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01:37 <TBB> in general, backup your data and reinstall. it's in no way Alpine specific, and it's less risk free than taking your chances upgrading
01:37 <TBB> oh wait
01:37 <TBB> 4:37 am, making silly mistakes
01:38 <TBB> it's more risk free than upgrading
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04:18 <thestranjer> Alrihgt, I found a weird bug
04:18 <thestranjer> When your WiFi password has spaces in it, the setup-alpine script fails
04:19 <ncl> lol
04:19 <thestranjer> It only takes in the first word.
04:19 <ncl> sounds like unquoted variables
04:19 <thestranjer> Agreed
04:19 <thestranjer> So I'm going to futz around with it a bit and look at stuff like 'setup-alpine'. Is that a bash script? About to find out.
04:21 <thestranjer> It is!
04:22 <thestranjer> Alright let's see if I can find where it passes this off to whatever other script that gets passwords from you
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04:40 <thestranjer> Also, you better not run setup-alpine more than once.
04:55 <thestranjer> Alright, so I got it to work by modifying /sbin/setup-interfaces to use quotation marks
04:55 <thestranjer> But it's now, after the reboot, not getting a DHCP lease.
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05:17 <thestranjer> Yeah so.
05:17 <thestranjer> UDHCP is not working.
05:18 <thestranjer> It just sends a discover a few times, and then fails.
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05:30 <thestranjer> Yeah, it looks like Alpine doesn't function correctly with a WiFi card
05:30 <thestranjer> Unfortunate.
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07:18 <freyr> Wiki states that edge is unstable and not meant to be used. However many packages exist only in edge/testing. Is it safe to use edge/testing along with stable/main?
07:20 <Shiz> it's not unsafe, but it may also simply not work
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07:21 <thestranjer1> Hi there.
07:21 <Shiz> packages in testing are compiled against edge, so if library dependencies in edge are incompatible with those in stable, it will simply refuse to execute
07:21 <Shiz> think for instance soname bumps
07:21 <Shiz> hello
07:21 <TheStranjer> Alright, so I'm new.
07:21 <TheStranjer> To this distribution, anyway.
07:22 <Shiz> welcome
07:22 <TheStranjer> I'm hoping to install qbittorrent. I'm looking to make a seedbox. However, it's not in the repositories for apk add, and I'm not sure how I'd go about installing it.
07:22 <TheStranjer> I'm mostly used to Debian-based distributions so, this is a bit alien to me.
07:24 <Shiz> seems like we don't package qbittorrent right now
07:24 <freyr> @Shiz: Oh, I've forgotten it is not source based. Is there any way to help with testing packages (to push them into stable)? Do you have some testing infrastructure like fedora's bodhi?
07:24 <Shiz> isn't qbittorrent a graphical client, though TheStranjer
07:24 <Shiz> that seems like it wouldn't be that fit for a seedbox
07:24 <Shiz> but maybe i'm mistaken
07:25 <TheStranjer> I thought it was command line.
07:25 <Shiz> freyr: packages tend to get moved into the community repos after we get confirmation from people that they work and someone is willing to maintain them, essentially
07:25 <Shiz> so if a package from testing works from you, great! let us know
07:25 <TheStranjer> Now that you mention it, the "q" in the beginning should be a tell-tale sign that it's a GUI-based one.
07:26 <Shiz> TheStranjer: i may recommend rtorrent or transmission-cli; we package both :)
07:26 <TheStranjer> That said, I see everything wants a Docker container on here when I look for it.
07:26 <TheStranjer> Yeah.
07:26 <TheStranjer> I was going by a recommendation from someone else.
07:26 <TheStranjer> I'm a huge fan of Transmission, anyway
07:26 <TheStranjer> And `apk add transmission-cli` worked with zero hassle, so
07:26 <TheStranjer> Thanks for the advice.
07:26 <Shiz> :)
07:27 <Shiz> sorry about your wifi issue, btw
07:27 <Shiz> could you tell me what kind of chipset you use?
07:27 <TheStranjer> Honestly, I was just bitching into the wind on that one. I decided to do what I should have done anyway: use the Ethernet port.
07:28 <Shiz> eh, if something doesnt work its annoying, no need to blame yourself there
07:28 <TheStranjer> That said, I was futzing around with some of the bash scripts that came with it, and there WAS an issue where it wasn't quoting the WiFi password right.
07:29 <TheStranjer> So my gut says that this was just a recurring issue and I couldn't find the other case of it.
07:29 <Shiz> yeah, I recall an issue like that a bit back
07:29 <TheStranjer> I think this is so because I could get it to connect and obtain an IP address through DHCP during installation, but not after the reboot.
07:29 <TheStranjer> So it's likely not saving the right password, or not submitting the right password to wpa_supplicant at some point, or something like that.
