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00:39 <dka_> Hi everyone!
00:39 <dka_> I have the following error during a build in Alpine Linux : "error while loading shared libraries: libpng12.so.0:"
00:40 <dka_> Do you know what dependency I am missing ? I have tried to install libpng and gd but it didn't change
00:40 <scv> that's the bit before the error, not the actual error
00:41 <dka_> ERROR in ./app/static/StarterTemplateExample.png
00:41 <dka_> Module build failed: Error: /mnt/mesos/sandbox/builds/docs/bootstrap-styled/node_modules/pngquant-bin/vendor/pngquant: error while loading shared libraries: libpng12.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
00:44 <scv> well, the version of libpng shipped in alpine is 1.6 - i.e. libpng16
00:44 <scv> if your code absolutely requires 1.2 you may need to build it yourself
00:45 <dka_> scv, I have tried to install libpng16 but it wasn't found
00:45 <dka_> instead I have installed libpng
00:45 <scv> that is libpng16
00:45 <dka_> can I have both ?
00:45 <scv> there is no libpng12 package
00:45 <scv> if your code absolutely requires that version you'll need to build it yourself
00:47 <Bun> seems like the pngquant-bin npm hasn't updated its stuff in a couple of years: https://github.com/imagemin/pngquant-bin/tree/master/vendor/linux
00:54 <Shiz> dka_: you should probably definitely not use precompiled packages
00:54 <Shiz> there is a very high chance that it will not work on alpine
00:54 <Shiz> third-party precompiled packages that is, like that pngquant
00:55 <dka_> well. it is one of the sub sub sub library of one of my npm dependency
00:55 <dka_> I think it is the npm package "image-webpack-loader"
00:55 <dka_> I have updated from v2 to v3 and I am trying again
00:56 <dka_> Shiz if there is an high chance that it does not work in alpine
00:56 <dka_> the problem I have is that I am working within a docker container. And for some reason, it must be a Dockerfile created using `FROM docker:latest`
00:56 <dka_> I have checked all the docker Dockerfile and they are all using alpine
00:57 <dka_> so I guess I am a bit stuck with alpine. So is it possible to do that build in any way ?
00:57 <Shiz> what you could do, and mind you i have no idea if this works
00:57 <Shiz> because i don't know how npm works
00:57 <Shiz> is install alpine pngquant and remove the offending precompiled binary
00:57 <Shiz> and symlink it to alpine pngquant
00:58 <Shiz> # apk add pngquant and then ln -sf /usr/bin/pngquant /mnt/mesos/sandbox/builds/docs/bootstrap-styled/node_modules/pngquant-bin/vendor/pngquant
00:58 <Shiz> I don't have enough knowledge of npm to tell you if this is possible between installing the package and it trying to invoke it, though
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00:59 <dka_> Yes
00:59 <dka_> it will work
00:59 <dka_> I guess
00:59 <dka_> but that's ugly
00:59 <Shiz> not as ugly as people shipping precompiled binaries :)
01:00 <Shiz> horrible practice on Linux machines imo, especially dynamically linked as that one seems to be
01:00 <Shiz> but personal opinions and all that
01:00 <Shiz> a more cleaner solution, I presume, would involve making your own fake pngquant-bin package and have npm pick up on it
01:00 <Shiz> that ships no binaries and its entry point just points at the system pngquant
01:01 <Shiz> but again, not enough knowledge of npm here to tell you how to exactly do that
01:01 <dka_> it will work
01:01 <dka_> I guess, I don't see why. But this will fix this error for I guess another one
01:02 <dka_> I was having the dependency from this bundle: https://github.com/tcoopman/image-webpack-loader/blob/v2.0.0/package.json
01:02 <Shiz> because precompiled binaries are not guaranteed to work across all Linux machines, as you just saw
01:02 <Shiz> especially dynamically linked ones
01:02 <dka_> I am trying to replace it for that one https://github.com/tcoopman/image-webpack-loader/blob/v3.3.1/package.json though I am not even sure if it will change anything
01:02 <Shiz> only the ones the author happens to have on hand, which is usually ubuntu and with some luck centos :P
01:03 <Shiz> i don't think it will
01:03 <scv> its possible to build semi-universal bins but nobody ever seems to bother
01:03 <scv> mainly because anybody who understands how also understands why its a bad idea :p
