. More use it in containers than desktop?
12:34 <HoloIRCUser2bnnn> Thanks
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12:46 <helpImStuck> how do I make alpine a torrent seedbox behind vpn?
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14:11 <budric[m]> Hi, i'm trying to upgrade to 3.6.0 following https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Upgrading_Alpine. A bunch of packages were upgraded, but on next apk update I still get my local repository show up as: 3.5.2 [/media/mmcblk0p1/apks]. I'm wondering if this is normal or if the upgrade wasn't complete.
14:12 <budric[m]> I did run apk cache sync as well
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14:24 <Shiz> hmm
14:27 <pickfire> Wow, 3.6.0 release
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15:57 <pickfire> Oh, pi broke after update to 3.6
15:57 <pickfire> Not booting up
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16:04 <pickfire> What should I do?
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16:18 <budric[m]> pickfire: I upgraded my rpi3, didn't have an issue. It reboots fine. Aside from copying your data off and reinstalling I'm not sure what to recommend for you.
16:19 <pickfire> budric[m]: I am using rpi3 as well. But I uses sys mode.
16:19 <pickfire> Is that the cause?
16:19 <pickfire> What do you mean by copying your data off?
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16:22 <budric[m]> pickfire: oh, I didn't do the hard disk install on mine, it's running from RAM.
16:22 <budric[m]> I mean take the card out, plug it in a working system and copy whatever data you care about - like /etc/ configurations. Reinstall, and copy the data back.
16:28 <pickfire> Ah, I think that is a nice choice as well.
16:28 <pickfire> budric[m]: If you run the RAM mode, how do you do backup and stuffs?
16:30 <budric[m]> I run nextcloud, the data directory is nfs mounted and the nfs server backs that up. I occasionally dump database to the nfs mount as well.
16:30 <budric[m]> so it's not really an issue for me
16:32 <pickfire> Nextcloud?
16:32 <pickfire> Haven't heard ofit.
16:33 <pickfire> budric[m]: Do you find any differences in RAM mode compared to traditional sys mode?
16:33 <pickfire> Like pros and cons?
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17:09 <pickfire> I tried reinstalling but doesn't look like it boots as well.
17:11 <pickfire> I did sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0, o, n, <Enter> multiple times, t, c, a, w. Next, sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/mmcblk0p1. Lastly, mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt && cd /mnt && sudo tar xf /tmp/alpine-rpi-<version>-armhf.rpi.tar.gz
17:12 <pickfire> But it doesn't look like it works as well, not booting, just saw green light turn on and off once during power on and red light stays on.
17:12 <pickfire> Bye, need to sleep.
17:15 <pickfire> Too bad I can't keep my laptop on while pi is down. budric[m] just message me, I will go check the logs.
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18:44 <helpImStuck> to alpine or not to alpine ..
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19:25 <mauli> hi, I'm bulding an iso with aports mkimage.sh, but it seems the apks are not installed? ( also when using mkimage.sh extended )
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20:03 <TemptorSent> mauli: The current mkimage does not install apks, just provides them in the media-repository.
20:17 <mauli> aah, bummer
20:18 <mauli> thx
20:19 <TemptorSent> mauli: You can manually add packages to install at boot in the world file in the image's initramfs, but it's not automatic.
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20:35 <TemptorSent> kaniini: Would doing something simple like adding an interposer function between apk_tar_parse and apk_sign_ctx_verify_tar that prints the manifest line for each entry be a reasonable approach to implementing manifest-apk-file?
20:35 <TemptorSent> Oops, wrong channel.
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