07:30 <Shiz> i'll bump that issue in our backlog if i can find it
07:30 <TheStranjer> I mean that's my guess. Like I said, I don't really know.
07:31 <Shiz> well, at least the spaces-in-password is a known issue, so that's definitely worth bumping in prio
07:31 <Shiz> i thought it already had been fixed, but I guess not
07:32 <TheStranjer> Well, I was also on 3.5.2
07:32 <TheStranjer> And I just noticed that there's a 3.6
07:32 <clandmeter> I fixed WiFi psk in 3.6
07:32 <Shiz> :)
07:33 <TheStranjer> So there you have it.
07:33 <clandmeter> We should probably backport it
07:33 <clandmeter> But I'm on holiday
07:34 <TheStranjer> Yeah, when I first found it, I was like "SCORE! Now I get to make a pull request and I'm just a nooblet to this distro still"
07:34 <TheStranjer> But then I looked at the GitHub repository and it had already been fixed
07:34 <TheStranjer> Blast! Another day to put my name on an obvious fix (that only becomes obvious when you use the app)
07:35 <Shiz> :P
07:35 <Shiz> don't worry, I'm sure there are many more opportunities
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07:38 <TheStranjer> So I'm not the first to turn an old beat up craptop into a seedbox out of Alpine, huh.
07:38 <TheStranjer> I'm not surprised.
07:39 <Shiz> not sure about seedboxes, but i know someone running alpine on their netbook
07:39 <Shiz> i used to run it on my desktop until i ditched that thing and run it on all my servers :P
07:41 <TheStranjer> I mean, I will admit I've caved to The Man and will use Ubuntu on desktops.
07:42 <TheStranjer> And really, laptops that are meant for everyday use for, you know, regular stuff.
07:43 <TheStranjer> I use the weirder distributions to run servers and specific use case boxes.
07:43 <TheStranjer> I mean, I know a lot of people say systemd is basically malware, but I'll eat it in the interest of convenience.
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07:58 <krmela> hi there
08:03 <Marc1n> hi
08:05 <krmela> i am new at alpine linux but with some history in linux i have problem to install postrgresql-dev but it conflicts with openssl-dev which i need to have installed any advice
08:09 <Marc1n> paste the error :d
08:10 <fabled> krmela, we build things by default against libressl
08:10 <fabled> trying to have libressl-dev and openssl-dev installed same time is not supported; could you build your things against libressl?
08:10 <fabled> if not, you may need to switch installed packages in between
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08:18 <scippio> hi all...
08:19 <krmela> well i am trying use alpine as host for rails app
08:20 <scippio> I was upgrading certbot package to newer version (0.7.0-r0 -> 0.14.0-r0), but when I want run it I get: "pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'pyrfc3339' distribution was not found and is required by certbot"
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08:20 <scippio> but package "py-rfc3339" is installed...
08:21 <scippio> :'(
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08:23 <mystified> hi Guys just attempted install with setup-alpine
08:23 <mystified> Ive come to selecting drive.
08:23 <mystified> Sys lvm etc
08:24 <mystified> my partitions i wish to choose is Gpt dev/sda4
08:25 <mystified> I select sda
08:25 <mystified> I dont have an option to install sda4 that I have already partitioned
08:25 <mystified> as ext4
08:29 <Marc1n> have you check the wiki?
08:29 <mystified> looking right now
08:30 <mystified> Note: When the setup-alpine script asks for a disk, say "none". It will then prompt whether you'd like to preserve modifications on any writable medium
08:30 <mystified> I'll try that
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08:31 <mystified> no thats not it.
08:31 <mystified> thats for diskless
08:32 <Marc1n> what about part Installing alpine on hdd dualbooting?
08:33 <mystified> looking at that
08:33 <Shiz> mystified: you should mount the FS as you'd like it to a mountpoint (including /boot parts and the like)
08:33 <Shiz> and then run setup-disk /that/mnt/point
08:34 <mystified> i'm not a techie
08:34 <mystified> mount -t ext3 /dev/sda4 /mnt
08:34 <mystified> with that
08:34 <mystified> Shiz at what point
08:35 <mystified> do I mount the drive &
08:35 <mystified> so I should not run the full installer
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09:49 <TheStranjer> You guys even package Ruby! Sweet.
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09:54 <alpinist-> hi, I'm using coreboot with a GRUB2 payload and I'm not able to boot alpine-linux after I've installed it to a hard drive. where do I find the kernel and initrd to boot manually?
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10:07 <Marc1n> alpinist-: 3.6.0?
10:07 <alpinist-> Marc1n: Yes.
10:09 <Marc1n> during installation you choosed "sys" ?
10:10 <alpinist-> Marc1n: let me do install it again and get back at you, I'm unsure.
10:10 <alpinist-> -do
10:10 <Marc1n> cool , check it
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10:17 <alpinist-> Marc1n: yes, "sys".