01:03 <Shiz> yeah, you can do it with statically-linked musl binaries :P
01:05 <Bun> that module pulls in a bunch of other packages that has similarly old (and even older) binaries, so probably not going to help you
01:05 <scv> ah, the wonderful world of nodejs packages
01:06 <scv> just stuff it into some opaque package, nobody's ever gonna need to touch it (/s)
01:06 <Bun> that's why you put it in a container, so you never have to update it :^)
01:11 <dka_> ok
01:11 <dka_> So I guess
01:11 <dka_> my best option is not to use alpine for the build
01:12 <dka_> may I ask how can I have a docker without alpine (debian)
01:12 <Bun> you change the FROM part to something else
01:12 <dka_> it needs to be docker
01:12 <dka_> otherwise it doesn't work
01:12 <scv> that's a docker question rather than an alpine question
01:13 <Bun> the FROM thing selects the base "OS", so that's what you need to change
01:13 <dka_> If you look at all the example of docker in docker (dind), you will notice that they use "docker" as image. This is the only image that work with dind. What I did is to extend this image and installed nodejs, jdk, etc... myself
01:14 <Bun> if you have docker in docker, why not put your debian container in the docker in the docker
01:14 <scv> infinitely docked
01:15 <dka_> because when I install docker inside debian, I have this error "Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?"
01:16 <dka_> this error doesn't happen when I use docker image
01:16 <Bun> no no, you have docker running on alpine, and on that docker instance you install your debian container
01:16 <dka_> it's not how gitlab-ci work
01:16 <dka_> :D
01:17 <Bun> sounds terrible
01:17 <dka_> I know. But I must say thanks a lot for trying so hard
01:18 <scv> boy that sounds rough
01:18 <dka_> Yes you are right image-webpack-loader@3.3.1 doesn't change anything, same error.
01:19 <dka_> So I need to reproduce docker:latest on a base image debian
01:19 <dka_> This is the Dockerfile: https://github.com/docker-library/docker/blob/5a196cae40e2a0ab5050cf6d79b697e032352b24/17.05/Dockerfile
01:19 <dka_> any idea how I could start ?
01:20 <scv> lol
01:20 <dka_> Oh I think I got it
01:20 <Bun> s/apk add/apt install/ probably
01:21 <scv> stuff like this makes me regret being interested in computers, i should just go run a taco truck and not subject myself to this madness :D
01:22 <Bun> sounds good, can I visit
01:22 <scv> sure
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02:42 <mepholic> honk hole
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03:22 <Classsic_> hi, somebody know how create custom iso?
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08:32 <thestranjer> Hey
08:32 <thestranjer> Is anybody on?
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08:34 <Bun> guess not
08:36 <thestranjer> Kek
08:36 <thestranjer> Are you an Alpine "expert" by any chance, Bun?
08:37 <Bun> alpine certified engineer, yes; how can I help you today?
08:40 <thestranjer> Alright, well, I'm new, so sorry if this question is super duper obvious.
08:40 <thestranjer> I have an HP Stream 13, and the NIC on that does not play nice with Linux. It's a BCM43142
08:40 <thestranjer> Now, I can get it running on Ubuntu by install a couple of packages with dpkg
08:40 <thestranjer> However, I'm not sure if that's appropriate -- or would even work -- using Alpine.
08:41 <thestranjer> Also I'm aware that you may have been joking about being an Alpine certified engineer but I don't care.
08:41 <thestranjer> Even if you were you might know what the deal is.
08:41 <Bun> well, that depends on what is in those debs or whathaveyou
08:42 <Bun> just the kernel module? and/or firmware?
08:43 <Bun> this seems relevant: https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/v3.6/main/x86/b43-fwcutter
08:43 <thestranjer> Well, one of them was dkms, and the other one is bcmwl-kernel-source
08:44 <thestranjer> That seems extremely relevant actually
08:46 <Bun> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Connecting_to_a_wireless_access_point also some special instructions here in the bottom section
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08:46 <thestranjer> Oh wow, this is great, man.
08:51 <thestranjer> Thanks a lot
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