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10:20 <Marc1n> and still no luck huh?
10:20 <alpinist-> nope
10:21 <Bun> does that work, grub2 payload + syslinux?
10:23 <Bun> the kernel and initrd are in /boot called vmlinuz and initramfs (if vanilla) or vmlinuz-suffix/initramfs-suffix for non-vanilla kernels
10:23 <Marc1n> LINUX vmlinuz-virthardened
10:23 <Marc1n> INITRD initramfs-virthardened
10:24 <Marc1n> in /boot
10:25 <Marc1n> but in my case i use version for virtualization
10:27 <Marc1n> maybe you will need to install bootloader manually after instalation
10:27 <Marc1n> everything is on wiki ( installing alipne on hdd dualbooting ) / Installing bootloader manually
10:34 <alpinist-> bun Marc1n: I've mounted the disk from the alpine-linux USB stick and had a look; it should be "/boot/vmlinuz-hardened". However, if I try to load it from the GRUB command line, I get "error: file '/boot/vmlinuz-hardened' not found".
10:36 <Shiz> can grub find your usb stick?
10:36 <Shiz> try ls and see the device nodes it returns
10:36 <alpinist-> Shiz: yes, that works.
10:37 <Shiz> so e.g.
10:37 <Shiz> ls (hd0)/ gives the contents?
10:37 <alpinist-> yes, the lvm device is there (I'm using "lvm" & "sys" during installation)
10:37 <alpinist-> oh, wait
10:38 <alpinist-> Shiz: well, it's lvm, so I guess "ls lvm/vg0-lv_root" won't work =)
10:38 <Shiz> no :p
10:38 <Shiz> kernel on lvm is not gonna work
10:38 <Shiz> your boot part would need to be separate
10:39 <alpinist-> okay, so should I use "sys" without lvm and try again?
10:39 <Shiz> by default it will create a separate boot part
10:39 <Shiz> whats your part layout look like?
10:41 <alpinist-> Shiz: setup-alpine did that for me
10:41 <alpinist-> so I had one lv "root" and one lv "swap" IIRC
10:41 <Shiz> hmm
10:42 <Shiz> well, can you verify your part layout? :P
10:42 <alpinist-> Shiz: yes, I can. Right now I'm installing it again without lvm just to see if that works...
10:43 <Shiz> aight
10:45 <alpinist-> <@Shiz> ls (hd0)/ gives the contents? -> No, it doesn't (I have "memdisk", "proc", "cbfdisk", "ahci0", "ahci0,msdos3", "ahci0,msdos2" and "ahci0,msdos1" available from grub>).
10:46 <Shiz> what about ahci0,msdos1
10:46 <Shiz> ls (ahci0,msdos1)
10:46 <Shiz> optionally with slash behind
10:46 <alpinist-> all "ls ahci....) outputs return an empty line
10:47 <alpinist-> ah
10:47 <alpinist-> wait
10:47 <alpinist-> so I do have to use the brackets as well^^
10:49 <alpinist-> Shiz: "grub> ls (ahci0,msdos1)" returns "filesystem ext*" and the UUID, "Partition start at 1024KiB - Total size 102400KiB"
10:49 <Shiz> add a / at the end of that ls
10:50 <alpinist-> now vmlinuz-hardened shows up
10:50 <alpinist-> I'll try using that
10:50 <alpinist-> just a sec
10:52 <Shiz> yeah i don't htink you need to add an explicit /boot
10:52 <Shiz> since it's already the boot part
10:52 <alpinist-> I wonder what my "root" is, "root='(ahci,msdos1)'" won't work.
10:53 <Shiz> that should work, weird
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10:54 <alpinist-> typo, it works. :/
10:56 <alpinist-> I'll need to do that again, "grub> boot" won't do anything, no output, no new line, just the fan of the laptop blowing...
11:01 <alpinist-> Shiz: here's what I do: "grub> set root='(ahci0,msdos1)'" > "grub> linux /vmlinuz-hardened root=(ahci0,msdos1)" > "grub> initrd /initramfs-hardened" > "grub> boot"
11:01 <alpinist-> ^^ the HDD LED blinks a couple of times and then nothing happens.
11:01 <alpinist-> I wonder where the error lies
11:01 <alpinist-> any ideas?
11:03 <Shiz> probably missing command line args
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11:03 <Shiz> alpinist-: linux isn't going to like root=(ahci0,msdos1) much
11:03 <Shiz> that's grub syntax
11:03 <Shiz> (as kernel command line)
11:03 <alpinist-> hmmm
11:04 <alpinist-> I just tried without, no difference.
11:04 <Shiz> check if you have an extlinux.conf
11:04 <alpinist-> I do have that
11:04 <Shiz> take the command line params from that file
11:04 <Shiz> :P
11:04 <Shiz> (after the APPEND statement)
11:04 <alpinist-> that's a splendid idea :)
11:04 <damongant> quick question, can I get the rpi build to DHCP + SSH on boot, don't have an HDMI cable or USB keyboard here right now.
11:04 <damongant> ethernet tho
11:05 <Shiz> damongant: yes, should be possible
11:05 <Shiz> you may need an apkovl file
11:05 <Shiz> to start sshd on boot and add your authorized keys
11:05 <Shiz> brb, lunch
11:11 <alpinist-> Shiz: Using the parameters from extlinux.conf worked. My guess is that it's about "ext4". Thank you very much indeed for the help! =)
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11:12 <wenubuntu> hh
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11:38 <Shiz> alpinist-: np, glad it worked out :)
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14:10 <TBB> is there documentation for APKBUILD directives like provides and such, or should I just read the source?
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14:56 <TBB> (no; reading the source :)
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15:25 <clandmeter> TBB, check our wiki
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16:42 <TBB> clandmeter, I did but besides the "Abuild and helpers" page didn't find much else
16:43 <TBB> however, I did read the source and made notes as I went through it, a couple more things are now clearer for me
16:47 <clandmeter> documentation is not alpine's best part.
16:47 <clandmeter> sorry about that.
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17:00 <TemptorSent> TBB - there is some documentation under https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/APKBUILD_Reference that may be of help.
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17:14 <magellanic> hi, what defines package python to be python2 in 3.6? I cannot find the meta package for it, so I'm curious
17:15 <magellanic> closest I can find is, https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/python/APKBUILD?h=3.3-stable
17:16 <magellanic> and https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/v3.3/main/x86_64/python
17:16 <magellanic> if I change 3.3 to 3.6 in either link it fails
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17:21 <Shiz> magellanic: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/python2?h=3.6-stable
17:21 <Shiz> in the APKBUILD:
17:21 <Shiz> provides="python=$pkgver-r$pkgrel"
17:21 <Shiz> replaces="python"
17:23 <magellanic> ah okay, hmm. So in 3.6 if you apk add python, it knows to fetch python2, I was just wondering how, because there are python2 and python3 packages as well
17:25 <Shiz> well, there you go :P
17:25 <Shiz> there is not necessarily a 1-to-1 mapping from APKBUILD to package
17:25 <magellanic> makes sense thought, thanks. So if I want python3 specifically I should say apk add python3...
17:25 <Shiz> most APKBUILDs provide multiple packages (think subpackages and the like)
17:25 <Shiz> yeap
17:26 <magellanic> cool, thanks
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17:51 <discensa> hi all, the gnome shell de is not yet on alpine is it? better to use xfce?
17:53 <TBB> I'd recommend using XFCE for now at least
17:53 <TBB> it's the most stable of the DE's I've tried on Alpine so far
17:54 <discensa> thanks TBB, that's not a problem
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19:03 <TheStranjer> By the way.
19:03 <TheStranjer> I got Alpine working for my purposes entirely
19:03 <TheStranjer> Great stuff man
19:04 <_ikke_> TheStranjer: \o/
19:04 <algitbot> \o/
19:14 <magellanic> alpine is a wonderful container distro, security focus and small, love it
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19:24 <Shiz> it's also a wonderful non-container distro ;p
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19:25 <scv> containers in 2017
19:25 <scv> what a thought
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19:28 <magellanic> true, I'm just too used to a bloated desktop I guess ;p
19:32 <TheStranjer> I'm not actually in a container
19:32 <TheStranjer> I put this thing directly onto the drive
19:34 <TheStranjer> Wait.
19:34 <TheStranjer> It's in MusicBrainz but it's not getting it
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19:52 <discensa2> I was just wondering, does Alpine provide packages for video & audio codecs like gstreamer? Or is that not the kind of thing it's for?
19:53 <clandmeter> we provide them yes.
19:54 <clandmeter> discensa2: check http://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=*gst*&branch=edge&repo=&arch=x86_64&maintainer=
19:55 <discensa2> great, thanks. they're in the edge repo! that's why I couldn't find em. cheers
19:57 <discensa2> my final question. it doesn't seem like thunderbird is there. not necessarily a problem, I can use claws, I was just curious as to why
19:57 <Shiz> doesn't seem like anyone bothered to package it :P
19:57 <Shiz> didn't mozilla drop thunderbird too?
19:58 <Shiz> oh, it got decoupled
19:58 <discensa2> yeah they dropped it half-way
19:58 <discensa2> i'll take the opportunity to discover claws :)
19:59 <discensa2> i'm really excited about alpine, keep up the good work guys!
20:00 <Shiz> \o
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22:39 <dunx> stable DEs?
22:39 <dunx> what about something more simple, like Ratpoison?
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